Death’s Cold Fingering

BY : JayDee
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Last Weekend, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Death’s Cold Fingering
Description: Rita's got a taste for the dead. When their hotel host Sofia mysteriously dies, she persuades boyfriend Paul to enjoy the fresh body with her.

Content Codes: 3Plus AFFO Bi COMPLETE Contro Fingering MF MCD Nec Oneshot PWP Rape Solo Violence WS

Warning: This story contains content that should not be read by people underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality whatsoever. Real life rape is WRONG. The author does not condone illegal and immoral actions described. Please read the story codes and stop reading if you don’t fancy those codes. Hopefully you’ve already seen then and stopped before reading this warning.

Disclaimer and author’s note: I do not own The Last Weekend or any of the characters or creatures from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. This story is based on the free to play censored version from Steam as I haven’t played the premium version. This story uses the English translation names.

Alison left first; she couldn’t wait to get away from the room and what they’d carried there. Anthony followed, to see if his model girlfriend needed comforting. Paul started to leave out after him, thinking Rita would follow.

"Wait, Paul... don't go."

Paul paused in the doorway and turned back towards Rita. His girlfriend still stood beside the bed where they’d laid Sofia’s body. She scratched absently at the shaved side of her punk-cut ginger hair. His gaze flicked down to the sheet covered corpse of Sofia, the lakeside hotel's owner. He thought it a shame to see a pretty girl dead so young. The room seemed a fitting place to carry her. The many pictures over her bed spoke of the late woman’s seeming obsession with death, or even with a personification of Death itself. Hadn’t she said she wanted to be Death? Well, the poor dead girl was as close as she’d get, Paul thought.

"Are you ok?” he asked Rita, “It’s bad, right? I've never seen a dead body before. I’ve never seen anybody die. There wasn’t anything we could do for-"

"Oh, I’ve seen dead bodies," Rita cut in, not taking her eyes from Sofia's sheet shrouded body, "I spent a night in a morgue for a report I was writing. I saw a lot of bodies. Our age, old, messed up; some almost looked like they were sleeping. None were as pretty as Sofia."

Paul pushed the door closed behind him. Rita had talked of that night before. Once or twice they’d done some role-play. He’d had to lie completely still and quiet while she touched him, kissed him, rode him hard as he stared at the ceiling in her bedroom. The dead didn’t interest Paul, but he’d do anything for Rita. She was the coolest person he knew and he loved her and lusted for her. He thought he could hear a kind of edge or a catch to her voice that hinted at arousal as she reminisced. Surely she’d never crossed that line from fantasy into reality?

He crossed back from the door to Rita and slipped his arms around her waist. Slim, beautiful, she was the girl of his dreams. He hugged her close to him, still holding on to the idea that she just needed a comforting hug. Sofia’s death had been quick and completely unexpected. It would be no surprise if Rita had taken it badly even though they hardly knew their late hostess. Paul felt quite shaken too. It was a hope her next words shattered as she bit her lip, and then spoke.

"We could play with her. Have some real fun together. You, and me, and Sofia.”

There was no mistaking the husky arousal that time. Rita’s hand found Paul’s cock through his pants. She took advantage of his shocked silence to stroke him; felt him respond through the fabric. She always knew how to touch him.

“Wha... what? No! The cops are coming tomorrow...”

Outside the window rain lashed down. It was as if the weather wanted to emphasize how cut off they were from the law.

“If we do it now the police won’t be able to tell if she had sex before or after death. The others weren’t with us all the time earlier so they wouldn’t know any different. Also, you know she asked to see my breasts, right? She was kinky and twisted so it won’t surprise anyone who knew her if she had us both before dying. Trust me, lover.”

Rita lifted up on her toes to give Paul a deep kiss. He responded, emotions whirling, as she squeezed his cock right through his pants. His hands found her ass, pulled her close to him. She felt so hot and eager in his arms. Paul was a computer geek. He never really understood how he’d managed to get a girlfriend as hot as Rita, though she’d even spelled out that it was because she liked him for his brain, his personality and his body. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d done something crazy for her, but actual necrophilia was way beyond anything previous. Could he trust her?

Rita pulled his hand down the front of her cut-off shorts. He felt the heat and wetness there, listened to her stifled moan. She must have been getting herself mentally worked up for minutes, maybe even since Sofia clutched at her throat and collapsed. He rubbed her pussy gently, felt around her clit, and slid a finger inside. He began to hope that he might be able to get her off before she took the fantasy further. For long moments they kissed and touched each other and then Rita pulled back and shattered his illusion,

“Quick, wedge that chair under the door handle. Get naked! C’mon!”

She pulled away, so he did as he was told. He lifted the chair, fingers wet with Rita’s juice, and wedged it under the door handle. It was a good idea - he didn’t want to explain to their friends why they were getting naked with a corpse. If one of them called through he could claim Rita had been upset and didn’t want them to see her crying. He turned back to find her already nearly nude. She bent over to tug her footwear and socks off. Breasts just the right size, flawless skin, an animated and intelligent face. ‘Jesus’, he thought, ‘I’d rather just have Rita, even if she is a little nutty. Never mind the dead girl.’


