Dear Detective

BY : J-FSindel
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The detective expected the day to start out differently; perhaps an ominous sky or looming clouds in the distance. She thought there would be rough gusts of wind blowing through the trees as the leaves danced in eager anticipation of the battle.


Detective Chun Li Xiang; the Greatest Detective of the East, the Strongest Woman in the World, and, as many men grumbled under their breath into alcoholic drinks, the Queen Ice Bitch of All Hateful Women.


The last title she just thought was plain rude.


Instead, it was a bright, warm morning in the Amazonian rainforest. The birds chirped, the snakes hissed, and the stench of thick moss burned her nostrils. Foreign and unnerving slime dripped from the trees, leading Chun Li to believe that it was poisonous sap, but she wasn’t brave enough to test her theory.


She shook her head and sighed. The evil mastermind known as M.Bison certainly chose well, even going as far as killing the local tribes to prevent his secret fortress from getting out. The Brazilian government turned a blind eye once Bison “donated” billions to the country’s presidential campaign so she expected no mass outcry over the dead bodies.


A bright red frog approached her and Chun Li broke her thoughts for a moment. She stared at the little rainforest resident, resisting the urge to approach it. The little reptile was venomous as the bright red warning that splayed across it’s skin indicated but she couldn’t help but think it was cute and small.


The tongue darted out and hopped away. The Chinese fighter briefly watched it scurry under a hole and disappear like a ghost.


“Detective Xiang,” A low voice rumbled behind her, “We should get going before the sun gets higher.”


She didn’t turn around, crossing her arms, “Let’s get moving, Lu Wen.”


Lu Wen was the only man willing to get her across the treacherous Amazon river and down the grasslands towards Bison’s fortress. He did it for a price--a very high one--but Chun Li knew Interpol would allow a small contribution to the cause.


The only problem was that Chun Li went alone once the information was out. And Interpol had no idea until she had already arrived in Brazil. Her long-time partner and only friend Wallace was calling her nonstop, attempting to bribe her from everything starting with sweets and ending with punching him in the face.


She had to do this. She couldn’t let the American military interfere once Interpol reached out. She couldn’t let MI6 take over when they found out. Chun Li couldn’t let others take her revenge. It was selfish and cruel but she didn’t care. Bison deserved everything coming to him.


Besides, Lu Wen wasn’t too terrible. He was an awful liar of sorts and fond of telling tales of sleeping with locals but it was manageable.


“Detective, you think there’s something out there?” Lu asked as she hoisted her bag, “There’s usually a whole lotta nothing if you ask me. Just quicksand and snakes.”


She didn’t say anything. In her mind, she saw flashes of the satellite imagery: a large, dark spot in the middle of the rainforest. Three smaller dots flanked to the rear and side.


Chun Li knew it wasn’t a sunspot that the satellite was picking up like the “experts” claimed. Those were turrets and the fortress had shown up at the right heat signature to get a mark.


Bison was ready for intruders.


Lu stopped waiting for an answer after a few moments, muttering under his breath about traveling with women. Chun Li dabbed the sweat off her neck with her rag, nodding towards him.


“Let’s go. The sun will get high.” She spoke plainly.


Hours later, as the heat rose in the humid heat, Chun Li felt a little sick. Though she had water, she had underestimated the intense heat and animal life that slithered around her. Noises, sounds, and echoes reverberate through the trees.


In her mind, she continued to push herself and distracted her body pain with listless stories from Lu. Either she was going to vomit from dehydration or from his stories…


The mud was deep and her boots were caked. She hardly looked recognizable in her worn military greens, aviator sunglasses, and combat boots. While her hair was still in her ox-horn style, she had disavowed her makeup before taking the journey and her skin was starting to break out in rashes from the foliage.


Chun Li may not look Hollywood beautiful for her fight against the tyrant but she didn’t have to be.


None of this was stopping Lu Wen from flirting with her, almost bordering on predatory. She had to sleep with one eye open last night.


“You think this is going to be your last hurrah?” Lu asked her, “You know...before he kills you?”


