Ruby's Journey

BY : GetSet
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Disclaimer: I do not own Kamen Rider, the Kamen Rider Tan artwork, RWBY, Gormiti or any of the Devil May Cry games.

This is a Kamen Rider Tan fanfiction. Which is art where the riders are girls and most of their armour is converted into clothes. Also, Ruby will look and sound like Jessica’s season 2 Gormiti form from Gormiti, since I’ve come to like that recently.


“Urghh. I feel horrible. Where am I...wait…who am I? I remember….a boom. Some creepy eyes. An academy. What’s an academy? And….fire? What’s fire? Why can’t I remember anything?!” She shouted when she realized that she didn’t even know her own name! “Ok, this is bad, but just calm down and think!” Several seconds later. “Nothing! I can’t remember anything!” She looked around and appeared to be on a pier, with a red sky and the water had a load of black rocks emerging from it. “What is this place? Its so red.” She paused. “Red, red, Ruby, Ruby? Rose? Ruby Rose! Thats my name! Some progress at least.” Looking around the now named Ruby Rose pulled herself off the floor. “I’m not getting anywhere by sitting here! So I might as well look around and try to find somebody.”


She started walking when she saw what she looked like in a shop window.

Her skin was coloured a light purple colour, she had long bright red hair and red eyes. She looked to be around twenty and had firm B cup breasts, six pack abs could be seen through her clothes and her body rippled with muscle. Her forehead had a silver forehead protector with runic patterns going across it. In the centre of which was a circle shaped ruby, coming out of which was a pair of spikes that formed a V. Silver square shaped armour covered each of her cheeks and had runic text engraved into it. She wore a black short sleeved leotard, in the centre of her breasts was a bronze circle and the chest area was coloured in a ruby circle pattern with silver outlines. A black knee length skirt covered her legs. Black knee high boots were on her legs, around her anklets was a red bracelet with a silver framework and an identical bracelet was on each wrist. Over all this she work a black sleeveless robe, the inside of which was red and it had silver piping and a high collar. One either side of the robe’s chest was three red circle shape gems with silver outlines in a column the one in the centre being a bit further to the edge of the robe. Built into the robe was silver shoulder armour, with a circle engraved into it.


“So this is what I look like?” Questioned Ruby, she placed a gloved hand to her cheek armour, only to yelp at the feeling. “What the-?! I can feel through the armour? But how? Not to mention that I can’t see any zippers or openings! How did I get in it? More to the point how do I get it off?!” Ruby once more panicked spending the next several minutes trying to get the armour and clothes off. “Nothing! Not even a scratch.”


Suddenly something burst out of the ground. They looked like some kind of humanoid clockwork dolls, with a spiked club for their right arm.


“And now I’m glad that I couldn’t take this armour off! Those things don’t look friendly. Time to kill!” Ruby reached down to the back of her belt and pulled out the weapon that she hadn’t seen before. “How did I even know that this was there?” It was a silver sword, with single sided blade that was somewhere between two and three feet long, there was a silver barrel cutting halfway through the centre of it. The handle was coloured bright silver, with a red ring of colour around the base of it.


Then her vision flashed with two words. “Lesser Stygian?” Question Ruby. “I’m guessing that's what their called.” She muttered. “Lets go!”


One of the Lesser Stygians charged at her, she slashed it three times quickly with her sword, before ending with one big slash. Suddenly sparks were drawn from her back when the other Lesser Stygian struck up from behind. “Ow!” She slashed it several more times before letting her instincts take over. Ruby placed her hand in a strange position that she somehow knew was called a hand seal. The she channeled that energy she could feel inside herself and she knew was called aura. Before calling out: “Magical touch spell: Active: C rank spell!” Red lightning burst into existence around Ruby’s left hand, encasing it in crackling aura. ‘Wait, aura? Is that what fuels my powers?’


Slapping herself in the face with her non lightning covered hand Ruby mentally growled. ‘Focus Ruby!’ She ran towards the Lesser Stygian rearing back her hand and gave the demon a palm strike to the face, sending it flying back. “Cool!” Stars replaced her lenses as the demon went flying, crashing into a wall. “Gah!” More sparks came from her back as she was hit by the other Lesser Stygian. “Forgot about you!”


She ran through several hand seals that she somehow knew, but her control over her aura was still jerky from that hit, so she put a bit more aura in than normal. “Magical touch spell: Active: B rank spell please! What the-?!” Shouted Ruby as her own voice said something different than what she wanted it to. Red lightning covered both her arms this time. “Figure it out later!” She blocked a blow from the Lesser Stygian with her forearm the lightning cushioning the blow. She knocked the club to the side and decked the demon in the face, before giving it a pair of quick jabs and an uppercut which sent it into the air where it exploded. “Woah!!” Ruby didn’t have long to be in awe as she ducked under an attack from the other Lesser Stygian and slashed it several time across the chest, before it exploded.


Ruby was given no time to rest as three more Lesser Stygians burst from the ground. “More killing for me!” She chirped, slashing one of them across the chest. Ruby swept another's feet from under it and stabbed the third before repeating the stabbing motion rapidly. She then spun around with the Active Blade held up cutting the other two demons resulting in them being thrown back and sparks flying off them. “Lets try this.” Ruby moved her left hand into several more hand seals and channeled aura. “Magical touch spell: Active: A rank spell please!” Red lightning burst into being around her, this time it condensed around her right fist. Ruby brought said fist around and slammed it into the first Lesser Stygians chest, sending the demon flying and making it explode!


