A Dish Best Served Cold

BY : Maniacshoh & Maniacshoh
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A Dish Best Served Cold


I ended up knocked off my feet, next to Penny and Rowan who had been hit by the same spell moments ago.  I glanced up to see Merula Snyde stepping over me to open the freshly unlocked door, and inadvertenly caught a glimpse of silver and green striped panties where her stockings ended.

"No one is entering the cursed vaults before me, especially not some lowly filth like you!" she sneered, and proceeded through the door.

"What do we do now?" asked Rowan as he helped me and Penny up.  I thought about it for a moment, until my thoughts were interrupted by a shriek.

"You two go get help!  I'll make sure she's ok!"

They sped off down the hall, and I quickly slipped inside the door.

I was not prepared for what I saw.  Merula Snyde was frozen to the ground by a large chunk of ice growing from the ground.  She glared at me, her violet eyes wild and full of fury, and pointed her wand at me.

"You had better get me out of this, NOW, or I'm going to make your regret it!"  Gulping, I approached and tried my best to assess the situation.  The ice must have grown from the ground up over her knees rather quickly, as she had not been in this room for very long, but it seemed like it must have slowed, because...

"Stop staring and DO something!"  I was shaken out of my thoughts by her shouting.  Instinctively, I reared up and delivered a powerful kick to the ice.  Well, not that powerful, because it appeared to do absolutely nothing.  I moved around her to the left and planted another kick, searching for a weak spot.

"Merlin's beard, I thought you were a wizard!  Use your wand!"

Oh, I had almost forgot.  I pulled out my wand and circled behind her.  It only took a minute for me to choose the right spell from the six or so that I had mastered so far.  It felt all the better knowing that she had just used it on me.  "Flipendo!"

I'm not sure if it was nerves, or a subconscious desire for revenge, but my flick was not as complete as it should have been, and instead of hitting the ice, my spell made contact with the small of Merula's back.  She let out a shriek in surprise and fell forward.  As soon as her hands made contact with the floor, ice grew forth and engulfed her arms up to the elbows, including her wand.  

"Of all the... when I get out of here..." but I couldn't focus on her words.  The spell had not only pushed her over, but flipped her robes up.  I hadn't realized how those robes had hidden her shapely ass, but seeing her panty lines through her tight skirt was driving me crazy.  I remembered that flash of green and silver striped panties, and I had to see them again.  As if in a trance, the next thing I knew I was standing right behind her, my hands caressing her soft hind quarters.

"What are you doing?" she demanded, but I couldn't think of anything but the swelling in my pants.  Slowly I slid her skirt up, revealing more of her tights, then her thighs, and finally those green and silver stripes.

"They match your tie," I murmured, examining the silky fabric.  

"I.  AM.  GOING.  TO.  KILL," she fumed, staring at me over her shoulder with a single violet eye.  As I felt around, my fingers felt something damp.  I poked my fingers against the spot with a squish, eliciting a gasp.

"Did you wet yourself?" I asked, amused.  "The mighty Merula Snyde, so brave when she's sending classmates into cursed vines, but at the first sign of cursed ice, she pees her panties."  She snapped her head away, but not before I caught a reddening of her cheek.  I withrew my fingers, and noticed a slightly slimy connection between my finger and her panties.  Curious, I rubbed my thumb and index finger together, and unconsciously brought them to my nose for a sniff.  

"This doesn't smell like urine," I muttered, confused.  Merula coughed back a growl and very slowly and deliberately chose her words.

"Listen.  If you help me out of here right now, I will pretend that none of this happened.  Just break this ice, and..." My curiousity got the better of me.  I had never seen a girl naked before, except in my brother's magazines, and this seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime chance, not only to see a girl naked, but Merula of all people.  I hooked my thumbs under the waistband and lowered the striped panties over her ass and down to the ice at her knees.  

"Hey, your hair down there has a shock of orange, just like on your head," I exclaimed.  Merula's stare over her shoulder was icier than the cursed ice she was trapped in.  If looks could kill, I would be dead twice over.  I knew what happened next from my brother's magazines, but it was more instinct than conscious thought that guided my hands.

I undid my belt, and Merula's eyes narrowed as she heard my zipper.  "You wouldn't dare," she growled breathlessly.  One hand steadied me on Merula's hip, and the other lined up my throbbing erection with her dripping slit.  

"You have enjoyed making me and my friends miserable, and now I'm going to get some enjoyment out of you!" I declared, and thrust forward.  She grunted and rocked forward.  I looked down and my cock was still pressed up against her slit, but still not inside.  I pushed again, but still nothing.  

Merula looked over her shoulder at me, panting, her eyes teary, her face red, and her features softened.  "A little higher," she whispered, blinking back tears.  


"I said a little higher," she yelled, hanging her head down and looking away from me.  I aimed my cockhead higher up her slit and tried again, slowly this time.  Her lips slowly parted as my invading tip slipped inside.  Confident in my aim, I grabbed her hips and pulled myself the rest of the way in with a single thrust.  Her head snapped up and her back arched as I buried my full length inside her.  She was practically staring at the ceiling with her wide purple eyes.  

It felt so good, I didn't know what to think.  I started pumping in and out of her tight wet pussy, the slapping sounds of our bodies connecting echoing throughout the icy room.  I could see her breath as she panted, the cold air on her face a stark contrast to the heat coming from her nether regions.  

I began to lose what little control I had, and squeezed her hips so tightly that Merula stifled a shriek, my fingers leaving indendations in her tender flesh.  I pulled myself in as deep as I could, and held myself there as a strange sensation overwhelmed me.  I could feel spurt after spurt travel up the length of my cock and out into her hot pussy, and suddenly all the energy was sapped from my body.  I collapsed onto her back, panting.  I couldn't tell if she was panting or sobbing, and I began to feel bad for her.

Once I caught my breath, I put my softening cock away and zipped my pants back up, then I pulled her panties back over her sticky behind.  

"Flipendo!"  "Flipendo!"  The ice trapping Merula's hands and feet shattered, and she collapsed onto her side, coughing.  I offered her a hand to help her up, but she slapped it away.

"I... I don't want anyone to know what you... what happened here," she began, wiping her eyes on the sleeve of her robe.  "If I hear you tell anyone..."

"I know, I know, I'm dead, right?" I said, fighting back an inappropriate smirk.  

There were voices at the door, and the ice blocking it began to break apart.  Help had arrived, we were saved.

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