More Than Just a Shopping Trip

BY : KratosAurion97
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Things had been mundane around camp, many of the Shepherds were training, others had gone into town to pick up supplies. Anna was prepping a trip to the nearby town to pick up a few things herself, and she had hoped to bring her husband along for the ride.

The redheaded merchant took a quick peek into her and Robin's tent to see if her handsome lover was even there. She hadn't seen him in a few hours, and she was curious as to where he went. Looking into the spacey tent, Anna found Robin sitting at the small desk that was pushed up against the wall of the tent, his eyes were darting from a thick tactical book and a map of Valm. She entered and stepped forward without a care and greeted her man. "Hey, baby. Hunched over your desk for the second day in a row, huh?" Anna asked playfully.

Robin looked over to his side and saw his lovely wife standing past the entrance to their tent. "Hello, Anna," Robin smiled, watching the perky merchant walk happily towards him.

"You know, if you don't take a break soon, I'll just go into town without you." Anna warned him slyly.

"You need to do some shopping?"

"Uh-huh, the weather's supposed to get really nasty and I need to get some warmer clothes. Care to come along and keep your lover safe from any possible brigands or thieves?" Anna winked.

"As much as I think you'd be fine dealing with common thugs, I think I will come with you. I could use a walk actually." He said, smiling warmly at his red-haired wife.

"Great, we'll head out as soon as you're ready!"
After Robin and Anna had stopped at the closest town and shopped for some heavy clothes for the coming winter storm, the pair left the nice little town and walked hand in hand back down the road back towards the general direction of their camp.

As the kept walking, Robin felt Anna tugging on his hand, she began to pull him away from the road and towards the dense woods just off the side of the path they were walking on.

"A-Anna?" Robin said her name confusingly as they wandered far enough from the road that they were now walking past trees and entering the woods.

"There's no need to worry, love. We're just going to make a quick stop." Anna responded.

"For what?"

"I was hoping you could you know... get off work early  and make love to your favorite merchant?"

"I see, so that's why you brought me along. I guess we haven't had much time alone recently." He admitted.

After a bit of a walk further into the deep woods, they found themselves surrounded by uneven rows of tall trees that happened to conceal their presence from the road and the plains beyond. Anna led them over to a tall, thick tree that was one of many in the dense woods. Anna dropped the bag with her new clothes in it and gently pushed Robin up against the tree, the woman leaned forward to kiss him. As she slipped her tongue into his mouth and the embrace grew intense, Anna felt Robin's hands groping at her full, firm rear. She moaned, her hands clumsily reached down to unbuckle the two separate belts around Robin's waist and stomach. Anna soon had Robin's pants unbuttoned and pulled down along with his underwear, she felt the warm touch of his dick pressing against her lower stomach as their lips were locked and their tongues met. After a couple more moments of their lips pressed together, Anna broke the deep kiss and pulled back wearing a playful smile on her face, "You started things off last time by eating me out. Why don't you let me repay the favor?" She offered.

"Okay, Anna," Robin agreed, unable to pass up the treat of Anna sucking him off.

Anna removed her usual top and pants, giving Robin a lovely view of her large, perky breasts before she kicked off her boots and sank to the ground. Looking up at the white-haired man, Anna smirked and grabbed his cock, she lifted his dick upward and leaned in, planting a wet kiss at his ball sack, she licked a trail starting from in between his balls and all the way up his shaft before placing another kiss at his cockhead. Anna heard Robin gasp sharply, she giggled and took his cock past her lips and into her warm mouth.

Anna kept both of her hands at his hips while she steadily bobbed her head back and forth down his shaft, she licked all over the skin of his cock as she went on, sucking sloppily and moaning at the thrill of having her lover's cock in her mouth again. The quirky merchant loved sucking her lover's huge dick, and with Robin's love for eating her out, they both found themselves leading off with oral each time they fucked. Anna's tongue caught a bit of pre-cum leaking from his tip, she paused her motions to swirl her tongue around Robin's tip and savored the taste of the small bit of salty spunk she found leaking out before resuming her steady, eager pace. Even from simply sucking Robin off, Anna could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter with each second her lips were wrapped around his dick.