“What are you waiting for? This is going to be so fucking hot. I haven’t been with a woman in a while, and you’ve never been with another one, right?”

He tried one last attempt at dissuasion,

“She’s dead! I don’t...”

“Stop whining like a little kid,” Rita told him, harshly, as she tugged the bed sheet to one side to reveal the corpse. Sofia’s green eyes stared lifelessly at the ceiling. She looked weirdly eager. Rita stroked the dead girl’s pale skin and then kissed her slack lips with a louder moan. She slipped her right hand down the leg and past Sofia’s belt. Of course she was wet; she’d pissed herself when she’d died. Rita slid a finger in, found her wet inside as well as out; that wasn’t piss. Had Sofia gotten excited thinking about Rita’s breasts before she died?

“Get over her and stick that big geek cock of yours in her, lover.”

Paul swallowed, and then stripped. Rita was a head shorter than him, but she could always bully him into doing what she wanted. He loved her. He lusted after her. And... well, if this was going to arouse her, he could do it. Sofia wouldn’t care wherever she’d gone, would she? The intelligent, pretty, girl who’d welcomed them to the hotel was gone, this was just cooling meat. He shook his head quickly. The train of thought didn’t make him feel any better. He tugged his “Hack me” T-shirt off and kicked his shoes away, before tugging down his pants and underwear. Rita had unbuttoned Sofia’s black jeans and worked her fingers back inside the dead girl.

“What... what do you want me to do?”

Rita’s twisted smile made Paul’s cock twitch. She slipped a hand up under Sofia’s midriff-baring top to fondle a breast.

“I told you already. I want to see you nail her. Pretend it’s me if it helps you. I’ll even cover her face.”
Rita pushed her tongue between Sofia’s cooling lips in what would have been a gloriously seductive kiss on a live girl – Paul thought he might have come in his pants to see Rita kiss Alison that way on a normal night – and then she climbed onto the bed and kneeled astride the corpse’s limp-necked head. She took Sofia’s two braids and pulled them back and then around her thighs to press the corpse’s face into her pussy. Started grinding.

Paul slowly walked over to the bed. He could smell Rita’s arousal, but also the bitter smell of Sofia’s voided urine. He tugged her unbuttoned jeans down along with her panties, and pulled them off along with the somber slip on shoes. He left her black top on; with Rita sat on her face he wouldn’t be able to strip it off. The dead woman’s limbs flopped and rocked as Rita rode her face. He closed his eyes for a few seconds and listened to his girlfriend’s pleasure. When he opened them his half-wilted cock was back to being fully erect. One of Sofia’s legs hung over the side of the narrow bed as Paul spread her thighs. Her pussy looked invitingly slightly open between the spread legs, probably from Rita’s earlier exploratory finger. He spread her thighs wider and pressed his cock between the outer folds.

“Oh, god, yes, fuck her Paul! Fuck this cute corpse into the bed!”

He’d never heard her so excited. Rita’s voice was distorted with deviant lust. Paul no longer had any doubts about what had really happened that night she’d spent in the morgue writing the ‘article’. He gasped at the cool tightness and lubricating wetness of Sofia’s pussy. Though her muscles had slackened in death, she was still tight enough to feel snug around his cock as he pressed deeper inside.

“I can’t believe I’m fucking a dead girl,” he muttered.

“I can’t believe I’m watching you fuck a dead woman,” Rita groaned back.

He started humping between Sofia’s too-pale thighs. Rita’s breasts bounced in front of him, and her moans filled the room. He concentrated on his girlfriend’s pleasure and arousal. Her normally pale skin was flushed across her face and breasts. She was making a sopping mess of Sofia’s face; the dead girl’s black hair was shiny with pussy juice where it wasn’t tied into tails;. He pulled his shaft out, and similar shiny fluid stained the length. He was really doing it. Really screwing a corpse. Kneeling between her legs, he lifted them for better access. The next thrust bumped her cervix, something he had to avoid with Rita. Hell, one upside to fucking a girl with no feeling in her body. His balls slapped audibly against dead flesh.     

“Oh, Yeah, that’s it...”

Rita came for the first time as Paul penetrated Sofia’s body. Not a huge orgasm; she needed more. Sofia’s face felt cool against her pussy, and she managed to catch her clit just right as she humped against it. She flicked the unshaven portion of her ginger hair around and pulled Paul’s face to hers for a sloppy kiss, gave him a hint of Sofia’s saliva, and then pushed his face down to the source. .

“Kiss her! Kiss her while you’re all the way inside!”

Paul lent forwards over Sofia’s body until her pushed-up top pressed into his chest. His nose filled with Rita’s sweat and sex as she lifted her sopping pussy away from Sofia’s slack face and knelt back on the bed. Releasing Sofia’s hair, her knees stayed either side of the dead girl’s head, spread wide enough for her to keep touching herself. Paul normally would have been transfixed by Rita’s dancing fingers, but instead froze above Sofia. It almost looked as if she was looking up at him and open-mouthed grinning. No, it couldn’t be. Just random chance after Rita had ridden her face.

