The Penalty Game

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The Penalty Game: Chapter 1 – Let the games begin

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This is posted on under my username, Death’s Essence, and will be posted on Ao3 soon. This is an idea that recently came to me. It was inspired by the way my own relationship with my ex began.

***This is a porn WITH plot story. The plot is centered around the porn though, it’s necessary for the story.***

***This story is set in 2007, instead of 1997. *** I know the first games are set in the late 90s, but I'm going to pretend they occurred in the late 2000s instead, because my story features cell phones with texting and people being able to afford laptops and home wifi. And technology opens up WAY MORE possibilities for sexy fun.

***The story takes place one year before the Raccoon City Outbreak, so Wesker is still human right now. Wesker is 37 and Claire is 18, in her last year of high school.***

***This is an MA-rated story. This story contains strong sexual content and language. There will be A LOT OF IT. If you can't handle the first chapter, you will not be able to handle any future chapters. Future chapters will feature BDSM-esque elements and a few other kinks, nothing gross though. If you aren't okay with that, then you may not want to read this. You've been warned.***

***THIS STORY IS AU! It is set in the canon universe BUT the time period has been moved forward, events will altered to varying degrees to fit the plot, there will be events that didn’t happen in the canon universe that will happen in this story, and some characters may seem a bit OOC at times, but their characterization will still be within the realm of possibility.***

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and please enjoy!

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Wesker was a man who liked a quiet and orderly workplace. He expected his subordinates to act like professionals, at least while on duty. He understood that they were, unfortunately, human and he would have to accept a certain amount of failure from them when it came to meeting his expectations. But this was ridiculous.

Members of both Alpha and Bravo team were gathered in the S.T.A.R.S. office, along with a beautiful young woman that Wesker quickly recognized as the younger sibling of his top marksman and main source of irritation, Chris Redfield. The lovely Claire Redfield, a fiery, and unconsciously sexy, tomboy who shared her brother's temper and rebellious tenacity, but luckily not his looks. Her auburn hair, which shone like smoldering flames in the sun, was pulled up into a ponytail, her bangs framing her face. The ponytail suited her personality, but he also knew that she looked just as beautiful when that same lustrous hair fell like a crimson waterfall to the middle of her back. Her bright blue eyes, framed by dark fringe of long lashes, were wide and alert as she conversed with the others, but he knew that those eyes shifted to the color of a storm when she was angry or excited. They fit perfectly in her heart-shaped face, her bone structure managing to appear as both strong and delicate. His eyes noted her high cheek bones, the color of cream when she was calm, but he preferred the color of her cheeks when she was embarrassed or pissed, when her skin would flush a faint red. He wondered if they responded the same way when she was aroused. If her skin blushed that seductive hue at other parts of her body when she was overcome with desire. Her perfect straight nose, with just a slight point at the end, brought her entire face into balance. Her full lips were a rosy pink with a defined cupid's bow. He had spent hours imagining how her lips would feel hungrily sliding against his or wrapped around his cock, stretching to surround his girth. Right now though, her mouth was open wide with laughter, evidently one of the imbeciles he was in charge of leading had said something she found amusing.

Chris, Jill, and Barry sat at their desks with their chairs turned towards the door, angling themselves to remain part of the doofus brigade currently assembled around their workspace. Brad Vickers was leaning against the wall near the communication equipment, a sour expression on his face. This was hardly new for him, Vickers was a sad excuse for a human and worse, a pathetic example of a man. When Vickers wasn't running from the sight of his own shadow, he was usually moping about something. Joseph Frost was also present. He looked to be trying, and failing, to catch Jill's attention. Wesker didn't miss the fact that Chris was making a pointed effort to keep Jill's attention focused on him and consequently away from Joseph. This made Wesker smirk, Chris was still a child in so many ways.

What made this gathering unusual was the presence of the officers on Bravo team. Forest Speyer was the most obvious of the bunch, passing out what looked like photo prints to the others and generally making a loud nuisance of himself. Rebecca Chambers, the newest recruit to join S.T.A.R.S., and Richard Aiken on the other hand, engaged the lovely Claire in conversation at a reasonable speaking volume. Wesker had yet to ascertain from the various conversations humming around him the purpose of their appearance here. The snippets he picked up as they talked may as well have been utter nonsense.

What in the hell were they doing here before their shift? He hadn't approved any overtime requests in the last month and after the headache they'd triggered with their, strike that, with Forest's deafening arrival, he wasn't in the mood to approve any now.

He'd gritted his teeth and tried once again to focus on the reports in front of him and ignore the incessant yapping right outside his door. He'd been patient, giving them half an hour to wrap it up and get back to work. Not out of consideration for them, none of them deserved any special treatment from their boss, but so he could listen to Claire's voice, so easy to single out among the rabble. But when forty-five minutes had passed and they still had not resumed their duties, he'd had enough. Unable to bear the raucous babble anymore, he abruptly rose from his desk and stalked out of his office.

He stopped just after crossing the threshold of his office. He wanted to put an end to whatever fresh slice of hell was happening in front of him, but he wanted to indulge in his desire for Claire more. It wasn't often that he had the chance to see her during her brief visits to the station. He reasoned with himself that it would be foolish to squander this opportunity to study her alluring exterior while her attention was occupied. He couldn't be sure of when he would next have enough time to memorize the lines and curves of her body and the finer details of her uninhibited expressions and mannerisms without risking someone noticing his attention on her. He had survived the inane prattle of his underlings this long, he could deal with it for a little while longer.

