PokeFusion - Luke's and Lapis's Tale

BY : Subzero_Dragon
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“Congratulations, Lapis! Looks like you’re finally a Gardevoir now!”


When my vision recovered from the light, I looked down at my body, both intrigued and more than a little surprised. Sure enough, it was just as Master said. My small, cute form had matured. I was a Kirlia no more, I was now a fully-evolved Gardevoir. I knew this day would come, but the suddenness of my evolution was startling all the same. I felt much more powerful, more aware, like my senses were expanded. My horn had moved from my head to my chest, and I was physically bigger; it looked like I’d grown a couple of feet. I could now look Master in the eye instead of looking up at him as I always did. I did just that, locking eyes with Master and projecting an emotion to him in response. This one was a proud, confident feeling, and I shared it.


Look, Master! Now I’m full-grown!”


“You sure are, Lapis,” he laughed as he looked me up and down, “you sure are! Look how tall you are now! I guess you can’t ride around on my shoulder anymore, huh.” He was giving me that same playful smile I’ve adored since I was a Ralts.


My own proud smile fell a notch. “That’s true. No more Grumpiggy-back rides...” I regained my grin as I realized something, “Wait a second! I can talk telepathically now!”


His eyes got wide and he looked at me funny. “So you can. Huh. I’ve spent so long just assuming what you’re saying that I almost didn’t realize it. This’ll take some getting used to...”


I think it’s a good thing.” I walked over to his side and put my hand on his shoulder. “And now that I’m finally grown up, I can start to pay you back for what you did for me. It’s my turn to protect you.”


“Pay me back?” Master gave me a more joshing look, “We’re a team, Lapis. Paybacks are for strangers. Don’t worry about it.”


I shook my head. “Master, you know I can’t do that. You saved my life. You’re the most important human in the world to me. If something happened to you, I could never forgive myself. Please understand.”


Master’s face showed a brief look of shock. He flashed me a grin to hide it, but I felt the surprise that his expression hid. “What happened to you Lapis? You used to be so timid. What’s gotten into you?”


Master was right. I had changed—I evolved. I also knew that wasn’t what he meant. I’d realized it just now. It wasn’t just my body that changed when I evolved. Ever since I was a Ralts, I’d been a very shy scardey-Meowth of a Pokémon. I’d even run away from Master that day he saved me from being eaten by a Liepard. I didn’t even realize that he was my hero in my panic.


Becoming a Kirlia made me more confident, but there were still times when I would freeze up because I was unsure of what to to. Now that I was a Gardevoir, all those insecurities were gone like morning fog before the sun. Master was that sun—my sun.


I now felt an overwhelming urge to protect Master, to serve him, to be his best partner. Come to think of it, calling him Master was a change too. I knew my trainer’s name well enough: Luke. It felt more right to call Luke “Master,” but I wasn’t entirely sure why I felt so strongly about it now. As the notion came, I realized that I didn’t care. Master was Luke, Luke was Master. There was no difference between the two, save a name.


I don’t know if I can answer that, Master...” I admitted as I rubbed my chin, “is that bad?”


Master’s grin became genuine and he stroked my hair. “It’s not a bad different. It’s just… different.” He seemed to realize what he was doing, and he recoiled while giving me an embarrassed look.


I could feel the sudden shyness, but I didn’t know why he was reacting like that. “Master? Why did you stop?”


I could feel Master become conflicted a bit, “You… look a lot like a human now, Lapis. It’s kind of weird to pet you now...”


I resemble a human to you? If that means no more head-pets, then I don’t like it.” I couldn’t hold back projecting my disappointment along with a frown. Why was resembling a human making Master so uncomfortable? Was it a taboo thing for human boys to pet human girls? I didn’t understand.


Master sighed in relief. “You still like it? Then don’t mind if I do! You’re soft.” I giggled as he ran his fingers through my hair again. I felt Master’s happiness grow, and I shared my own. We just stood there, Master petted me and I let him. I wanted him to keep it up, but I remembered something important we needed to do.


Master, we need to get back to Castelia City. We don’t want to miss the ship.”


Master seemed to recall, “That’s right! Tomorrow’s the day we get to go to Alola! I’m originally from Sinnoh, but we moved to Unova when I was little. Not long after I started my journey, Mom’s job made her and Dad move all the way to Alola. I bet you’ve never been to Alola, huh Lapis?”


I shook my head and Master continued, “That’s okay, neither have I. All I know about Alola comes from the letters and pictures my family sends me. They say Alola’s full of friendly people and they love visitors! They also say it’s so tropical there that it doesn’t ever snow, even in the dead of winter! And there’s Pokémon there that don’t live anywhere else in the world! Does that sound like paradise or what?!”