Suddenly, Ruby noticed something. “The sword feels like its been draining my aura. Lets see what happens when I pump more into it.” Suddenly Ruby’s voice took on a life of its own! “Come on and slash shake hands: Active: Slash strike! Woah!” Red lightning burst into being around the sword, completely covering the blade. Smirking, Ruby spun around her sword discharged a red lightning crescent that cut through the two Lesser Stygian like a hot knife through butter, causing the two halves to explode.


Then another three Lesser Stygians burst from the ground. “Let me kill something else already!” Shouted Ruby in anger. She slashed one Lesser Stygian with three wide swings, before back flipping over a blow from the second demon and giving it a roundhouse kick to the face. She ducked under a blow from the third Lesser Stygian, going into a handstand and kicking it in the face with both legs. “Ok, so my body clearly remembers how to fight.” Musmed Ruby as she blocked an attack with the Active Blade and killed the first Lesser Stygian with another two slashes. Ducking under a blow from the other demon she grabbed its arm and threw it into the third one. “Lets see how much aura I can channel.” She got into a horse stance and started to channel aura, after a few seconds she could force no more out of whatever was making it and into her body. “So that’s the limit! Magical touch spell: Very nice Active: S rank spell: The best!” A red glyph appeared under Ruby’s right foot as it was covered in bright red lightning that crackle angrily. Ruby pulled her robe to the side and crouched down, before jumping into the air. She flipped over and shot down in a flying kick her foot slammed into the two Lesser Stygians throwing them back and causing the demon’s to explode.


“Ruby! This way!” Ruby could see a girl that looked like she was see through running down the pier away from her.


“Who the heck is that?” She muttered. “Not like I have any idea where the heck I’m going. Might as well follow her.” Ruby ran down the pier jumping over some black rocks as she did so. Suddenly, she heard a whistling noise coming from behind her. Ruby’s body acted on its own, throwing itself to the side just as a grappling hook slammed into the wood where she had just been standing! “That was close.” Ruby glanced along the line and almost yelped when she saw a giant humanoid demon. It had legs that bent backwards, a knife strapped to its waist and a large open cross shaped scar was on its face.


Her vision lit up displaying text. “Hunter Demon? So that's what that thing’s called?” Mused Ruby. Suddenly the Hunter Demon pulled on the grappling line making the pier start to come apart! “Uh oh! Time to run!” She turned and started running for her life. She jumped over a gap that appeared when the pier fell away, then dodge around a caravan that fell past her. Ruby jumped over another gap and just made it past a caravan that had start to slide before it could force her off the edge. Suddenly another caravan fell down and smashed right through the pier while the supports started to tear themselves away.


“This is getting stupid!” Ruby had to jump over that gap then run up a caravan that was balanced on the edge. She jumped falling through the air but landed solidly on the vehicle. To solidly! It started to slide into the void. “Oh nuts!” Ruby dashed up the caravan and just managed to jump off and land on the pier in time.


Suddenly, she heard a loud growl and saw that the Hunter Demon was back! Her body took on a life of its own again, as her hands grabbed the Active Blade, pulling the handle down so that it was at an angle forming an L shape. Her right hand then gave the weapon a jerk and the blade folded in half, it was now the Active Rifle. “This thing turns into a gun? That's so cool!” Ruby had stars in her eyes when suddenly she had to roll out of the way of a grappling hook. “Get your head in the game!” She pulled the trigger, several silver bullets trailing red aura were discharged from the gun, but they all bounced off the demon’s face.


With a mugging sneer the Hunter Demon jumped into the blood like water and swam away.


Ruby connected the gun to the back of her skirt and started walking when the sound of a demon materialized came from above. She looked up and saw what looked like a human crossed with a fly in the air. Her vision lit up once more. “So this thing’s called a Bathos? Odd name but I’m named after a gem and a colour so who am I to judge?” She looked at the demon. “Target practice. Right on que!” She pulled out the Active Rifle and fired at the demon. Five silver bullets shot out of the gun and slammed into the Bathos, it gave a squeal of pain and pulled out an orb. But five more bullets slammed into the demon destroying it before it could do anything else.


Then four more Bathos appeared. Ruby shot one of them, but was forced to jump out of the way when another one threw an orb at her. “Is that the best you can do?” Suddenly the orb exploded! “ARRRGHHH!!!” She was sent flying and slammed into a wall. “Ow! Ok that was better.” Ruby got back to her feet and looked at the Active Rifle. “If it worked for the sword then it should work for the gun.” She channeled aura into it and her voice once more took on a life of its own. “Come on and shoot shake hands! Come on shoot and shake hands! Yes!” Shouted Ruby, she dodged out of the way of several other bombs and finished the chant. “Active: Shooting strike!” A red ball of aura that had bright red lightning crackling across it appeared in front of the Active Rifle’s barrel. It slowly grew bigger until it was about the size of a basketball when Ruby pulled the trigger. The ball of aura discharged about thirty silver bullets, all of which were trailing red lightning. The bullets smashed into the demons before the lightning that they had been guiding caught up and electrocuted the airborne demons.