He took his time admiring Claire's enticing figure, but he was still careful, keeping his scrutiny discrete. It wouldn't do for her to notice him hungrily eyeing her luscious breasts barely contained in her red button-up shirt. She had left the top three buttons undone, exposing a small triangle of her ample cleavage. He could tell from how they bounced with every small movement she made that her breasts sat high and firm on her chest, her nipples he imagined would be small rosy buds that would point straight at him when they hardened, inviting him to tease them with his fingers and mouth. He noticed that several of the other men standing around her were also stealing glances at her bust and he had to bite his tongue to contain his rage. He'd make sure they paid for it during PT later this week. Her shirt accentuated her shapely torso, tapering in at her tiny waist and then flaring out to hug her round hips. She'd rolled her sleeves up to her elbows in response to the autumn heat outside, revealing her slender wrists and hands, both of which were sporting a light tan. His eyes followed the outline of her firm, but full ass, currently covered by a pair of black shorts that ended right where the top of her thighs met the curve of her delicious derriere. He was pleased to see her in shorts rather than pants for once, it made his cock throb to see her long shapely legs naked. Her legs were the same tan shade that he'd seen on her arms, which wasn't surprising given how physically active he knew she was. Claire was a woman who was not afraid to get her hands dirty and work outside, a quality he valued. But even as a tomboy, Claire had a distinct style that was all her own, from the simple button-up down to the pair of worn black ankle boots, the heel just high enough to emphasize her long legs and perky ass.

The only way her legs could look better is if they were wrapped around his waist, desperately holding on while he slammed his hips between her thighs, forcing her to take all of his length into her tight passage until the pleasure became too much and he buried his cock in her in a single powerful thrust, reaching the end of her right as he burst and flooded her womb with his hot seed. Oh yes, he wanted Claire, and he would do whatever it took to get her. He wanted to strip her down and have her naked on his bed with her legs spread wide before him. He wanted her on her knees with her ass in the air and her face pressed to the ground as she begged him to own her. He wanted to know all her secrets and the inner workings of her intricate mind, to make her throb for him like he did for her.

And all of this would have happened already if not for a certain pest. Chris, her overbearing brother and guardian, had thus far made realizing his fantasy impossible. The problem was the oaf almost never left her alone. Not that he suspected that Wesker harbored any desires for the younger Redfield, Chris just wouldn't let anyone near her. But despite this obstacle, he felt no need to rush his plans for her, he was prepared to wait as long as necessary for the right moment to present itself. The waiting and anticipation would serve to amplify his pleasure when he finally sunk into her wet heat and made her scream his name.

He turned his thoughts quickly back to the present, careful that his expression didn't betray what he was thinking to the crowd gathered around Jill's desk. He couldn't have Chris figuring out that Wesker had anything less than professional, noble intentions towards his tempting sister after all. If Chris ever suspected what he wanted to do with his sister, he'd never let her leave their house again. At the moment though, Chris wasn't the main problem. Today he was just part of a bigger problem and Wesker's patience had reached its limit.

"Would one of you like to explain to me why you are all standing around wasting time in the middle of the day? Has everyone miraculously finished all their work already? If so, I would be more than happy to supply you with more, I assure you there is no shortage of work to be done around here." The sound of Wesker's harsh drawl interrupted their boisterous chatter, a panicked silence falling over group.

Jill was the first to break the silence and provide some sort of answer to his inquiry. Smiling apologetically at her clearly irate superior, she said "We're sorry, Captain. Vickers had to pay a penalty this weekend and some of Bravo team stopped by to drop off the pictures. I guess we got a bit carried away talking. Here, take a look, it's pretty funny."

Jill slid a picture across her desk and Wesker crossed over to the outside of it, putting his body directly in line with Claire. Sitting down, her face was level with his groin, and he took advantage of her position to force her face to press against the thick shaft concealed in his pants. Her cheek lightly rested against the bulge, the size of which was noticeable even when he wasn't aroused, as he leaned across the desk to swipe up the picture. He quickly pulled away once he had it, missing the contact of her skin against him, but knowing that any longer and it would look like he'd done it on purpose. He noted that her face was flushed pink as he pulled away and her eyes flared, but he was surprised to see she didn't look upset, in fact she looked...disappointed. Interesting.

Looking down at the picture in his hand, Wesker couldn't stop himself from scoffing. The photo featured Brad Vickers, Alpha's pilot and computer expert, in a bright yellow chicken costume wearing a pink tutu and flashy pink heels. He was standing on the corner of a street, likely located somewhere downtown given the team's penchant for bar hopping, with one of his legs bent and pointed in front of him, holding the tutu in what would have been a suggestive manner if it didn't look so absurd.

Wesker's first thought after examining the photo was to question what the fuck his team had done to get Vickers, a well-known coward, to agree to publicly wear that monstrosity. His second thought was to calculate how much alcohol it would take to make him forget ever seeing this photo. If his calculations were correct, he would need to consume several fifths of scotch. At least.

"As...enlightening as this photo is, you are all still on duty and I expect you to behave in a manner that befits a member of S.T.A.R.S. In the future, please wait until after you have finished your shift to distribute personal propaganda and humiliate your coworkers, even if it's Vickers. Those of you who are part of Bravo team, go home, your shift doesn't begin for another two hours, therefore there is no reason for you to be here. Alpha team, let me remind you that you all still have patrol duty. I expect all of you back in time for the debriefing with Bravo team before you leave for the day. Dismissed." He ignored the dramatic groans that followed, tossing the photo back onto Jill's desk and turning on his heel to get back to the considerable amount of paperwork waiting in his office. With both teams out, he might actually have enough peaceful silence to finish all his paperwork before Enrico arrived to relieve him.

His retreat however was stopped by the sound of Chris calling out to him. Stifling a snarl, he composed his face into a blank expression and turned to face Redfield, his eyebrow quirked in question.

