An Adventure's Untold Tales

BY : Haunter_Rayne
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**Authors Note** Hello everyone and welcome to another one of my stories. I have ALWAYS loved the Shining Force series and don't know why I didn't think to write story on it sooner. This won't be written as an after the story. I'm going to basically follow the original plot of the game but add in a bunch of sexuality as if this is what happened “behind the scenes” of the game that you just didn't see.


The characters in the game seem to start out as teenagers and then grow up as the adventure continues. So I am going to have some fun with the timeline of things at my own discretion. There will be a lot of solo masturbation in this story as characters start out as horny teenagers. But the sexuality will developed as the characters do. This will be a full length story as I plan to write through the entire game. So here is the warning that this will be full of game spoilers if that matters to you.


An Adventures Untold Tales

Chapter 1 - A Grandseal Morning


Sunlight warmed the morning for the happy townsfolk of Grandseal. Shop vendors were preparing their wares for sale and sailors at the harbor went about their duties to maintain the ship. The guards in the castle stood ever vigilant but they did so with smiles on their faces. The kingdom had been at peace for as long as anyone could remember and they were in friendly relations to all other settlements that were known to exist on their island. However in a modest single family home there was one young soul who had not yet joined his townsfolk for the day.


In a dark upstairs bedroom a blond youngster in his mid teens still lay in bed. The only illumination in the room came from a sliver of light through the crack of his window, which coincidentally was shining near the exposed crack of the undressed teen. “Mmmmm Elis…” He moaned in groggy splendor. The boy's face was half pressed into his pillow imaging it to be the soft breasts of the kingdom’s Princess while one of his hands was slipped down below his waist entertaining his morning stiffness. “Uh… so… beautiful…” He moaned softly as his young hand gripped around a morning erection fueled by adolescent hormones that he was helpless to resist against.


He lay in bed daydreaming the morning away as his hand moved faster from his fantasies seducing him. He imagined a long dress lifting to reveal petite legs. He imagined a long arms welcoming him to bliss. Bowie softly ran his fingernails through the golden hair of his pubes before cupping around his testicles to stroke them gently. He imagined laying in the Princess's royal bed and then seeing her faint pink lips kissing and then wrapping around the tip of his dick. “Uuhh yes Princess!” Gently he thrusted with his hips. He flexed his stomach imagining the careful movements he would use as embracing the girl of his fantasies.


He stroked up and down along his shaft while using his other fingertips to pretend it was the Princess's tongue licking away at him. Suddenly though his eyes shut tight as he scrunched up his face. “MmmMm errrm, aaahhhh!” He gave a hard exhale of breath but resisted the urge to make too much noise as pressure in his loins suddenly released. He let his juices fly upward between his fingers as his climax overwhelmed him. Bowie bit his firm lips in between his teeth as he bucked his hips up from his bed. Tightening muscles of his bottom, abs and legs he imagined releasing into the mouth of his Princess again and again and again.


When he finally opened his eyes he found himself alone and naked in his very non royal bed. He had thin trails of white fluid on his fingers and down across his pale hip. Bowie reached down to the floor and snatched up an old sock to clean himself up with before getting dressed to get ready for the day. “Maybe I'll go see her?” He chuckled to himself, daydreaming that a simple town boy like him could one day be brave enough to speak to a Princess. But then he stood surprised as he opened his bedroom window to look outside. “Huh, why is everything all wet? It smells like rain out here but its it's a sunny day.”


After heading downstairs he saw his mom sweeping the floor and humming a joyful tune to herself. “Oh, good morning Bowie. You woke up late this morning. Did the storm wake you up?” His mother asked him as she sighed with exhaustion. Seeing her raise a hand to push her frazzled hair behind her ear he could tell that she had not gotten a good night's sleep last night.


“No, I just must have been really tired I guess. I completely slept through it.” He said as he sat to have the breakfast that had been prepared for him earlier.


But after having a few large bites his mother frowned knowing very well what had him staying in bed for so late. “Hurry to school!” She scolded him playfully, opting to not embarrass her son by telling him that he hadn't been as quiet upstairs as he thought he had. “Sir Astral and Sarah must be waiting.” He smiled and ran over to the bookcase before leaving. Picking up his copy of The Attitude of Soldiers he then ran out the door waving goodbye to his mother.