Ruby had no time to rest as a pair of Bathos appeared in the air and a pair of Lesser Stygians jumped out of the ground. “Give me a break!” She slashed one Lesser Stygian twice and fired a brace of silver bullets at one Bathos. She pressed channeled aura into her hand. “Magical touch spell: Active: C rank spell please!” Covering her hand in red lightning she gave the lesser Stygian a violent palm strike, before kicking it into the other land based demon causing it to explode. She jumped out of the way of two more bombs and fired another burst of bullets damaging the second Bathos. Ruby jumped into the air and slashed at the two demons with the Active Blade killing them both with two slashes each. She dropped back down to the ground only to be struck in the chest by the second Lesser Stygian that had been partly damaged by the explosion. “Gah! Take this! Magical touch spell: Active: B rank spell please!” Both her fists were covered in red lightning and she brought them around in an X shaped chop, craving a red glowing X through the Lesser Stygian that flashed several times bigger before the demon went *Boom!*


When no more demons appeared Ruby was able to run further down the pier. “What kind of demon are you?” Came a voice. Ruby looked to the side a saw a human male standing here. He had black hair, with the sides of his head shaved to form a mohawk. He had a small scar going across his right eyebrow and cheek. He stood at six feet tall with grey and had blue eyes. His attire consisted of a gray tank top, black fingerless gloves, black faded jeans, black military boots, and a necklace. A pair of pistols were in holster on the back of his waist and a sword was across his back.


“What do you- Wait a minute! I’m not one of these things. At least I don’t think I am.”


“What do you mean ‘I don’t think I am’?” His eyes narrowed as his hand went back to his sword.


“I don’t remember anything other than my name!” Shouted Ruby in distress.


The man looked surprised “You can’t remember anything? Anything at all? How can you talk and move?”


“Well…I can remember some things. But they don’t make sense to me. Not really.”


“Well since you're not trying to kill or piss me off, your free to go.”


Suddenly the see through girl ran up. “Dante, Ruby.”


The man, now named Dante pulled out both his guns. One was coloured ebony and the other was an ivory colour, both had modified grips that were sharp. Ruby pulled out the Active Rifle causing the girl to skid to a stop.


“Don’t shoot! My name is Kat, I’m not a demon. I’m still in the real world, you two are in Limbo.”  


“How come we can see you clearly.” Inside his head Dante was confused that he was already calling himself and someone that he had just met ‘we’. ‘Also, why does she feel so familiar?’


“I’m a medium, a psychic, I can phase into Limbo and communicate with you!” Came Kat’s explanation. “I can see you, talk to you, but I’m not actually in Limbo with you.”


“What’s Limbo?” Asked Ruby.


Dante looked at her in shock. “Wow! You really don’t remember anything!” He turned back to Kat. “And if I pull the trigger?”


“I’ll die. I’m risking my life for you. I want to help.”


Dante held the gun at her for several seconds, when Ruby grabbed his arm and forced it down. “Would you stop it! She’s just trying to help!”


Dante glared at her before turning back to Kat. “We don’t need your help. Again with the we!? What is going on?!”


“The Hunter has dragged you into Limbo. I can get you out.” Offered Kat.


“I’ve been down here before; I know how to get out. You fight and kill whatever shit-sucking demon dragged you in here.”


“I’ve been down here before; I know how to get out. You fight and kill whatever shit-sucking demon dragged you in here.” Ruby tapped him on the shoulder, Dante turned to her, then stared at the jar labeled ‘swear jar’ “You are having a laugh.”


“I’m serious.”


Dante groaned as he pulled out his wallet and jammed a five dollar note into the jar.


Kat stared at the comedy scene before replying. “You don’t want to fight the Hunter. He’s not your regular demon.” She ran off. “Follow me. Now!”


Dante looked at Ruby who shrugged. “We might as well.”


He rolled his eyes as he put his guns back in the holsters and they ran after Kat. “Where’d she go?” They ran between some houses.


“There goes that arcade machine.” Muttered Ruby as one of the machines collapsed. They moved into an open space with some kind of carnival ride in it. Black rocks rose from the ground blocking all exits and six Lesser Stygian popped out of the ground.


“I’ll take three and you take out the other three?” Asked Ruby as the two of them stood back to back.


“Sure.” Replied Dante. He sent one Lesser Stygian into the air with an upwards swing of his sword. “High time!” Before shooting it several times with his twin guns.


Ruby didn’t want to drag this fight out, she slashed at one Lesser Stygian thrice, before side stepping a swing from the other and kicking it back. Then the Kamen Rider Tan weaved several hand signs with her left hand. “Come on and shoot shake hands: Active: Shooting strike!” Firing several silver bullet that guided lightning bolts into the other Lesser Stygian, electrocuting it and doing massive damage. She switched the weapon back into its sword mode and slashed the first Lesser Stygian twice more across the body and a single powerful downwards slash destroyed it. The second Lesser Stygian caught Ruby by surprise as the swing hit her wrist forcing her to drop her sword. “Why you!” She ducked under another blow and punched the demon twice in the chest before kicking it away. She flipped through a few hand signs with her left hand. “Magical touch spell: Active: C rank spell please!” Her hand was covered in red lightning, she drew her limb back and ran forwards, using her other arm to force the club like weapon to the side and palm strike the demon, a beam of lightning shot out of her hand and sent it shooting into the air where it exploded.


Dante slashed the already damaged Lesser Stygian three times, cutting it to bits. “Hacker!” Before he delivered several spinning slashes to the second demon. “Death coil!” The man jumped over the attack of the third Lesser Stygian and stabbed it in the back with his sword. “Stinger!” With that demon dealt with he turned to the last one of his three and poured energy into his twin guns. “Ricoshot!” Before pulling the trigger, the two bullets spiralled around it each like a drill and slammed into the Lesser Stygian, the sheer force of them ripped the already injured demon in half.


“That went well.” The rock barrier vanished and they ran down the pier, jumping over a caravan that had slid, blocking the way forwards. They then had to jump up to get to the next section of the pier that had been pushed up by the black rocks.


“So, I got this thing.” Ruby pulled out the Active Blade.


“Nice sword.” Commented Dante as they jumped back down and ran past a merry go round.


“It’s also a HISBHR.”




Ruby changed the Active Blade into the Active Rifle. “It's also a gun.”


