S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Woman

BY : HatofulHatefucker
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Heavy metal whirring fills the Vault chambers, the floor quaking, the walls trembling… Dust and debris are kicked up as the mighty Vault door opens, natural light shining in for the first time in ages…

Sandra stumbles over her own feet, not even sure what she did… This was so weird… She was frozen down here with her son and husband. He was still frozen. She pressed some colorful buttons to wake him up, and it kind of worked. He kept grabbing his chest, but then he stopped moving… She figured she’d let him sleep a little longer. But her son had left already. Recently, too. There was still ice on the pod. That wasn’t something she could have possibly figured out though. All she wanted was to find her precious baby boy. He must be behind this big door thing…

She leafs through a book she’d found on the table as the sirens blare, captivated… “You’re… S, P, E, C, I, A, L…?” She reads aloud, amazed by this… children’s book. Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck… These were all such big words. She couldn’t really understand any of them. Except Luck. Luck was good. You could never have enough Luck. Luck was really all she had, actually. Literally. Her skill points were very shrewdly allotted, her Luck completely maxed out. Everything else was pretty even, all except for Intelligence. There was no points allotted to Intelligence.

Tripping over her own feet, something she frequently did, she ventures out into the wasteland. It was very different out here… Bright. And… warm. Sandra liked it, stretching out in the sun. The large, yellow 69 on the back of her Vault suit gleams in the sunlight, the form-fitting jumpsuit clinging tightly to her voluptuous, motherly body. Nothing but wasteland and rubble was visible as far as the eye could see in every direction…

“Shawn? Shaaaaawn?!” Sandra calls out, hoping maybe he didn’t get too far. A figure is visible vaguely in the distance… It… It could be Shawn. Sandra hurries to it, her ample bust bouncing as she runs. As she nears the figure, it’s definitely not her son… It was a young man, in his late teens or early twenties possibly. Maybe… Maybe he knew where Shawn went! How lucky, to have found someone to help her so soon. She knew investing all of her skill points in Luck was a good idea. He was bent over, breathing heavily. There were lots of people napping in the dirt too…

“F-fucking g-ghouls…!” The jittery young man hobbles to his feet, wincing in pain as he runs his bony fingers over his wounds. He was a raider, though he wasn’t much of one now since the rest of his gang were dead. He trembles slightly, terror in his voice as he mutters, backing away from the corpses. The ghouls were gone, but he was still considerably shaken up. As he turns to slink away, he finds his face between Sandra’s massive tits, stumbling back as he bumps into her and scurrying back along the ground in horror. “A-ah! The f-fuck do you want?!”

“Have you seen Shawn?” She shifts her weight, daintily crossing her foot over the other as she scratches her chin with her special back scratcher that she found in the Vault. This boy looked very nice, he should be able to help her.

“S-shawn…? Who the f-fuck is Shawn…? H-hey, careful where you’re pointing that thing!” He jumps, eyeing the pistol in the woman’s hand nervously. “W-well, s-so what if I do, bitch…? Maybe I know him, m-maybe I don’t… Information ain’t f-free, you know…” He was awfully meek for a raider, though it was understandable. Unarmed, alone, and face-to-face with a Vault person. They were always the worst.

“Free…? I… I don’t have any money…” She mumbles to herself absentmindedly, thinking out loud. It was the only way she really knew how to think. The raider eyes her incredulously, shaking in terror… She was just so calm, it was unnerving… Did she just completely dismiss his bluff, or did she take the bait…? His eyes are drawn to the pistol she waves around recklessly, scratching herself here and there with it…

“Hmm…? Do you want my back scratcher, maybe…? It’s all I really have…” She offers, holding the gun out for him to take… Was… was this bitch for real…? “It’s nice and cool, and it feels good on your skin…” She mumbles innocently, waving the hefty metal weapon.

The raider approaches like a scared animal, snatching up the pistol and backing away… “A-are you sure that’s all you have…?!” He stammers, feeling the weight of the gun in his hands… It was loaded and everything. Was this a trap…? He’d heard stories of some twisted fucking Vault people…

“Yup! Oh, wait… I found these candies in the same place, but they’re hard and I think they’re stale. They don’t taste very good, but they’re fine if you’re really hungry.” She bounces in place excitedly, digging out two packs of… ammo. She offers them too, flashing a bubbly smile.

“C-candy…?!” The young man takes the packs of ammo, shaking the bullets around with a frantic giggle… This bitch had to be playing. “O-okay, I don’t know what you’re getting at, but I’m not buying it.” He cocks the gun, aiming it at her head. “Whatever you’re p-plotting, out with it.” The older woman just tilts her head, like a confused dog.

“I’m looking for Shawn. I can’t find him. I’m his mom.” She insists… The raider laughs maniacally, in disbelief. This couldn’t be real. “You… You don’t have any more guns, do you…?” He mutters under his breath, half asking her and half confirming to himself as he circles her, nothing else visible on her… Though… Something definitely was catching his attention.

“This is all you got, huh…” He smirks, his heart pounding as his confidence returns to him. “I’m just… Not sure if it’s gonna be enough. I’m gonna need more…”

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