Wardens Rehabilitation

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This new story will be about the Warden twins being Futanari and fucking the girls from Persona 5. If you don’t like this is your last warning. I have an order of the girls that I will write about but go ahead and say in the comments which ones you want to read.


Ann’s rehabilitation:

Ann awoke. She shook her head as she sat up on the bed. “Where am I?” She asked herself as she looked around.

 This wasn’t her room, she knew that instantly, the place she was in was what seemed like a prison cell. The bed she sat on was torn and dusty. The walls cold and cracked. At the corner was an old toilet. She could see the iron bars that connected the walls and caged her inside.

 “What am I doing in such a nasty place as this?” She thought. Then she noticed another weird thing. She was in her costume. The red, skin-tight leather cat suit she wore when she was stealing with the phantom thieves.

 This brought more questions to her head. Was she in a palace? If so how did she get here and not notice?

 “Hello!?” She called out nervously. “Anyone out there?!”

 “Silence prisoner!” A voice shouted back. There was a bang on the cell bars that made a chilling ringing sound.

 “Wha- Who are you?” Ann asked.

 “We’re the wardens of this here prison.” The voice said back. Then appearing in front of the bars was a little blonde girl. She was dressed in a prison guard outfit, blue top with black shorts. Her blonde hair was put up in two buns beneath her blue hat. An eye patch with the letter V on it covered her right eye, the other visible eye was a bright yellow.

 “That’s right, prisoner.” Another voice said as another little girl came into view on the other side. “My sister and I watch over this prison and the people inside it.” This girl looked almost identical to the other. But she had an eyepatch over her left eye and her hair was braided and ran down her back.

 “Wardens? Prisoner?” Anna asked. “I don’t understand.”

 “My name is Justine.” The braided haired girl said. She pointed to the other girl with buns. “This is my sister Caroline.”

 “But why am I here?” Ann asked again. “What do you want from me?”

 “We already explained.” Caroline said in annoyance. “You’re in prison because you did a crime.”

 Justine nodded. “Yes, and as wardens we have to correct you through rehabilitation.”

 “What crime?!” Ann shouted. “I didn’t-”

 “Silence prisoner!” Caroline slammed her stick on the cell bars again.

 “It seems we will need to start rehabilitation right away.” Justine pulled a ring of keys from her pocket. She immediately choose the keys to Ann’s cell and unlocked it.

 Caroline and Justine entered the prison cell and locked it behind them.

 “Time for your punishment, prisoner!” Caroline growled.

 “Punishment?” Ann backed away.

 “Giving out punishments when the patient does something wrong is an important part of Rehabilitation.” Justine explained in a calm manner.

 “Yea, so get ready!” Caroline said with a wicked grin.

 Ann fell onto her bottom on the cold, hard ground. “What are you going to do to me?”

 Caroline and Justine looked at each other before turning back to Ann, they removed their belts, then with a quick motion, down went their shorts and underwear.

 Ann gasped as two giant, thick, cocks sprang free. They hung between the little girl’s legs, two monstrous things that threw off the innocent appearance of young children.  

 Both cocks seemed to be roughly the same shape and size of each other’s, thick enough that Ann wasn’t sure her hand would fit around it and long enough that they hung beneath the girl’s knees. Justine’s penis however had more foreskin covering her cockhead than Caroline’s.

 “W-What?” Ann managed to sputter. “T-Those can’t be real!”

 “They are.” Justine informed. “We use them in our rehabilitation process.”

 “Yea!” Caroline grinned. “We also use them to punish those who misbehave!”

 The two girls began getting closer to Ann, there big cocks swinging with every step they took. Ann tried backing away, scooting on her bottom towards the far back of the cell, but the twins never stopped following.

 “Nowhere left to run!” Caroline laughed as Ann bumped into the back wall.

 “Time to begin your rehabilitation.” Justine added in a much calmer attitude.

 The massive cocks were now only inches away from Ann’s face. She could smell the musky scent on them.