She clicked on her radio signal, “That’s assuming a lot, Mr. Wen. Bison isn’t expecting me and I don’t expect to leave here without him.”


Her legs were sinking into the deep mud and Chun Li had to force her legs out of it. Even though she was powerful and her legs were legendary, it was wearing her down quite some bit. She couldn’t imagine how hard it was for Lu to make it through.


The radio wasn’t picking up any outside signals. Jammers, she suspected. Taking out her cellphone, Chun Li saw 20 voicemails and 300 texts from Wallace with all of them starting off as “Just listen to reason…”


No signal from her cell phone either so Bison wasn’t using radio towers that she could access. Pocketing the phone, she continued to move forward. The heat would soon be blinding and the fortress still hours away.


Soon, the two took cover under the trees and Chun Li could feel the heat coming off her face. She could be sunburned terribly bad. Pressing her fingers on her cheek, Chun Li felt the skin tighten hard.


Lu was pouring water over his head. Chun Li opted to remain silent, not wanting to mention that water was an invaluable resource out here. Instead, she cast her eyes upward to the dark tree branches.


“Should we stay the night?” Chun Li suggested, keeping her head up. Lu put his hand above his eyes, trying to peer into the distance.


“No. They like to patrol far out. We may get surprised.” Lu said, standing up, “They shoot on sight so we wouldn’t even make it to the fortress as prisoners. There’s a freshwater canal that Bison built to supply his fortress with water. We might be able to stay there.”


“How far is it from the base?” Chun Li placed her hands on her knees, trying to support herself.


“About two miles north. He cleared out ten miles of rainforest each way to build it.” Lu said, “It’ll take us out of the way three hours though. The forest gets very dense there.”


She sighed, looking towards the sky again. There were chirping and chortling from unknown animals echoing around her.


“It’s the best option we have.” Chun Li murmured, “Let’s go.”


Hours later, it became nightfall. The group had reached the outer walls of the canal that Lu promised and as Chun Li could see, Lu was right. The freshwater stretched for miles each direction, protected by heavy military weapons.

However, the one thing she spotted was a small, oval shaped track that ran above the water. Squinting hard, she could barely make out a transit system of sorts.


“Mr. Wen,” She motioned to him, “Did Bison build a subway system of sorts to his base?”


Lu coughed hard, “He must have built that recently. The guards used to come out by truck. I don’t remember this being here.”


“Well, Mr. Wen, Chun Li wiped her hands off her clothes, “I believe we have found our ride to his fortress.”


A stroke of luck for the detective.


It took some effort but Chun Li was able to slide down a smaller wall and reach the inner sanctum of the canal. She realized that there were Shadaloo workers, possibly engineers, to maintain the water supply in constant shape.


It didn’t make her feel guilty for kicking them in the head, knocking them into the water to drown. Lu Wen could only follow, pointing his ancient Beretta pistol in fear.


“Look,” He said roughly, “I got you here. I’m turning back. I got a lot of stake in that money you handed over but I’m not going into the fortress with you.”


“Well then, Mr. Wen,” Chun Li swiped an access key card off the ground, “I suppose this our goodbyes. Wish me luck.”


Lu ran off and Chun Li pressed a button to call the subway. Moments later, it arrived and opened the doors. Chun Li instantly felt a cool, AC unit blasting in her face, making her sigh in relief as the doors shut.


Taking a seat as the car started to move, she started to scrape the mud off her boots. The thick dried paste was seemingly etched into her military combat boots. Chun Li took off her jacket and shoved it in her bag, pulling out her famous qipao.


While it was not the practical outfit for a rainforest, Chun Li couldn’t bear the thought of showing up like a haggard, tired old woman. Letting Bison see her at anything but her best would show that the trip was no problem and that she wasn’t weak.


She pulled the qipao around her body, fastening the necessary clips. Tightening her white band, she adjusted her legs and was able to modestly strip off her dirtied military pants. The boots laid against her bare skin; Chun Li decided that pantyhose would only suffocate her in this heat and chose to fight with bare legs.