“Nice, I have a pair of custom made pistols that never run out of ammo, for some weird reason, called Ebony and Ivory. And a sword that appears only when I’m in Limbo.”


Ruby now had stars in her eyes as she looked at the sword. She somehow managed to turn into a chibi form and as she examined it “Cool! Steel sword with silver melted into it! Highest purity I’ve ever seen! No impurities at all! Engine like guard and custom made grip with mystic runic like designs on it! What's it called?!”


“...No idea?” By now Dante was bit freaked out. Suddenly he heard something. The Hunter Demon leapt over the rooftops and onto a ferris wheel, making Ruby return to normal. It smashed the supports pulling the thing lose. Dante squinted. “Is that my coat?!”


“How’d it get up there?” Asked Ruby .


“Must have been really drunk last night!”


The Hunter Demon grabbed the ferris wheel and forced it to start rolling towards the two.


“I would advise running!” Shouted Ruby .


Dante let the wheel fall around him. He slashed through two of the inner workings and ran up another, jumping towards his coat slipping his hands into the sleeves as he did so. “Sweet!” He stated.


Ruby ran up to him. “That was cool, where’d you learn to do that?”


“Practice.” Came the reply.


They ran after the wheel as it tore apart the pier, several of the planks that were tore up formed into a barrier as three Lesser Stygians pulled themselves from the ground and two Bathos appeared in the air.


Dante opened fire on one Bathos with Ebony and Ivory, he then dodged a bomb and finished off the Bathos with his twin guns. Dante jumped up to the level of the other Bathos. “Aerial Rave!” And killed it with repeated slashes from his sword.


Ruby slashed one Lesser Stygian, then uppercutted it, when she was struck from behind by the second demon. “Why you! Magical touch spell: Active: B rank spell please!” Red lightning covered both her arms as she unleashed an X chop on the demon, doing massive damage and burning an X shaped scar in its chest via electrical heat. She slipped her sword onto the back of her skirt and ran at the third Lesser Stygian. Punching it in the face she then gave it a left hook, a knee to the jaw and a downwards punch from the air. The first Lesser Stygian made an attempt to attack her from behind, but Ruby ducked swept its feet from under it. As the demon fell she grabbed its leg and threw it into the third demon. “Come on and slash shake hands: Active: Slash strike!” They looked up just in time to see a crescent of bright red lightning slam into them burning most of their bodies to the point they exploded.


“Helm Breaker!” Dante came down and slammed his blade into the head of the Lesser Stygian that had been about to attack Ruby from behind. “Never let your guard down!” He lectured.


Ruby rubbed the back of her helmet. “Sorry.”


Suddenly, the Hunter Demon clambered over the rooftops. It jumped landing on one of the black rocks and pulled a grappling gun from its belt.


“OOH! Cool A grappling gun that launches a four pronged hook-!”


“Geek out later, dodge now!” Dante grabbed Ruby and pulled her to the side as the gun was fired. A hand of earth sprung from the wooden pier and closed around where they had just been standing! “Hey! Get down here and fight!” Shouted Dante.


“That isn’t going to work!” Exclaimed Ruby. “In here!” She ran into a funhouse with Dante following. The entrance was collapsed behind them by another earth hand. The two of them had to jump back when a bit of the house caved in from the aftershocks.


“Jerk.” Muttered Dante as they ran up a slope and took a right turn, running through a hall of doors and curtains. “Get lost!” Dante shouted as a skeleton dropped out of a closet. Suddenly the Hunter Demon’s hand burst through the right side of the hall! “Oh shit!” They both rolled back and the demon smashed its arm against the ground before withdrawing. “Ok I think it’s gone, lets go.” Dante almost absently dropped another note into the swear jar. ‘Ok this is getting nuts! Why am I dropping money into a swear jar like its instinct?! Why do I feel so bad to swear in front of her?!’ They reached the end of the corridor and arrived in another that had several photos of a single eye hanging on its wall. “Well that's not creepy at all.” Muttered Dante sarcastically.


“It would be scary in a sense if we weren’t fighting demons that want to kill us in a very painful maner.” Replied Ruby. They ran towards the end of the hall where there was a giant mirror.


Which suddenly exploded revealing the Hunter Demon’s face. “That’s one ugly reflection.” Stated Ruby as the demon took a swipe at them. She jumped and ran across a wall to dodge it, while Dante leapt back out of range. The Hunter Demon drew its knife in a reverse grip and lunged at them with a downwards swing!


Dante blocked it with his sword and used his monstrous strength to send the demon flying over him. “Magical touch spell: Active: A rank spell please!” Red lightning covered Ruby’s hand as she drew it back and punched the demon with so much force that it was forced right through the wall.


It rolled back to its feet and snarled at the two of them before running off, as the roof caved in blocking the path after it.


“Hey! Get back here!” Shouted Dante.


“Well, we showed him!” Stated Ruby optimistically.


“Yeah, but I was hoping to kill him.” Replied Dante sullenly.


“And I’m trying to point out the good point.” Pouted Ruby.


“Your right, sorry.” Apoligzed Dante. They ran down the hall, through the hole where the mirror had once been and took a left turn at the end.


When suddenly a giant doll at the end of this new corridor lit up with blue lightning, making it look downright creepy.


“EEEPPP!” Which Ruby proved by jumping into Dante’s arms where he held her in a bridal style.


“Yeah, I don’t like those things either.” He soothed as he put the girl down and they continued, running down a stairway just before to the doll and to the right. They followed it around to the left, just ahead of the turn was a room with hundreds of bronze gears that were of varying sizes on the walls. At the end of it was a glowing neon green ‘EXIT’ sign. “Exit. Good.” Stated Dante as he ran into the room.


