Off the beaten track part 2

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Off the beaten track part 2

“How do I keep finding these girls?” Mike thought to himself as he stood with his back to a tree in Petalburg Woods, his cock encased completely in May’s massive bust as the Hoenn Champion worked to make him cum

Having taken a trip to the Hoenn Region he had decided to check out the famous Forest next to Petalburg City and whilst he had been wandering through the trees not looking where he was going he had walked straight into Hoenn’s Champion sending them both crashing to the dirt, Mike landing on top of May with his hands firmly on her tits

Having expected her to be angry Mike had prepared himself for a harsh slap across the face and a verbal castration only to be surprised when May just giggled at the contact and actually encouraged him to squeeze her breasts harder before pulling her top off to expose her tits to him

“Arceus I’m gonna cum!” Mike panted rolling his head back against the tree as May worked her tits faster along his cock

“Come on, give it to me, you know I want it” May purred back, her eyes wide and lust filled gasping as Mike then grabbed hold of her tits squeezing them tighter around his cock as he started to fuck them on his own accord “oh yeah that’s it, fuck my tits!” she then gasped with pleasure and delight as Mike started to cum hard between her breasts, flooding her cleavage with his thick sticky cum whilst the rest shot out to land on her face

Humming as she licked up the cum around her lips the brunette then gasped as Mike then grabbed hold of her head and shoved his cock balls deep into her mouth making her gag slightly as his cock punched down her throat, the slut taking it in her stride as she started to eagerly pump her head along his cock sucking it clean of his release

“Fuck...that’s a good whore…” Mike panted as May’s tongue worked every inch of his cock, her mouth so wet and warm as she clutched at his waist to hold in place whilst she orally worshipped him, the slut having borderline hearts in her eyes from his ‘praise’ prompting her to suck on him even harder eager to taste his cum

Holding his cock in her mouth May then moved her hands to her tight spats, the wet patch between her legs starting to become uncomfortable to which she swiftly ride herself of her pants leaving her naked save for her gloves, bandana and sneakers as she tossed her spats aside, her arousal running down her inner thighs making them glisten in the sun as she went back to focusing on making him cum in her mouth

Feeling his stomach tighten Mike suddenly grabbed May’s bangs pulling hard on them making the brunette moan at the pleasurable stinging sensation it caused, the slut tilting her head letting his cock bulge her cheek out as she looked up at him with loving worship in her eyes, her tongue sticking out under his cock as she drooled heavily making her tits glisten with both cum and drool

The sight of the Hoenn Champion in that position alone was enough to have Mike blowing his second thick load, grabbing at her head to hold it in place as he unloaded straight down her throat making the Hoenn Champion moan even louder with arousal, her cunt dripping onto the grass beneath them as he used her mouth as a cum dump “fuck…fuck yes…keep sucking…swallow it all…” he panted as he thrust into her mouth with every shot of cum making her eyes roll back and her tits jiggle

Keeping her grip on his waist May held in place gulping down every shot of cum he gave her letting him just enjoy the wet heat of her mouth and throat before he eventually pulled away, the brunette lacing his cock with tender kisses and licks to clean him of his release all while still looking up at him with near devotion in my eyes making him wonder how he had gotten so lucky as to bump into her that day

But if he thought himself as lucky to just have May suck his cock Mike quickly considered himself potentially blessed by Arceus itself as May then proceeded to lie back against a nearby fallen log and spread her legs wide for him, holding her thighs up to spread herself open for him in obvious invitation to fuck her, the sight of her tight dripping cunt bared for him nearly making him cum then and there before he was even inside of her

As Mike scrambled to take his place between her legs May couldn’t help but giggle at his eagerness, her arousal rising even higher as he gently teasing her soaked slit with his cock head groaning as he relished how hot and wet her core was “come on, push it in! Fuck me please!” she mewled impatiently before letting out a pleasured scream as he buried his cock balls deep inside of her

“Oh my fuck you’re tight!” Mike gasped as May’s cunt squeezed like a vice around him, the heat and tightness making him shudder all the way to his very core, his hands gripping her ankles keeping her legs held high up and spread wide as he started pounding into her hot snug little pussy with everything he had, his balls beating against her ass as she panted and mewled with ecstasy

“Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Fuck that cunt! This is what I live for!” May screamed out, the sole reason for her constant travel after claiming her Championship title being to sate her constant hunger for sex and cock, her eyes wide and manic as she panted like a bitch in heat, her mouth wide open letting her tongue hang out as her tits bounced wildly in tandem to Mike’s pace, her toes curling in her sneakers as her orgasm washed over her

Gritting his teeth as May squeezed tighter Mike moved his hands from her ankles to her tits, squeezing them with near bruising force making her scream again with pleasure “cum in me! Fill my fucking hole!” she begged him wrapping her legs tight around his waist pulling him in as deep as possible, their eyes locking as he suddenly seized up, May gasping with her eyes rolling back as his cock exploded inside of her, flooding her tight wet teen pussy and womb with his hot thick load “oh Arceus yessssss”

Shuddering as he came hard Mike thrust hard into May a few more times before going limp on top of her as she went limp beneath him, both of them just panting heavily with exertion and pleasure just enjoying their post climax afterglows, May making no move to push him away from her and the way her cunt was still squeezing him it seemed that she didn’t want him to leave so quickly

And it was at that moment that Mike decided that he needed to travel more often

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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