Looking at herself, she thought she didn’t do that half bad of a job. Sure, her boots were black instead of white and her face looked a little messy but all in all, she looked ready.


Reaching back into her other bags, Chun Li pulled out her gun.


“It’s just you and me, my love.” She said quietly, “Father. Please watch over me.”


She kissed the barrel and the doors opened. Several armed guards appeared, pointing their guns in the air.


“Hands up!” One called out.


Chun Li went into a tunnel vision mode. She fired her gun, hitting one in the head and the other in the chest. Bullets started flying, making her take cover. She patiently waited for them to cautiously enter before kicking one in the head, using him as a body shield.


Another bullet. This time, through the jaw.


The alarm was raised. Chun Li wiped the guard’s blood off her face and kicked the door to the fortress open. Another shot; this time, right in the gullet. She could hear guards arming heavier guns, calling out for much more serious backup.


As much as she enjoyed the fair gun battle, she had serious issues to take care of. Reloading her pistol, Chun Li shot another round before kicking a box towards a guard’s face, distracting him enough to allow her to give him a beatdown.


“Where’s Bison?” She demanded but he passed out before she could get an answer. Two more guards showed up, making her aggravated. Two more shots, hitting the one on the left. The one of the right attempted to flee but she shot him through the kneecap.


Pressing her boot on his neck, Chun Li pointed a gun in his face.


“Tell me where your boss is.” She ordered and the guard spat in her face.


“For Lord Bi--”


Boom. She fired her bullet in his mouth. Shaking her head, Chun Li reloaded her pistol again. At this rate, she was going to run out of patience before she ran out of bullets.


Footsteps down the hall. Chun Li waited by a doorway before delivering a roundhouse kick to the unlucky first guard’s face, forcing him to fall backwards into his cohorts. She counted eight stumbling footsteps.


She fired another shot into one guard and kicked the second one into the wall. The third one got into a fighting stance as Chun Li fired off a round behind her, hitting the fourth guard in the head.


“Where is Bison?” She said coldly, “I really don’t want to ask again.”


The remaining guard threw a punch and she grabbed it, snapping his wrist into two pieces. He howled in pain, making her apply hard pressure on his arm.


“Don’t make me wait for an answer. Bison. Now.” Chun Li demanded coldly, making the guard scream in agony.


“Okay, okay, you psycho bitch!” He gave in, writing under her grip, “He’s...he’s in the control room. But he’ll never...augh!”


“I need directions.” Chun Li interrupted his cries.


“To...the left...down...the hall…” He started before passing out. She let him fall to the ground, walking towards her destination. The guard didn’t finish but Chun Li betted she could probably figure it out from there.


She took a left, keeping her gun cautiously ready at the helm. Oddly enough, she had killed enough guards to reach this far but this hallway was strangely devoid of anyone.


Had Bison decided to let her waltz in without any more fights?


“Down the hall…” She murmured, “Ah. Control room.”


Now she was faced with a dilemma. Kick the door open and start shooting? Or quietly open the door and survey the area? Chun Li decided that the door was foolish enough to keep her from her goal and she struck it, bending it at the core. Another kick and the door popped open like a jar.


Inside was a large, cold, steel room that had many camera screens on it. Chun Li quickly scanned the area and saw a tall, large figure with their back turned to her. He was clearly involved in the camera screens.


The unmistakable M.Bison was finally before her. Chun Li realized he was counting the bodies she left in her wake and the dictator finally turned to her. He seemed rather jovial instead of annoyed.


“Detective Chun Li,” Bison greeted her with open arms, “Well, well! I thought you were just a pretty face but look at you. Trekking through the rainforest just to see me. And here I thought the American military would be shoving a nuclear bomb up this fortress’s ass.”


His stance was bold and striking as he stepped towards her. His cape fluttering behind him and his steel boots making a heavy thud with every step.


Bison’s infuriating grin plastered over his mug of a face. Her hand tightened around her gun in response.


“Detective, are you honestly alone?” He seemed amused and perplexed, “If you wanted to kill yourself, this is a hefty way to go. You do realize nobody leaves this place?”