Outside he allowed himself some time to re-explore his waterlogged town. Bowie was careful to avoid even looking at the wash basin out in front of his house, having foolishly once tried to drink from it and having quite a disgusting experience. Walking passed his house he saw the small home of the elder couple who lived next door. The old man was always trying to give him helpful advice and his wife had always been kind to Bowie growing up. Moving on towards the center of town he saw how the central pond near the water-well certainly looked a little flooded from the recent rain. However Bowie saw that one of the local merchants was there enjoying the same view. “Hi boy, good morning! Are you off to school?” He asked in a gruff but cheerful voice. Bowie nodded and then saw the man's expression change from cheerful to laughter. “Say, Sir Astral certainly is a great person. He even teaches a mischievous little kid like you. Hahaha!” He laughed and ruffled Bowie's blond hair.


Pulling away and fixing his hair he gave the merchant a scowl but he could tell the older man didn't mean any harm. “Heh, good one. I think I'll just be going now.” Bowie said as he heading off passed the church to Astral’s school. Bowie knew that there wasn't anything else to do in town this early and he was already running late. After rushing up the steps and opening the door to Sir Astral’s school house Bowie saw two other teenagers already inside.


First he saw a centaur boy who was about his age or at least no more than a year older than him. From the waist up he seemed to be a fairly attractive boy who was a little on the thin side. He had green hair and long pointed ears. But down below he had the short white fur of a horse's body and the four legs to go with it. As such he was taller than the other kids in town but never tried to flaunt it. “Jaha must be sleeping soundly about now.” He joked to the other student in the room.”


Now looking over toward the front of the class he saw a human girl with long blue hair that matched her cobalt priest robes. She had soft burgundy eyes and showed a warm smile as she watched blond boy walk in. “Hi Bowie. How are you?” She asked sweetly.


“I'm doing fine Sarah. Just slept in a bit this morning.” By sheer juvenile naivete Bowie did not notice Sarah's obvious blush as he walked forward and stood right in front of her. “So what's going on? Where is the teacher?” He asked notice the absence of adults in the room.


“Sir Astral is in the basement, but he looks strange today.” She said, stepping out of the way so that Bowie could have a look. He nodded and proceeded down the stairs.Right away ihis nose was assaulted by the smell of dusty old books and the residue of Sir Astral's herbs. There were rows of bookcases down here, not all of which were for the classrooms lessons upstairs.


“Mmm… aahh… Oh, yeah! It must be… No, it's not a…” The wizened old man mumbled to himself in study over a book. As Bowie approached the old man turned to him and said, “Oh, morning Bowie. When did you come in? Is it time to start school?” He coughed, clearing his throat. “Ok, I'm coming up soon.” Figuring he should probably go let his friends know, he turned to head back upstairs. But as he walked away Astral stopped him asking, “By the way, Bowie, what did you think of the storm last night? Did you feel something evil, or anything?” At this the young teen gave him a strange look. He tried to think but just didn't know what to say to such an unusual question. “No, nothing?! Perhaps it was just my imagination. Sorry.”


Walking back upstairs he saw that the other two had already taken their seats. Bowie was bothered by what had happened downstairs though and quickly stepped over beside Sarah wanting to whisper to her about it. However Bowie was caught off guard as she suddenly shrieked at him. In actuality Sarah had been surprised seeing the boy that she liked suddenly come try to sit right next to her when that was not his usual spot. Becoming nervous her juvenile mind made her snap as she shouted to him, “What's wrong with you? Your seat is next to Chester!” Bowie stared at her in surprise and wanted to explain. But just then he heard Astral coming up the stairs so he decided to let it go and take his normal seat.


As soon as he did though, he noticed that the centaur beside him had fallen asleep in his seat. “Zzzzz…  zzzzz... “ Bowie elbowed him just before their instructor made his way upstairs. “Aye… yes!” He shouted looking around. “Oh, it's you, Bowie. I thought it was Sir Astral!” Then he noticed the old man walk in and Bowie gave him a wink as Chester nodded with a smile in return.


