Where the Monsters are

BY : Amos
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Alex woke Joshua up by nudging the teen’s shoulder. It took a few shakes, but Joshua sat up after a moment, having fallen asleep after eating his desert. They had stopped at a cafe to eat, but the long ride was exhausting. Joshua didn’t know how Alex was still awake- he was the one driving.

“Is it time to go?” Joshua asked. Alex nodded, his grey-brown eyes looking assaulted by the need to sleep. The older man motioned.

“Come on, lets go.” He stood up from the table and Joshua willed himself to follow suit. Alex pulled out his wallet and dropped some bills on the table; for the coffee and cherry pie they had eaten. Then the two walked down the tile floor to the glass doors to leave.

It was the afternoon, so the cafe was a little crowded. There was laughter and chattering, but Alex and Joshua were dead compared to the other patrons. Joshua was thin and pale and looked at everyone with an all-seeing gaze that made them uncomfortable, and Alex was gruff and self reserved and didn’t look at anyone.

The two walked out to Alex’s pickup truck and clambered inside. Joshua sank into his seat and Alex dropped into his like it were a bed. They both let out big, tired breaths. Joshua looked at his brother.

“When are we gonna be there?” he asked. His older brother just shook his head, staring out the windshield.

“I don’t know.”

“You said we’d be there yesterday, Alex!”

“I know!” Alex narrowed his eyes at his younger brother, sitting up in his seat to start the truck since his moment to rest had been spurned. Joshua crossed his arms and looked out the passenger’s window, frowning at being yelled at. Alex shook his head again and pulled them into the road.

They were in some small town, just a pit stop for truckers. It didn’t take long to get out of there, but once they did, they were on a lonely highway that showed no chances of a motel for them to catch some sleep in. Alex had to struggle to stay awake while Joshua napped with his head against his window. It was only two p.m.

They were headed for Silent Hill. Shepherd’s Glen was tiring, dying off. They had no friends there. The only person Alex had was Elle, but he didn’t want to live like that. With his dad judging him for only having one friend, and it being a girl. That was it. He was being judged. Everyone in town would whisper about him. “Did you hear he just got back from the military?” “I heard it was a dishonorable discharge.” “I heard he needs medicine for his head- he has that post trauma thing.” “What a shame, poor Adam and Lillith.” “He’s such a waste of space.” “What a disgrace- dishonorable discharge and mental basket case.” He gripped the steering wheel tight. What the fuck did any of them know? What right did they have to judge him? After all he had done for them!

Red and blue lights flashed in the corner of his eye and he looked in his mirrors. A police cruiser was flagging them down. It seemed to wake up Joshua, because the teenager sat up and was looking back in his seat.

“...What do we do?” he asked. Alex scoffed under his breath.



“Do you want to go back home? To Mom and Dad?”

“Well no, but-”

Alex stepped harder on the gas and the old truck complained. Joshua looked at his brother.

“Okay, I think you should pull over.”

“What? Fuck that, Joshua- I haven’t even done anything wrong.”

“I don’t want you to get in trouble!”

“You’re going to get me in trouble!”


“Joshua, I’m not-” Alex suddenly found a figure standing in the middle of the road. Their back was to the truck, but they turned slightly to look at the speeding vehicle. It was a young man, and his eyes seemed to stare right into Alex’s.

Alex swerved the car.


Alex opened his eyes, heavy pressure building in his head. He turned his head to look at Joshua and saw that the teen was knocked out; there was a strip of blood down his face, but it seemed to be dripping the other way- his hair told Alex that they were flipped upside down in the truck. He swallowed audibly and brought his hands up to his lap to try and unbuckle his seat belt. Once he clicked the button, the belt snapped away and the man fell onto his neck on the roof of the truck and hissed in pain, rolling so that he were on his back. He rubbed his neck and looked at Joshua.

“Joshua,” he tried waking him up. “Wake up, bud.”

Joshua fluttered his eyes open and squinted at Alex, confusion staining his eyes. “What...”

“We flipped over,” Alex rolled onto his knees. “Can you unbuckle yourself?”

Joshua’s eyes widened and he stared at Alex. “We crashed?”

Alex simply nodded. “Yeah. Come on, we gotta get out.”

Joshua pressed his lips together and tried unbuckling himself. He couldn’t. He looked back at Alex. “I’m stuck.”

Alex sighed and reached out to try it himself. The seat belt was locked up. He looked up in the upside-down truck and reached up to open the glovebox, where his survival knife rolled out. It cut along his hand as it fell but he didn’t care at the moment and snagged the blade up. He looked at Joshua’s worried face.

“I’m gonna cut you free, so don’t move,” he said. Joshua whined in his throat but that was all. He stayed still as his brother started cutting the belt. When Joshua was free, he fell, but Alex caught him the best he could while wielding a blade. He caught his brother’s shoulders and lay him down easy on the roof. The teen groaned.