Looking down at Anna, Robin watched eagerly at the redhead as she kept her lips pursed around his thick shaft while sliding her mouth and lips back and forth down the length of his cock. It was a wonderful, exciting sight that was matched only by the pleasure Robin got from the wet blowjob. Anna's salvia leaked down to his balls, leaving Robin to shiver at the strange wet-warmth trickling down his sack as her warm lips and tongue caressed his cock. He held onto the sides of her head, helping to guide her eager lips down his shaft with steady pulls as she had began to swallow him down her throat with ease.

The trickster moaned around the cock in her mouth, she could feel herself soaking right through her panties as she deepthroated him. She needed him inside her and she needed drilled soon, she needed to be fucked hard before she could even think about going asleep later tonight. Her head bounced against his crotch at a rapid pace, she bobbed quickly even as she now pushed all the way forward and took his cock deep into her restrictive throat. As good as Robin was at eating her pussy, Anna was proud to think her oral skills were just a teensy bit better than her white-haired husband's.

After a few more moments of the steady deepthroating and a few more deep bobs of her head all the way down his rod, Anna pulled from his grasp and let his cock slip out of her mouth. Anna grabbed ahold of Robin's shaft and smacked her face with his dick a few times before starting to speak, "Getting closer to giving your lady a facial?" Anna asked slyly, she slid her hand up and down his shaft, starting to stroke his still hard cock as he groaned at her warm touch.

"I am, but I think I'll cover more than your face." Robin warned, groaning as her soft hand pushed him closer to his climax.

"Ooh, really? Give it to me good, then." Anna replied eagerly, she let go of his cock and sank her hand down to between the band of her panties and reached into her underwear to rub her soaked pussy. She fingered herself eagerly, shoving fingers in and out of her snatch while watching as Robin pumped his hand up and down his cock, his tip dripped pre-cup as it was aimed right at her smiling face.

 It happened in a flash, Anna moaned as Robin's cockhead erupted and shot out thick lines of hot spunk across her face. Her lips, nose, cheeks, and even the bangs that covered her forehead were all coated in his white seed. Robin aimed his cock lower and finished firing off his huge load across her chest, splattering strands of cum across her full, perky tits.

Anna continued to smile, taking her husband's cum across her face was another thing they both found incredibly hot. She pulled her fingers from her pussy and swiped two fingers across one of her breasts to collect a good bit of his cum. The merchant made sucking her fingers clean an event, she savored the salty flavor of his spunk and was equally as satisfied to taste her own tart nectar from fingering herself earlier. "Shift's not over yet. Trade places with me?" Anna asked, she finished gathering most of Robin's seed from her face and breasts before she licked her fingers clean. Anna stood up and stepped over to the tree Robin was just leaned up against, she placed both of her hands onto the thick trunk of the tree and leaned all the way forward, bending over for her lover and giving him a great view of her round ass through her panties.

Robin rested his eyes on her full, taut butt clad in a pink pair panties that hugged her round, perky ass tightly. Robin pulled the lacy underwear down her long legs, leaving both of her tight holes open to him. Robin brought the tip of his cock to Anna's newly revealed pussy and began to drag his tip up and down her soaked slit in a teasing manner.

"Don't hold back, baby. Fuck me as hard as you can." Anna purred, she kept her palms open against the side of the tree and braced herself for a wild fuck.

The tactician drove his dick right into Anna's pussy, he grabbed her wide hips tightly and started to drill her hard almost immediately. Anna smiled widely as a unending series of thrusts filled her snatch up with her lover's fat cock, she hummed in pleasure, feeling Robin's length pounding into her deeply and sending waves of pleasure through her. Just as she had hoped, the redhead felt a harsh slap to her right butt cheek, Anna yelped at the surprised smack and continued to moan as Robin's cock hammered back and forth inside her sweet pussy and she felt another smack to her ass land. Anna and Robin both felt a sudden feeling of relief, him being inside her, stretching and pounding away at one of her holes made them both feel close to one another; like their worries and stress simply disappeared.