Sir Astral wasted no time, calling out as before he was even over the last step. “Is everybody here? Ok, let's start. Where is Jaha? Overslept again? Oh, well. I can't wait for him.” He said strictly as he cracked open a lesson book. “Where did I leave off yesterday?”


Sarah eagerly raised her hand, being the studious one in the class. However before anyone else could respond a loud voice could be heard calling from outside. “Sir Astral!” Shouted a guard who instantly came rushing into the school house. Ignoring the students he yelled, “The minister would like you to come to the castle!”


The children looked panicked at the sight of the guard. They weren't used to seeing one of the soldiers lose their calm like this. Astral looked him in the eyes and said, “What has happened? Why are you so…?” But he was quickly interrupted.


“The king. He has fallen down and is in great pain!” The guard shouted, trying to get just the important information out to make Astral to come along as quickly as possible.


This definitely had gotten the old man's attention. “What?! The king? Ok, I'm coming.” He followed as the guard returned out the door but Astral stopped just before leaving to say, “Sorry, kids. I have to go to the castle. Stay here.” There was no time to emphasize further and with that he had rushed out.


Inside the three students were left in an uncomfortable and nervous silence. It was Chester who spoke up first saying, “Bowie, did you hear that? The king is sick! But, I think it must be something else! The guard was acting so strange!” He said with worry in his voice.


Sensing a challenge Sarah instantly hopped up from her seat and walked over to the boys. “Hey Chester, let's go to the castle!” She said with her voice full of enthusiasm.


“We can't Sarah!” The centaur exclaimed. “We’re just kids. They won't let us in.”


“Never mind that. I have a plan!” She said assertively. Then she looked over to the blond boy next to them. “Bowie, maybe we can meet the Princess! Are you going with us?” She asked excitedly. He couldn't help but notice that they were alone in the school house now that Sir Astral wasn't around. Shaking his head no Sarah suddenly became flabbergasted and not knowing what else to say she blurted out, “No? Really? Then I'm not going either! But, if you change your mind, let me know right away!”


Bowie chuckled because it was obvious how badly she really did want to go. Even though she was a book worm she was still the most adventurous of the three of them. But Bowie had to admit that the merchant out on the street had been right about him because he was the most mischievous of his friends. “Don't worry Sarah. I'll be right back. There is just something that I want to do.” After that he walked passed the front of the classroom and made his way back downstairs to Astral’s basement. Once he was by himself down there he couldn't help but want to look around. He and his friends were always welcomed to check out the books that were available but Bowie had never been down here alone.


He checked over by the instructor's desk but whatever book he had been reading must have been taken with him. Not seeing anything of particular interest he searched over by the large vase in the corner. “Oh so this is where Sir Astral keeps his herbs?” Bowie said, reaching in and taking one for himself.


“What are you doing down here?” A soft voice asked from behind him. Turning around he was relieved to see that it was just Sarah and she seemed to be alone. Jestering over with his head Bowie watched as Sarah stepped over with him. “Sir Astral's herbs?” She asked.


“Well if you want me to go to the castle with you then there might be danger. It would be best to be prepared in case one of us gets hurt.” He said, trying to justify his sticky fingers.


But Sarah leaned against the wall trying look cool and confident as she said, “You don't have to worry about that. I'm not just smart, charming and beautiful. I'm magic too. I would heal you if anything were to happen to you." She said proudly.


Suddenly it became very apparent to Bowie that they were alone together. Here they were, no Sir Astral and no Chester. They were down in the corner of this basement with Sarah talking about how beautiful she thinks she is. “Would you really help me?” Bowie said giving her a charming smile.


Not having caught on yet Sarah reached out and grabbed Bowie by the front of his shirt combatively. “You better believe it! Don't you dare doubt me!” Here she was trying to show off so Bowie would think she is cool but she hadn't realized yet that his smile wasn't because he was laughing at her.


“I would protect you, Sarah. If you were in danger, I'd save you.” He said as now he stood very close to her with her back already completely against the wall.