Ruby followed when she realized something: “NO IT’S A TRAP!”


Too late. Several gears moved to block the exit and two thick steel panels slammed together behind them blocking their way out.


“Not good.” Groaned Dante. “Yeah. Whatever.” He stated as a doll sprung from a closet.


“Oh geh! You think?!” Demanded Ruby as she placed a hand on the Active Blade ready to draw it when the demon’s arrived.


One of the gears pulled itself from the wall and dug across the ground, letting a Lesser Stygian pull itself from the crack that it left. A giant bob pin came loose from the wall and rolled towards Dante.




Who was able to dodge it thanks to Ruby’s warning and let it slam into the Lesser Stygian.


Once the demon regained its balance three more Lesser Stygians joined their brother in arms.


Dante looked at Ruby and nodded to the two on the right. Ruby nodded and ran at the two on the left. She grabbed one around the neck and punched it several times, before throwing it over her shoulder at its identical counterpart. “Magical touch spell: Active: C rank spell please!” Red lightning covered her left forearm, this time it shaped itself into the form of a blade made of pure electrical energy that came out of her knuckles moving parallel to her arm in a thin triangle shape. “Take this!” She ran forwards cutting into the two demons with the blade. The one that had been hit by the bob pin was cut in half and exploded and the other now had a glowing red line going through its waist.


Dante sent one Lesser Stygian into the air with an upwards slash from his sword. “High time!” Before jumping after it and sending it back down with an overhead swing. “Helm breaker!” He landed back on the ground and stabbed the other Lesser Stygian with the tip of the blade. “Stinger!” Dante then stabbed the demon repeatedly, pepering it with holes. “Million stabs!” The other Lesser Stygian tried to attack him from behind only for Dante to duck and send it into the air with another upwards slash. “High time!” He then leaped after it. “Roulette!” He slashed it twice before spin slashing it and ending with an upwards swing that sent both halves of the demon further into the air.


Ruby slashed at the already damaged Lesser Stygian once and then drop kicking it away before running forwards and stabbing it and delivering an upwards slash that caused the demon to fall over. She picked it up by the neck and slammed at karate chop into its neck resulting in it exploding.


The second the demons were beat another four Lesser Stygians burst from the ground!


“Same tatic?” Asked Ruby.


“Yeah.” Replied Dante.


Ruby ran forwards, only to be hit in the face by one of the Lesser Stygians, then being hit in the back by the other. She collapsed to her knees. “Why you!” She pulled out the Active Blade only for it to be knocked out of her glove by a strike to the wrist, while she was hit from behind. Suddenly, knowledge of a new form forced its way into Ruby’s head. “Please let this turn the tables.” Ruby weaved several hand seals with her right hand. “Magic touchie henshin! Magic touchie henshin! Slasher aqua please!” The sound of claws being slashed followed by water splashing echoed from the armour as Ruby threw her hand to the right and a pair of new glyphs appeared.


The first was light green, in the centre of it was a logo of three green claws, the logo was inside a circle, inside an eight pointed star, inside a two layered circle that had runic text within it. The other was light blue with a wave symbol in the centre of it, it was a circle, inside an eight pointed star, inside a second circle that had two layers with runic text between them.


‘Symbol? Symbol. That’s my name! Kamen Rider Tan Symbol! But how can I have two names? Figure it out later!’ The glyph moved through her, changing her forms. Her shoulder pauldrons turned dark green, with a golden curved spike pointing upwards coming out of the side of them. An band appeared on each of her upper arms, it was green with a golden claw like spike coming from the middle of it that curved upwards. Green elbow length fingerless gloves appeared on her lower arms, they were bright green with a single spike coming out of the back of them, that pointed towards her elbows. Coming out of the back of the glove’s hands was a trio of half metre long claws, each had a sea blue propeller in the centre of it.


“Woah!” Ruby blocked the blow from the two Lesser Stygians and split kicked them back. “Ruby Rose aka Kamen Rider Tan Symbol Active Slasher Aqua Style!” She charged at one Lesser Stygian slashing at it several times with the Slasher Tidal Claws until it exploded! Ruby blocked a blow from the other Lesser Stygian with her right Slasher Tidal Claws and stabbed it several times with the left Slasher Tidal Claws. She jumped up and spun, kicking the Lesser Stygian back with her heel and formed several hand signs with her right hand while channeling aura. “Magic touchie go: Slasher magic please!” Lightning that was coloured red cover all six claws. Ruby dashed forwards and slammed the right Slasher Tidal Claws into the demons abdomen before tearing apart its head with the other three Slasher Tidal Claws.


Dante slashed at one Lesser Stygian three times. “Hacker!” Before killing it by jumping into the air and coming down with a hard overhead slash. “Helm breaker!” He delivered several spinning slashes to the other Lesser Stygian. “Death coil!” And stabbed it several times with the sword. “Trillion stabs!”


With the last of the demons defeated the gears moved out of the way. “Let's go!” Dante ran towards the exit, when it extended away from him! “Aw come on!” The room now had six lines divided into two groups carved into the floor outlined in bronze. Dante took no notice of them and ran right across them.


“DANTE NO!” Screamed Ruby. She formed several hand seals with her right hand and channeled aura. “Magic touchie go: Aqua magic please!” Water surged around her left Slasher Tidal Claws, Ruby pulled her arm back and threw it forwards in a downwards swing. The action produced three crescent of compressed swirling water that roared forwards and slammed into the gear which pulled itself loose as Dante's foot hit the line. The gear exploded from the force behind them.


“Woah!” Dante combat rolled over the first section of lines.