Although it wasn't just simply about love and sharing a moment together, Anna also needed to be fucked hard, she needed Robin to pound her pussy so much that would she gush right where she stood. "You're pretty good at fucking me, but the swats of your hand could use a bit more practice," Anna egged him on, grinning as she felt Robin's hand rubbing a small circle on the ass cheek he already had smacked once, Robin raised his hand and sent his palm down onto Anna's butt once again  Anna cried out from the hard smack to her ass, this one was harder and stung a bit more, and as a result she got even wetter from the spank.

It was strangely reassuring fucking Anna deep inside the woods; there was no threat of any of the Shepherds finding them and awkwardly interrupting them, and feeling each other's skin smacking loudly and warmly together provided a sense of warmth on this cold day. Robin was having a great time pushing his cock back and forth within Anna's hot, soaked cunt, he continued to give her taut butt firm smacks as his slams into her ravaged her needy hole and filled them both with joy.

Anna was enjoying the ravaging just as much as Robin  was loving ravaging her, she kept herself bent forward and braced up against the tree to present her backside as Robin's thrusts hit her hard from behind. Each of the handsome tactician's slams into her were stretching her out wonderfully and steadily pushing her ever closer to her release. The redheaded merchant savored his warm, thick cock spreading her pussy around its shaft and hammering her deep and without pause. "You know, we don't have to go back to camp after you cum in me," Anna cooed.

"What do you mean, Anna?"

"I feel too good to stop after this. I'd like you to fuck me again after this, then we can head back to camp."

Robin's hands grasped Anna's hips firmly, he used this grip to drill her even quicker and harder, making the sly trickster scream out of pure bliss from being fucked so well. He thrusted in and out of Anna, feeling her tight inner walls gripping all over his cock fiercely as he grew uncertain at how much longer he could last fucking the lovely merchant. His mind wandered with the thought of fucking her after this; would he slam back into her cum-filled pussy again, or would he rather sink into her backdoor and rail her ass from behind? 

Moments went by without a word spoken, their moans and grunts were the only sound needed to show how much they both loved this hasty fucking, Robin rammed his hips into Anna, feeling the hot inner walls of her pussy rubbing along his cock and coaxing his seed out of him. He slammed into her one more time, his cock pulsed and fired off multiple spurts of hot spunk into Anna's ravaged hole.

 Anna shivered in delight, she squirted a stream of clear girlcum that hit the lower side of the tree she was leaning against. While she was content with feeling her orgasm run its course as well as feeling Robin's hot cum filling her pussy, Anna didn't want this to end so soon.

After awhile, Robin slipped out of Anna and was met with a loving embrace after she regained her composure stood to face him. It turns out he was just as ready for another go just a much as Anna was, his hands sank past her hips and towards her round ass as she pressed herself against him and briefly kissed him. Anna giggled and winked, she found it amusing to see Robin being so transparent, "You're awfully grabby with my butt, I take it you want to fuck my ass?" Anna asked, excited at the prospect as well.

"I do," He laughed, giving her lovely rear a firm squeeze.

 "You don't have to wait Robin, pound my ass like you did my pussy."

Robin let his hand slip from her ass and he turned her back to face the tree. Anna leaned forward slightly and stuck her butt out, her posture was slightly leaning rather than bent fully forward all the like before. The tactician decided to tease his lover by only prodding his tip at her back entrance, he heard Anna's impatient groan as he kept his cock pressed between her cheeks and he ground his tip at her hole. Robin finally pushed his hips forward and sank into her asshole, he groaned lowly feeling her anal walls clamping down hotly around his shaft. He started thrusting, pushing and pulling his hips back and forth, plunging his dick farther into Anna's ass with each steady push. "You're so warm," He moaned, basking in the warm embrace of her rear, he grunted as he started to roll his hips quicker and faster, sinking his cock further inside her ass.