Now her eyes suddenly went doe eyed as her classmate crush just said a romantic line to her and she realized they were close enough to almost be kissing. “Oh! Um, uh… is that so?” She stammered as nervousness overtook her. She tried to back away becoming shy but there was literally nowhere for her to go as Bowie put his arms on the wall at each side of her.


This time Bowie definitely noticed how hard the priest was blushing. “Sarah, why did you feel like mentioning the Princess upstairs? No one said that there was anything wrong with her. It is the king who is sick. Why bring her up?” He said coyly, loving how his smile seemed to make his adventurous friend become bashful.


“Oh, well, I suppose… She is a Princess and all… She is beautiful and…We’re just kids so I don't know if you like girls yet but....”


“I like girls.” Bowie interrupted, quickly and confidently. Now he was grinning as Sarah obviously reacted to that.


Sarah's reddish eyes snapped open wide as inside her mind her thoughts raced. “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! He ‘likes’ girls already! Why is he so close to me?! WHAT does he ‘like’ about girls yet?! I thought he was still like Chester! That idiot doesn't have a clue about girls yet. Is Bowie matured like me? Oh no, what if Bowie is ‘more’ matured than me?! Does Bowie…” she gulped as his blue eyes bore into her making her afraid he could see what she was thinking, “like I do? What if he is already interested in things that I have never even thought about yet?! Eeek somebody help me!”


As Sarah looked at him quietly he continued saying, “Yes she is beautiful. And I do like beautiful girls. Why, what do you think I like about the Princess?” He asked coyly.


Now Sarah looked like she got a little mad at the question. “What?! Why everything of course!” She shouted. “She is a Princess! She has long beautiful ‘golden’ hair!” She said somewhat bitterly. “She has smooth, pale complexion.” She said pointing at her face which was clear but not as pristine. “She's got… you know, a lovely body…” She sulked, hugging her breasts which were quite nice but not as developed.


“You think I'm interested in seeing her body?” Bowie asked.


Now Sarah got a little uncomfortable and twirled her toe on the ground. “Well yeah. You're a boy and you're interested in girls. She's beautiful. So… of course you would.” She looked away at the floor jealousy, feeling sorry that she ever brought the Princess up. But what happened next she did not expect.


“You know, you're a beautiful girl.” Bowie said like it was no big deal. Suddenly her face snapped right up to look at him and he honestly couldn't tell if she were embarrassed or angry at him. Her face was so red and her eyes looked like they couldn't blink if she tried. “You said it yourself. You are smart, charming… beautiful. Remember?” He teased and leaned in close. She looked like she would have shrunk away if she could. “What if I wanted to see your body?” He asked her as softly as his voice would allow. Inside her all of her thoughts went dead as her brain flatlined. Her eyes watched for any signs that this might be a joke. But he didn't do or say anything else. He just kept staring at her with a smile that looked very seductive to her.


There was a silent moment as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other. She didn't know what else to do in this situation as her hands raised up from her sides with trembling fingers. Bowie watched in surprise as she reached under her neck and unclasped the hook on her robe. Turning her gaze away, not able to face his stare she pulled the tie of her gown open and missed seeing the blush on Bowie's face as she slowly slipped it off of her shoulders. The boy couldn't see it but her stomach was visibly trembling now as she held her outfit with a hand at the top of her chest, shoulders exposed and her back against the wall hanging completely open. Then as neither of them said anything she took a deep breath and let go of the front of her robe. Wearing no undergarments to support her chest Bowie stood there now able to completely see his childhood friends upper body for the firm time. He noticed thatthe robe hcaught around her hips, Sarah having much wider and attractive hip bones than he ever realized before. But from the top of her pelvic bone and above she was completely bare before him now.


Bowie couldn't believe it. He had never truly considered her in this way before but now he could not resist taking in the full sight before him. Her pelvis sloped inward toward the pubic mound below which he could not see. But above that her belly and sides had just a slight bit of baby fat that made her skin look so smooth and soft. Even her navel had a cuteness to it that brought a stiffness in his pants like he had never known. Then his eyes gazed at the curve of her body observing how her hips curled upwards into her ribs. His breath was taken away as this was also the first time he was actually seeing a girl's breasts before and he was amazed by the sight of them. Sarah's 34B’s looked bigger than Bowie thought they would have been. Her nipples looked incredibly hard at the moment and from rumors he had heard about women's bodies from Jaha, Bowie wondered if Sarah was incredibly turned on showing herself off like this. Her skin was so pale that even her nipples and the skin around them were only a shade darker than the rest of her alabaster chest.


