Fun at Home

BY : SolarBryss
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Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: I own nothing and make no money from this.

A/N: They're 18 years old for this story, and set before the trainer journey. Buffed age out of preferance. Enjoy. 


The patter of rain could be heard above them. It was a late Autumn when they had reached the age to become trainers in the Unova, and the area was always what tourists to the region called ‘soggy’.  Hilda hadn’t bother to scrape the mud off her shoes before dragging Cheren by the hand up to her room and closing the door behind them.


“H-Hilda, wait.” Cheren whispered cautiously while Hilda pushed him up against the door. “Your mother could be-.”


“At work.” She lowered her lips on the nape of his neck and suckled. It sent a shiver down Cheren’s spin. She worked her way up, teasing every sensitive spot she knew he had. “We have the whole day.”


“A-ah.” Cheren tried to place his hands on her shoulders and push her away but lacked the strength to. He never did when she attacked his neck. Hilda reached around him to get the lock on the door. A slight resistance and click let her know they had some measure of safety. Not that it would matter once he was pounding her till her eyes crossed and her screams were floating out the window. She leaned into him and palmed the growing bulge in his pants. 


Cheren was going to say something but could only manage a squeak. Hilda rubbed her palm in slow circles around his crotch. She could feel him start to thicken through his pants, almost enough to know just how big his dick was. Her hands shifted to lightly wiggling his dick back and forth in his pants while she worked her way up to his ear. Her breath was hot against him. “Feels good doesn’t it?”


His reply came as a quiet moan, followed by a soft murmur of agreement. “Mmm. Good. I want my stud’s cock nice and hard when he pounds me.”  Her tongue flicked his ear. Cheren shuddered and pushed his head back against the door reflexively. “Ow!” Cheren yelped, causing Hilda to giggle in his ear.


He was getting big enough that Hilda could almost pump him through his pants. Hilda trailed her finger up the impression in his pants. “Drop your pants. I want to suck it.”


Then she broke away from him and kneeled to the floor, looking up expectantly. Cheren’s face was already flushed from all her attention. Hilda smirked knowingly. It was always cute how the super serious Cheren lost himself when she gave him a little attention. “Well?” She said, watching him. After brief hesitation, Cheren started to fumble with her belt buckle.


Hilda calmly peeled her jacket off and tossed it aside. Lifting her hat up enough to pull her pony tail through the opening, she threw it on the growing pile in the corner. She considered taking off her t-shirt, but by then Cheren had managed to get his trap unzipped and tugged down some. She could barely see her prize poking through his boxers.


“All the way down, Cheren.” Hilda commanded, swatting his hands away and grabbing the sides of his pants. She lowered his clothing into a puddle at his feet. “Pull your feet out.” He did as instruct and soon the boy’s clothes joined hers in the corner. What was left was Cheren’s floppy son, dangling between his legs. She was always surprised by how fat Cheren’s cock was. It was only at half-mast, yet he was already thicker than the other boys in their neighborhood.


She tried to wrap her hand around him and found she could barely touch her index to her thumb. That wouldn’t last for long. She jerked her fingers, still in a circle, across his shaft. The attention made him start to swell nicely. She kept her rhythm nice and slow, loving the feeling of him thickening in her hands. Cheren moaned softly, letting Hilda attend to him without complaint. “Do you like that baby?”


“Yeah.” Cheren answered between sighs. “I-it feels good.” All this time he’d gone from staring at her work on his dick to down her low-cut. She pressed her arms against the side of her chest to push them up for him. Hilda felt him twitch when she did, and smirked.


Before long, his cock stood to full attention, rigid and veiny. Hilda couldn’t even imagine getting her hand around him anymore, and he was length was enough that Hilda had to raise herself slightly to reach the tip. Soft lips find their way to the massive crown tip, and slowly part around it. She pushed just far enough to peel back his foreskin. Hilda swirled her tongue around the tip to enjoy the salty taste of pre-cum that was building up. “Mmm. My favorite boy’s taste.”