"Captain Wesker, sir, would it be alright for my sister to wait here at my desk while I'm out? I forgot we had patrol duty today and we're carpooling while her motorcycle is in the shop. She's a good kid, I promise she won't be a bother while she waits."

Oh, this was too perfect.

It took all of Wesker's self-control to stop the devilish smirk from breaking across his face and alerting Chris to the nature of his thoughts. His patience had finally been rewarded and he would not jeopardize his chances now with a slip in his expression.

"Yes, Chris, that's fine. I see no problem with your sister waiting here while you're out on patrol. Now if there's nothing else, you should be heading out. Miss Valentine is sure to be getting impatient waiting for you."

"Thank you, sir," Chris replied, a touch of irritation tinging his response before he turned and pointed at his sister, "Be good and don't pester my boss. I'll be back in two hours."

Claire, now sitting on top of her brother's desk with her long legs hanging over the edge, answered him with a smile and a middle finger salute. Chris only laughed and blew her a kiss before running out the door, leaving Wesker alone with his unsuspecting prey.

They looked at each other for a moment, her blue eyes staring at his sunglasses, trying to discern his expression behind them. But the shades gave nothing away and the silence stretched on between them, becoming heavier with each second. He watched her grow nervous, her pupils dilating as she held his gaze, her tongue slipping out to wet her lips. The sight of the tip of her pink tongue darting out gave him ideas that he really couldn't afford to think about right now as he felt the bulge in his pants harden slightly. He saw her eyes glance down, her eyebrow slightly quirked, trying to figure out why his pants seemed tighter, before quickly glancing away when she realized what she was doing. He chuckled, relishing the blush the sound produced across her face, and turned away from her, walking back to his office. He sat back down at his desk, being careful to adjust his clothing as he lowered himself into his chair. He picked up where he had left off in his paperwork, using his exceptional hearing and peripheral vision to watch Claire shifting atop Chris' desk.

She was a social creature, he knew if he left her alone that it wouldn't be long before she sought him out. She would come to him on her own, he would accept nothing less. She would be completely oblivious to the significance of her approaching him, of choosing to spend time with him, but that wasn't important. All that mattered is that she came.

Claire watched Wesker sitting in his office, wishing she had said something to stop him, something to keep his attention on her. The silence was so uncomfortable, but not in the way silence usually was. It wasn't awkward…it was intense. Like the danger level had skyrocketed as soon as Chris had closed the door and left them alone. She and Wesker had shared a look, she was sure of that, even if she couldn't see his eyes behind the sunglasses. And there was something in that look, something…predatory? Maybe. Whatever it was, she liked it. And she was almost positive she had seen the swell of cloth around his...she shivered, thinking about what was concealed by his work pants. God, if he was that big now...would he even fit inside her?

She slapped her hand against her forehead, as if she could knock the thought straight out of her perverse brain. As if he would be interested in a girl like her. Men like Wesker didn't go for plain girls like Claire. His looks alone were enough to make any woman want him, why would he waste his time with her? He was painfully handsome, his features defined with rigid lines and harsh perfection. His golden blonde hair was slicked back, so you could see his face clearly. His face was defined by his strong broad jawline, his high cheek bones, the straight nose that held up his signature shades. She wished she knew what his eyes looked like, but she bet they would be striking. His lips were a little thin, but she didn't mind that, it made him look stern. Like a man that wasn't against punishing naughty little girls.

She groaned to herself. Why couldn't she control her damn thoughts right now? She never struggled this much to keep her mind out of the gutter, but something about Wesker put her hormones into overdrive. 'You are not a slave to your hormones', she internally repeated to herself, 'You can control yourself better than this.' And she could, but she realized with a bit of worry that she really didn't want to.

'Well, you're gonna have to, because there's no way he's interested in inexperienced virgin tomboys. You wouldn't even know what to do with him if he did want you!'

That wasn't entirely true. While Claire hadn't had the chance, or even the desire, to fool around with any boys, she'd discovered after first meeting her brother's boss that she had a very active imagination when it came to sex. She also had her own laptop with access to wifi at home, so anything her mind couldn't come up with she'd found on the internet. It hadn't taken her long to figure out that she gravitated towards a certain category of pleasure. Claire wasn't a shy girl, but knowing the kind of things she seemed to like made her uncharacteristically bashful. What she liked, it was weird, it had to be. Chris had raised her to be independent and strong and girls like her weren't supposed to like the sort of stuff she found herself fantasizing about when her mind drifted to Wesker. He was always the star of her dirty daydreams and in those dreams...he was her...she couldn't even finish the thought, it was so wrong.

She glanced back over at him, afraid he would somehow sense her strange thoughts. He was still working though, absorbed in his paperwork. It was probably for the best, at least until she could get her thoughts under control and act normal.

He was so beautiful, his body exactly her type. He was tall, so much taller than her that he towered over her. He had a lean, muscular build that made her mouth, and other parts, water. His shoulders were broad and strong, and his arms! She shuddered thinking about the strength they must possess. She could see his shirt sleeves stretching around his ripped biceps. His hands were large with long fingers, his nails neat and trimmed. Large hands on a man were good, she bet. Her mind trailed off now, wondering what those hands were capable of. How those large hands would feel gripping her hips, hard enough to make her gasp from the pleasurable pain, as he roughly pulled her back into his GOD DAMN IT! Focus, Claire!

