The Kraken

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The Kraken

Chapter 1= Ship on in

This trip to Tolbi was going great so far. At first Mia thought that it would suck, they had to protect lame oarsmen from weak ass monsters while they moved the ship forward. They were barely doing their job, every time a monster would attack and kill an oarsman the whole group where in the bathroom together making out or in a bedroom below deck starting to get it on but with no more luck then a few licks of the boy’s huge cocks. They never really got far with this and always had to stop the action and get dressed, take about 2 seconds and kill the monster. But now it was all paying off.

Mia was in heaven at this very moment. Isaac was on top of her having fun while fucking her sweet pussy, Garet had his hands on her hips while he rode her ass and Ivan had her mouth stuffed with his thick cock loving the way Mia was moaning over his staff. As for Mia there was nothing that she loved more in Weyard then getting fucked by three great men who always used her as a fuck toy, which was the main reason that she joined them on their quest to save the world from the evil lighthouse’s and to get fucked every single day by the fine men.

“This is so fucking great” cried Garet as his strong hands held her hips as he kept on fucking her ass; it was his favorite part of the mercury slut to use since it was so tight around his cock.

“Say what you like but the pussy is where all the action is” countered Isaac, in his never ending quest to impregnate Mia with his child so he could marry her before they found that wild slut Jenna who was known to fuck everything she could get her hands on.

“I think I’m going to cum” shouted Ivan who had Mia’s warm mouth wrapped around his cock, he never lasted long when someone with a skilled mouth like Mia was sucking his dick.

“LOSER!” shouted the two other men as Ivan unloaded his jizz down Mia’s throat and fell off the bed.

“That was tasty” said Mia her mind was going blank from the scent of Ivan’s cock as well as the treatment Garet and Isaac delivered to the rest of her hot body.

“Don’t worry Mia, Garet and I will give you more very soon” said Isaac, he brought her face close to his and planted a kiss on her cum covered lips. Mia returned the kiss to the man that was fucking her pussy as she made her tongue enter his mouth. Their tongues rolled around each other for a while, until Mia pulled it out of his mouth

“Now the real party can begin” she whispered into Isaac’s ear, he gave a wink to Garet to let him know what was going on.

“Alright” shouted Garet and his speed on her ass started to increase causing her butt to go into intense pain, but she didn’t really care.

Isaac started to fuck her faster as well, because once Ivan was out cold Mia would clean their cocks after they came inside of her and there was no better feeling in all of Weyard than her sweet mouth wrapping around your dick.

Isaac pressed his mouth onto hers once more, everybody knew that he was her official boyfriend and that the couple wanted a child, anyways whenever Ivan was gone from her mouth, Isaac and Mia where almost always in lip lock, plus Isaac didn’t mind getting a taste of Ivan’s cum.

Mia let out a shout of bliss as Isaac and Garet perfectly timed their release together at the exact same time. Mia closed her eyes in joy as she felt Garet’s warm jizz flow through her ass, making it feel a little better after the fucking that it just took, as for the semen that now made its way to her womb, it felt just as good as she felt that rush through her body getting her close to her own climax.

The two fine men pulled out their ripe cocks from her body showing them off to their lady, Mia moved back a bit and sat on the pillow feeling some of Garet’s cum sneak out of her asshole, she didn’t mind if she had to sleep on that same pillow in a few hours, right now she had two cocks to clean from the mess that she caused.

Of course Isaac was the first one that she took into her mouth, usually she would suck the cocks dry until they would cum once more, Garet was on the other side of her and she used her free hand to give him a handjob while her mouth was busy with her real lover.

“Excellent work Mia” Isaac panting knowing that his release was coming soon.

“Man, Isaac you’re getting out of shape” stated Garet.

“Can you blame me I was fucking your sister a few hours ago” said Isaac

“I was fucking your mom, but you don’t see me cumming so soon. Oh well, more of Mia’s mouth for me” said Garet

Isaac shot his load of cum straight down her throat, she tried her best to swallow every drop that he gave her, Isaac moved back falling off the bed and landing against the door that lead to the hall, Mia then turned her attention to Garet’s cock that has since gotten bigger with her lovely hand stroking it to its max size.

“This looks great” she said in a low voice before taking the whole thing into her small mouth, she was hardly used to sucking things that were more than half the size of her throat, but she loved cock so much that she couldn’t pass up a great looking cock like this.

“Suck it just like that bitch” he told her, that was something else that turned her on from her lover’s best friend, he treated her like a true bitch, while Isaac treated her like an angel, she was a slut and she liked to be treated like one once in a while.

“It’s so yummy” she said in between sucks of the red monster which was the name given to it by Garet himself.

A few minutes later Garet filled her stomach up with his delicious cum which she gladly swallow, he pulled his cock out of her mouth finishing his load all across her pretty face. Isaac was still out cold, but Garet was a true man who never fainted from sex, he helped Mia to her feet and the two of them kissed while their over active sex drives calmed down. Garet like Mia didn’t find himself calming down, but only getting turned on further. The two of them were just about to lie down and start another round just the two of them in their lust when a loud banging came at the door.

“Help” shouted Kaja “All the oarsmen are dead from the Kraken and it’s coming for…”his voice was cut off.

“We should go check it out” said Garet

“Can’t we go in a few hours after we have sex” said Mia, but she knew that Garet would wake up Ivan and Isaac and go to the rescue because for some reason these boys loved the glory of killing things more than her sexy as hell body.

Mia made sure to get in her dress before the others woke up, it didn’t make much of a difference because they all had rocking sex with her mere moments ago, but she knew that at least Isaac would hop on her body and there would be no stopping him from screwing her.