It didn’t take him long to start being a fountain of pre, enough that she could feel it dripping down his shaft to her hands. Hilda broke from his cock long enough to trail a finger up his dick to gather the pre. Locking eyes with Cheren, she tantalizingly licked the pre-off her finger.  “Aren’t you a little too big, Cheren?”


Cheren gulped. “Well…”


“Didn’t you take care of yourself while I was gone?” Hilda reached down to cup his balls and found them more swollen than usual.  “These boys feel strained. You knew I was leaving on a trip with mom.”


Her mother had forced her to go on a week-long hiking trip with her before leaving on the journey. Which was fine with Hilda, since she enjoyed spending time with her mother. It’s just before that she’d been pretty active with Cheren and knew he could be…hefty if left unattended.


“I-I can’t do it by hand now.” Cheren looked away. Hilda planted a kiss on his tip to get him to look back.


“That’s why I gave you my underwear.” Before she left Hilda put on a show of peeling off the panties she wore at the time and using them to jerk off Cheren until he was a shaky mess.


“I-I couldn’t manage.” One of Cheren’s hands found their way to her head and lightly gripped her, looking a little desperate.


“Poor baby.” Hilda cooed, amused by his growing impatience. “I’ll make sure to take care of you today.”


With a few more licks, Hilda opens her mouth wide and sucks Cheren in. She moves past the crown and carefully sinks her way down his shaft. When she blew Cheren the first time, she could barely get a third down his shaft. Now she could get all the way if she were patient. After half way down, she felt her jaw strain. Hilda grunted and continued to fight her way down.


When Hilda finally brought him to hilt, nose firmly planted in his pubes, she gagged a little on his length and felt her throat contract around him. All through her mouth she could feel his thick, veiny length pulse desperately.  Hilda heard Cheren gasp and glanced up at hm. Cheren was looking down at her, sweating a little. His face flushed bright red. Just how she liked him. Then she eased herself back up to the tip, afraid that Cheren would cum while he was so deeply lodged in her throat. The last time he did that she bit down in surprise.


Hilda got to work on him, bobbing her head back and forth his length. She knew she couldn’t keep a steady pace if she kept trying to shove it all the way down every time, so Hilda alternated between playing with his balls and jerking the length she wasn’t trying to suck. Her tongue hungrily ran over his fat tip, teasing him mercilessly.


Then she suddenly broke off from him with a wet pop. “Huh?” Cheren asked in a haze.


“One sec.” Hilda leaned back and took a sitting position on the floor. She quickly unbuckled and unbuttoned her shorts, and with a huff lifted her legs up to pull them down to her thighs. “Just getting comfortable.”


Her shorts went flying to the pile, and all that was left was a lacy black thong. Hilda let out a shiver, feeling the cool room temperature tickle her womanhood. “Start getting undressed, Cheren.” Hilda commanded, resuming her former position.


She returned to her earlier pace, loudly slurping his cock while Cheren fumbled with his clothing. Now with her lower half free, Hilda reached her free hand down and pushed her thong aside. Just brushing against her womanhood confirmed what Hilda knew all along; sucking off Cheren was getting her wet.  She gave her clit a pinch and felt herself shudder in delight.


“Mmm.” Hilda had picked up the pace. Her sucking was faster, sloppily taking in Cheren’s cock and working his shaft. Cheren had taken his shirt off and thrown it to the pile, then placed a hand on her head and pushed his hips towards her in awkward rhythm.  She must have made a sight. On her knees with her legs spread, playing with herself while she happily sucking off her childhood friend. With how badly Cheren was throbbing now, she knew he agreed.


“H-hilda, I’m about to-.”


That was the only warning she got. Warmth filled her mouth, Cheren pumping her mouth full of cum with all his worth. His legs trembled from the pleasure, forcing Hilda to let go of his shaft and grab his legs to stabilize him. Cheren clinched her hair tightly, lost in his orgasm. She quickly sealed her lips around his head and sucked feverishly.  Cheren’s loads could be messy if she let them, and Hilda didn’t want to clean up before getting to the main event. Hilda was draining him for every drop, cheeks hollowed, and let it build up in her mouth.