Master’s growing excitement was getting me worked up too. I didn’t know what to say to that, so I just smiled noncommittally. He was right, I’d never been to Alola before. In fact, I’ve never seen much of the world until Master caught me. Now, I’d seen him get three of those Gym Badges humans like to earn. He’s gotten better at fighting, as have I. In fact, we were training out here on Route 4, passing time until tomorrow. I didn’t expect to evolve today! Well, no regrets here. I was decidedly content with what I’d become.


I followed Master out of the grass patch we’d been wandering about in and we turned down the road south towards the city. The sun was starting to set, and the shadows were lengthening. I yawned and suddenly realized how tired I was. Training and evolving took more energy out of me than I first realized. I was looking forward to a good night’s sleep.


Master pulled me over with an arm about my shoulder. I saw he was holding a photograph in his hand. The picture showed two grinning, suntanned, adult humans on the porch of a single-level house painted different shades of powder-blue. A small, yellow insect Pokémon with a puffball body was sipping nectar from lush, red flowers that climbed over the railings. The female human was wearing a striped blue sun dress and was waving at the camera, a watering can in one hand and her straw sunhat in the other. The wind was blowing, and her long brown hair was messily strung across her dark-eyed face. The male was also brunette, but with hazel eyes like Master’s. He resembled an older version of Master. He wearing short, baggy jeans and a Carracosta-print, button-down shirt in a style I’d never seen before. The man was lounging in a woven chair, holding a fat cigar and shielding his eyes from the sun. He seemed to be the one taking the picture.


“That’s them,” Master said, pointing to the humans, “my parents. I bet you don’t remember yours, do you?”


So those were Master’s parents. I wondered what it would be like to have a family. I thought about Master’s question for a moment. I hatched in the wild, alone and helpless. If I did have a family, I didn’t remember them. “No. I don’t know a thing about them...”


“Oh.” Master seemed at a loss for a moment. “Well, you’re in for a treat!” Master’s excitement went up again, “Mom always said she wanted to see you in person. She thinks you’re cute like a little doll! Bet she’s gonna be surprised to see you all grown up. Oh, and Dad wants to see how strong we are. He told me he was was a trainer when he was a teenager before her met Mom.”


I felt Master grow a bit uneasy all of a sudden. “I wonder if I’m good enough? I don’t wanna embarrass him by being weak...”


I don’t know how strong your father was, but I am no slouch,” I reassured Master, “I’ve watched you grow from a confused boy who barely knew how to even throw a Pokéball, into a man I am proud to call Master. I won’t let you down!”


“Aw, quit buttering me up Lapis! You’re gonna make me blush.” Master scratched his ear sheepishly, “I’m not that good yet. I only have three out of eight Badges for the Unova Gyms. And then there’s the Elite Four. That’s not even counting the Champion, or other countries. I’m wimpier than a newborn Pidove compared to the League members.”


I’d have to see that for myself before I believe that.”


Trainers stronger than Master? I know they might have been out there, but I found it hard to believe. I’d seem him lose to other trainers before. But what I never lost was my commitment. Even when he was down after a fight, I’d share my belief in him, and he’d smile every time and tell me I was cute to keep confiding in him. I didn’t have such trust because I thought Master was invincible. It was because no matter how dismal he felt, no matter how many times he was beaten, he always got back on his feet and ended up on top. That’s what real power was—and what I admired most about Master—not his strength but his persistence.


Master laughed again and ruffled my hair in the way he’d do when he was getting embarrassed. It made me giggle again. He sighed, “I wish I had half the faith in myself that you have for me. Thanks, Lapis.”


Don’t thank me for stating the truth, Master.” I replied.


“That’s exactly what I mean. That right kind of stuff there. Thanks, Lapis.” He patted me one more time and pointed up ahead. “We’re here, Castelia City. Do you want to go in your ball?”


I shook my head. “I know not all human places allow Pokémon out of their balls, so I want to be right here as long as I can.”


“The ship caters specifically to trainers. Sometimes they even battle right on deck! I’m sure they’ll be fine with you being out. Can’t say the same about the hotel though. Don’t worry, I’ll talk to you all the same.” Master reassured me. “C’mon Lapis, let’s head to the hotel and rest up. Follow me, try not to get lost.”