 Caroline, with a sadistic grin, pushed her cock onto Ann’s cheek. She rubbed her fat thing all over the smooth skin.

 Both flaccid cocks were starting to rise now. Caroline’s dick, which she was smearing across Ann’s face, dripped bits of pre-cum.

 Justine gently stroked her cock, the amount of foreskin sliding up and down her cockhead.

 When they were fully erect, the cocks stood straight up in front of the small bodies. Each girl could easily bend their heads forward and start licking their own pee slits.

 “Next part of your punishment.” Caroline took her cock and began pressing it against Ann’s lips. “Open up and take my cock inside your mouth, prisoner!”

 Ann tried desperately to keep her mouth closed. The cock was just too big, there was no way that that giant erection would fit into her mouth without ripping her apart.

 “Don’t worry about not being able to fit it.” Justine said as if understanding Ann’s thoughts. “This is the velvet room, a place where reality itself can be altered, you will be able to take all of Caroline’s cock and it will not hurt you.”

 Ann didn’t believe her. She kept her mouth as tight as possible, but it wouldn’t last long. Justine helped Caroline by placing her hand over Ann’s nose. The blonde high schooler had no choice but to open her mouth to breath, when she did, Caroline pushed herself inside.

 Caroline slammed her hips against Ann’s face. The entirety of her cock was shoved down Ann’s throat in one single motion.

 Ann gagged around the massive thing, saliva spilling from the mouth and running down her chin. But Justine was right, it didn’t hurt, and it didn’t split her jaw in two either.

 Caroline then backed up her hips, her hands wrapped around Ann’s blonde ponytails, she used the hair to slam Ann’s face back into her waist, ramming her fat cock back down once more.

 While Caroline was roughly face fucking Ann, Justine was patiently waiting her turn, stroking her giant cock.

 Caroline pulled out completely, her massive dick slapping Ann’s face as she did so. Saliva covered both the erection and Ann’s face. “Your turn sis.”

 Justine nodded as she grabbed Ann’s head, lined her cock up with the mouth and then slammed herself in. Ann gagged again as she felt the second intruder down her tight throat.

 Caroline stroked her saliva covered cock as she watched her twin sister abusing Ann’s throat roughly.

 Justine slammed her hips a few more times against Ann’s face, ramming her cock deep down her throat, before she pulled out and Caroline went back to face-fucking the  masked blonde.

 The two switched between each other for a while, both girls using Ann’s esophagus like a toy, slamming away at it with all their strength.

 Finally Justine pulled herself out and the two girls proceeded to slide their fat cocks all over Ann’s tired face, covering every inch of it in her own sticky saliva.

 “Time for the next part of Rehabilitation.” Justine said.

 “This is where the fun really begins!” Caroline said as she slapped her cock hard against Ann’s face.

 The two girls tipped Ann over so she was on her back. Caroline grinned as she used her powers to rip a hole through the suit right above the high schooler’s pussy.

 Ann screamed and tried to cover her special place, but it was no use as soon as she opened her mouth Justine slammed her cock back inside.

 Justine picked up the previous pace quickly, she slammed back and forth with as much strength as her small hips could muster.

 Ann then felt another cock at her pussy. She knew it had to be Caroline, though she couldn’t see because Justine was slamming Ann’s face against her waist.

 Caroline lined her fat cock up with Ann’s pussy. Then she penetrated it with a single, powerful thrust. The massive cock stretched apart the tight cunt as it plowed right into the womb with the powerful motion.

 Ann screamed around Justine’s cock in her mouth. She never felt anything like this before. The giant dick had slammed roughly against her deepest area and she liked it.

 It felt good every time Caroline pulled out and back within. She could feel the mammoth sized erection messing up her insides with each powerful thrust. Her womb cried out in pleasure each time it was hammered against by the little girl’s massive dick.   

 “So how is it?” Carline asked. “How’s the punishment, bitch?”

 “I hope you learn your lesson.” Justine added.

 Ann herself was groaning into Justine’s cock. She couldn’t stand it anymore, it just felt too wonderful. She had never felt pleasure like this before. Her breathing increased as she felt herself shake, then she came.