“What is it?” She asked nervously, holding herself exposed for him to see. “Why are you looking at me like that?” She asked, not sure what he was thinking from his stunned face. She wanted to know if he liked what he saw or not but he wasn't saying anything.


“Can I kiss you?” He whispered soft and quickly.


“W-what?” She mumbled. He had spoken so quietly that she wasn't sure of what she just heard.


He took a breath and said again, looking now into her skittish eyes. “I want to kiss you.” He said simply, not being able to believe this was happening.


Sarah blushed and smiled, taking that as an obvious sign that he appreciated her exhibition for him. “O...okay.” She said, considering that a kiss was of little harm at this point now that he could already see her chest. Sarah jumped as Bowie quickly leaned in and pushed his lips against hers. It wasn't just a single kiss he gave her either. He held his face forward, kissing her once and then again and then again. She was still feeling shy but she gave in leaning forward to kiss him back. Soon Bowie was sucking on her lips and this attention was making Sarah's cheeks hurt from how hard she was smiling. Being kissed like this was making her feel so grown up and so mature and so beautiful. However she gasped as she felt nervous fingertips suddenly touch her exposed belly.


She tried to look but Bowie moved in, clearly not want to separate their lips yet. She didn't mind so she allowed the making out to continue but her eyes were open, nervously looking up at the ceiling as she felt his hands caressing the baby fat of her belly and sides. “Don't reach down, don't reach down, please don't reach down.” Her mind thought frantically as she allowed his hands to get braver at touching her skin. However she sighed with relief as she felt his fingertips sliding up from her pelvic muscle towards her navel. She giggled a bit as he tickled her belly button while touching it but she could tell that he wasn't trying to. She bit her bottom lip, being fully aware of how wet she was becoming between her legs as his hands reached further and further towards her breasts. She could feel his breathing getting heavier as he was almost touching them and she enjoyed that reaction from him so much.


“Bowie…” She whispered out between his kisses. She sensed his eager desperation and shook her head. “Mhm, I'm not stopping you. You're making my lips sore.” She giggled and he laughed as he pulled away to give her mouth a rest for a moment. His hands were still moving up her abs though and she reached out to grab both of his wrists. He looked up at her with his fingernails just at the base of her breasts. “Listen…” She said to him softly. “If anyone would have told me this morning that I'd be doing this today I would have hit them in the face with my staff!” She said aggressively. But then she pulled his hands up and let him hold a full grasp of each of her breast with his hands. Then she leaned forward and kissed him passionately, sucking on his lips as she allowed him full access to squeeze her breasts and play with her nipples.


Now Sarah was becoming extremely aroused having the most handsome boy in town squeezing and tugging at her mounds while kissing her. Her thighs were grinding tightly together trying her stop her dripping slit from leaking down between her legs. The more Bowie touched her the more she wanted him to just rip her robe off and take here right there. However she was still too embarrassed to let her robe fall the rest of the way off her hips. But suddenly her eyes shot open wide as she felt something hard pressing against her. Breaking the kiss to look down she saw that his pants were sticking out from something running hard and long down his leg.


“Does that bother you?” Bowie asked simply.


“Bother me?! N-no! Not at all!” She said as her face was flushed scarlett. “Do you really like me that much? I wasn't expecting you to… you know.”


He just chuckled and said, “Yeah well… Actually, I will have you know that this kind of hurts having it stuck in my pants like this. I would really like to be able to take it out.”