Once the two blonde boys were on their feet once more and were decent to go on deck the group went up, but when they came out on deck with the sun burning over their heads something horrible greeted them. Kaja was dead, right in front of their eyes. It was so awful to see that sight, they didn’t know him that well, but they still couldn’t believe what had taken place. To make matters worse there was no Kraken on the boat. As they searched the ship they found that everybody from the ship, crew and passengers were all dead. It was horrible, they had no idea who killed all these people and they had to give chase to Felix’s group who were getting close to Venus lighthouse.

“Oh great. How are we going to get to Tolbi now?” asked Mia with her arms crossed.

Little did they know that things were going to get far worse before they started to get better, if they ever did get better for that matter? A tentacle came out from the water and grabbed Mia by her foot, pulling her, bringing her high into the air, her dress falling over her head and showing off her very sexy underwear.

“Whoa, I thought Mia only wore sexy underwear in the bedroom” said Garet

“Stop talking about that and get me down” she shouted as she used her hands to keep her dress up so she could see what the boys were doing. She was clearly not impressed, instead of trying to get her down the guys have put their pants down and were now masturbating to the great view they had. 

Seven more tentacles came from the sea, the boys were surrounded by them with no way to escape. Isaac went for his sword, but it was too late. The tentacles grabbed hold of the three men, the boys joined Mia in the air.

A tentacle went into Ivan’s mouth as if it was a penis and now the young boy knew how Mia felt went he made his hard dick go down her sweet throat, because now his was being raped. He could feel the huge thing go down his esophagus and enter his stomach, then there was a huge cracking sound, Ivan fell onto the ship, the tentacle above him, looming over his lifeless body. His neck was broken; his body couldn’t take the brutal rape of his mouth.

However the rest of the group did not suffer the same fate, at least not yet. Isaac also had a tentacle inside of his mouth, moving over his tongue as if they were kissing, Garet as well had the pain of having a would be cock inside of his manly mouth, while his manhood was stroked by another tentacle. But Mia had it the worst of all, as the Kraken’s head came out from the deep sea, he used his tentacles to tear her dress off, leaving her in her underwear, he quickly moved the bra aside and groped her fine tits, while making one tentacle enter her vagina with brute force, something that she screamed over, but had no control.

Garet let out a loud breath once the tentacle left his mouth, but he also had a monster size cock, one that would rival these tentacles that were raping them. The Kraken took his up and when Garet shot out his jizz, he sprayed Isaac in the face.

“Sorry bro” said Garet once he was done.

“It’s no problem” Isaac told his best friend “We are in real trouble here” the tentacle was out of his mouth for only a moment, the next it was back inside, wrapping over Isaac’s tongue like he once did with his girlfriend Mia. He felt the tentacle move down his own esophagus into his stomach and afterwards into his gastrointestinal tract and came out of his ass; the tears flowed down as it came out.

“What the…” started Garet, but he didn’t have time to finish his sentence because the tentacle that came out of Isaac’s ass went into his mouth.

Mia’s tears fell on board of the ship, even if she was having sex a few minutes ago and wanted to keep at it, it didn’t mean that she liked what was going on one bit. As the tentacles fucked her, her mind raced with ways to escape, but she knew that there would be no hope unless a miracle happened. She felt the tentacle move deeper inside of her and it soon came obvious that it was moving up through her whole body. Moving all the way and coming out of her mouth, now not only was she getting raped to her core by tentacles, she was also getting a mouth job.

The Kraken’s main body was on the ship now and Mia could hear it cracking. If her body would endure this brutal fucking long enough, this might be her one chance to escape…along with her two lovers. She felt a sharp pain through her entire body, sperm flew out of her mouth, only to come back down and cover her entire body from head to toe in the sticky jizz from this sea beast, she passed a shaky hand through her hair, only to come out with a handful of semen.

The same thing happened to the boys. Isaac didn’t get the most of it; he felt the stuff move through his body as it shot out into Garet’s mouth. The tentacle moved out of his mouth so quickly that his head snapped and Garet fell down joining Ivan and Kaja in the watery grave. Soon through all this fucking Isaac passed away as well by a broken neck from the brutal rape, his last though was that he had no idea how Mia survived all the fucking they gave her, which in turn was helpful to her, since it allowed her to live this long.

Just as the Kraken was about to use all eight of his tentacles on her at once the ship broke from under him causing him to lose Mia at that same time. Slowly Mia closed her eyes and everything went black.

But she didn’t drown. When she woke up she was on an island. At least she hoped it wasn’t the main land since she was half naked, her bra was gone but it was only a few feet away. She snapped it back on and walked around the island, only to come right back where she started in less than a minute, it was clear that this was a small island and she was shipwrecked on it all alone. This was turning from bad to worse, with the only exception that she was no longer getting raped by the Kraken; she also saw that the only place that she would be covered by the wind and rain was a small cave.

For now she built a fire, hoping that ships would see the smoke and come to save her, but she didn’t hold her hopes on that. There also wasn’t much to eat since no monsters or animals lived on this island, there was plenty of fruit here however and she ate that. When the sun set later that day Mia took her clothes (what she had left) off and slept naked on the beach, she felt slightly embarrassed, but it was better than sleeping with cold clothes and catching a cold at a time like this. Finally the next day after she had a breakfast of fruit, she knew that she had to check the cave out, it was maybe her only hope of getting off of this island, of course she had her bra and underwear back on in the fear that she was not alone or if somebody would find her.

She walked in the cave for a while, it was longer than she though and she hoped that it would lead to the main land, as she went deeper it got much bigger, but it also got colder, it was pretty chilly down there and Mia put her arms around herself to keep warm. She then hear a creepy noise, she looked in that direction and that was when she saw it…I mean them.

The tentacles of the Kraken!

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