Chun Li pointed her gun at him, “You’re under arrest for crimes against humanity and…”


“That is not going to hold up in any court and you know it, Detective.” Bison wagged his finger at her mockingly, “It’s all alleged and in my opinion, I’m being framed. You never saw me commit any crim-”


“You admitted to killing my father.” Chun Li interrupted him coldly.


“That was a rumor that I just never dispelled.” Bison replied, almost taking pleasure in her actions, “If I said yes, you would say I was lying. If I said no, you would have shot me. Either way, I just don’t win with you, Detective.”


She set her laser focus on him. Chun Li hated this man more than anything she could fathom. What’s worse, every time they had to interact, he acted like it was a big damn gameshow filled with his jokes and highly energetic pacing. The only thing that could make him happier was an audience of engaged viewers.


For once, Chun Li wished Bison could just be a typical cartoon villain that spouted monologues and got to the fighting.


“Hands in the air or I’ll shoot.” Chun Li warned, cocking her pistol. Bison barely lifted his hands, making an exaggerated gesture of surrender.


“It’s nice you’re giving me a choice, Detective. Most beat cops just shoot first. Times really have changed since I was a young lad wheeling and dealing.” Bison said, “In fact, just seeing a woman cop holding the bar hig--”


Boom. She fired at his head and Bison stepped out of the way right before it could connect, making the bullet ricochet off the wall. It was almost supernatural how fast he was able to do it in that close proximity.


“I had my hands up.” He taunted her, “If you can’t play with that gun nicely, Detective, you get your toys taken away.”


In a moment, the gun was ripped from her hands by an invisible telekinetic force. Chun Li could see Bison’s hands glow a tinge of purple as the gun flew into his grip. He waved the pistol at her, grinning as if he pulled a fast one on her.


Chun Li merely put her hands in a fighting stance. A low laugh later and Bison snapped the barrel off her pistol like it was a popsicle stick.


“Detective, you always have enthused me. You’re either so intelligent or so stupid. It’s just mesmerizing sometimes.” Bison said, dropping the broken gun at his feet, “I’m sure we can talk this out over a cup of tea and a round of brainwashing. Chamomile? You look like a chamomile tea type of person.”


She said nothing, leering her eyes in an attack stare. He threw his hands up mockingly, rolling his eyes dramatically.


“Fine, Detective, but I have a meeting at 4. If you’re going to kill me, make it quick. I want to miss it.” He said with exasperation, “If I’m going to kill you, just make sure your body parts stay together. You do not know how difficult it is to get brain matter out of these ceiling crevices.”


Chun Li reacted first. She went into her kicks, attempting to hit his weak spots but Bison defly blocked them with his hands, grabbing and flipping her body onto the ground. She chose to shoot her leg up into his chin but he teleported at the right moment, letting her hit air.


“Play fair, you bastard.” Chun Li spat angrily, doing a backhand flip to get her stance back. Bison cocked his head in amusement.


“I’m sorry, we didn’t shake on any rules.” He taunted her, “Would you like it if I tied one hand behind my back?”


She fired off another kick, finally connecting with his chest. Bison stumbled somewhat before open palming her in the head, kneeing her in the face. Chun Li sucked in air as she felt her nose bleed, twisting her legs to wrap around Bison’s neck.


Of course, Bison easily wrangled her body loose, spinning her forward so he could effectively pull her off. Chun Li could feel her legs loosen and she intentionally let her body fall to the ground, delivering a kick to his groin.


Bison teleported again, making her groan in anger.


“Come on!” She shouted, “Stop being such a coward!”


“There’s nothing brave about getting kicked in the crotch, Chun Li.” Bison replied, reappearing behind her, “Regardless of what they teach you in school, I actually prefer to keep my reproductive organs intact. They come in handy now and then.”


“Disgusting.” Chun Li sneered, feeling out of breath. However, she picked herself up and did a roundhouse kick, following up with her Spinning Bird Kick. Luckily, Bison could only block the roundhouse but he was victim to her fearsome trademark kick.