 Ann’s body shook violently as she orgasmed. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she squirted pussy juice from her cunt in heavy amounts. Her cunt tightened and constricted around Caroline’s fat cock.

 “Did you just cum?” Caroline laughed as she continued to pound away at Ann’s pussy even as the girl orgasmed. “Did my cock feel that good?”

 “This is a punishment Ann, you’re not supposed to enjoy it.” Justine informed.

 “She’s too much of a slut!” Caroline laughed again. “Stupid sluts like her enjoy this kind of punishment!”

 Even if the orgasmic high had died down, Ann was still lost in pleasure. Caroline abused her cunt repeatedly, not letting her recover, while Justine dominated her throat.

 “Damn this is one slutty pussy!” Caroline shouted. “I’m not going to last much longer!”

 “Me neither.” Justine said “Let’s cum together, sister!”

 The two gave a shout as they climaxed. They shot rope after rope of sticky cum within Ann. Ann came again as she felt the warm seed flooding her. 

 Caroline’s cock fired her cum directly inside Ann’s battered womb. It flooded the area quickly in white seed. Justine fired her semen down Ann’s throat, making the blonde girl swallow all of the sticky goo.

 Justine pulled back, firing more sticky semen inside Ann’s mouth before taking her cock out all together an covering Ann’s blonde hair and face in layers of white.

 Caroline too pulled out and finished her last few squirt all over Ann’s red suited stomach.

 Ann loved the taste of Justine’s cum and eagerly swallowed every single ounce that was in her mouth before licking it off every other place she could find.

 “That was good.” Caroline gasped. “She has a tight cunt.”

 Justine nodded, then turned to a cum covered Ann. “The next step to your rehabilitation begins now.”

 Justine took Caroline’s place at Ann’s pussy. With a shove, her still fully erect cock slammed all the way into the blonde’s abused womb.

 Ann screamed as she felt herself being penetrated again. Her womb being hammered against with another thick cock.

 Caroline decided to shut the high schooler up by shoving her cock inside her mouth.

 The previous rhythm of wild, rough fucking returned. This time Justine ramming her thick pole against Ann’s baby chamber, while Caroline was the one abusing Ann’s tight throat.

 “Her throat is pretty good too!” Caroline said.

 “This prisoner’s pussy is amazing.” Justine panted. “The rehabilitation is progressing nicely.”

 “Yea, rehabilitation. Whatever.” Caroline scoffed as she gave another rough thrust of her hips, mashing her waist against Ann’s face. 

 The intense fucking continued for a half-hour, the twins destroying Ann with their thick cocks, while the blonde high schooler orgasmed many times.

 Finally, Justine knew she couldn’t hold on much longer. “Caroline. I’m going to cum!”

 “Me too!” Caroline shouted back.

 Then with one last thrust. The two small girls hit their climax.

 Ann was once more flooded with cum as she orgasmed hard. Her mind at this point pretty much beyond repair, destroyed by the harsh assault on her pussy and throat. She delighted in the feel of being filled.

 Caroline and Justine had finished their orgasm, and released their thick amounts of sticky, gooey seed, deep within Ann. Justine never pulled out, keeping her somehow still hard cock inside Ann’s pussy.

 Caroline pulled her cock out of Ann’s mouth. Cum drippled out of the used mouth and spilled onto the ground in heavy amounts. “Ugh! Prisoner, you’re wasting it!”

 “Sorry.” Ann replied as she desperately tried to swallow as much of the cum as she could. She licked it off of the cock and off her fingers and hair.

 “Time for the final part in our rehabilitation for today.” Justine said.

 Ann was forced on top of Justine, her boobs freed from their red confines and shoved in the small blonde girls face.

 Caroline grinned as she stroked her hard and came up behind Ann. Then she lined her cock up with Ann’s pussy, the same hole Justine was still in.

 Justine pulled out until only her penis tip was in, then Caroline began pushing her own tip in.

 Ann cried out in lust as she felt it. Both cockheads were inside her pussy.

