Twilight Princess: Reduced to a Slut

BY : IttyBittySkitty
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Disclaimer: The Legend of Zelda is the sole property of Nintendo. I promise, I own nothing, and am making no profit whatsoever from this story.

“!!” Zelda screamed, her voice hoarse from the near hour of yelling.  “!!!!!”  He last word was forced into another orgasmic wail as Link hit her “princess point”, sparking another cunt shattering orgasm out of the throughly fucked princess.

“What, to another meeting? Another round of listening to the council prattle on about their problems?  I don’t FUCKING think so!!” The savior of Hyrule then proceeded to slam his cock back into Zelda’s bruising pussy, causing the princess to scream another glass cracking wail of pained pleasure.  “I..i said...I was SORRRRRRYYYYY!!!!” Zelda screamed, before sobs of confused pleasure wracked her, followed by surprised yelps as Link began spanking her heart shaped ass.

“Not good enough, *princess*.” Link spat, using her title as if it were a dirty word. “I save your life, I save the entire kingdom!  I put my life in danger hundreds, if not thousands of times, and what do I get?? A kiss, and a ‘promise’ of some alone time. That was SIX FUCKING MONTHS AGO, ZELDA!!” Link proceeded to give her plush ass another harsh spank, and this time , instead of pain, Zelda felt her clit tighten a bit more.

 “For six fucking months you treated me like a common swordhand!  You ignored me!  The single reason you and all of Hyrule aren’t dead right now!!!”  Another harsh spank and another brutal stab with his cock, directly into her princess point. Zelda couldn’t help but scream again, her abused pussy gushing around her champions cock as her...what was it, seventh? Eighth? Orgasm crashed through her.

“So now...” Link pulled his cock back, leaving only the head within her battered pussy. “I’m gonna treat you like a common whore!!!”  Link shoved his entire cock back into the sobbing, whimpering princess, slapping her ass again and making her hips jump. This sudden new angle meant his cock went even deeper than it had been, this time slamming against the walls of her royal womb.  This time, Zelda couldn’t even scream, her mind being as overloaded with sensation as it was. All she could do was clench her bedding tight, her well manicured nails ripping right through it as Link grasped her face from the side, his hot breath tickling her sensitive, pointed ear.

“So, Zelda, do you still have somewhere you need to go?”  Zelda trembled at the sensations wracking her body, but even with her mind half clouded, she still managed to moan, “y..yes..p..please..let me go...I swear to the goddess...I’ll come straight back...once the meeting concludes...”. This wasn’t the answer Link was looking for, and he ground his swollen cock head, still wedged against Zelda’s wide open womb, a little harder against her baby chamber.

“No, the princess has a meeting to go to. You’re not a princess, are you?”  Link suddenly reared his hips back and jutted forward, his cock slamming into Zelda’s womb wall again.  “You’re just my whore, aren’t you?  My cumdum. My dick warmer.”  Zelda’s mind fogged over harder at her Champions obscenities, and even further as he plunged his cock even harder, this time the very tip of his cock head managing to punch its way inside her womb.  “” Zelda barely managed to gargle out, her body feebly trying to resist her Champions’ pleasurable abuse.

Links face twisted up into a scowl, and he grabbed Zelda’s long blonde hair. “NO!!” He bellowed as he yanked her head backwards.  “YOU! ARE! MY! SLUT!!”  Each word was punctuated by a devistating womb punch, the last one fully sealing the deal as Link forced his cock fully into Zelda’s womb. Both screamed out, Zelda in agonizing pleasure, Link in the kind of scream one bellows when finnaly getting to rest after a marathon. With that, each of them climaxed again, Link howling like the wolf he had been as his balls tightened, dumping his thick, verile cum straight into Zelda’s cum hungry baby chamber.  Still hilted within his princess, both collapsed onto Zelda’s ruined sheets, the silence in her chamber deafening after the brutal rutting. 


Several hours later, Link awoke to the feeling of a tight, wet heat around his cock. Opening his weary eyes, he was greeted to the sight of Zelda completely naked, her heavenly soft tits wrapped around the lower half of his cock as her mouth passionately worked on the top. Letting out a satisfied moan, Link managed to bring himself to his elbows, only for Zelda to push him back down with her substantial chest.  “Please, master. Don’t exert yourself. Let your harlot pleasure you.”  “Harlot?  What are you talking about, Zel~da!” Link asked, his voice cracking as she swirled her tongue around the tip in a very erotic way.  Zelda looked to him, her eyes clouded and full of confusion.  “Zelda?  Please sir, I’m nothing of the sort. I’m your playful little elf, here to make sure you’re taken care of.”  She went back to suckling his cock, before her clouded eyes lit up a little.  “Oh! Unless you meant it as if you wanted me to portray our fair princess!” Her tits still wrapped around his cock, Zelda cleared her throat, and something akin to her normal voice, if portrayed by a giggling child, came out of her mouth.  “Dear Link, savior of Hyrule!  Please accept this humble token of appreciation from your loving princess!”

And with that, Zelda removed her tits, swallowing links cock all the way down past her mouth and into her tight, constructing throat.  Link, who had already been on edge from the damnright sexy treatment, let out a yell, grabbing Zelda’s hair as he poured a huge load down her throat. Zelda squealed in happiness.  As his release died down to a few tiny drops, Zelda released his cock and showed her lover her mouth full of his steaming hot baby batter before closing her mouth and sensually swallowing. With another giggle, Zelda revealed she had finished her creamy treat. Even through the haze of pleasure, Link could see that Zelda’s eyes had become slightly less cloudy, and he realized that, if he wanted Zelda back to normal, he would have to fill her with his cum. Smirking, Link pulled Zelda’s face to his, kissing her after making sure her mouth was completely clear, his cock coming to rest between her ass cheeks. 


Five days later, a much happier Link and Zelda emerged from her chambers, a new agreement between them. From then forward, Hyrule enjoyed an unmatched time of peace and prosperity under the rule of Queen Zelda and her fearless King Link


And sometimes, when both agreed, Zelda would reduce herself back to Links loving street hussy 

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