However, he seemed to be able to shrug it off. Chun Li felt her body grow weak and tired, affected by the day’s events and dehydration.


She knew she couldn’t give up now. She was so close to avenging her father…


Chun Li managed to bring herself back enough to dodge a punch, jumping to kick him in the face. Bison instead batted her away, launching into his Knee Press Nightmare that connected directly with Chun Li’s battered body.


She felt throbbing pain everywhere, rolling over to getting back up. Bison hummed over her grunts of pain, obviously knowing he was gaining the upper hand.


“Sorry, did you want to continue?” He asked out loud, “Or are we going for a “blood all over the walls” decorating look here? You’re beaten, Detective. Take a seat. Lay down. You’re definitely going to want the last moments to be as peaceful as possible.”


Chun Li put her hands back up into stance, “I am not giving up. You will have to kill me before I give up.”


“Hm.” Bison mused, “Alright then.”


Chun Li quickly decided that she could jump over his head and perform a Kikoken. That sound render him off balance enough to let loose as many kicks as possible until his body was broken in half.


At first, she pretended to slide and then jumped up when Bison appeared to be reaching down for her.


However, Bison grabbed her leg, throwing her into the floor hard. Chun Li felt her skull crack and before she knew it, darkness took over.


Like falling into an abyss, Chun Li couldn’t grasp anything around her. All feeling and emotions drifted away from her body as the heaviness set in.


All she could think of was her father. She had failed. But she could be with him again and perhaps...that was enough for the two.


Now the ground appeared closer and closer. Chun Li almost worried that she would fall through the ground and descend forever down into the depths of Hell, just barely coherent enough to know what she was going through.


Then, she hit the ground. And woke up to a blurry, dizzy image of bright lights and static. Nausea overtook her and she rolled her head back but there was a padded feeling touching her bare neck.


Was it a bandage? It was too hard to tell. Her stomach felt sick and she would vomit from dehydration alone. Strands of hair roughly rubbed her skin and she realized her hair was down.


“Oh good. You’re awake. For a minute, I thought you would be as communicative as a carrot.” A voice said through the static, “I’m glad your brain didn’t leak out of your head. It would have gotten boring quick.”


That was unmistakable: Bison.


Her vision refocused and Chun Li squeezed all the pain down inside of her, trying to use deep breathing to hold it back. Soon, she was able to make out the visuals in front of her.


There was a large wooden desk with a desktop computer shining brightly in Bison’s face. It was the only light source as there were no windows, doors, or any outside entrances she could see. A bookcase stood behind him but the dim light didn’t enable her to see what the titles were.


Oddly, the desk had no papers or filing.


“I’m not dead.” Was the first thing out of her mouth.


“Good job, Detective. I can definitely see why you’re the best at Interpol.” Bison said with minimum trace amounts of sarcasm, “They really pay the high salaries for the likes of you.”


She took a deep breath, resuming her cold personality, “Why am I not dead then?”


He shrugged, “I don’t want you to be, I suppose.”


Flaccid answer. Chun Li fought the urge to vomit bile.


“Why am I here?” She questioned again and he tapped a key on his keyboard.


“Because I want you here, I suppose.” Bison gave another lukewarm response. Rolling her eyes, she didn’t even hide her displeasure at his lack of effort. He didn’t seem to care that much or care that she was clearly sick.


“Am I going to sit here and be riddled at or is this going somewhere?” She queried as Bison gave her a bemused look.


“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that because I didn’t kill you that now I had to answer to every whim you approached me with.” Bison leered, “I’m turning on my computer. The Amazon rainforest doesn’t exactly get the highest speed. Sorry for the technical delay, Detective. Usually, I do this over a medical table while wearing a labcoat.”


She winced, “A labcoat?”


“I like labcoats. They’re so clean and professional. As for that look, I happen to look like a proper doctor.” Bison specified, typing away, “I made a special little exception for you though. But if you want, I can go get the labcoat and we can do this the right way…”


“I’m fine.” She bit at him, “What do you want?”


Bison smirked, “What do men usually tell you when you ask that question? Be honest.”