He bent down between Rita’s spread knees and kissed Sofia, gently at first, before deciding his girlfriend would only be happy with a real show. He bit the dead girl’s lower lip before pushing his tongue inside as if he was an overenthusiastic freshman. Rita’s knuckle caught his forehead as she rubbed herself faster and faster. Paul licked Rita’s taste from Sofia’s skin, and then kissed the dead girl again. He started thrusting anew, eyes closed, imagining it was Rita beneath him.

“Don’t... pull... out. Give it all... to her,” Rita panted.

Paul apparently abandoning reluctance and getting into the act was the hottest thing Rita had seen. She was so close to another orgasm; needed to come again. Paul moaned, softly, kissed Sofia’s slack lips yet again. His balls slapped against dead flesh. It pushed Rita over the edge; the most powerful climax of her life. She threw her head back to scream her pleasure to the night, not caring who heard. She drew in a deep sobbing breath.

The cry never came. A pale hand grabbed the unshaven side of her hair and another drew a wickedly sharp knife right across her throat. Artery and wind pipe, vocal cords and muscle were all severed in one swift slice through sweaty coated flesh. Rita’s eyes crossed in confusion as the pleasure rocked through her, spiced with a delicious pain and shock. Blood splashed wetly down Rita’s fast shaking breasts and across Paul’s back. The pale hands dropped their knife and pulled Rita’s face around into a kiss.

Sofia! Different clothes, but definitely the same girl! But... The thought died with Rita, her last sensations pleasure, pain and a cold tongue probing her mouth. Her eyes rolled up as her shuddering death orgasm turned simply to death.

Eyes tightly shut, Paul had pulled the limp body beneath him into a tight embrace. His fantasies of Rita had brought him to the cusp of climax himself so deeply that he hadn’t processed the sticky wetness that splashed him. Part of his mind mistook it for the squirting he’d seen in porn, persuaded him Rita was coming really hard. His balls tightened and he dropped his mouth down for another kiss. He tasted his girlfriend’s familiar pussy juice but also... piss? blood? Paul was already ejaculating deep inside Sofia’s pussy as his eyes opened widely. Spurt after spurt splashed inside as he tried to process the cut throat and staring eyes of his girlfriend’s body slumped back against the wall, fingers still against her trickling pussy. They, fingers and pussy, were still twitching but she looked definitely dead. He didn’t believe it. Pre-arranged horror movie effects? Was Sofia even dead?

“Rita? What the fuck is this? Some... ahhh kind of prank?”

He hadn’t heard Sofia’s shade make any noise, though she was already half-way back to her true form. After sensuously ending Rita’s life, she’d taken a moment to feel those pretty perky bloody breasts, and even slid a finger inside Rita’s death-spasming pussy as Paul obliviously fucked her former body. The knife had been good for Rita, enhanced her pleasure, but she had another weapon chosen for Paul. Not quite so nice. He was finally getting his mind together enough to start pulling out as she lifted up a baseball bat and swung it like a Major League batter against his skull.

The impact splashed blood against the wall, and left him dazed atop her formerly living body. She momentarily released one hand’s grip on the bat and pulled Paul’s face to her own for another kiss. He managed to raise a weak hand as if to ward off a further blow, so she pulled it up under her short black skirt, no panties, let him feel her arousal. Sofia chuckled as the barely conscious guy started fingering her as if from muscle memory. After a moment she released his wrist and prepared to swing a second time. The shade held off as his fingers rubbed around her clit, showing Rita’s well taught technique. She made her first noise since appearing beside Rita, groaning appreciatively. She moved against his hand harder, wanting to get off at just the right moment.

Paul’s vision began to clear. He shook his head, sending fresh blood flying from his mauled scalp, and finally regained full awareness to see Sofia humping his hand to her softly vocalized orgasm. He felt her squeezing the two fingers she’d put inside her, felt her thighs shuddering around his hand and against the thumb at her clit. How could it be? Her dead body’s pussy still gripped his cock beneath him. He tried to make sense of what he was seeing; a twin? A hallucination? Surely if Sofia was dead beneath him, he couldn’t also be fingering her. And that bat! She’d hit him!

“You killed her! You tried to kill me! You-”

Paul was about to pull his hand away. She didn’t give him the chance. Recovering from her peak of pleasure with a gentle sigh, she met his horrified expression and winked. Her second swing of the bat made the first one look like little league. Paul’s skull cracked like an egg. She felt his fingers shaking inside her pussy, flexing hard as the signals from his brain were disrupted and then ended entirely. It was nearly enough to make her come again.  For a moment there was no sound in the room, and then a soft trickle began as Paul’s piss and semen washed out around his softening cock from the body beneath. Sofia’s shade smiled. She favored both her victims with another slow kiss, holding Rita’s head in her hands, and then what remained of Paul’s. Finally, she clasped a prepared note into her own corpse’s hand down on the bed.

The room’s noises hadn’t gone unnoticed. At a glance from Sofia’s shade the chair at the door handle fell over. The shade faded away just before Anthony and Alison came back in to the room. Alison screamed; Anthony turned away, ready to be sick.

The gory three body tableaux dripped wetly and quietly.



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