The pleasure within

BY : Akage
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Charlotte let herself into Sebastian's small 1 bed apartment after work with her key like she did every weekday. It was Friday meaning Charlotte could take her time tonight not having to get back to her even smaller apartment to get an early night for work. 

She walked straight through to his kitchen to dump the bag of food she'd bought onto the side. It was nothing fancy tonight, a frozen store bought pizza and oven chips. Charlotte cooks for Seb and herself here after work everyday because if she didn't she knew neither of them would eat properly. 

Sebastian had lost his child to a house fire 2 years ago and shortly after his wife left him.

Sebastian doesn't talk about it, at least not anymore. 


Joseph had tried everything to help his partner and so Charlotte stepped up, helping him with housework and making sure he ate properly. And in doing so she also gave him some company. 


"Ahh fuck, this place is a mess!" She mutters, taking her jacket off and rolling up her shirt sleeves to grab all the rubbish and the empty whisky bottle that wasn't there yesterday, meaning Sebastian was drunk. 


"Seb!" She shouts to make her presence known. Once the kitchen was tidy she grabs for her wine stash. Sebastian couldn't stand wine so she knew it'd be safe to store here for her usual glass of red. Usually she'd only have the one glass with her dinner but it was Friday and she deserved 2. 


With the food in and her glass empty there was still no sign of Sebastian so she heads up the stairs in search of him finding him where she knew he would be, on his bed. He was asleep on top of the covers, a whisky glass on the floor under his hand. He'd fallen to sleep drinking. 


Charlotte would like to say she's used to this but the truth is she isn't. It kills her watching Sebastian drink himself into a coma every night. 


She finds herself smiling though as she steps into the room. 

He looked at peace fast asleep, his eyes forever holding a haunting look. She felt bad waking him but knew she had to. He needed to eat something hot. 


"Sebastian!" She soothes, wanting to wake him gently. His brows furrow but his eyes don't open. Charlotte grabs the empty glass and sits beside him on the bed to place a hand on his shoulder though her hand hovers and instead reaches for his jawline, stroking the days worth of stubble. 

Sebastian hums and Charlotte smiles at the peace his features held and she just stared at him as her thumb stroked, wanting to let him enjoy the peace a little longer. 



Charlottes eyes dart to Sebastian's, seeing him awake. 

"Dinners cooking" she says lightly and realising her hands still on his face she pulls it away, her cheeks flushing and she stands up. 

Sebastian groans and pushes himself up as Char all but bolts for the door and down the stairs. 


Charlotte had grown affectionate towards Sebastian during her 9 months of cooking for him 5 days a week. She wasn't sure when it happened and when she realised she knew it was very sudden and her feelings very strong. She didn't burden him with her feelings, he was still married after all even if Myra had walked out and he was still mourning his little girl. 


They eat on the sofa as they always do, the tv on so neither had to feel the need to force conversation. The silences they shared were comfortable now anyway, thankfully, but it was still nice to watch something as they ate. 


Sebastian asked her about her day at work, working as a receptionist/pa for a lawyer down town. Her job kept her busy and her boss was a bit of a perv but other than that she enjoyed her job, mostly because it paid well. 


Sebastian helped her with the dishes as they talked about Sebastian and Josephs latest case. They spent most of their time theorising cases, it helped keep Sebastian's mind off of his own troubles and it was a relief for Charlotte having Sebastian's head back in the game. He slipped for a while but thanks to the Oda siblings Sebastian is back at his office cracking cases. 


Charlotte poured herself her third glass of red as they sat on Seb's sofa. Sebastian pouring himself a generous amount of whisky from a bottle she knew he had more of. He kept himself well supplied. She didn't tell him off anymore, she couldn't stop him drinking and she knew it helped him sleep. That's why she liked staying late and keeping him talking because then she knew he'd have a better chance of sleeping when she left. She always worried on her drive home about him, she hated leaving him alone, always thinking up the worst case scenario. 


"So, what happened at that date last Saturday?" Sebastian asks from the sofa come 11, causing the dark haired girl to frown. She hadn't told him about her date. 

"How... did Joseph tell you?" She asks and Sebastian laughs 

"Who else? You know that guy can't keep secrets" 

"It isn't a secret" she admits 

"So why didn't you tell me?" Seb asks. He wasn't hurt, just curious and maybe the detective in him saw a case to crack. 

"Because I didn't want to bore you"

"Ahh bullshit!" 

Sebastian saw right through it. He knew the reason she didn't bring it up was because it would get him thinking of Myra. That was only half the reason though, Charlotte needed a distraction from her feelings towards Seb, she also wanted to get laid. 


Sebastian's teasing smile causes Char to smile. She couldn't hide anything from Krimsons best detective. 

"Ok fine, the reason I didn't tell you was because I didn't want you relaying what I've told you to my brother" she says, bringing her glass to her once red lips, her lipstick washing away from dinner and a few glasses of wine. 

"Which is?" Sebastian prompts, his eyes twinkling with curiosity making Charlotte laugh. 

"I just wanted to get laid without being slated a slut!"

Sebastian looks shocked, for a full 2 seconds anyway before he starts laughing 

Charlotte would be pissed he's laughing at her but it was rare she'd get him to laugh like this so she let him have it, for a while anyway. 

"Do NOT tell my brother!" She warns with a pointed finger.

"Have to admit Char, I was not expecting that" he smirks

"Take it it didn't go to plan?" He asks causing Charlotte to roll her eyes. 

"Nope, he was too dense to pick up on my signals, he didn't even kiss me at my door, a man like that would be no good" 

Sebastian laughs again and although Charlottes blushing she's smiling. 

She didn't have many girl friends to talk about this with and with everything she wouldn't have considered having this conversation with Seb, liking him or not.  And seeing him laugh and being eager to talk about it made Char realise he wasn't as fragile as she told herself he was. He was stronger than she gave the man credit for. 


"Well his loss Oda!" Seb states 

"It certainly was" she scoffs before devouring the last drops of her wine

"You need a wingman, how about we go out tomorrow night?" Sebastian offers

Charlotte knew Sebastian spent every Saturday at his local, pissing his income away but she'd never been invited, not once. 

She wanted to join him, she really did but the thought of Sebastian being the one to help her get laid, seems pretty counter productive to what she really wants. 

"What? You don't like the thought of going drinking with me in public?" He teased, causing the woman to scoff 

"Of course not!" She mutters kicking him lightly making him chuckle. 

"I just, I wouldn't have thought you'd want me there"

"Why? Cause you're a girl?" Charlotte just rolls her eyes and Seb laughs 

"Besides, you can be my wing woman!" He says, ignoring the shocked look on Charlotte's face as he downs a large amount of whisky in one go. 


Was that a good idea? Was Sebastian in his right mind to know what he wants? Had he finally realised Myra wasn't coming back, or maybe Seb saw sex as a way to occupy his mind. Charlotte couldn't judge if that was the case, that was part of the reason Char was doing this, to get her mind off her silly affection with Seb. 

"You know what, lets do it!" Char says looking at Seb determined 


"Yeah! Though I can't say I'm much of a wing woman" she admits 

"I'm sure you'll do just fine" he smiles

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