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Contrary to popular belief, the Pokémon species known as Liligant does, in fact, have a mouth.  It’s not often seen, as the heavy and bulky flower “crowns” atop their heads usually mean that they keep their faces tilted slightly downward at all times (just enough that it remains out of sight of adults and children of Pokémon-training age alike), and your standard-issue Pokédex generally doesn’t even acknowledge its existence, but as anyone who has looked closely can tell you it is certainly there.  The mouth of a Liligant is an almost perfectly round orifice, with little almost-lips around the edges, only vaguely resembling human lips in the same way that the species itself vaguely resembles a humanoid form despite being a plant.

I suppose it would be worth mentioning, also, that this orifice is not technically a mouth at all.  Rather, it is… well, it is used for reproduction.  While Petilil and Liligant are known as entirely female species by the general public, researchers such as myself freely acknowledge that this is a bit of a simplification of the truth, spread outside of academic circles for the benefit young trainers who have little interest in Pokémon breeding.  They are in fact hermaphrodites, though they lack the self-fertilization capability that a few other hermaphroditic Pokémon species possess.  Though such a thing is rarely seen in captivity, two Liligants are fully capable of mating and producing a viable egg without the aid of a male Pokémon of another species.

The process of two Liligants mating most closely resembles two humans kissing, if a pair of kissing humans were to lock their lips together for several minutes at a time rather than just for fleeting moments before pulling away and then, perhaps, going in for a second kiss.  In the case of mating between a Liligant and a member of some other Grass-type Pokémon species, the process can be drastically different; the image that first comes to my mind is that of a Liligant climbing atop a massive Venusaur’s flower and attaching its face to the center so that cross-pollination between the two flowers can occur.  Some time after this mating ritual, following a brief period of pregnancy, the Liligant will lay an egg.

Because of this method of reproduction, trainers are advised not to attempt to kiss a Liligant, as this will (at best) cause quite a bit of confusion for both parties or (at worst) lead to the offended Pokémon recoiling, fleeing, or even attacking its trainer in response.  Like most plant-based Pokémon, they will not attempt to interbreed with non-plant-based species and are very good at recognizing a total lack of plant features on both other Pokémon and humans.

For those trainers who do wish to have… inappropriate interactions with their Pokémon and (for whichever reason) have chosen a Liligant as the target of their affections, this presents a bit of a problem.  To a Liligant, kissing is interpreted as an explicitly sexual act with the intent of creating an egg, unlike among humans where it is only sometimes sexual and not necessary to the process of procreation at all.  On top of that, she will be repulsed by the thought of even attempting this mating ritual with a species that is not capable of interbreeding with hers, so something as simple as even attempting to kiss her could completely ruin one’s chances of convincing the Pokémon to go any further.  The obvious solution, of course, is to simply avoid kissing.  Cuddling is perfectly acceptable, as Liligants (like many Grass-type Pokémon) are known to enjoy the presence of warm objects, including living bodies, snuggled up next to them.  Once sufficiently cuddly, moving on to other things is not difficult.  While any attempt at mouth-to-”mouth” contact will disgust a Liligant, they are not bothered by any sufficiently non-mouthlike part of a human’s body interacting with their mouth.  For women, this unfortunately means that any attempts at sexual contact with a Liligant will be limited; the vulva is “mouthlike” enough to a Liligant’s sight that they will not put their own mouths anywhere near it.  For men, however, the situation is quite different.  A Liligant will not see a penis, even erect, as a sexual organ due to the drastic difference between it and her own reproductive system; inserting it into her “mouth” is not seen as anything any more repulsive than inserting a finger, which any Liligant who is sufficiently close to her trainer will allow without much hassle.  Indeed, Liligants seem to enjoy having objects inserted into their mouths, especially if said objects are warm to the touch and have unusual or interesting textures, smells, or flavors.  It appears that, despite not being used as a mouth, a Liligant’s mouth is still capable of detecting such things.

And, as it turns out, an erect penis is apparently the sort of object that Liligants find to be very interesting.  I have observed this interest firsthand among both trained and wild members of the species, though of course the trained Pokémon are much more readily coaxed into playing with one’s member.  My first experiment was with a Liligant that I had raised from a Petilil several years ago.  After releasing her from her Poké Ball on a cool day and snuggling up next to her in the garden behind the lab for several minutes, I reached down and unzipped my pants, pulling down my underwear just enough to expose myself to the flower Pokémon.  She was immediately curious, prodding at the never-before-seen organ with her leafy arms and eventually wrapping one around it, at which point an erection naturally occurred.  Nodding at her in approval, I continued to observe for several minutes before pulling her leaves (at this point she had begun using both arms in her exploration of my nether regions) away and motioning for her to move between my legs.  She was puzzled at first, but soon realized that this was a way to observe and play with this curious new toy from another angle and quickly cooperated.  Now that she was in prime position, I reached down and grasped her head, gently leading her round little mouth toward its intended destination.  There was a brief look of confusion at first, but this quickly faded; her eyes lit up the moment the head of my penis slipped past her lips, and she almost immediately took in as much of its length as her little mouth could handle, causing a wet sucking noise reminiscent of a human woman doing the same.