She closed her eyes now, remembering how he had looked as he stood watching her earlier. His chest was just as impressive as his arms, and if the skin she'd seen peeking out from the top of his blue S.T.A.R.S.-issued shirt was any indication, those hard muscles beneath it would be smooth and firm as she trailed her mouth down his pecs to the six pack below. There wasn't an ounce of fat on the man, his waist was narrow and lean as it tapered down smoothly past his hips, past his...she didn't need to think about what lay there, there was no doubt it was as huge and impressive as the rest of him. The dark pants of his uniform showcased his long muscled legs, he clearly spent a lot of time in the gym. She didn't care much for feet, but she liked the combat boots he wore. Everything about him just screamed power, he was powerful with or without a weapon. She wanted him to focus all that power on her.

'Ha,' she thought bitterly, 'In your dreams.' She sighed again, deciding that just sitting here wasn't going to make the time pass any faster, she needed to do something to distract herself.

Wesker looked up when he noticed movement. Claire had been sitting on top of Chris' desk this whole time, looking like she was embroiled in an internal battle. Now she slipped off of Chris' desk into the nearby chair and reached for her backpack, unzipping the black bag to pull out a textbook and blue binder. For a little while she read from the textbook and sheets of paper in the binder, writing notes down every now and then.

'She must be studying,' Wesker surmised. He couldn't tell what subject the textbook covered, but whatever it was, Claire didn't seem too interested in it. She sighed and her eyes roamed around the room as she flipped through the text, skimming the material without absorbing the information. When that failed to hold her interest, she closed the book and binder with a huff, forcing them back into her backpack. He saw her look in his direction, her expression showing her inner turmoil: she wanted to talk to Wesker and relieve her boredom, but she didn't want to disobey her brother and interrupt his boss at work. In a last ditch effort to entertain herself, Claire began to try and organize the mess piled on her brother's desk. He would have told her it was pointless, that it just wasn't possible to create any semblance of order where Chris worked, but he didn't want to jeopardize his goal. So he hid the smirk on his face and let her figure out on her own that her efforts to tame the catastrophe her brother somehow worked around each day were wasted.

An hour after Chris had left, Claire gave in to her need to socialize and slowly walked towards Wesker's office. She stood in the doorway, leaning against the frame with her hips curving away from her, emphasizing her small waist, while her arms crossed under her full breasts, bringing her cleavage to his attention. He knew she had no idea the effect she had on him or how provocative her stance was, she was one of those girls who was completely unaware of her sex appeal. He was willing to bet she had no idea how often most of the men in this office, Wesker included, thought about bending her over and fucking her raw every time she dropped by to visit Chris. But her oblivious nature was part of her charm, it allowed him to memorize the way she looked when she was being unconsciously sexy so he could recall the memory later when he was alone with his overwhelming desire.

"I'm not bothering you, am I?" Claire asked, smiling down at Wesker.

"Not at all, dear heart, please come in. There's a seat next to my desk that you're welcome to use," Wesker offered, flashing her a slight smile that made her cheeks burn yet again and her heartbeat quicken.

She hid the pleasant shiver that tickled along her spine at the sound of him calling her dear heart, a term of endearment she had only ever heard him use for her. Taking his invitation, she eased herself into the padded chair, crossing one leg over the other and leaning on the edge of his desk, her upper arm flat against its surface while her face rested against her flat palm. She had no idea why he called her dear heart, she wasn't brave enough to ask, but she loved it when he did.

"Thanks, I thought I was going to go mad in there waiting for Chris to get back. It's strange, isn't it, for this office to be so quiet?"

He chuckled. "Indeed, although I wish it were like this more often. It's a miracle I manage to get any work done with the constant racket they make. Between Chris, Brad, and Barry, there's never a break in noise. Add in visits from Bravo team and saw it. Utter cacophony. And nothing gets done until I go out and force them to get back to work. Sometimes I wonder if I'm in charge of a team of elite officers or a group of hyperactive children."

Claire giggled at the comparison, imagining the group of people she considered friends as little kids in oversized uniforms playing cops. She'd teased Chris for acting like a manchild on more than one occasion.

"That reminds me, dear heart, what did Miss Valentine mean earlier by Vickers having to pay a penalty over the weekend?"

Claire straightened up in surprise, mildly shocked that he didn't know about it. So many of the S.T.A.R.S. officers were involved that she'd forgotten not everyone was part of it.

"Oh, no one told you about the penalty game?"

Wesker cocked an eyebrow at her, his expression bemused. "The penalty game? No, I most certainly have heard nothing about such a thing. Perhaps you could explain it to me." Wesker smiled and leaned in closer to her as he spoke, leaning on his desk the same way she had been doing moments before. It put his face on level with hers and he saw her pulse jump in her neck, the slightest hitch in her breath the only other sign that his proximity was having an effect on her. After a thought, he reached up with his other hand and slowly pulled off his sunglasses, exposing his piercing blue eyes to her and capturing her gaze with his own. He smirked at her sudden lack of focus and waited for her to collect her thoughts and answer his question.

After a long pause, she seemed to remember where she was and cleared her throat, embarrassed with herself. Her brain had short-circuited when he'd removed his sunglasses and revealed his eyes for the first time. He probably thought she was a fool now.

"Well, to be honest, it's a game Chris and I started playing when we were younger, usually to get out of chores or something stupid like that. Then Jill and Barry heard us talking about it one day and they wanted to join in. Then word got around to the rest of the team and before I knew it most of Alpha and Bravo had joined in and it took off from there, turning into a sort of competition between everyone."

"I see," Wesker murmured, "So how exactly is this game played?"

Claire thought about it for a moment, trying to decide the best way to tell him about it. It wasn't exactly the kind of game that had a physical rule book. "The rules are pretty simple. Anyone playing the game can bet on the outcome of a situation, like a contest or sports game, or something like how a show episode will end, really anything I guess. For example, one time we all made a bet on how many days it would take Richard to realize we'd switched out the pictures of his girlfriend on his desk with pictures of Alan Rickman. It's not my place to make assumptions about his relationship, took a lot longer than we expected for him to notice. None of our bets came anywhere close to the actual number."

