Break time at the Cleanser

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Break time at the Cleanser

Gale yawned as she stood at her pedestal at the entranceway of the Aura Cleanser, it had been a relatively slow day and boredom was creeping in “who would think you could get bored at a sex club?” she pondered as she checked the time, it was still a good couple of hours until happy hour when drinks prices were slashed and most of the adult entertainment came on so she was sure no one was coming in for a while “fuck it I’m going on my break”

Placing a ‘back in an hour’ sign on her pedestal Gale then whistled to wake up her Mightyena who was sleeping by the front door of the club, the Dark Type acting as extra security for the building as well as her personal bodyguard for when any of the patrons decided to ignore the ‘don’t touch the greeter/receptionist’ rule “come on Sentinel, mommy needs you for a while”

Snorting as he woke up the Mightyena eagerly took the Gale’s side, walking with her as she walked by the bar counter calling for her Roserade Bouquet to take her break as well, the Flower Pokémon happily stopping her glass cleaning duty to join her Trainer

Upon reaching Gale’s private room Bouquet took her place on the small chair that was placed against the wall by the door and started to release her Sweet Scent into the air, filling the room with a light pinkish haze as Gale slipped out of her uniform letting out a sigh of relief feeling her muscles relax near instantly as she breathed in the Sweet Scent

As her clothes pooled on the floor around her ankles Gale then proceed to climb onto her bed crawling up it making sure to give her Mightyena the perfect view of her cunt and ass as he waited patiently for her command to join her, the Dark Type sitting at the foot of the bed as his cock started to emerge from his sheathe

Looking back over her shoulder Gale licked her lips at the sight of the Dark Type’s throbbing erection, the Trainer swaying her hips alluringly making Mightyena pant excitedly but like a good well trained Dog he remained stationary “good boy Sentinel, come and get me” she then instructed before near immediately letting out a delighted yelp as the Mightyena borderline dive bombed her

Pinned to the bed by her Pokémon’s weight Gale then moaned biting her lip as she felt his cock press to her dripping slit, her toes curling in anticipation as she tried her best to push back against him letting out soft needy pants as the tip of his cock teased her slit “please…fuck me boy…I need it bad…” she whined as her cunt dripped onto the bed sheets beneath her, the Mightyenas weight, heat and breath in her ear slowly driving her crazy with need

As obedient as ever Sentinel eased his Trainers desires slowly sinking his fat meaty cock into her dripping cunt, Gale letting out a long simpering sigh of pleasure as her insides stretched around the Wolf’s cock making her toes curl tighter, the claws of his front paws pressing against her bare shoulders as he kept her pinned down “oooooh fuck yesssss” she mewled with ecstasy as her cunt clenched tight around her faithful Pokémon’s shaft

As Sentinel started to fiercely rut his Trainer Bouquet began to give into her cravings as she watched, the Grass Type maintaining the steady stream of Sweet Scent with one arm whilst creeping the other one down, parting the leaves that covered her groin revealing her dripping slit before extending two small vines from the flower on her hand to gentle stimulate herself, watching as Sentinel’s pace got steadily harder and almost violent making Gale shriek with pleasure

“Fuck yes…harder…give it to me boy!” Gale begged as her entire body rocked in tandem to the Dark Type’s thrusts, he was always so protective of her, so possessive, so rough and she loved him for it, having lost her virginity to the Mightyena she had since felt a deep connection with him making every time they fucked a special moment for her

Growling and snarling with every thrust Sentinel then took hold of his Trainers hair in his jaws, tugging it making her gasp as her pupils turned borderline heart shaped from the rough treatment, her mouth falling open as her pants got louder and shriller, her orgasm building up hard and fast making her body shake as she clutched the bed sheets hard enough to turn her knuckles white

As her orgasm creeped up closer Gale gasped as Bouquet then hopped up onto the bed, the Grass Type not being able to merely watch anymore, her cunt aching with need to the point that she had to have something other than her own vines touching her and luckily for the Roserade Gale was eager to get her tongue working

Coaxing the Roserade closer Gale eagerly drove her tongue into her sweet folds making the Grass Type whine with pleasure as Sentinel’s thrusting got harder, Gale’s cunt getting wetter as she could feel the Mightyenas cock starting to knot “oh fuck, force it in!” she pleaded before returning her tongue to Bouquet’s sweet weeping cunt, her own orgasm striking her like a Tauros stampede as Sentinel rammed his knot straight into her cunt making her groin bulge out almost unnaturally

Pressing down harder on his Trainers shoulders Sentinel dug his claws in slightly adding a small sting to her pleasure as he then threw his head back letting out a loud long primal howl, his cock exploding inside of Gale’s cunt flooding her insides with his hot load, the feeling of it prolonging her own climax as Bouquet soon orgasmed hard all over her tongue and face

As her orgasm rolled through her body Gale went completely limp, letting out a content sigh as she felt Sentinel rest down on top of her, his weight and body height making her feel both safe and perfectly dominated, his knot wasn’t going to go down for at least half an hour so there was no point in him trying to move anyway

(Forty minutes later)

“Miss Gale? Your break ended ten minutes ago, are you ok?” Joma’s Gardevoir asked as she let herself into Gale’s room, the Psychic Type gasping at the sight in front of her of Gale still laying blissed out on her front pinned down under her Mightyena who glanced up at Gardevoir to give her a small warning growl telling her that none of them were moving “oh…ok…I’ll tell Joma that you’re going to be preoccupied for a while and to get your space covered” the Psychic Type stated excusing quickly excusing herself as she fought the urge to just jump on the bed and join in for another round, Gale still too out of it to even realise that she had even come in the room

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