Stuck on a girl

BY : Akage
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Leon was always a cool and collected guy. There wasn't any situation he couldn't defuse, any setting he couldn't blend into, any creepy guy he couldn't get off your ass in a bar with just one look. He could be your shoulder to cry on, your shove when you needed it, your mentor and advisor. 

He could also be an ass, but I suppose we all could given the right circumstances. 

Leon could also be blinded by sexy Asian women that wear next to nothing and like to lead you on, always leaving you, well, not getting any. 

Yes, I mean Ada Wong. 


I could tell Leon was angry when he rang me, and driving, three things when mixed together could be very dangerous and knowing Leon he was already driving way over the speed limit. 

"Okay Leon, one: I had better be on speaker phone! Two: if you even think about putting your foot down I will kill you if your car doesn't and three: I don't even know why you're asking! You know my doors always open" I say to the man over the phone as I hear his engine and the window wipers on his car. 

"Three is something we have to change! I'll be there in 10!"

"Not literally! Ugh ok just stick to 20 miles an hour, please!" I state 

"Sure thing mom"

I smile at his words as I could hear the anger slowly seeping out of him. 

"Good! So I'll see you in 20" I counter 

Leon laughs and I feel at ease as he ends the call knowing he was no longer driving angry. 


16 minutes later Leon's walking into my house and plopping himself down onto my sofa, not caring that he nearly sat on my feet hidden by my blanket. 

I scowl, my legs bent and once he's comfy I stretch my legs back in front of me across my sofa, my feet now on Leon's lap under my blanket. 


We're silent for a while, Leon looking at my tv as I looked him over. 

He wore his flight jacket, covered in tiny darker spots from the rain that caught him, his hair glistening from the wet specs on his blond locks. This is the third time this year he's turned up gone 10pm to sulk on my sofa and feel sorry for himself and I'll give you one guess as to who caused it. 


"Let me guess. You met Ada! You did your little back and forth, arguing, flirting, then she left you with blue balls"

His eyes were fierce when they zoned in on me but were gone as fast as they came. 

He knew I was right.


"I keep telling you she isn't worth the chase!" 

"I'm done!" He admits, his voice gravelly. He sounds like he's given up. 

I eye him suspiciously until he looks at me. 

"I am, I'm done! Done chasing, done trying, done thinking that one day she's actually going to walk the walk"

I scoff incredulously and Leon's onyx eyes harden. 

"I'm serious Amber, I'm through playing her little games"

"Uh huh, until she calls again, needing a small favour"

"Already blocked her number" he reveals 


"I'm serious! I told you I'm done"

"Wow, what did she do?"

"Built on the sexual tension, told me what she knew I wanted to hear, touched me like she wanted me then she got a phone all after leading me away from the bar, after sticking her hand down my fucking pants. Then she had to bolt. To climb into another mans car" 


I just roll my eyes. I've known Leon three years now, been good friends with him for two and he's known Ada five, and in those five years they've come close to having sex three times, never quite getting that far. 

Leon is love stricken and she takes advantage. Leon being the cop, having the information she wants, being able to get her out of trouble and what does he get in return? Left feeling horny and used. 


"Hate to say I told you so" I lie with a coy smile. I'd told him the kind of woman she was the day I met her but he refused to listen. 

I'm just glad Leon finally seeing her with another guy has finally knocked some sense into him. 


"I've never understood why you've never just gotten with Claire!" I admit not getting an answer. 

"And don't bother using Chris as an excuse"

"Chris would try and kick my ass that's for sure" he says and I smile at his cockiness using the word try. 

"Me and Claire are like brother and sister, I don't see her any other way" he explains as he helps himself to a glass of my JD, neat. 

"Bullshit! You just haven't noticed her in that way because Ada has always been on the scene. In fact you haven't looked at any other woman since you met Ada!"

His cool blue eyes latch onto mine so I raise my brows, urging him to argue with me and deny it. 

"You know Claire's with Steve right!" 

"Burnside?" I ask feeling crushed, hoping my emotions didn't seep into my voice. 

"Sorry" he says knowing I liked the guy

"No you're not" I quip and he frowns.

"No, now we can be miserable together, to forever being alone" Leon raises his glass and I raise my glass of jack and coke that's nearly empty, too sad about the news of Steve to care about our toasting. Our glasses clink and Leon downs a third of the liquid.

"You're an ass!" I say before downing the last of my drink. 

"I thought you knew" he admits sympathetically, showing although he isn't in a good mood he still actually cares about my feelings. 

"We were flirting just last week" I say sadly 

"I saw it on Claire's Facebook yesterday" 

"Screw him!" I mumble holding my empty glass out for Leon to pour me a refill. 


Once I'd drank enough to feel a slight buzz I get up to fetch my spare quilt and pillow for Leon to use. He wasn't getting back behind his wheel until he's sober if he likes it or not! 

"Jesus Amb, trying to give me a heart attack?" Leon says as I stand, slipping out of the blanket I was lying under. 

"Why?" I ask looking down at him as he eyes me in my night shirt that could just about be classed as baggy with nothing on underneath but a pair of knickers.

"What happened to your pants?" He asks sounding amused 

"I was home alone at night, of course I'm not wearing pants!" I explain with a laugh 

"Shit, you've got curves. An ass! Where'd they come from?" He teases 

I swat him around the head, gaining a laugh

"I'll put something on whilst I grab your blanket" I say stepping towards my door to the left of the sofa we're using. 

"It's fine Am, ignore me. I'm drunk, I've been cock-blocked and the beer goggles are making you look like a girl" 

He dodges the next swat as he knew it was coming before I knew to swing. 

"I am a girl!" I laugh and Leon laughs then too, his laughter lighting up his face. 

"And one with a great ass" he admits as he shamelessly has another look, his eyes drinking in my white pants that my t-shirt couldn't quite cover. 


My jaw slackens as my hands tug at the material of the shirt, trying and failing to stretch it over myself. Leon had never been like this around me, never even looked at me like I was of the opposite sex before. 

"Jesus Leon, how longs it been?" I ask somewhat worried for my friend.

"You don't want to fucking know" he admits before downing more alcohol

"I do!" I say no longer in a rush to grab my spare quilt. I wanted to know. 

"How long have I known Ada?" He states, posing it as a question 

"5 years?" 

His head bobs to the side as if to say there's your answer. 

"Fuck off!" I say in disbelief. Leon says nothing, just downs even more alcohol as if it could hide his shame and embarrassment. 

"There's been no other girl?" I ask curiously. 

Leon looks up into my eyes but says nothing 

"Not even when she's left you hard in a bar?" 

More silence. 

"Fuck. But you could pull anyone! I'd be looking at your ass too if it had been that long for me" I state finding it hard to believe he really hadn't been laid in so long.

"Ahh shit Amb, I ain't... Fuck" he looks down at his lap trying to find words to justify his actions. 

"Leon" I say lightly as I step up beside him at the arm of my settee he's leaning on. 

He looks up to me, his eyes full of hatred for himself so I give him a reassuring smile. 

"It's fine, really. I should have put something on knowing you were coming" I admit 

"No it's not! You shouldn't have a friend who's a perv when he's drunk" 

"We're all pervs when were drunk, girls especially! I've checked you out in those expensive jeans" I admit in hopes that my confession would stop the man beating himself up about checking out my butt and commenting on it. He could do it anytime he wanted, it was quite the confidence boost.

He scoffs a laugh, shaking his head. 

"And now you've checked me out without jeans, were even" I say with a shrug 

"Not quite" he admits grudgingly though I can see the amusement in his eyes.

"I'll go grab your quilt" I say patting him on the shoulder.

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