The inside of a Liligant’s mouth is very much unlike that of a human, of course.  It is a near-circular tube approximately four inches in length with no teeth or tongue, not as warm as a human’s mouth (though that, of course, will depend on the weather) but still very wet, and the slick inner walls feel somewhat similar to the inside of a banana peel combined with the sensation of movement -- as if the entire inside of her mouth were covered by countless tiny tongues, licking and slurping at anything that enters.  The mouth of a Liligant is somewhat stretchy, but anything approaching the circumference of a soda can is likely to be too large to enter unless an unusually large Liligant can be found.  The interior becomes slightly narrower toward the end of its length, but only slightly -- any man’s penis capable of entering it in the first place will be able to safely reach the back wall without causing any harm to either penis or Pokémon.  As the space is only four inches in length, thrusting or attempting to push the Pokémon’s head in order to make her go “deeper” is not recommended and could possibly result in injury (again, to either penis or Pokémon) if done with excessive force.

Anyway… that afternoon the Liligant I had raised for several years discovered a very entertaining new activity to share with her trainer, one which she took to immediately.  At first she simply remained in the position she had unexpectedly ended up in, looking up at me with her little white lips wrapped around the shaft and the head buried deep inside her, tickled by the tiniest movements of the mouth’s interior walls.  I was still gently holding on to her head at this point, but I did not need to hold her down; she remained in place of her own will, tasting and feeling the strange new object that she, up until now, had no idea was hiding just behind my pants.  She produced a happy little sound which vibrated through her mouth, causing me to let out a bit of a moan myself; it is fortunate that my lab has no next-door neighbors, as anyone walking close to the garden fence would certainly have been able to hear.  At this point I thought to guide her head back up slightly, causing another slurping sound (any nosy neighbors likely would have heard that, too) even louder than the first, stopping only when just the very tip of the head was still inside.  She let out a playful giggly sound and immediately plunged downward once again with a squish, bringing forth an even louder moan.  Several small Pokémon nearby scuttled away in fear of the noise -- yes, I was quite glad for my lack of neighbors that day.  It only took one more moment of guiding her head back upward before she began to understand that this motion was what she was supposed to do, rather than simply putting it in and leaving it there while looking up at me with those shiny little orange eyes.  Another little giggle, and she closed her eyes and began to slowly slide up and down, taking me all the way into the back of her throat with a squelch and then pulling back up until only the head remained inside.  She seemed unwilling to let her new toy leave her mouth entirely, but I had no complaints about that decision and leaned back to watch, removing my guiding hands and leaving her to her own devices.  It was not long before she began to suck up and down a bit faster, then quickly picked up speed more and more.  And it was not long after that when I could hold it in no longer.  Her little mouth filled up with thick white goo, and as her eyes opened wide and she made a confused noise she began to pull back, letting the head pop out of her mouth for the first time and causing a dribble of cum to ooze downward.  One of her leafy arms unfurled from where it had wrapped around one of my legs and caught the first drop (my pants will be forever grateful for this), and she stared down for a few moments as more and more came spilling out onto her hand -- an amount that I must say surprised me almost as much as her.  A few moments passed, and then she cupped her hands to her mouth and slurped the mystery substance up, this time not allowing it to escape.

I am unsure if a Liligant’s mouth is capable of “swallowing” as such, but as my semen never came drooling back out again after this (and she has never allowed it to escape for even a moment on any occasion since), it is clear that she managed to absorb it somehow.  It’s possible that human semen may have some health benefit for the species, which would explain why they “swallow” so readily in comparison to other Pokémon.  No Liligant that I have had the pleasure of having between my legs (though to be fair, thanks to the difficulty of finding wild specimens and how problematic it would be to get a trainer’s permission to do such things with their Pokémon, there have only been three -- hardly a significant sample size) has ever preferred to let the fruits of her labor spill out on the ground or dribble down onto her flowery “dress” afterward, and the few times it has happened before they were able to stop it they have seemed quite disappointed by it.

In conclusion, the Liligant is a remarkable species of Pokémon with an unusual mouth, one which I am sure more trainers will discover once this article is published (without most of the previous five paragraphs, of course -- few trainers, and even fewer Pokémon League officials, would approve of the publication of a step-by-step guide to coaxing your Pokémon into performing fellatio!)

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