Sarah had to stop her mouth from falling open. Alri-alri-alri-ahem... I'm, okay with that." Reaching up with her hand she made sure she wasn't drooling a bit as she was now heavily salivating. “I don't mind. Would you really be okay with me seeing it?” Bowie didn't say anything but he just nodded and started unfastening his pants. Sarah just watched, mesmerized like a statue as she watched the pants of her bestfriend fall down to the floor. “Aaaah!” She gasped seeing Bowie now completely nude from the waist down. His penis was fully erect and it seemed like it was pointing right at her. It was pale with a pink tip. Looking it over she saw that he had golden hair growing lightly over the base of it and his testicles hung down larger than she would have expected. In addition to that she couldn't help notice that his legs and ass looked finely sculpted for a boy their age. “Can I touch it?” She asked softly.


Bowie smiled and stepped out of his pants in front of her. “You let me touch you. It's only fair.” Then with nervous shaking fingers Sarah reached out with both hands. She almost made herself jump at the touch. It was so smooth for how hard it actually felt. Wrapping her hands around it she found that it seemed to be a little thicker around than two of her fingers together but it was about as long as the tip of her thumb to the tip of her ring finger. “it smells nice.” She giggled but then she pulled back embarrassed that she had just said that aloud.


“It felt really good having you touch it. I was enjoying that.” He said to her encouragingly.


Quickly she put both of her hands back onto him and asked, “Yeah? You're enjoying this?” She felt proud of herself yet she didn't understand why.


“Why don't you try tasting it?” Bowie said suggestively as his morning fantasy was quickly replacing the Princess with Sarah now.


Sarah looked up at him confused though. “Taste you? Why?” She continued rubbing him with her hands. “I know a few things and I know what this is for. It's why I'm not letting you see me down below. I'm not ready for that yet. But why do you want me to taste you?”


Bowie saw genuine curiosity in her eyes and was happy to instruct the girl. He smiled as he did so, glad to hear that she had clearly never done this for another boy before. “Because it will feel really good for me. I know about sex too but we don't have to go that far. There are other things that we can do and this is one of them. I don't know how it feels for the girl and if you don't like it then you can stop. But I have always wanted someone to put it in their mouth and suck on it for me.” He explained.


Sarah, being the ever studious brainiac that she was, thought about it for a moment. “Hmm, well I suppose a mouth could be warm and wet just like the inside of a woman. So I can understand why that might feel good to you. But what about my teeth? I don't want to hurt you.”


“Well don't bite it!” Bowie yelled and they both laughed. “Just use your lips and suck on it. And if you don't mind the taste, you can rub your tongue on it.” He instructed, his voice sounding full of hope.


“Okay.” She said as if it were the simplest thing in the world. However just after leaning forward she realized what she was about to do and became incredibly embarrassed. She looked down now feeling too shy to look him in the eyes as she opened her mouth and put just the tip between her lips. Bowie gave a deep sigh of satisfaction feeling her mouth touch him and her warm breath caressing along his shaft. Sarah blushed harder hearing that she was already pleasing him at doing so little so far. Sliding out her tongue she licked over the tip a bit discovering that she did not find the taste to be unpleasant at all. “You can do this Sarah.” She told herself and then leaned down taking a big mouthful of him inside at one time and then quickly started sucking. She giggled as Bowie jumped, clearing having enjoyed that and after another second she found that she was surprised as well. “Mmm this actually tastes kind of good.” She thought.


For the next several minutes nothing else happened, changed, or disturbed the repeated action of the half naked priest on her knees sucking passionately upon the penis of her life long friend. Bowie was groaning gently, trying not to make too much noise but experiencing the most pleasurable moment of his young life. Meanwhile Sarah needed no further encouragement as her closed eyes hung heavy with her own bliss. Without an ounce of hesitation she repeatedly tried to take as much of him into her mouth as possible. She had one hand holding the base of his rod while the other held onto his hip. Her tongue hungrily licked along his shaft and her lips were locked like a vice, not wanting a single bit of the delicious taste to escape her lips. “Mmm it-th tas-k so goo-k!” She choked a bit as she tried talking without taking him out of her mouth.


“Uuhhh that feels so incredible! I don't want you to be hurt, but you choking made your mouth feel so much tighter. What did you say?” Bowie groaned, sounding a bit dunk with bliss.