His pleasure had been intense, but brief. Cheren’s trembling stopped almost as quickly as it started, finally finding his balance again. Hilda watched him close his eyes and lean his head back into the door, face the very picture of bliss. She tapped him on his thigh to get his attention.


Cheren looked down at her. “Yes Hilda?” He asked, smiling at her. She smiled back at him, then opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out at him. “H-hilda?”


Balanced on her tongue was the thick cum she managed to save, some dripping on her breasts when she showed it. She presented it to Cheren in all its glory. Then, slowly, she wrapped her tongue back into her mouth and made a show of gulping it down. “Ah.” Cheren said, his dick twitching. He was still rock hard.


“Mm.” Hilda held her hands up to her mouth, wanting to prevent whatever was left from leaking out. “Hand me the box of tissues over there, won’t you?”


“Um, okay.” Cheren handed her the box and Hilda got to work wiping the pre-off her hands.


“Enjoy yourself, Cheren?”


“Yeah, I did. It felt great.” Cheren breathed out.


“I’m happy. “Hilda reached for another tissue to wipe the cum off her breasts. “I always get so messy when I’m with you.” She laughed.


Cheren could look away in embarrassment. “Take off your shoes and join me on the bed.” Hilda stood up from her position. Cheren, taking her order literally, tried to take his shoes and socks off while standing. He shoulders slammed the door to regain his balance, big dick waving around in the air.


Hilda laughed again and calmly sat on the soft sheets of her bed. She unlaced her boots with practiced ease and threw them into the corner. Next off was her shirt, revealing breasts clad in a lacy black bra. She grinned when Cheren stopped to admire her choice of underwear. “Want me to leave it on?” She asked.


Cheren nodded quietly. “Okay.”  Hilda reached up to her pony tail and removed the scrunchie, letting her hair fall past her shoulders.  The scrunchie loaded up between her fingers, shaped like a V, and pulled back. She closed an eye and took aim at Cheren. He paused.


“You wouldn’t.”


“Hehe.” Hilda giggled. “Maybe I would if it would hurry you up!”


Cheren pushed against the door, arm up to defend his face. “That’s not funny Hilda! Those things hurt!”


“I’m kidding, Cheren. I’m kidding. Don’t blow a casket.” Hilda rolled her eyes. For someone who was such a man in the sack, he was a pussy everywhere else. She aimed away from him and over to the corner and fired. It smacked into the wall and fell to join the rest of the clothing. “Bullseye!”


When Cheren finally did get himself in gear and walk over, he stood in front of her was starch naked. With their positions, Hilda had a front row seat to his big, fat cock hovering above her. It practically towered over her, leaving a shadow across Hilda’s face that reached past her hair-line. Hilda bit her lip. There was a real temptation to give him a second round of mouth fucking, but she wanted to move on to the main event.


One hand snuck down to her snatch and continued playing with her clit, while the other poked his dick and pushed it out-of-the-way. “How do you want me?” Hilda asked.


“I…want you on your back.”


“On my back? Missionary?”




Cheren nodded again. Hilda smiled softly. “Alrighty then.” Hilda scooted on to the bed and laid down. She reached around for the pillow and adjusted it to be comfortable, then looked back to Cheren who was climbing on the bed himself. She spread her legs for him. “I’m already wet enough for you, so skip the foreplay.” She pushed her panties aside and flicked her folds open. “Come and take it big boy.”


Cheren didn’t need much convincing, lowering himself down on top of her. He teased his tip over her sex. He slides himself past her folds, and Hilda feels his oversized head push her wide open. “That’s right baby.” Hilda moans, wrapping her arms under his to grab his back and enjoying the sensation. “Slide riiiight in.”


