One time

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One time

Barry was leading against the side of Mt Coronet as he moaned to what was happening to his cock. Jupiter one of the former commanders of Team Galactic was on her knees in front of him and sucking his cock like she loved it. She moved her lips all the way to his balls and back up, he never felt anything better in his life.

He couldn’t believe his good luck. He was just heading to the mountain to look for some new Pokémon and then he saw Jupiter by the mouth of the cave as if she was waiting for someone. He always found that she was hot and since Team Galactic was long gone he went to see her, he wanted to ask her what she was doing here, looking for Zubat’s to add to her collection or looking for powerful trainers to battle?

It turns out she was on the lookout for attracted men. Ten minutes later, Barry had his pants down and Jupiter was in front of him sucking his manhood and coating it with her drool. She had a very skilled tongue, licking every inch of his penis. She even kissed his stomach and his legs as she stroked his member with her amazing hands that were painted the same shade of purple as her hair.

“You’re so hot” said Barry to the beautiful lady that was giving him oral sex

“I know” said Jupiter while she took his dick out of her mouth and stroked him several times and then went on to give one long lick from his balls to the top of his cock, Barry moaned loudly as she did so. He was worried that someone might catch them doing this, but it felt so good he started to not really care about it unless it was his girlfriend Dawn.

“I need your number, I don’t think I could live without you sucking my cock Jupiter” said Barry

“That’s fine” said Jupiter “The first blow is free, but the others will cost you”

“Whatever you want” said Barry, but he was a little worried because he was usually broke. At the point in his life right now he had trouble buying pokéballs.

“It’s only 400 pokédollars” said Jupiter as she stroked Barry a few more times, she could tell from the look on his face that he liked her hand almost as much as her tongue “Now are you finally going to cum in my mouth, I want to see how you taste boy” she said to him as she took him back in her mouth

“I’ll try my best” said Barry; he didn’t want to tell Jupiter that it was his first blowjob. He had wanted to get one for years now, but Dawn found it was gross and refused to suck his cock. It made him so mad, he was in love with Dawn, but if she didn’t meet his sexual needs, she gave him no choice but for him to go see someone like Jupiter and pay for what he needed. He didn’t want to leave Dawn, he loved her with all his heart, he just needed to get his cock sucked and that was the service he could get from Jupiter for a small fee.

“Oh man” said Barry as he took hold of Jupiter’s purple hair and started to thrust into her mouth like he was making mad love to her “This feels so good” he said  as he closed his eyes tightly. Jupiter didn’t mind if Barry was using her like that because she liked it when a man took control of her. It made her feel so hot.

“Fuck!” yelled Barry as he had his release right in Jupiter’s throat. Jupiter closed her eyes as she swallowed the load that Barry gave her, she could tell from the amount of jizz she was getting that he and Dawn were not having sex very often, it made her feel bad for him, but that was the reason she went into this sort of business after Team Galactic broke up, she had to pay her bills somehow and she wanted the young men of Sinnoh who were unlucky in love or had girlfriends were didn’t deliver to have some enjoyment in life.

Barry held onto Jupiter’s hair and she swallowed the load that Barry gave her. Once he was done, he pulled out; Jupiter looked up at him with her wide brown eyes, she continued to lick his member with her very skilled tongue.

“You have the best taste and trust me” said Jupiter “I tasted many men”

“What am I going to do without you?” Barry asked her as her tongue continued to move along his cock after he had the best release of his life.

“I’m sure we can reach an agreement” said Jupiter “Since you taste so good, I can always give you a special half off deal, except on week-ends since I’m usually fully booked”

“I would love that” Barry told her, he put out a hand and Jupiter took it as Barry held her up to her feet. She placed her hands on his shoulders and looked into his eyes. They kissed, Barry didn’t know why he wanted to kiss Jupiter, but he did, her tongue went into his mouth and it grew more intense.

“What the fuck!” they suddenly heard.

Barry and Jupiter stopped kissing with their tongues and pulled away and looked at the direction of the voice. They both knew who the voice belonged to.

It was Barry’s girlfriend Dawn; she was at the edge of tears as she caught Barry cheating on her with a member of Team Galactic with his pants down for some odd reason.

“It’s not what you think Dawn” said Barry

“I can’t believe it, your cheating on me” cried Dawn

“I’m not” said Barry, he knew he was an asshole and he was lying to Dawn, but he didn’t want to lose her.

“Then tell me what is going on?” asked Dawn

“I gave him a blowjob” said Jupiter with a smile “since you’re too much of a chicken to please him with your mouth”

“I’m not a chicken” said Dawn, she forgot that she was sad at Barry’s betrayal and was now angry that Jupiter was calling her names.

“Then prove it” said Jupiter as she pointed at Barry’s cock that was starting to get hard again.

“I’m not putting that in my mouth” said Dawn

“You see that is why Barry came to see me. I’m not a chicken and I deliver what young men need but their girlfriends are too scared to do” Jupiter said with a smile “The kiss at the end was a mistake, I was caught up in the moment and I think he was too, but I can tell that he loves you, usually when I do that with men, they picture me as the girl they love, so if he was picturing me as you Dawn, then he really likes you a lot”

“I am really sorry Dawn” said Barry

“You have nothing to be sorry for Barry” said Jupiter “She’s just a big chicken”

“I am not” yelled Dawn “and I’ll prove it to you” she walked over to Barry and took his head in her hands and kissed him. Barry had wide eyes; Dawn never kissed him like that before. Once she was done, she dropped to her knees and looked up at him with her bright blue eyes, opening her mouth and taking her boyfriend’s cock into her throat. Slowly she moved her head back and forth along his length as Barry started to grow from the feeling of Dawn finally sucking him.

“Fuck Dawn, that feels so good” he told her

“I’m still mad at you” said Dawn, her mouth filled with his cock “But I understand how you feel” she closed her eyes and started to move her mouth along his length at a faster pace.

Jupiter smiled as she watched the show “I think my work here is done” she said “I think I’ll look for a different man who needs some love”

Barry waved to her as she left “Thanks for the help Jupiter”

“One more thing Barry” said Dawn her mouth filled with his big dick “Never say the name Jupiter again”

“Fine by me” said Barry, he was finally getting his dream come true with the girl he was in love with. Jupiter wasn’t so bad after all. A few minutes later with the skill that Dawn had with her mouth, Barry had another release, finally giving Dawn what he always wanted to give her.

Dawn swallowed his load, and licked his dick a few more times.

“I forgive you” she said to him

“I really am sorry” Barry told her

“I didn’t know that sucking cock would be so much fun and taste so good” said Dawn as Barry helped her to her feet “But if you ever cheat on me ever again, then we are over forever” Dawn warned him

“Don’t worry, it was a one-time thing” said Barry and he meant it, why would he want anyone else when he had Dawn, the girl that he loved for all his life and who loved to suck his cock too. She was the perfect girl, in every single way.

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