Wesker laughed, surprising Claire. He had a nice laugh, she noted. When she got over the shock of it, she shook her head and laughed too. She remembered the look on Richard's face when he finally, after 62 days, noticed the pictures. The funniest part though was that he kept the pictures in the frames even after realizing they'd switched them.

"Anyways, everyone can take part in any number of running bets and there can be more than one bet happening at a time, it just depends on what's going on. You don't have to participate in every bet, I know I've missed out on several just because I wasn't around when it was made, but if you do skip out on one the others will give you shit for chickening out. Now for the most important part of the game: penalties. A penalty is, obviously, just something someone else has to do. Everyone participating in a bet decides on their own penalty for the loser. It can get pretty confusing when several people choose the same outcome in a bet, like which team will win a football game, so for those kinds of bets you have to be specific with your prediction, because there can only really be one winner. It's different for losers though. Sometimes there's only one loser and sometimes a group of people are the losers. It depends on the bet. I feel like I'm saying that lot, I'm sorry, I never realized how complicated the game really is. So whoever loses has to pay the penalty made by the winner. Several people could have to pay the same penalty, or it could be whoever lost by the largest margin has pay the penalty. Again, it depends on the situation. God, I'm sorry, I'm probably explaining this wrong, it must sound ridiculous to you," Claire turned her face away from Wesker, flustered by how much she was fucking up describing something she'd played for years. It wasn't that hard to understand and yet, she was struggling to convey the details to him.

Wesker reached out with his free hand and lightly gripped Claire's chin, gently pulling her face back to him. He was pleased when she didn't resist him and he rewarded her with a reassuring smile.

"Relax, Claire, I understand what you're saying. Please, continue."

Claire swallowed hard, her body temperature rising when Wesker touched her. Wesker held her chin a little longer, brushing the pad of his thumb across her bottom lip slowly before letting her go. When she realized she had been holding her breath the whole time, she tried to release it without being obvious, but her exhalation was still shaky. How could his touch affect her like this? She'd never had such a strong reaction to something so innocent. Her skin was beginning to feel tight, like it was too small for her body, her nerve endings were alert and pulsing, those pulses going straight to her moist center.

Claire panicked when she realized she had been silent for too long and rushed to answer him, trying to remember where she had left off at. "So Brad lost the last bet we made when he came in last in the race between Alpha and Bravo last week. Since Chris came in first, Brad had to pay Chris' penalty, which you saw in the photo. That's what Jill was referring to earlier and that's why some of the Bravo team was here, because the photos were part of the penalty."

Wesker remembered that race. He had been curious when he saw most of Alpha and Bravo huddled in a group, talking in hushed tones before the race began. He had been even more curious by everyone's reactions at the conclusion of the race. Their response to Chris finishing first and Vickers coming in last had been dramatic, even for them. He wanted to roll his eyes, now it all made sense.

"I'm curious, how is it that you all were able to get Vickers to follow through with his end of the deal?" Wesker asked.

"Because the rule is that if you take part in a bet, you have to pay the penalty if you lose, no matter what it is. It's part of the game. And if you refuse to pay a penalty, then you're kicked out of the game and labeled a coward until you pay the penalty you refused, as well as another penalty that's decided by the whole team to earn your way back in."

Wesker was truly intrigued now, his mind already forming a plan.

"Tell me more about these penalties, dear heart. Are there limits to what a penalty can be? How do you decide on what penalty to give?"

Claire gave a nervous laugh as she thought about his question, her hands fiddling with the edge of her shorts. She worried what Wesker would think of her once he knew the rules, or lack of rules, when it came to making penalties. The game gave players almost complete freedom when coming up with a penalty, something that most, if not all, of the players had taken advantage of to a certain extent.

"...there aren't really any limits on what you can give as a penalty, except that it can't be illegal or too extreme. Like you can't make a penalty where the loser has to give you a $1000, everyone gets that it's gotta be something reasonable. And it's expected that everyone put some thought into making their penalty creative. When Chris and I first started playing, the penalties were innocent. Even after Jill and Barry joined in, the penalties were still pretty tame. You know, things like you pay the winner $100, you have to do their paperwork for a week, or something embarrassing like go sing I'm a little teapot during happy hour at the local biker bar, silly shit like that. But as more people joined in the...nature of the penalties expanded and everyone started trying to outdo each other. Pretty soon nothing was off limits and since everyone playing was an adult, no one really minded. It became part of the thrill to give or receive a scandalous or outrageous penalty."

"Let me get this straight," Wesker interrupted, an incredulous look on his face, "There are no limits on what you can choose for a penalty and the loser has to pay the penalty no matter what it is?"

Claire really hoped Wesker wasn't judging her for taking part now, she was just having a little fun.

"Right. But there are some guidelines we still follow. Most of us decide on what penalty to give based on who else is taking part. For example, since Barry is married and because Chris would kill anyone for trying, neither Barry nor I have ever been given a sexual penalty. Which is fine, I guess."

Claire couldn't help but huff as soon as she said it, because it wasn't fine. But she wasn't irritated with not getting to do sexual penalties, she was irritated that the only reason she didn't was because her brother wouldn't let her be an adult. That's all she wanted, for someone to treat her like she was a god damn woman and not some little girl who couldn't even say the word penis without dying of shame or giggling afterwards.