“Never run across something like that!” Shouted Ruby in anger as she jumped over them.


“Sorry!” Apologised Dante. They jumped over the second set of rails and ran through the exit. Which thankfully stay where it was this time.


“Look out!” As they ran through the door Dante was forced to yank Symbol back as a spinning blade shot past them.


“HAHAHAHAHA!” Ruby then broke down laughing, as she clutched her aching stomach.


“What’s the joke I’m missing?” Questioned Dante in confusion.


“Hahahah! You ahahah hair hahaha!” Ruby managed to gasp out.


Dante stared at her. “What?!”


Breathlessly Ruby pointed to the shop window.


Dante turned and stared. A white wig had fallen across his head, making it look like his hair was in a mope style and bleached white.


Suddenly, they heard a crash. Looking they saw the Hunter Demon approaching.


“Let’s kill it!” Stated Ruby pulling out the Active Rifle. She formed several hand seals with her left hand. “Magical touch henshin: Active please!” Returning her to her active style as a triumphant rock melody played from the armour.


“No in a million years.” Muttered Dante. Ruby looked at him in shock before the man pulled off the wig and opened fire with Ebony and Ivory.


“Oh! You were talking about the hair!” Realized Symbol as she added her bullets to the mix.


Kat ran up behind them as all of the bullets bounced off the smirking demon’s face. “That won’t work.”


“Why not?” Demanded Dante looking at his guns as if they’d betrayed him.


“He’s bullet proof.” Deadpanned Kat.


The Hunter Demon leapt away over some rooftops.


Kat ran off down the pier. “There’s a rift up ahead!”


“A what?” Questioned Dante as black spire rocks burst from the water and ripped holes into the wood of the pier.


“It will take you both back to the real world! We’ll come back for the Hunter!”


“What does she mean, by real world?” Asked Ruby in curiosity.


“Well, this is Limbo. It's some kind of pocket dimension that high level demons can make and use to kill us.”


“So why hasn’t the Hunter Demon just dropped the floor from under our feet?” Asked Ruby as they both jumped over a gap.


“Because they don’t create it, they borrow it. There are certain rules that they have to obey!” Shouted Dante as they jumped over the next gap and back onto the main pier. Building were coming apart around them, some kind of inverted gravity yanked them into the air forcing them to break apart.


“In there!” Shouted Kat as they ran towards a building with a clown face sign on the front of it.


Suddenly, the Hunter Demon’s grapple hook shot past them, into the building before retracting causing the building to collapse. “Well, looks like that way’s out.” Commented Ruby.


Dante turned back to the demon. “Ok then, let's fight.”


The Hunter Demon dropped from the ferris wheel down onto the ground.


“Dante, Ruby, wait!” Came Kat’s voice as she ran past them. She threw a molotov at the demon. It scored a direct hit causing the monster to thrash around roaring in pain. “It's working, you can fight him now. It won’t be easy Hunter’s are brutal fighters.” Warned Kat as she faded away.


“Yeah? Well so am I and from what I’ve seen so is Ruby.” Smirked Dante.  


Both of them opened fire with their ranged weapons doing a bit of damage thanks to burns on the demon’s face.


Kat remember one last piece of advice that she could give them. “Dante, Ruby can you still hear me?” She shouted.


“Yeah, we hear you!” Replied Dante as he jumped over a spinning backslash from the Hunter Demon’s knife.


“Attack its face!”


“Thanks for the advice!!” Shouted Ruby. She formed several hand seals with her left hand and channeled aura into the Active Blade. “Come on and slash shake hands: Active: Shooting strike!” She fired several silver bullets that trailed red lighting, they slammed into the demon’s face followed by the lightning making it roar in pain as it staggered back. The thing reared up and slashed at her, which Ruby ducked under.


Dante leapt up. “Aerial rave!” He slashed the Hunter Demon’s face several times with his sword making it stumble in pain.


Symbol weaved hand seals with her left hand. “Magical touch spell: Active: C rank spell!” Ruby pulled back her palm and thrust it forwards. A beam of red lightning burst from it and slammed into the demon’s chest. She had been aiming for the face but stumbled when it roared.


The Hunter Demon fell to the ground winded from the blast to its gut. “You feel it, don’t you? Hacker!” Shouted Dante as he started to repeatedly slash at the monster’s face.


“Magic touch henshin: Slasher aqua please!” Symbol threw her right arm out to the side, as the sound of claws slashing followed by a wave splashing came from the armour, the slasher and aqua glyphs moved through her, transforming the Kamen Rider Tan into her active slasher aqua style. She formed several hand seals with her left hand while channeling aura. “Magical touchie go: Slasher aqua magic please!” A bright red aura surrounded the Slasher Tidal Claws. She then leapt at the demon spinning, while holding her claws out to the side cutting into the demon as she spun leaving several long gashes.


After several slashes the demon was able to get back to its feet and Symbol switched back to ranged combat with the Active Rifle as did Dante with Ebony and Ivory.


It quickly jumped away and back up to the ferris wheel, where it pulled out its grapple gun again while holding on with one hand. “Oh, I can see where this is going.” Muttered Ruby.


“Get back down here!” Yelled Dante.


“I don’t think that’s going to work!” Shouted Ruby as she opened fire alongside Dante.


“Now use your guns to shoot him down!” Came Kat’s voice.


“What does it look like we’re doing?!” Demanded Ruby. The Hunter Demon fired its gun and a hand of earth came out of the wooden walkway to grab them. It managed to get Dante but missed Ruby.


“DANTE!” Shouted Ruby as she slashed at the hand with the Active Blade and the Slasher Tidal Claws, failing to make a dent! “Let him go you monster!”


