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Josh has been seeing a man around the house for a while; doing things around the yard, redoing the shingles on the roof, spreading tiles on the kitchen floor.

Through it all, Joshua hadn't said "hi" once, or greeted the worker- hadn’t even learned his name. He was only seventeen, and he still got somewhat shy around new people. He had tried asking his dad who he was, though, but he didn't tell him- didn't hint to who he was.

When Joshua asked his mom, he got the same response, only she was weaker and had to change the subject, too.

The guy looked terribly lonely, though.

He was outside, plucking weeds at the little garden, barehanded and slouched over the nature. It was hot outside, so Joshua just watched him from inside the house, sitting by the window with a cup of iced water in his lap. The guy outside paused, leaned back on his haunches and wiped the hood of his hand over his face, to wipe away sweat.

He was in a dark tank top and cargo jeans with boots- not what he should be wearing for work out in this weather. His shirt wasn't black, so Josh could see where his sweat gathered on his shirt, down his back, under his neck and arms.

Joshua sipped from his water and exhaled through his nose.

"Joshua," Adam sounded.

Joshua looked over to his father, the older man standing with his mother beside him. "Yeah?"

"Your mom and I are running down to the store for a bit; watch the house. Don't let anyone in," Adam said and Joshua nodded, bouncing his leg a little. Adam stood there for a moment, watching his son, and then he looked at the window.

"And get away from the window. Go and read a book," he added, looking back to Joshua, and the teensger laughed, sitting back in his chair.

"Jeez, Dad, I got it. You and Mom have fun and uh, get me a snack. Please," he smiled to his parents and Lillian smiled back, placed a hand over Adam's.

"Let's go, honey," she said softly, and Adam turned with her, walked to the front door to leave. Joshua watched them leave and watched the door for a little after that before looking back out the window.

The guy was standing, rubbing his sweaty neck, back arched in a stretch from bending over for so long. He had a nice body. He was tone, tan, thin. He looked average- Josh didn't know why his parents seemed so weird about him.

It was time to get over stupid fears though and go say hi. His parents didn't want him going near the guy, so he gladly didn't because he was awkward. But now they were gone, and he felt that it was time to break a few rules.

Joshua stood from his seat and went out to the backyard through the kitchen, walked to the man. At first, he didn't notice him, sighing deeply while he pawed at his sore neck. Then Joshua decided to back out last second and spun back to the back door, but he stepped on a stick and it had gotten the man's attention.

Joshua looked back and met eyes with the man. His eyes were gray-brown, pale, and they looked worn and tired; wide, as he looked at Josh.

The man had a strong face, a firm jaw and a straight nose, facial scruff on his chin and jaw near his cheeks. He was drop dead handsome.

He tore his eyes from Joshua, though, and he walked quickly passed, dropping his hand down to his side. Joshua, in a daze, turned after the man and blurted a weird “Hi”.

The man didn't glance back, walking strictly across the yard to a spot where there was a coat on the ground. It looked light, had some small camouflage spots on it and a flag on the right shoulder. Was it an army coat?

The guy started walking to the back gate, the gate that led to the cemetery, and Josh cleared his throat while watching him.

“I'm Joshua,” he said and the man glanced back. He didn't say anything, so Joshua motioned a little, his cup of water rattling with ice. “I uh, see you here. A lot. What's your name?”

The man didn't reply, but Josh could see that his eyes were on his water.

“...Thirsty? You look pretty hot. Like- sweaty.” Joshua kicked himself.

The man watched him and his cup of water for a moment before shaking his head and turning away back to the gate.

“I- it's for you!” Joshua hurried after the man and held out the cup, the contents sloshing. The man glanced back again, looked at the cup and then Josh's brown eyes. “I haven't drank from it,” Josh added quickly and gave the cup a little shake. It was a lie, because he had, and the man knew it because he had seen Joshua watching him and drinking it, but his throat was rough and dry, so he took the glass and drank.

He drank it quickly, his adam’s apple bobbing with each swallow, some water leaking to his scruffy chin and glistening in the summer sun. Joshua watched him intently, lips tight. Who was this guy?

The water was finished, a little too quickly, and the man wiped his hand over his mouth to wipe away the water before dropping his hand to his side with the glass. Joshua watched him sigh deep, his eyes shut, taking in the chill of the cold water going through his chest to his stomach. Then he opened his eyes again, looked at the yard's green grass. Joshua took it as a chance to talk to him more, since he was already drawn into it.

“Um… Do you have a name?” he asked, and the man's eyes looked to him through a strict face.

“...I'm not allowed to talk to you. I've got to get going,” he finally spoke, and his voice was so naturally smooth that it made Josh blush. The teen still managed to cross his arms, though, to gain a questioning look.

“Why? Did my dad say that?”

“He didn't have to. Thank you for the water,” the man knelt, put the glass down onto the grass. Then he stood straight again with a slight grunt and a hiss, and Joshua blinked and twisted his lips.

“Are you hurt?”

The man didn't answer him, walked to the gate. Joshua would surely see him tomorrow as well, but he wouldn't be able to talk to him as freely. He wanted to find out who he was. He didn't stop him, though, let him leave.

Joshua sighed and grabbed the glass, carried it back inside the house. He walked to the kitchen and leaned over the sink, looking down to the empty glass. Who was he?

Adam and Lillian came home later in the day, gave Josh a sandwich from the quick stop. He didn't eat it, though- he put it in the fridge instead, hid it behind the gallon of milk so that his parents wouldn't question him about it.

Then they had dinner, and they all went to bed. Joshua didn't ask anything about the man to his parents this time, and they didn't say anything about him, either. Once Joshua was lying in bed, he watched the wall, thinking. What could he do to make the guy talk to him?

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