“What happened?” he asked. Alex shook his head.

“There was a person...” The man turned and opened his door, kicking it open when it got stuck. He crawled out and stood up outside, looking around. Where was the cop? Where did they go? There was no police cruiser in sight, or the person who had been in the road. There was, though, fog. So much fog that he couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of him.

“Whoa,” Joshua said when he met his brother outside of the truck. “What happened to the sun?” That was a good question. Where was the sun? It was dark out, the sky dull and empty. Alex swallowed again, his throat bobbing. He glanced at Joshua and waved him over.

“Come on.”

“Come where? We just crashed the truck!”

“We’re hitchhiking to the next town.”

“But what about the cop!”

“Josh. Come on.” Alex stuck his blade into his boot and started walking off down the empty road. Joshua followed when he almost lost his brother in the fog.

Alex was upset and confused. That truck was all of his savings, and he was still making payments. Where was that person that made him crash? Who would stand in the middle of the road while someone was being flagged down by a police officer?

After about fifteen minutes of walking, Joshua pointed. “What’s that?” he asked, looking at a big sign. Alex looked, but they were too far to see what it said because of the fog. Alex headed into a light jog and Joshua followed, until they could read the sign. It said WELCOME TO SILENT HILL. Joshua looked at his brother. “We’re here,” he said. Alex nodded.

“...We can see if there’s a garage here.”

Joshua looked at the man. “And use what money?”

“None. They’ll tow the truck into town and I’ll talk to them about repairs.”

Joshua twisted his lips and grabbed his brother’s arm, making the older brunette look at him. “We left our bags,” he said. Alex sighed and shook his head.

“Yeah, we did. We’ll get them when the truck gets towed in; you need to clean up first.”

“Clean up?”

“You must have hit your head,” Alex motioned to the blood on Joshua’s face and the teen touched it, looking at his fingers. He looked back to his brother.

“Is it bad?”

“No, I don’t think so. Come on.”

The two walked passed the sign and into town. They had never been there themselves, but their dad would go annually to help the police department.

There were no people. There were cars parked on the sides of the roads, but they were void of occupants. There were houses, but Alex could just assume by looking at them that no one was home. Joshua stayed close at his brother’s side.

“...There’s something wrong here,” he said. Alex didn’t look at him, continuing down the street and looking for people. Two minutes of silence later and Joshua could see faint figures in the fog ahead of them. As they got closer, he could see that it was a group of dogs munching on something. The teen grabbed his brother’s arm and pointed. “Look there.”

Alex looked and furrowed his eyebrows. “...What are they eat-” He saw it. Two dogs fought over an arm; a human arm. Joshua seemed to realize too, at that point, because he gasped. The empty town carried his breath and threw it at the dogs. Three of them looked over. Joshua looked at Alex, who was already looking at his younger brother.

“Run,” he said. Joshua took off running and Alex ran after. All of the dogs took off after the two, their snarls echoing in the town.

“Where do we go?” Joshua looked back at his brother. The older brunette didn’t get to answer him, because the teenager tripped while not watching his own feet. He tumbled onto the pavement of the road, scraping his elbow. Alex came to a stop behind Joshua and looked back at the dogs. Just in time, too, because one of them had gotten ahead and leaped at Alex just as he turned around. The man quickly caught the dog and threw it to the side, getting a long scratch down his arm when it tried to grab him.

There was something wrong with the dogs. Alex looked at his hands after he threw the dog and they were bloody. He looked at the rest of the pack, who all stopped to growl and snarl at the brothers, planning their group attack. They were skinless. They had been skinned.

“What’s wrong with them?” Joshua cried. Alex took a step back, closer to his brother who lay scared on the road. He couldn’t answer him. He didn’t know.

The dogs started lunging for them, but just as the leader got close, a giant gunshot took off its head. Alex and Joshua looked at where the shot had come from. The dogs didn’t waste time. They turned and ran at a figure approaching through the fog, snarling and lunging but being shot down. It must have been a shotgun, because the shots were slow to start but each one knocked a dog either dead or back a few steps.

The last dog of the group leaped, but the shotgun slapped it down into the ground before going off on its head, killing it instantly. Joshua had started getting up during the action, eyes wide, and Alex tried to see the person’s face. As the figure emerged fully from the fog, it became evident that they were beautiful. They had blonde hair that looked ashy in the dull, foggy town, and they were naturally thin, their bones jutting in an unhealthy but healthy sort of way. As they got closer, Alex could see that their skin was light and fair. And then their eyes met the brown haired man’s.

It was the person from the road,

There was a sudden, loud snarl, and a dog lunged out from the fog to snap its teeth around the pale blonde’s leg.

It was the first dog, that Alex had thrown to the side.

