Dead or Alive: Lone Male in Paradise

BY : Dark-Warrior95
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Disclaimer: I don't own Dead or Alive or the ladies involved in this story nor due I make money off this story. This is purely a work of smut

This will be the first chapter. On my Wattpad and Deviantart pages there's a description of Jake and the girls in his harem. And while Zack Island may seem like a cliche setting where else would you find all of the girls in one area?

In a hotel room, a young brown haired man with tan skin and brown eyes panted heavily as he looked at the scene before him on his bed seeing his fellow female vacationers were all spread out exhausted and covered in sweat as well as other fluids. He sighed as well feeling a bit tired after their little 'exercise.'

"Hmm that was the best." The blonde bombshell, Tina Armstrong came behind him wrapping her arms around him with her large breasts pressing to his back. Her sultry Southern accent filling his ears making him stir again. "Hope you got one more for me, Jakey-honey."

He groaned as her soft hands started to stroke his worn out, but getting close to hardening cock again. "Tina, I don't think I can." He moaned tiredly, but his cock turned traitor on him.

Tina smirked as she planted numerous kisses on his neck adding to the assortment of lipstick marks on his face neck, neck and upper body. "Your little friend says otherwise." The blonde smirked deviously as she turned him and pulled him into a passionate kiss as she lowered herself onto his dick and moaned loudly as it filled her.

"OH FUCK!" She shouted as Jake looked worried hoping it didn't wake the rest. He didn't think he could handle another 'group session.' He then began moaning with Tina as she started bouncing up and down on his length.

"Shit, Tina." Jake groaned feeling her tightness. "Don't be so loud!" He said as quietly as possible. He saw her smirk which worried him.

"You gotta make me darling." She leaned closer to him, her lips barely near his.

Her teasing drove him past the brink as he suddenly pulled her closer and ensnared her lips with his before grabbing hold of her plump ass and then started hammering into her pussy hard and fast.

Tine moaned into Jake's mouth as she moved her tongue around dancing with his. She knew she'd be able to get him to consent further by teasing. As he slammed into her she gyrated her hips hoping to get him to cum again.

She broke away from the kiss and moaned loudly. "Fuck! Yes fuck me!" She laid her head on his shoulder digging her teeth into his neck to stifle her moans as she tightened her insides around him.

This made Jake groan as he was getting close. "Fuck! I'm cumming!" He groaned before he spilled his load directly into Tina's pussy and depositing it straight into her womb. Tina moaned also from the warmth before screaming as she came all over his dick. Her inner walls quivering as they further massaged Jake's dick coaxing more of his seed out of him.

Once they were both drained Tina let up on her grip of Jake while still reeling from her recent high. However, both heard a soft yawn as they looked seeing Hitomi waking up. She looked seeing them both in their embrace as she glared jealous before latching onto Jake's other side.

"No fair, Tina!" She glared as she held him tighter, her perky tits rubbing his arm. "You're hogging him again!"

"Snooze, ya lose, Hitomi!" Tina stuck her tongue out.

Hitomi looked at Jake with a begging and lustful look in her pretty blue eyes. "Jake do me next..." She pleaded as he felt his face flushing.

"I also want to go again." Christie woke up with a desire in her voice. She looked making sure no one else would interrupt.

Jake looked nervously while holding his hands up. "L-Look I just don't..." He was cut off from Hitomi kissing him shoving her tongue down his throat.

"Well you're just popular, Jakey." Tina smirked licking her lips as she looked at his flagging member before taking it in hand before she gave it a lick along with the white haired woman.

Jake finally broke away from Hitomi while getting a chance to breath. "Give me a break! I've been going non-stop for hours! I'm nearly spent!"

The three however just gave seductive smirks crawling towards him. "We'll just have to fix that then!" Tina smirked as they pushed him back.

'You think I'd learn to have accepted it by now.' He thought in his mind as they descended. 'And all I wanted was to relax. But I guess this is as close as I got to it.'


In a helicopter flying towards the island, Jake sat in the back of it as he was reading a magazine from the last Dead or Alive tournament while Zack was flying the chopper. He was wearing a red jacket with a grey shirt, jeans and sneakers.

"Thanks again on hooking me up with time off on your island, Zack." He said to him while still reading his magazine.