"I almost forgot what it feels like to have my ass fucked," Anna moaned, her hands pressing hard against the tree trunk as she pressed her butt back against his movements. Anna was always surprised how much tighter her ass was for them both, the friction was warm and tight and it left her moaning from the intense pleasure that grew in her with each second. The perky merchant continued to push her rear back into Robin's lap, meeting his steady thrusts and attempting to push his cock deeper inside of her.

Robin rested one hand on her hip to give himself leverage to fuck her hard while he used his other hand to deliver solid swats to her ass, Anna was surprisingly dirty during sex, when things were clearly shifting towards a raw fucking instead of gentle sex, Anna delighted in being plowed hard and spanked until her rear cheeks were red. "If I go down on you the next two times, do I get to do this again?" Robin jokingly bargained, his hips still eagerly slammed forward to plunge his dick into Anna's back entrance.

"You'll be doing a lot of overtime if you want to fuck my ass so soon," Anna teased in reply, somewhat considering his offer. Anna waited in mostly silence for a few moments, happily taking Robin's dick deep into her ass before she spoke again, "If you eat me out the next three times we start, I'll let you pound my butt for the next two times we have a chance to be alone." Anna stated, unable to sound serious while was Robin driving his length deep into her.

"Sounds like a deal then," Robin smacked her butt cheek hard and went onward with the slams into her tight hole that he loved fucking so dearly. It was conversations like this was what Robin really loved about their relationship; their time together was fun but loving, their relationship was serious but there was plenty of room for banter. Robin rammed his dick deep into her ass repeatedly, making Anna scream out in pure bliss from having her asshole lovingly fucked hard. This sort of fucking was just as romantic to them as soft, tender sex that they were also no stranger to. Anna and Robin liked to keep things interesting, this resulted in numerous different positions they fucked in and alternating between soft and hard sex. They spent there time finding different ways to use their hands and mouths to pleasure each other.

The tactician groaned close to her ear as he pumped his cock quickly in and out of her rear, he still gave an odd slap to her round behind to send bittersweet pain up her spine. Despite not being pleasantly wet as her pussy, Robin still loved the sheer tightness of Anna's ass. And as a bonus, he got plenty of downward glances at her curvy rear as it bounced from his savage pounding of her hole. With the heated pace of his thrusts, Robin had completely ignored the chill in the air, his mind was focused on fucking Anna's rear and he cared about nothing else except for their pleasure.

From the sky, grayish clouds hovered high over them, dropping down flanks of snow that fell steadily around them. Neither one cared, Anna continued to moan from Robin's cock slamming into her anal passage and yelping from the inconsonant smacks that landed on her butt. The savage thrusts of Robin's cock had steadily built up pleasure for Anna and it finally brought the trickster to her release, "Keep going," She moaned, her hand reaching between her legs. The chesty woman rubbed her clitoris frantically, she finished her self off as Robin's shaft fiercely pumped in and out of her asshole. She squirted once more, her juices hitting the tree again as Robin's cock hammered her back hole for the few last desperate thrusts.

"A-Anna!" Robin gasped sharply, he felt Anna's anal walls squeezing harder down on his shaft as she came, he kept slamming deep into her for a few more moments, holding her waist while bucking his hips forward, savoring the gripping tightness of her asshole around his length before blowing his load. Robin hilted his cock once more, he came, filling Anna's ravaged behind up with a load of cum that was just as potent as the one he pumped into her pussy.

Robin leaned into Anna as she braced herself against the tree breathlessly, his cock remained hard in her ass, leaving him with tempting thoughts to fuck her for a third time. He ran his hands down her sides and down her wide hips, he savored their moment alone, they were basking in their afterglows before they would ultimately return to their tent after getting back to camp.

Anna pressed her bottom against his lap once again, she basked in the feeling of having both of her holes fucked well and creampied, "You mind helping me with my clothes? I need to get cleaned up a bit before our walk back to camp."

"I'll gather your things, Anna," Robin gave her neck a kiss before pulling out of her asshole and leaving Anna's embrace to help pack up.

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