Suddenly, the knowledge of a new style appeared in Ruby’s head. “Just in time.” Ruby formed her left hand into a diamond shaped hand seal. [Magical touch henshin: Burst please!] A purple glyph appeared behind her, it was a purple B, inside a purple diamond, with a purple eight pointed star, inside a purple two layered diamond, between the layers was purple runic text. It passed over her transforming Ruby into her new form as down beat rock music came from the driver. The inside of her robe was now dark purple and the chest of it now bore a purple diamond with silver framework on each side, with two halves of a purple diamond on each side. The circle shaped ruby in the centre of her forehead turned into a purple coloured diamond. Her sleeves reached her wrists and the bracelet turned purple, keeping the silver framework. The bronze circle in the centre of her top’s chest into a bronze diamond, which was inside a much bigger purple diamond pattern woven into the top. The circle on her shoulder guards turned into a diamond and her anklets changed from red to purple. The Active Blade shift to that it was now a silver wand with a hand author in the centre of it.


She looked at the weapon. “You cannot be serious!” Suddenly a blast of aura shot out of the Burst Wand and slammed into the earth hand destroying it. “Ok that's better!”


“Thanks.” Panted Dante. With a snarl he opened fire on the Hunter Demon with Ebony and Ivory.


“I’m with you!” Symbol formed a hand seal with her left hand. “Magic touchie go: Burst: C level magic!” Four balls of fire burst from the the air around Ruby, before they fused into two streams of flame and arc out to the side they came around in a pincer attack slamming into the Hunter Demon’s face.


“That it, its working!” Called Kat as the Hunter Demon gave a groan on pain, falling from the ferris wheel hitting its head as it fell down.


“Hacker!” Shouted Dante as he started slashing at the demon’s face with the sword.


“Let's do it!” Ruby formed several hand seals with her left hand. “Magical touch spell: Burst: A rank spell!” A large wall of earth appeared above the demon and dropped down. The attack smashed into the Hunter Demon making it howl in agony. The Demon climbed it its feet and lashed out with its knife, forcing the two of them to jump back. Dante fired with Ebony and Ivory, when the Hunter Demon leapt forwards, bringing its knife down.


“AARHHHHHH!!!!!!!” Screamed Dante as the knife cut him from his left shoulder to his left hip.


“Dante!” Shouted Ruby, she formed a hand seal with her left hand and clutched the Burst Wand channeling aura into it. “Come on and casting shake hands: Burst: Casting strike!” Symbol fired a continuous beam of pure aura at the demon’s face forcing it to stumble back. With a growl it jumped over the beam and aimed to bring its knife down on the girl.


“Stinger!” But Dante had recovered. He leapt and drove his sword into the demon’s side, throwing its aim off and making it stumble once more.


The demon snarled and repeated his attack, only for it to be dodge. Ruby changed forms. “Magical touch henshin: Active please! Magic touchie henshin: Slasher Aqua please!” The Kamen Rider Tan threw her arms out to the sides. The active glyph appeared to her left, while the slasher and aqua glyphs winked in to her right. Triumphant rock music and the sound of claws slashing followed by waves splashing came from the armour as the two glyph swept over her. She then jumped up and slashed the demon in the face several times with the Slasher Tidal Claws.


Dante was using Hacker on its legs, when the demon spun around and attempted to hit him, ending up back handing Ruby instead! “Ruby!” Shouted Dante. “Die! Bastard! Aerial rave!” He leapt up and started slashing at the monster’s face. The Hunter Demon rammed its knife down but Dante dodged to the side and started slashing at its face with another Aerial rave before dodging another slash and firing Ebony and Ivory’s Ricochet blast at it. The two bullets spiralled around each other and sent the monster staggering backwards several paces.


It slashed outwards in a wide arc, the blade right on course towards Dante’s head and he wouldn’t be able to move in time. “Come on and casting shake hands: Burst: Casting strike!” A beam of high compressed aura flew past Dante and slammed into the demon’s blade. Which pierced the aura holding the beam together, all of that aura rushed out in an explosion, causing the demon to lose balance and fall over, it fell on its own knife resulting it in roaring in pain.


It sprung back to its feet when Dante attack its legs with Hacker. Spinning around and slashing again, only to kill and get a Helm breaker smashed into its hip.


Ruby switched forms as well as the Active Rifle back into the Active Blade, forming a hand seal with her left hand she channeled aura into the sword. “Magical touch henshin: Active please! Come on and slash shake hands: Active: Slash strike!” Thick red lightning covered the blade causing it to crackle with sheer electronic energy before Ruby raised it up and brought it down sending a crescent of compressed lightning into the Hunter Demon’s legs, making it fall over as well as losing a leg. “...I didn’t expect it to be so powerful.” Muttered Ruby as the demon thrashed around screaming in pain.


“I saw how much lightning that sword emitted!” Shouted Dante as he opened fire with Ebony and Ivory. “What did you think was gonna happen with that much electrical energy?!”


The Hunter Demon climbed back to its feet and slashed down with its dagger. Dante jumped out of the way, but didn’t realize that Ruby was standing right behind him and she was still recovering from using that much aura. He had been blocking her view so the blade slammed into her chestplate sending sparks up from it! “Ruby!” Yelled Dante. “DIE! DRIVE!” He held his sword in a reverse grip, charged energy into it, within a second it was partially humming with power and slashed it forwards sending a wave of energy at the demon’s face.


It gave a loud screeching roar of pain as it was sent flying back from the sheer force of the attack. It crashed painfully into the ferris wheel. With a roar it leapt up again and brought its knife down at Dante.