I hoped he was right and I could stay out with him. Being in a ball was a bit like being inside a fishbowl. I could still see and hear, but I couldn’t act, or speak, or attack, or anything except watch. Sometimes, Master would talk to me in my ball. Even though I couldn’t even respond with an emotion, I still appreciated it a lot. But it wasn’t entirely a bad thing, being in a ball. Being in a ball also let me see a side of Master that he didn’t show me much of. Like the time he got a letter that made him cry for two hours. Or the time he complimented a girl’s chest size and got slapped as a rebuke. Or even the time he took a shower and accidentally left my ball in the shower stall.


Actually, thinking about things like that was bringing a strange new feeling to the surface. It was stronger than the affection I always felt, but similar. It made my heart race a bit and brought a smile to my face. It was kind of like a cross between happiness and the satisfied feeling I got after Master complimented me. It was a feeling like… like what? I couldn’t even identify it.


Wait, why was I having those kind of thoughts about Master anyway? Master was right, I had changed in a big way. But exactly what were these feelings I was having? I had no idea what to make of it.


By the time I came back out of my own thoughts, we had made it to a hotel by the docks. I followed Master inside, where a smiling man behind the counter nodded at us.


“Welcome to the Cherri-Berri Hotel!” he beamed, “How may I help you?”


“I need a room for one night,” Master said, “What’s your rates?”


“We have a standard rate of 500 Poké a night for a single room, plus an additional 500 Poké deposit for trainers. Will that suffice?”


Master balked at the price. “What? Since when was there a deposit!?”


The receptionist looked a bit chagrined. “Sorry kid, we’ve had trouble with trainers leaving huge Pokémon-related messes in their rooms lately. The last one gave his Muk a bath and stunk up the entire eighth floor for a week! You’ll get the deposit back when you check out, if your room is in acceptable condition. Rules are rules...”


“Ugh, seriously? I get to pay because someone else was being an idiot?” Master’s frustration was so palpable that I could feel it without even sensing for it. “That’s going to set me back further than I planned...” After several uncomfortable moments, Master sighed, “Anywhere else’s going to be full this close to the departure... alright fine, I got it. I’ll make sure Lapis behaves herself.”


“Very good then. Please pay in full up front, and I’ll direct you two to your room.” Master paid the bill, and the receptionist took a key-card off a peg behind him. “This way—room 137.”


I followed Master again, who followed the receptionist in turn. We walked a short ways down the hall and past many doors, then paused at a particular door where he handed Master the key-card. He bowed with a crisp, “Have a good night sir,” then looked at me with a subtle wink, “lady,” and left back to the front desk. I tipped my head at what he called me. Lady? Was that a joke, because I resemble a human, like Master said?


Master unlocked the door and held the door open, “Hope you don’t mind us sharing a room. I didn’t expect you to evolve today, so I only planned for a single-bed room. I can see if we have a fold-out bed for you or-”


You mean we can’t share the bed? Why?” I asked.


Master gave that same weird look he got when he stopped petting me earlier. “W-well… you’re a lot bigger now, Lapis. I don’t think we’ll both fit on the bed.”


Okay, good point. I still wasn’t used to my new, bigger body. We used to sleep together sometimes, and I didn’t mind it. In fact, I liked it quite a lot. At first, he was hugging me mostly to keep warm, or so he claimed. It developed over the course of our two years together into an understanding kind of thing that I looked forward to. Feeling his warmth and rhythm of Master’s breathing against my body was very soothing, and I knew it was mutual for him too. Furthermore, I could sense Master’s unhindered true self when he slept. It was like taking the cover off of a beautiful sculpture to see the form underneath. That was my favorite way to see him—without any of the acts and faces he had to put on in front of everyone else. I couldn’t tell him any of that, because my telepathic power wasn’t strong enough back then. Emotions alone couldn’t speak what I needed to say.


Now that I could say it to Master, I wasn’t sure I wanted to anymore. What did he mean we couldn’t sleep together? Was it really just because of my size? The thought that I might not be able to do that very personal ritual anymore just because I was bigger galled me deep.


Master, does that mean we’ll never sleep together again?” I asked gloomily. I hoped I wasn’t projecting the sadness I felt.


“No, I mean… Of course we can still sleep together.” Master gave me a hug all of a sudden. The close contact intensified his resonating feelings in me. “If we fit, I mean. Don’t want to wake up with cramps because we got nostalgic.”


Good point again, Master. It was just like him to think so practically. What was I thinking, jumping to a silly conclusion? I smiled and nodded my agreement, projecting a content acknowledgment. I finally came out from the doorway and walked into the room. Master was right behind me, and he turned the lights on as he shut the door behind us. Against the far wall, next to a window overlooking the dock, was the bed. I could see it was not in fact small. It looked big enough for both of us to fit in easily. There was a TV, a small couch with a table in front, and a desk in the corner. The room was overall much bigger than I thought it would be, especially since we were worried about space earlier.