Another wave of nausea but this time, Chun Li was able to fight it off. A series of tutting and Bison had finished typing.


“One shouldn’t exactly stroll through a rainforest without water or some sort of pill to keep the malaria at bay.” He scolded, “Terrible thinking on your part. You only had water for three days. I’m shocked you lasted that long.”


“I knew where you were.” Chun Li informed him, “I didn’t need any more than that.”


He chuckled, “Ah, the spirit of a woman. Defiance, boldness, and rage. I’m impressed by your conviction. Most people give up when they’re this fucked. But you? You don’t. Of course, you don’t know the half of what “being fucked” means.”


Bison’s flagrant use of profanity triggered her senses. She could feel her grip coming back slowly, turning wheels in her mind.


“I know what plenty “fucked” means, Bison.” Chun Li maintained, her lips feeling dry and bloody, “You’ve done it to me since you killed my father.”


A pause before Bison motioned sharply with his forefinger.


“I have no idea if that sounded better in your head but it didn’t come out right. You must be very sick.” Bison commented, “You should probably take a rest, Detective. Let me do all the talking.”


Instead, she flitted her eyes to the computer screen. She could barely make out the make and model but she knew it was a custom screen. Touchscreen capabilities, eye tracking…


“And finished.” He announced, “Now we can get started. I was just pulling up your file; large file. Possibly the biggest one I have. Let’s see...height is 5’6, hair color brown, eyes are brown...Ah. And there’s no weight listed.”


“I like mystery.” Chun Li replied to that, “What do you want?”


“I want to rule the world by noon, topple free will by dinner, and go to bed with a lovely woman.” Bison retorted, focusing reading his computer screen and flipping through the pages, “Simple man, simple pleasures. I suppose eventually get little children running around but that’s just a biological desire to spread my seed around.”


Her eyebrow raised as far as it could go, albeit painfully, “None of that sounds plausible.”


“I beg to differ, I destroy free will every day.” Bison wouldn’t take her bait, “Now, Detective. You must know that this won’t end well for you. It doesn’t end well for anyone that chooses to resist me. You either come around to my ideological side or you don’t live to see sunlight.”


Her wrists tightened in her restraints, “That won’t happen.”


“Really now?” He clicked his tongue, “Hm. Well, Detective, we have nowhere to be for some time. How about a lovely conversation? For instance, which satellite gave up this location and why you’re hanging around a man like Lu Wen? He’s a snake in the grass. He probably would have sold you for a nickel and some low budget pornography.”


She paused, “I suppose you would know him.”


“Know him? He worked for me.” Bison chided, “Now he doesn’t. Dead and all that. Caught the nasty end of a caiman after he was so unfortunately dragged in there. I feel sorry for you. I’m sure whatever money you paid him, you won’t ever see again.”


Chun Li could sense his dismissive attitude towards a dead man being eaten alive was a ruse to get her to talk but he leaned back in his chair. She was surprised to see such a comfortable chair out in the middle of nowhere but at the same time, she couldn’t help but think he would want nothing less.


“Throwing me to a “nasty end of a caiman” next?” She questioned, making him laugh.


“I didn’t throw anyone anywhere. People have an awful habit of tripping and falling into water like that.” He said, “But I did witness it. Nothing I could do. It’s rather sad.”


“You didn’t kill him?” Her disbelief was highly apparent. Bison raised two fingers.


“Scouts’ honor.” He grinned and then he lowered them, “But enough about the dead man. He’s alligator food now. Let’s discuss you. We’ve met...three times?”


“Four.” Chun Li felt her restraints tighten again, “Four times.”


“Ah. Sorry. Refresh my memory because so many people try to kill me.” Bison held up his right fist, “The first time was when I alledgedly killed your father.”


“You did kill my--”


“Second time was...the first tournament.” Bison held up two fingers, “You faced against Ken and lost. Spectacularly. Then you had the audacity to tell me that tournament rankings didn’t matter.”


“The tournament was a foolish enterprise for your amuse--”


“Third time was when I killed Nash.” Bison continued on, holding up three fingers, “I remember that because you practically had to hold Guile back as the cliff collapsed. Smart move. It was for vain though because...well, I can float. Why didn’t that occur to the three of you?”