Sarah chuckled and finally pulled her mouth back, not having realized until now that her jaw was getting kind of sore. “I said, you taste so good!” And she had hardly finished her sentence before running her tongue up and down along the length of his shaft. She hadn't been able to reach the base of his length and she wasn't wanting to leave that part of him unlicked. As she was enjoying herself she looked up to Bowie with a naughty grin. “So you like it when my mouth feels tight?” She asked playfully.


“Oh yeah, definitely.” He said excitedly. “It felt like I was going to explode a moment ago.”


“Explode huh?” Sarah thought to herself proudly hearing such exciting encouragement. She was happy to get her mouth back over Bowie's rod but this time she took a very different approach. She took a deep breath and sucked very hard without releasing the pressure. “Mmm it tastes so good! I could suck on this forever!” She thought to herself as she started moving her mouth forward and back while holding her mouth as tight as possible.


“Uuuuhhhh it feels so good! I can't believe it!” Bowie yelled as he suddenly reached down and held her head.


Sarah's cheeks tightened in a slight grin as she felt like the luckiest girl alive. She held her proud little smile as she took a breath through her nose and then tried to push her mouth all the way down. “This is fun! It's like a game. A delicious, sexy, ga-" But suddenly her cheerful thoughts were interrupted with confused panicked. “GUUULKPPTTTT!” Having no idea what suddenly happened she found herself feeling like she was drowning. Out of nowhere a rush of warm, thick, fluid flooded her mouth and she choked on a big glob that shoved down her throat into her stomach. On her initial gag the pressure spurted a spray of the cream back out across Bowie's lap and all over her lips. She gave a garbled scream not knowing what was happening as more fluid erupted into her mouth falling down her esophagus. She began kicking her legs against the floor boards as her stomach was invaded by the uninvited substance that she could not prevent from being swallowed.


As soon as Sarah screamed Bowie realized that something was wrong and tried to pull away but he had already launched three ropes of seed down her throat by that point. He had been so turned on from receiving his first blowjob that he was still cumming when he tried to pull out of her mouth. A fourth spurt hit her right across the face near her left eye and a final fifth spurt hit her chin which was now sliding down across her chest. Sarah looked like she could hardly breathe. She bent down onto her hands and knees, retching for the fluid to be expelled from within her. As soon as she could breathe she gasped out at him, “What?!... What did you…ughk… what did you do?!” Sarah cried, feeling terrified as the unknown substance was now hanging from her face.


“Calm down, let me help you and I'll explain!” He urged. After getting her cleaned and giving her time to breathe Bowie gave her a basic explanation of male orgasm and his apologies for assuming she knew what he meant by exploding.


“Bowie, it's okay. I already told you that I'm not mad so you can stop apologizing. I really enjoyed what we were doing. I just… it caught me so off guard when you, well, exploded is a good word for it.”  He gave her a smile as they both sat still half undressed. Bowie was stealing glances at her chest and she was stealing glances at his penis. “For now we should probably get out of this basement. I left Chester upstairs and I hope he wasn't able to hear everything we just did and said.” Bowie nodded and they pulled their eyes away from one another's bodies so that Bowie could pull up his pants and Sarah worked to lift her robes back over her shoulders.


She looked up surprised as Bowie spoke to her very seriously. “Sarah I- that was amazing. Thank you.”


She saw the serious look on his face and couldn't help but laugh. “Okay, let's calm down. I don't want this to ruin our friendship so I'll just say you're welcome and leave it at that.” She said with a smile. Bowie nodded but she smiled and added, “Oh but just so you know… I would be willing to do that with you again, sometime, if you wanted. My mouth is kind of sore but I had a lot of fun doing it.”


“I would like that.” He said with a grin, wiping the sweat from his golden bangs so it didn't look so obvious that the two of them had been fooling around.


“I'll bet.” She giggled as they both began to quietly tiptoe back upstairs together.

**Authors Ending Note**

Alright so what did you think? I tried to keep things simple while keep the detail in depth. I was going for perverted innocence here. The simplist things feel incredible because you don't know any better yet and no one is greaaaat at having sec when you're still young and dumb. I hope my readers will still find this sexy. There will be more to come. Expect the naivety and clumsiness to continue with most characters until at least the main land is reached. 

**If you have a favorite character tell me and I will try to give them some extra attention. 



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