Symbol changed into her active slasher aqua style. “Magic touchie henshin: Slasher aqua please!” Formed a hand seal and channeled aura. “Magic touchie go: Very nice: Slasher Aqua magic: The best!” She started spinning while locking her claws above her head. Ruby spun so fast that she became a horizontal tornado water was pulled from the air covering her. Jumping she slammed into the Hunter Demon’s face. The demon was sent flying back.


“Nice Hacker! Death coil!” Dante dashed forwards and started slashing at the demon’s dead with slashes and spinning slashes. “High time!” He slashes upwards with his sword, suing the momentum to carry himself into the air. “Do you fucking demon’s even feel pain?! Helm breaker!” Before shooting back down and slamming the sword into the Hunter Demon’s head.


The demon got back to its feet, Dante was able to send several bullets into its face with Ebony and Ivory, Ruby followed with the Active Rifle, before the demon jumped back. It took a deep breath a some kind of black matter appeared in its mouth, before it blow it out, surrounded the area in the thick black fog.


“What the-?! I can’t see a thing!” Shouted Ruby.


“It’s thicker than pea soup!” Added Dante. “MOVE!” He tackled Symbol to the side as a spinning blade shot out of the smoke. From her angle Ruby could see that blade coming back. She kicked Dante off her and rolled to the side letting the blade pass between them.


After about a second the blade to out to their right. “Shit!” Forcing both to the dodge again. They expected it to come back, but the blade did not.


“...Where’d it go?!” Demanded Dante.


“MOVE!” Ruby tackled him to the side as the blade slammed into her back drawing sparks from her armour.


“Ruby!” Shouted Dante. “You ok?”


“I’ll, be… fine… the armour took most…. Of the damage.”


“How the hell is he doing that?!”


“That mist must let the knife teleport, since he’s missing a leg now. There's no way he can move that fast!”


Dante opened fire on the blade with Ebony and Ivory managing to slow it down a bit. “Any ideas?!” He demanded as they dodge again.


“I’ve got nothing!” Shouted Ruby, the knight came at them from the left this time, it’s speed increasing.


“Well I have, but I need time!”


“I’ll get you it!” Symbol dove to the right. She formed a hand seal with her right hand and channeled aura into the Active Blade. “Come on and slash shake hands: Slasher aqua: Slash strike!” Green and light blue aura gathered around the Active Blade, forming a green claw shaped outline, while two claws made of water appeared from the hilt, one on either side of the blade’s main blade. The knife came spinning out of the mist again as Ruby leapt forwards. She slashed her blade at the weapon causing it to fly back into the mist and slam into Hunter Demon’s face.


It gave a loud roar of pain, before its eyes widened as Ruby came at it. With a roar she brought the Active Blade down cutting into the demon’s face drawing sparks like blood.


“Ruby MOVE!” Roared Dante. “OVERDRIVE!” Dark red lightning was covering his sword making it so that the thing could barely be seen. He then slashed it forwards three times, releasing three energy waves that slammed into the Hunter Demon with all the force of a speeding bullet train. The monster fell to the ground with a weakened groan.


Dante got his breath back and stomped up to the demon. “Game over.” He stated smugly.


“Son and Daughter of Sparda.” Growled out the Hunter Demon its voice sounding like an avalanche.


“Son of who?” Questioned Dante in confusion as Ruby walked over.


“The two of you have been found. You are both dead, just like your whore mother.”


“Whore mother? I don’t know my mother. But if your calling me a son of a bitch, then you wouldn’t be the first!” Dante punctate the word first by swing the sword down on the demon’s head killing it at long last.


As they returned to the real world, Dante fingered the red crystal amulet around his neck. “My mother, I barely remember her.” Muttered Dante.


“At least you have memories.” Ruby pointed out.


“What do you? Oh right, complete amnesia.”


Hour later


Dante and Ruby were walking along a sidewalk away from the pier when a black car drove up to them with Kat at the wheel. “Are you ok, Dante, Ruby?”


“How do you know our names?” Asked Dante.


“That is a bit suspicious.” Added Symbol.


“My boss knows the two of you. He wants to meet.” When Kat got no answer she continued. “Please. I helped the both of you back there.”


Dante gave a scoff as he leaped on the car’s window. “We didn’t ask for your help.” He heard the sound of a door opening and closing. Looking to the side he saw that Ruby had gotten into the car. “What are you doing?”


“It's either her or the police.” Came the deadphanned reply.


Dante sighed as he got in next to Kat, who then drove off performing a U turn as she did so. “I’m with an organisation called The Order. Heard of it?”


“Something to do with that masked freak on the net?” Questioned Dante.


“That's my boss.”


“Wonderful. Can’t wait.”


“I’m sorry. What are you two talking about?” Demanded Symbol.


“Couple of years ago, some guy in a mask started appearing on the internet. Ranting and raving about how the world was asleep and needed to wake up.”


Ruby turned to Dante. “...And you want to meet this guy?!” She demanded in disbelief.


“I wasn’t gonna come along until you got into the car!” Shouted Dante back.


“That was before I knew the guy was a lunatic!” Defended Ruby.


Kat sighed. “This is gonna be a long drive.”


News report:


“We’re just receiving reports of a terrorist attack that had taken place at the Bellevue pier in the western district of the city. Police are asking the public to remain vigilant as future terror attacks could take place anywhere, any time and when you least expect it.”




A bald man in a suit was sitting behind a desk. He had several scars across his face and a his right eye was blind. Leaning on the desk was a lady with long blond hair and a dress that revealed most of her cleavage. “We have your scent, Son and Daughter of Sparda. Now it's only a matter of time.” Gloated the bald man.


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