 The twins began pushing in. Both cocks were inside Ann’s pussy, they rubbed against each other as well as Ann’s sensitive pussy wall.

 The two monstrous dicks stretched Ann out to impossible new lengths. She shook in unbelievable pleasure, shouting in ecstasy, tongue sticking out, eyes glazed over.

 Soon both dicks were pushed up against Ann’s cum flooded womb. Semen squirted out of Ann’s pussy and sprayed onto the floor, creating a puddle of white.

 “This is amazing!” Caroline said.

 “Yea.” Justine admitted.

 “Feels so wonderful!” Ann shouted out. “My pussy is being split apart!”

 The two girls then began to move, pulling back their cocks out of Ann’s tight cunt, then slamming it back in roughly, making more cum squirt out of the small pussy entrance.

 “Oh god!” Ann screamed. “Amazing! More! More! Fuck me more!”

 The twins defiantly did so as they increased their pace in order to wreck Ann’s abused womb. They slammed away with all their might, both cocks ramming against Ann’s deepest depths.

 “Harder! Fuck me harder! Destroy my pussy! Ruin me!” Ann kept shouting at the top of her lungs, lost in a sea of overwhelming lust and pleasure.

 “Now tell me what you are.” Justine demanded. “This is the final part of rehabilitation. Tell me what you are!”

 “A slut! A stupid, no good slut, who loves little girl’s big, fat cocks!” Ann screamed.

 “Damn right you are!” Caroline laughed. “You’re nothing but a cum dumpster!”

 “Yes! Yes!” Ann roared, understanding perfectly her new role in life. “I’m nothing but you’re cum dump! I have no purpose in life except being your toy! I live only so you have something to cum inside of!”

 “Good.” Justine grunted. “You’re rehabilitation is now complete.”

 “Yea, congrats.” Caroline teased as she fucked the girl even harder. “The only thing left now is to take our cum!”

 “YES! Please give me your cum! Fill your useless cum dumpster with all your sticky seed! Give me every bit it!”

 “I’m cumming, Caroline.” Justine grunted.

 “Me too, sis.” Caroline replied.   

 All three girls screamed as they came together. Cum shoot out of both cocks and over flowing Ann’s already cum flooded womb. The heavy spray of white shoot out of the tight gaps in the pussy hole and covered the floor in layers of cream.

 More and more kept shooting out, making Ann’s belly expand with all the sticky seed she was forced to carry.

 Finally after a few more ropes of cum, the twins were finished. They both pulled out their cocks from Ann’s abused hole with a pop.

 Ann’s gaping pussy shot out a tidal wave of cum onto the floor, adding to the already mess of cum that was there. The blonde high schooler came again as she felt the cum leave her body.

 “What a dumb whore.” Caroline said as she gazed at Ann.

 “Yes, but that was the goal.” Justine replied.

 “See you later, cum dump. We’ll be back to use you later.” Caroline and Justine left the cell, leaving a cum covered and fully broken Ann behind.




 Ann crawled around on the dirty cell floor. She hoped her mistresses would come see her soon, she wanted to be used again.

 The sound of clicking shoes on concrete was heard making Ann move to the cell door as quick as possible.

 “Hello there cum dump.” Caroline laughed.

 “Meow!” Ann replied.

 “Good kitty.” Justine said as she unlocked the cell door and pushed in a cat food dish. “Here you go, food time.”

 The food dish was filled to the brim with sticky cum.

 “We both made sure to give you a lot since we can’t play today.” Caroline said.

 “We have important work today.” Justine informed.

 Ann made sad meowing sounds.

 “Sorry Kitty.” Justine said. “Make sure to eat your food.”

 “See you later, cum dump!” Caroline shouted as she and Justine began leaving. “We’ll use you later!”

 Ann made sure to watch them go, making pitiful meowing noises as she did. Then she went over to her dish. It read Cum Kitty on the side, her new name. She lapped at the cum, drinking her most favorite and common meal.

 Her mind fully broken, Ann was content with her new life.

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