“It happened so fast--”


“So when was the fourth time?” He interjected, wiggling his pinky finger, “Are we counting now?”


There was a moment of silence before she cleared her throat.


“When you came to my hospital room after Vega tried to kill me.” Chun Li answered calmly, “And you left those fake flowers with a get well card.”


“Ah, now I remember.” Bison pondered, “How could I have forgotten that? You were pathetic laying there, covered in bandages and being pumped by a blood bag. I almost forgot how pretty you were. Naturally, though, you did beat Vega. Not many people can stomach him. I mean, beat him.”


Chun Li gave an annoyed sigh, feeling her bandage itch on the back of her head. At least Bison had people who could stitch a person back together properly.


“What did you do to me?” She questioned roughly as her fingers traced the armrest underneath her bound wrists. Bison raised his eyebrow in response.


“Well, I put your bones back together, cleaned your wounds, bandaged your head, and had you on IV fluids. After the swelling went down, I had a dentist fix your teeth.” He explained, “Left molar came loose. Probably when I threw your head into the ground. Amazingly good dental work otherwise, Detective.”


There was a lack of “we” or “someone” pronouns when explaining his actions.


“You did all that or…”


“I went to medical school, Detective.” Bison interrupted with some derision, “Shocking, I know. Of course, I did flunk out...when you miss a day that goes over the Hippocratic oath, they really hold that against you.”


His tone sounded like he was serious but his face yielded a different story. After a few minutes, Chun Li spoke up.


“Is that really true?” She leveled against him.


“Yes. The whole part about flunking wasn’t true. I was kicked out for causing harm to patients or something like that. It’s like Hitler and painting; had they kept me, I probably wouldn’t have become a war criminal.” Bison said, “And sleeping with patients. And selling drugs. What I do now except the pay is more.”


She didn’t really believe him; it sounded more like he went into that speech to set up the Hitler joke but she let it go.


“Detective, you really came all the way out here and yet, you’re not upset that I’m not dead.” Bison pointed out, “A little underwhelming, perhaps? You haven’t even begged me to kill you yet. Do you still think you can stop me?”


“I know whatever game you’re playing, it’ll run its course.” Chun Li said, her fingernails twisting into the armchair, “So get on with it.”


A throaty laugh later and Bison leaned back in his chair.


“Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone I met was like you?” He suggested, “Of course, when I rule the world, there would be a distinct lack of people who think like you.”


“And just how does ruling a world work?” Chun Li flatly asked, her face unchanging. Bison cocked a smirk, propping his feet up on his desk.


“How does any empire work?” He teased, taking off his hat and tossing it aside. Chun Li realized that she had never seen him without his Soviet era style hat, usually hiding up the slicked back nightshade black of hair.


“You’re one man.” She replied, cold and distant. The handcuffs still gave no way to freedom, locking her down.


“Correction. I’m one god.” Bison swiftly said, using his fingertips to type in something on his computer, “And otherwise, otherworldly and inhuman. You’ve seen me fight, Detective. Surely, even in your logical and...broadened mind, that being supernatural has a flair for government work.”


Why was he acting like this? Normal, collected, and laid back as any man resting on a Friday night. She frowned hard, her lips pouty in frustration that she couldn’t find the answer to the riddle. The slumping and unposed manner of such a giangatic man who had been beating her down only hours earlier had taken her off-guard.


She had expected a hour long monologue on virtues of evil and goodness, some sort of demented philosophy lecture.


Instead, he was perfectly happy and content having a normal conversation (to a degree) with a woman who was admittedly being held against her will.


“Placeholder governments.” Chun Li guessed quietly, “Figurehead commanders. A clearly distinct and divided wealthy and poor class of society with an artibitary reward system for loyalty.”


“I wouldn’t say arbitrary. Free food is something I imagine many people would hold in regard.” Bison replied, swiping his forefinger on his computer as his gaze was kept focused on her, “Food, water, shelter, and sex. People hardly desire more than that.”