"Anytime, Jake my man." Zack smirked. "After you called saying you needed a break I felt that this island would be the best place, especially after...well" Zack trailed off not wanting to open old scars.

Jake remained silent for a while remembering a break up he had with his now ex-girlfriend nearly a month ago and his inability to find someone else. After a while he just needed a break away from home for a while. So when Zack called him and told him of his new island, he was offered a chance to relax. "Don't worry about it." Jake told him. "I'll get over her eventually."

"Well glad hearing that." Zack smirked. "Cause I'm sure you'll have the chance to fully move on when you get to the island given the fact you'll be the only guy on the island."

"Oh yeah I guess that..." Jake said reading still before the words set in on what Zack said. "...I'm gonna be WHAT?!" He snapped looking at Zack. "Are you for real?!"

"Totally real." Zack smirked as they arrived at the island. "Here we are. Enjoy your stay, bud!"

"Hold up! If I'm gonna be the only rooster in this hen house I demand to be taken home!" Jake shouted.

"Sorry man you already signed up." Zack told him before letting him off and unloading his luggage. "See you in about two week!" He called taking off.

"Zack! When I get you I'm gonna kick your ass to the moon!" Jake shouted after him before sighing. "Oh well maybe it won't be all bad." He walked to the hotel. "I'll just spend the two weeks relaxing and hopefully I'll move past the whole break up..." He thought looking down as he entered the lobby.

However with his head lowered he didn't watch where he was going and he ended up bumping into something. A rather soft pair of somethings.

"Oh my." He heard the sultry tone as he looked seeing who he bumped into as he saw Tina Armstrong in front of him with a very sly smirk on her face. "Well you're a new face around here."

He blushed heavily as he could feel his nose close to exploding with blood while feeling his pants tightening as he backed up. "I'm so sorry about!"

"Oh no worries about." She smirked at him. "So tell me, cutie pie what do you go by."

"Uh J-Jake Richards." He stuttered still flustered after what happened.

"Jake huh? It's definitely a cute name." Tina smiled. "So what brings ya by here?"

"Uh vacation. Zack kind of set me up on it." He said as he felt his eyes wandering lower as he tried stopping himself while he placed his bag over his front to cover the hard on he was getting. However this only drew her attention as she saw it stick out before smirking seductively.

"So you're going to be joining me and the rest for the next two weeks? How fun." She said as she spread her top out a bit more to get a bigger reaction from him. "You should definitely meet the rest when they get here."

"S-Sure I-I'll be sure to do that once I get settled in." Jake said trying to keep his eyes to her level and not stare while going around. "I'll just get my stuff and see ya soon." He ran to front desk to get registered leaving Tina amused.

'Oh we're gonna have some fun this vacation.' She said having some naughty thoughts in her mind.

At the elevator, Jake got in as he went up to his floor and got out before going to his room as he looked around seeing the luxury of the design from the floors and furniture, especially the bed that took up most of the room.

"Now I know that idiot is screwing with me." He set his bag down on the bed. "Why didn't you just leave a message saying 'buddy bring every girl to your room and plow them all?'" He questioned before seeing a note on his bed saying something close to what he said. "Bastard. But then again many of the ladies that come here are pretty easy on the eyes. I don't know if I should."

As he thought this over to himself, he didn't know that the girls themselves were thinking the same now.


In the lobby, Tina had stayed as the rest of the girls had arrived as she told them about Jake.

"So it looks like Zack has allowed a friend of his to come spend time for the next two weeks. He's called Jake and he is really quite a looker." She smirked.

"You don't say?" Her longtime friend Lisa Hamilton questioned.

"Oh yeah and I have a feeling we may have some fun during the time here." Tina smirked. "If what I could see in his pants was an indication."

"How big?" Ayane questioned curious.

"9 maybe 10 inches, might've been bigger even." Tina said. the others girls looked interested with some blushing a little or licking their lips from this. "So while he's here I say we make sure he thoroughly enjoys his time here." She finished suggestively as the rest all had similar thoughts.

"So who gets to go first?" Leifang questioned. They all looked at each other wondering a similar thought as they tried to decide which of them would get the chance with their newest resident first.

'And this is where my really interesting to say the least vacation began. Stick around and see if I fully survive it.'

And that's where this one will end for now. So which lady or ladies should have the first chance with Jake? That is up for you the readers to decide as well as how it should play out in the comments below.

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