“Would you look at that?” Master seemed just as surprised, “I guess they gave us a queen-sized bed instead of a single. Lucky us! We don’t have to worry about the bed anymore.” Queen-sized? Was this a bed meant for a queen? I didn’t think it looked special apart from being kind of big. The bedding was not particularly ornate either: just a simple blue, ferry-themed duvet with life-preserver shaped decorative pillows on it. I chalked it up to one of those inexplicable human contrary phrases.


Master yawned and stretched. “Welp, time for a shower. Go get comfy, Lapis. I’ll join you in about ten minutes.” I couldn’t hold back a projection of excitement. Master laughed at me and flashed me a grin. “Don’t get too worked up, or you won’t be able to sleep.”


I can’t help it, Master,” I mentally blurted, “I like being with you. It’s so relaxing...”


“Haha, me too,” Master agreed, “But can you stop calling me Master? It feels weird.”


I paused for a moment, stunned by his request. Then, I replied with an accompanying emotion of confusion, “Is calling you ‘Master’ not accurate? You are Master...”


Master—Luke—was flustered by my response. “S-sorry, Lapis. Didn’t mean to make you upset. Call me whatever makes you happy. I’ll get over it.”


Oh Master, always putting my feelings first. But calling him that made him uncomfortable. I realized I shouldn’t be so selfish. My feelings aren’t so important as yours. I’ll call you what you like, Luke.”


“Haha, this side of you will definitely take some getting used to.” Luke ruffled my hair again and made me coo happily. “I better get that shower. Feel free to watch TV or something, okay Lapis?”


I nodded my acknowledgment, and Master—Luke—left to the bathroom. I watched him pull the door shut, and stared after him for several moments. For some reason, even just losing eye-contact with him was unsettling. I shook my head and tore my gaze from the door. Luke would be just fine. It was just a shower. He’d be just fine...


I was thinking to hard again. I decided to take Luke’s advice and try to watch some TV. I reached for the remote, then decided to just levitate it to me instead. I couldn’t help smiling. My powers were far stronger than when I was a Kirlia. I used to have trouble merely lifting a Pokéball, let alone carrying something to me. Luke was worried about us being weak—he was going to be in for a surprise when he showed his family what I could do. I started browsing the channels, settling on one at random. The show I arrived at featured a series of humorous and ridiculous videos, punctuated by the host’s snarky wit. Weird, but watchable. I even laughed several times.


I became distracted enough that a click from the door surprised me. I shot a look over and discovered that the door had drifted open just a crack. Luke must not have shut it quite all the way. For a while, I stared at the door again. I was getting that strong urge to see Luke again. This time it was almost as if the door itself was a sign. I finally decided on silencing that gnawing fear. I used my power to nudge the door the rest of the way open. If I could just see him, maybe this anxiety would fade. Steam rolled out from behind the door briefly. When it cleared, I could finally see Luke. He had just emerged from the shower and was grabbing a towel from a nearby bar. As I felt a wave of relief replace my nagging concern, I realized another feeling was starting to appear. It was that “different” happiness that I was feeling earlier—only it was even stronger now. I found myself tracing his body up and down as if for the first time. It was far from the first time I saw Luke without his clothes on. Sometimes we would even shower together. So why was I staring at him so intensely? I was not sure… but I decided that I liked the feeling I was getting from this.


Luke noticed me and grinned my way. “Haha, you couldn’t wait til I was done could you?” He grabbed the towel off the rack and began drying his still-wet skin as he shot me a silly smirk. “Give me one more minute. I just finished.”


With my worry sated, I was finally able to return to the TV. Sure enough, Luke came right out as quickly as he said he would. He was wearing what he usually did when he slept: nothing but his boxers. He noticed me looking his way again and smiled. “Alright, Lapis. Let’s get some sleep.”


I responded with a content acknowledgment. I shut off the TV and joined him gladly. It was such a simple thing, but I was glad Master felt we could still do this. He took the left side of the bed, so I went to the right. To my delight, he even put an arm around me.


“Promise me you’ll never change this part of you Lapis.”


I promise Mas—Luke,” I had to pause to correct myself mid-sentence, “Let’s be like this forever.” Luke said nothing, but nodded at me. I was already feeling his mind relax and his breathing begin to slow. I nuzzled up tighter to him and smiled happily. Evolving had brought so much change. If I could still keep moments like these just for myself, then I could do anything, anything with my favorite Master right by my side.

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