Before she could stop herself, Claire was launching into a rant, the pent-up fury she'd been hiding from her brother spilling out in front of his captain. "It's not like I want just anybody doing whatever they want to me, even if they're my friends. I'm not some slut looking for casual sex, I do have standards. But I still feel a little...left out because of it. Chris treats me like a child sometimes and it's frustrating, you know? The whole reason I play this game is because I enjoy the risk. I love the thrill of knowing that I may lose and have no choice but to take a punishment I've been given, but I also love being in a position of power, because if I win someone else has to take my penalty. But when everyone else has to modify their penalties for me to keep Chris from murdering them, there's no risk. It's just boring and I'm reminded once again that I'm just the little sister in the group. Jill and Rebecca don't back down when the guys give them dirty penalties and Rebecca isn't much older than me. And the men don't call foul when they're given some perverted task for a penalty. They all seem to have fun with it, but Chris just refuses to realize that I'm not a child anymore and that he can't keep protecting me from everything. I get it, I'm only 18, I'm barely an adult and I don't know everything, but I will never learn if he doesn't let me live my life and have experiences and make mistakes. I just want to be treated the same as Jill and Rebecca, but he won't fucking listen! Sorry, this is a sore point for me," Claire groaned and broke off from her rant when she realized what she was saying to Wesker, the man she fantasized about every night when her hands would slip between her folds and she'd pretend it was his hands playing with her clit. She'd complained like a spoiled kid and made it sound like she was pissed Chris wouldn't let his teammates fuck her, which was definitely not what she wanted him to think. She just couldn't stop digging her hole of shame deeper.

Before he could form some sort of response to her very personal outburst, Claire steered the conversation back to the game and away from her not being allowed to take part in any of the sex penalties, "That came out wrong, I don't want Chris to be fine with the guys doing whatever they want to me, I just...nevermind. Oh, I almost forgot to mention this. Even though there are no limits on what you can choose for a penalty, everyone has to follow a tiered system, where the penalties start off mild and get progressively worse, or more fun depending on who you talk to, as the game goes on. But someone has to pay one of your penalties before you can up the severity to the next level. So you can't start at the top and continue to try and top your best penalty, you gotta start small and work up to the big one."

Wesker hummed in response and shocked Claire when he casually dropped his free hand to rest on top of her knee. His touch was gentle, but firm, and she couldn't help but shudder at the heat she felt coming off of him. His thumb rubbed lightly along the inside of her knee, his other fingers tenderly massaging the smooth skin of her upper leg. She was surprised that she didn't want him to remove his hand, after all it was one thing to fantasize about the man, it was a whole other thing to actually let him touch her. She'd always assumed he'd never be interested in her, but now, she was beginning to think that maybe he did want her a little, maybe there was a chance for her with Wesker. That meant she had to reconsider what she wanted. Did she want his hand on her knee? No, what she really wanted was for his hand to drift higher, closer to the part of her that ached to be filled by him. She almost moaned aloud when his hand did inch higher, a little below the middle of her thigh. She hoped he didn't notice how her legs spread open just a bit in response, subtly inviting him to put his fingers in her.

Wesker did notice and his pants felt just as uncomfortable as her shorts must right now. He was completely hard, straining against the zipper. If he had his way, he would handle his predicament by pulling her shorts and panties down, dragging her into his lap, and savagely burying his length in her cunt. Patience, he reminded himself, all in good time. He was sure of his plan now, sure she would respond exactly how he wanted her to.

"We...we modified...the game recently," Claire panted, trying to fill the silence while doing a poor job of concealing her arousal.

"Hmm, is that so? How exactly did you..." his hand slid another inch higher on her thigh, his nails lightly scratching her skin, "modify it?"

"We thought it would be more fun...if you received a point every time you won and give somebody a penalty. The games usually go on for...three to six months, so at the end whoever has the most points gets to give a penalty with limits or tier requirements, to anyone they choose, even multiple people. Except the penalty isn't revealed until the winner's chosen, so no one knows what they might have to do before agreeing to be in the game. And whoever the winner chooses has to pay the penalty, even if it's something really crazy. It's the ultimate risk, not knowing what you've agreed to," Claire's eyes were fluttering as she spoke, but her voice was strong as she finished.

"Do you like that sort of thing, Claire?" Wesker purred.

"Wha...what sort of thing?"

"Agreeing to do things without knowing what it'll be. Putting yourself at risk. Having someone else controlling your fate. Does that…excite you?" Wesker was sliding his fingers up and down the inside of her thigh now.

"Yes..." she breathed, "It's a rush for me. It's fun, playing the penalty game."

He chuckled darkly and whispered to her, "It does sound fun. I can certainly see the appeal of a game like that. It's unfortunate that Chris still treats you like a little girl. I can see you're an intelligent, mature young woman, you don't need his protection. I have no doubt you can handle anything Miss Valentine and Miss Chambers can."

Claire was enraptured by him, completely enamored with the way his low seductive voice made the small office feel so much more intimate than it was. She felt flattered by his words and that made her feel brave, made her want to show him just how much of an adult she was. She held his gaze as she opened her legs a little more to him and was thrilled to see his sly smile in response.

"It really is too bad no one told me about this game of yours," he continued, his hand now playing at the very top of her thighs and along the edge of her shorts, his fingers occasionally brushing across the seam and putting pressure on the slit of her pussy, watching her breath hitch each time he did it, "I would have loved to play it. Then again, maybe it wouldn't be the wisest decision for the boss to be playing games with his subordinates. There are some who might see it as a…conflict of interest. It's such a shame, I really would have enjoyed playing, especially with someone as attractive and charming as you, dear heart."