Chun Li didn’t want to launch into a pseudo-political science debate on the matter so she turned her head away, trying to figure out where exactly she was. Being drugged and trampled for hours had taken a toll on her mind and body but it didn’t take away her skills as an investigator.


“I imagine someone like you who is incorruptible needs more than basic needs.” Bison continued on, “Oh. You’re in my personal office, by the way. I made sure to remove that pesky tracker between your legs. Though really, I’m curious--how much of a dry spell can you go through that a GPS tracker has to be put in your delicate parts?”


She blinked hard and rapidly, not expecting the question come from a tyrant’s mouth like that. Or that he blatantly violated her body in such a manner?


“It was bigger than what I was used to.” Was the only reply she could summon up, tearing back to his staring.


Another smirk. “Shame. I can only imagine the glee of some unpaid intern having the joy of touching the Strongest Woman in the Woman.”


Chun Li opted to not tell him it was a woman who was married happily. Instead, she shook her head and sighed. It was to be a long day then, if he didn’t give up the ghost and kill her outright.


“You don’t seem distraught.” Bison observed calmly, “Usually, most women would at least be hiding back tears of shame or guilt. You, on the other hand, are treating this like a very mild and annoying gynecological exam.”


“You’ve taken everything from me. What’s left to show?” Chun Li answered calmly, undisturbed, “Emotions get in the way. Disturbing behavior from a megalomaniac sociopath is nothing new to me. I just wish you asked me first but I doubt you care much for permission.”


A hard, throaty laugh came from him. “You give me power, Detective. Did I ever tell you that?”


She knew he was right but didn’t answer that time.


“Now, onto business.” Bison flipped his screen around, “What will it take for Detective Chun Li Xiang to break to my will? You, the incorruptible ice bitch goddess, have quite a large gambling pool going on.”


Now it was Chun Li’s turn to stare. A few results appeared with the highest bets--sexual assault, physical torture, character assassination, telling her she was fat…


“I’m not fat.” She suddenly said, “Muscle is not fat.”


“I never said you were. But I think it’s a common grievance of most women, yes?” Bison clarified, “It was Vega’s idea. He’s sort of primitive, forgive him. Anything leaner than a twig is fat to him.”


Chun Li’s inner psychologist started working again--what sort of organization bets on their leader’s methods of breaking someone down? And what sort of leader encourages that? To him and his subordinates, it was all a game. The victims were toys or mindless animals that entertained the masses for a short while, like a flash in the pan celebrity or incident. A joke.


“So you’ve done all this before to someone.” She stated, “They wouldn’t have such high bets if the methods didn’t already work before.”

Another smirk, tight lipped, “In my defense, Detective, you sign up for the risks when you attempt to damage a very large and powerful organization. Bargaining and deals is how I operate but sometimes, people like you need a nudge to take them.”


“Am I to expect each one?” She retorted.


“No.” Bison tapped his fingers, “I have something different for you. You’re a rare one, Detective, and have caught my attention. You’re not like the other silly girls prancing around my tournament who wanted fame or glory or some strange cinematic reason to fight. You’re frozen. You’re winter in perpetual motion. You devastate with words and legs. To burn you would be exquisite, I admit, but you require much more delicate methods.”


“And this is it?” She had a hitch, “Attempt to lower my defenses by acting normal? Stockholm’s Syndrome?”


“This is a evaluation.” He corrected her again, “I need to do my best work.”


Damn handcuffs. Still wasn’t going to budge.


“And then I get killed?” She questioned again.


“Why go through all this trouble if I was just going to kill you?” Bison shrugged, “Investment and time would be wasted. No, no. Hell is hell when you suffer. Heaven is death and freedom. I need my “commanders”, do I not?”


Her eyes squinted in defiance.


“If you’re good and behave, maybe I’ll give you China.” He toyed with her again, obviously finding it very funny, “Very close to my base of operations in Thailand and you could finally resolve that whole Tibet thing they’ve been dealing with. Sounds like fun.”


Another squint.


“Think about it when I’m done with you.” Bison added on.

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