The blonde cried out in pain at the sudden attack and started slamming the but of their shotgun into the dog’s head, but it just got angrier and started shaking its head like it had a chew toy, burying its teeth further into the stranger’s flesh.

“Alex, help them!” Joshua cried from behind his brother, clinging to the man’s back. The older brunette looked back at the teen.

“With wh-” He suddenly remembered his knife and bent down to pull it from his boot. Getting back up, he ran to the assaulting dog and stabbed the blade into its skull. It went in with a sick crunch of the bone, but that seemed to kill it. The bloody canine hung limply by its teeth, the sharp razors still buried in the stranger’s leg. Alex pulled his knife out with some difficulty, and then he grabbed the dog’s head and pulled it off of the blonde’s leg. They cried out in pain and fell onto their butt on the street.

“Here,” Alex held a hand out to the blonde, but he got the end of the shotgun shoved into his face.

“Alex!” Joshua ran over, stopping a few feet away to be out of the line of fire, but concerned for his brother’s wellbeing. Alex looking at the teen.

“It’s okay,” he said to him before looking back at the blonde. They breathed heavily through their nose, glaring at Alex with intent. “We just want to help,” Alex said. The blonde held his gun with steady hands.

“I don’t need help.” His voice was harsh but quiet and soft, like he hadn’t spoken in a long time. It sounded like he had been hit in the throat.

“You do. You’re bleeding.”

The blonde looked down at their leg, where the blood was spilling over and gushing. The dog had probably chewed through an artery. They looked back up at Alex with what looked to be perfect, bright green eyes. Alex could also see that they had some freckles.

Not more than a second later, the blonde pulled his gun away from Alex’s face and held up his other hand for help. He probably knew he wouldn’t last long. Alex took their slender hand and pulled them up, and they were very light.

“What were those?” Alex asked the blonde. They stood on their own but fell against Alex when the pain was too much and more blood spilled out.

“Some kind of dog,” they said slowly, like they were getting used to their voice. They gripped Alex around his shoulders for support and used their shotgun as a cane to further the support. Joshua slowly came over.

“Why do you have a gun?” he asked. The blonde looked at the teen.

“...Why not?” they said. Joshua furrowed his eyebrows at them. The blonde just shook his head and nodded towards the road. “There should be a- argh- clothes store,” they bowed their head and breathed deep, clutching the shotgun tight. Alex looked at Joshua and nodded.

“Let’s go, Josh,” he said. Joshua glanced at the blonde again before walking, Alex following behind with the hopping blonde.

The road was empty after the dog attack, by some god’s assurance, because they didn’t stand a chance with a cripple. The clothes store came into sight, the windows boarded up. It looked ancient- like all the other buildings, Alex finally thought. Joshua opened the glass front door for them, Alex bringing the blonde stranger inside. There was a dirty blanket on the floor and the blonde dropped down to lay on it. Joshua looked around the shop.

There were old, stained mannequins, and empty cans of food on the floor beside the blanket. Some were old and rotten, others a little fresher. Joshua nudged one with the toe of his shoe and it rolled to hit his brother’s boot. The man glanced at the young brunette before rolling his eyes and kneeling beside the wounded blonde. He reached out to touch their leg, but his hand was immediately slapped away. He looked at their face, their green eyes glaring at him.

“I’m trying to help,” Alex said. The blonde shook their head and closed their eyes. They were quiet for a long moment before speaking in their soft voice.

“You can’t do anything..” they said. Then they dropped an arm over their face. Joshua looked at his brother, worried.

“What do we do?” he asked quietly. Alex just stared at the blonde, trying to make sense of things.

“You were in the middle of the road earlier,” he said. The blonde didn’t reply. “Why?” They stayed silent.

Dropping down to sit on the floor, Joshua picked up an empty, plastic bottle. It looked stained, like it had been in a dirty place. There was a label on it, though, so he read it. “What’s a DX”

“Dietary supplement. It just helps bleeding,” the blonde said quietly.

“Then we should get some!”

The blonde gave a light, mocking laugh. “Good luck.”


“There’s monsters everywhere.”

Alex narrowed his eyes. “What do you mean “monsters”? Those… dogs? What happened to them? And what happened to the time? It was two p.m.!”

The blonde moved their arm to look at him.

“There is no time here. ...You’re in Hell.”

Alex shook his head and grabbed Joshua by the arm. “Come on, we’re going.”

“But he needs help!”

“He doesn’t want it, and he’s crazy.”

“Everyone here goes crazy at some point,” the blonde said while watching them. “But you won’t last a minute out there without me.”

Alex scoffed. “Oh yeah? You can’t even walk.”

The blonde’s face flushed. “That’s because you two distracted me!”

“Alright then, what do you expect, stranger?”

The blonde sat up on the blanket with a wince and looked at the empty nutrition bottle Joshua held. He looked back at Alex. “...I need you to find me some nutrition supplements. Or we’ll never last a day.”

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