She barely heard him now. What he was doing to her felt so good, she couldn't keep her hips from rocking forward with each brush of his fingers between her legs. But just when she was about to give in and beg him to stop teasing and put his hand down her shorts, his hand suddenly pulled back and she was left…wanting. He'd given her a small taste and it wasn't enough. She breathed heavily, her breasts suddenly too big for her bra, her nipples hard and showing through her shirt. Wesker just watched her as she desperately tried to connect her thoughts, the hand that had put her in this state resting innocently in his lap.

"What if…" Claire began, trying to reign in her hormones and speak with some semblance of intelligence.

"What if what, dear heart?" A sly smile stretched across his face, he knew he had her, she was falling right into his trap.

"What and I played the penalty game together? I don't work for you, so you wouldn't have to worry about a conflict of interest. I mean, if you don't mind playing with just me."

"Hmm…" Wesker pretended to ponder her words, as if he hadn't already decided on his answer before she'd asked the question, "I don't know, Claire. I'm a little concerned you won't be able to handle playing with me. I won't hold back, so you have to be ready and willing to do anything. And I'm not a gentle man, Claire, the type of pleasure I enjoy is not for the faint of heart." Wesker leaned forward now, his lips skimming the outer shell of her ear as he whispered into it, "Do you think you could handle playing with me, dear heart?"

She responded exactly as he knew she would. No Redfield could resist a direct challenge.

Bolstered by raging desire and rash bravery, Claire put her own hand at the top of Wesker's thigh, feeling the unmistakeable swell of the erection he was hiding there as she rubbed firm circles along the inside, unintentionally stroking his aching cock with each pass, mimicking what he'd done to her.

"I can take anything you dish out, Wesker," she whispered against his lips, her hot, sweet breath tickling his skin, "You're the one who had better be ready to pay the price when I win."

She licked his lower lip before she pulled away to stand over him and he laughed, his laugher both seductive and dangerous. The sound of it travelled over and into her skin, touching her in places his hands couldn't reach, stimulating the nerves and igniting her core. It made her feel warm all over and she had to glance down at where she knew the proof of his own arousal was to see if he was feeling as good she felt. Her eyes only rose from what she wanted when Wesker spoke again, the rough quality of his voice proof that it was more than just amusement he was feeling right now.

"Well then, dear heart, I look forward to playing with you. Just remember, when you lose, it's your lovely ass that's on the line."

A sultry giggle left Claire's lips, the quality of this giggle much deeper, a predatory and anticipatory sound, so different from the innocent one she'd made when she entered his office. Claire giggled with the knowledge that there were forbidden pleasures to come, that there was real danger in this game, that she was putting everything at risk playing against a man who would take it all if she lost. She felt intoxicated by the excitement of it all. She would finally have the chance to experience the deviant acts she'd imagined Wesker doing to her for real. Every time she won, she could ask him for anything and he'd have to do it. But that wasn't all she was getting out of this, she realized she wanted to be at the mercy of this dangerous man, she wanted to find out what Wesker would do to her if she lost. She felt absolutely sure as he stared up at her, his expression one of intense hunger that should have frightened her but didn't, that she was going to love playing with him.

Wesker's thoughts were running along a similar line, already planning out every naughty thing he would do to her, the lascivious deeds he would make her perform on him, all the different ways he could defile and mold her to perfection under the pretense of exacting a penalty. She didn't need to know that he'd wanted to ravish her from the moment they'd met over a year ago, that he'd had to excuse himself after her visits on more than one occasion to furiously stroke himself while imagining it was her hands gripping him just to get rid of the raging erection she'd caused. All she needed to know was that if she lost, he could do whatever he wanted to her. And he would.

Claire could faintly hear Chris talking to someone down the hallway. Alpha team was returning from patrol duty. She quickly looked over her appearance, adjusting her clothing as needed to hide how incredibly turned on she was right now. On her way out of Wesker's office, she turned to face him, one of her hands idly playing with one of her nipples poking out against her shirt, the other slipping her fingers up and down along the zipper of her shorts. Wesker immediately zeroed in on what she was doing to herself, his eyes taking in the erotic minx before him.

Confident she had Wesker's full attention, she coyly whispered, "We should probably hide our game from Chris. He's so overprotective, thanks to him I've never had a boyfriend or even gotten to experience my first kiss. He tends to overreact a lot and I'd hate for him to lose his job because he tried to attack his boss for playing with his little sister. Chris just isn't ready to accept that I'm not the good little girl he raised anymore, so let's keep this between us, okay?"

Sweet fucking god, Claire was exquisite torture. She was a virgin, not just a virgin, but a pristine pure virgin, completely untouched by anyone else. This couldn't get any better for Wesker, she was everything he had hoped for and more. He nodded, his countenance calm and sure again, he was the one in control here, he wouldn't let her see what she was doing to him, wouldn't let her think she had any power over him. But he knew from how tight his pants felt that it wouldn't take more than a few strokes of his hand to cum and release the aching pressure in his loins and she was the cause of it.

That was it, her fate was sealed. He was going to destroy her innocence with his wicked tongue between her legs. He was going to taint her purity with his rigid cock pumping into her mouth as she swallowed him whole. Wesker would desecrate every last shred of her virtue with his profane body and when he was done she would emerge as a wanton goddess that burned only for him.

"And Wesker," she purred, interrupting his train of thought momentarily, "Do try not to bore me when you make your penalties. I expect nothing but the best from a man as...talented as you."

Wesker threw his head back and laughed again, and she knew from the deep sinful tone that she was in trouble, that she hadn't been flirting with a man, but a demon, and she had just signed herself over to him.