Then to her surprise, in one rough movement Cheren pushes his hips to the hilt. “Wha-” Is the only thing Hilda can say before Cheren’s tip slams into her womb’s entrance. Hilda’s eyes cross and her teeth clench, her back arching on reflex.


“Huh?” Cheren asks, confused with how Hilda contracted and tightened around him. “Wait, did you just-.”


“I-I did.” Hilda clenched her eyes shut and tightens her hold on his back, riding out the immediate orgasm Cheren gave her. “Fuck, Cheren, go slower with that big dick of yours. We haven’t- Ahh!”


“I’m sorry Hilda,” Cheren apologized while pulling himself nearly out and slamming back in to the hilt, making Hilda’s mouth open wide into an ‘o’. “I-I can’t wait!”


“W-wait Cheren, dooohhh!”


Hilda’s complaints quickly die out in the face of Cheren’s thrusting. He crashes hard and fast in her, quickly building up a rhythm to fucking her. Even with how tight she is around him, Hilda desperate to clinch around his cock, Cheren doesn’t slow down. He only stops long enough to lay down on top of her, lacy bra clad breasts pressed against his chest. Cheren grunted into her ear and planted wet kisses on her neck.


“Fuck me!” Hilda cried, “Fuck me harder, Cheren! I need it harder!”


Hilda moaned loudly and without care. The Cheren she knew would ease up to this kind of momentum to let Hilda get used to his size and kept his fucking steady. Right now, he was plowing into her with abandon, frantically grinding his hips into hers with every thrust. Once the shock wore off, she pushed her hips up to meet each thrust, loving the way he stretched her out and slammed her sensitive pussy. The sounds of flesh smacked together filled the room, almost as loud as Hilda’s moans.


“I’m cumming Cheren! I’m…!”


Hilda screamed his name when she hit her peak again, instinctively wrapping her legs around his lower back while her orgasm washed over her to force him deeper. Her toes clenched tight and her nails dug into his back. Cheren hissed into her ears from the pain, but rolled his hips back and kept thrusting in. Every time she cried out his name, it only encouraged him more, making Cheren get rougher with her.


The bed squeaked fiercely under the two, Hilda practically fucked into the mattress. Hilda clung to Cheren for dear life, limbs tightly locked around the boy, and withered underneath him. Every few minutes she would cum again, gritting her teeth or screaming for him to keep fucking her when she did, pussy in a constant flux of tightness and warmth around his length. It left her staring up at the ceiling of her room with, eyes rolled halfway up and glazed over from the pleasure.


Briefly, in her lust filled haze, Hilda thought this was why she loved Cheren. He was the only boy who could give her a good and proper fucking like this.


Then she felt him twitch and swell in her. Way, way bigger than what he was. Cheren grunted in her ears. “I’m gonna cum.” His thrusts became more erratic and desperate, fucking her without concern.


“Inside, Cheren.” Hilda said, a little hoarse from her constant yelling. She moved her arms from under him to wrap them around his neck. “Give it to me stud!”


Several thrusts later and Cheren slammed home, tip flaring wide. Warmth pumped in, cum flooding her entrance. Cheren grinded her hips desperately, trying to push as much into her womb as possible on per instinct. He sighed right into her ear as he did, content with filling her to the brim. Hila cried one last time, letting her head sink into the pillow and letting her orgasm was over her. She clenched her eyes, seeing white.


The two laid there, Cheren resting on top of Hilda, and Hilda running her hands softly through Cheren’s hair. Her expression was pure bliss. This was what she needed after a week out with her mother in the woods. There wasn’t anything like being taken for a ride by her best stud.


Then, Cheren raised himself up to look at Hilda. “Satisfied?” he asked, still breathing hard.


Hilda opened her eyes and slide her hands down to cup his cheeks, smiling. “Like you wouldn’t believe.” Then she pulled him down for a kiss. He returned with gusto.


When they finally broke the kiss. “Wanna stay like this for a while? I like it when you’re inside me.”


“Alright.” Cheren smiled. "As long as you want."



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