"Oh dear heart," he stood and in one swift movement she was pressed between him and the door frame, his hands lifting her to sit on the thigh nudged between her legs, so she was stuck staring into feral eyes that promised her pleasures that were too obscene to speak aloud while his leg pressed against her folds, "Have no fear. When I win, I'm going to do things to you that will haunt you. By the end of our little game, I am going to unmake you with pleasure and pain. And you'll beg me to do it. I am going to ruin you for any other man. And you will love every. last. second. When I build you back up again, I will be your god and you will never be satisfied with anyone other than me."

If it wasn't for Chris' voice off in the distance, Claire would have been convinced she was asleep and in the middle of the most intense wet dream she'd ever had. His voice was dark and serious, his words cut her open and licked the wounds, and she could almost see the X-rated pleasures that awaited her as she stared at her reflection in his eyes. She was visibly panting, her eyes half open, barely able to discern the satisfied smirk he wore now as he watched her. She was so wet, she could feel her panties clinging to her skin, the moist heat sinking to saturate her shorts and, consequently, his pant leg. She'd never been so singularly aware of how empty she felt, how much she ached to be filled over and over again. She needed to experience all he promised, to be overwhelmed and consumed by ecstasy.

The voices in the hallway were getting louder, so Wesker lowered Claire down slowly, stepping away to give her room as she steadied her breathing. She knew she should run, she knew she should be very afraid. But she wasn't, oh no, far from it, she yearned for the punishments he promised almost as much as she craved to see him submit to her as she exacted her own penalties on him. If she was lucky, maybe she could enjoy the pleasure of both.

Chris came through the door then, loudly arguing with Joseph about the proper way to clean a handgun. Claire quickly jumped away from Wesker and walked back to Chris' desk, bidding members of both Alpha and Bravo team a casual hello as they filed into the room. 'That's right, Claire, just act normal, not like you just had the hottest experience of your life with their boss just now.' Spying a notepad on Chris' desk and seeing how distracted he was in his argument with Joseph, Claire had a sudden thought and she quickly jotted something down onto the sticky note, folding it into her hand before Chris turned his attention to her.

"Hey you, you ready to go? You've got to be starving by now, I know I am. Let's get out of here and grab something to eat!" Chris crossed to his desk to put a few things in the bottom drawer. While he was busy trying to find his keys somewhere among the mess piled on his desk, Jill took the opportunity to taunt Chris about his bottomless pit of a stomach.

"How can you be starving already, Chris? We just ate a couple hours ago while we were out. Do you have some secret workout routine that lets you eat as much as you want and never gain weight or something?" Jill teased, watching Chris smirk at her as she leaned against her desk.

"Maybe I do. If you want, I can show you my secret and we could workout together." Chris' tone heavily implied that the kind of workout he wanted to do with Jill was one that didn't involve clothes.

Jill laughed, shaking her head at Chris' brazen attempt at flirting and swatting his arm when he took the chance to invade her personal space to trap her against her desk. This quickly caught the attention of several of their fellow teammates, who immediately began to heckle the two of them in good fun. Claire watched it all and felt a small stab of pity for Wesker, she wouldn't have been able to stay sane if she had to deal with this every day.

Almost as if her thoughts summoned him from his office, Wesker stepped into the room, his appearance betraying nothing about the fact that not ten minutes before he'd been on the verge of unzipping his pants and using her hands to get him off. He used his intimidating voice now to effortlessly call the room to order and make a few brief announcements to the Alpha team before dismissing them for the day and turning his attention to Bravo team.

"Come on, Claire, let's go," Chris called to her from the doorway, already halfway out.

"One second," Claire responded, walking straight up to Wesker and extending her hand to him. If Wesker was confused by her sudden change, he didn't show it, grasping her hand without hesitation and giving it a firm shake.

"Thank you for allowing me to wait here while Chris was on patrol, Captain Wesker. I enjoyed speaking with you and I look forward to talking with you again in the future," Claire said, knowing Wesker would pick up her hidden meaning.

"Likewise, Miss Redfield. Have a good night and please get home safe," Wesker smirked as she turned and left, making sure to tuck the note she'd slipped him during the handshake into his fist to discretely slip into his pocket.

When Wesker was heading home himself, he took the note out of his pants pocket and unfolded it. He chuckled to himself when he saw that she'd written down her cell phone number for him on it.

Later that night, after Chris had gone to sleep, Claire sat alone on her bed, her hair still wet from the shower she'd taken earlier. She was thinking about what had transpired with Wesker, wondering if he'd meant what he said and really wanted to play with her, when her phone lit up, the screen showing she'd received a new text message. The sender was unknown but she knew who it was as soon as she read the text.

You have until Friday to decide on your first penalty. Be ready, dear heart.

She laughed quietly to herself and saved his number in her phone before writing back.

Oh I'm ready all right. Ready to win. Just remember the rules, I don't want this to reach the climax too quickly.

She knew she was baiting him, but she couldn't help it. She wanted to see how he responded. She nearly squealed when her phone finally vibrated with his reply.

I remember them. Stay confident, it'll make it so much sweeter for me when you lose. I hope your endurance is as indomitable as your confidence, because I don't intend to let you reach the climax for a very, very long time. Rest assured though, dear heart, that I will make you cum.

She moaned aloud before she could catch herself. She clamped a hand over her mouth and listened hard, hoping Chris hadn't woken up at the strange sound coming from his sister's room. The house was silent, so she guessed she was in the clear. She read the message again, and again, and again. God, what had she gotten herself into? She wanted this, she wanted him, so badly. She was afraid, that was true, but it was a good fear. She knew with absolute certainty that she would never be the same after this. Wesker was going to ruin her, he'd said so himself. It was as if he could see into her soul and knew exactly what she needed. Realizing she needed to write something back, but unable to come up with a witty reply, she chose to keep her response honest and simple.

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