I Need Healing!

BY : HatofulHatefucker
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Explosive gunfire echoes over the battlefield, drowning out the screams and cheers from either team as they clash. The payload was stuck, the advancing team stuck in a tense stalemate…

Away from the chaos of the battle, away from the fighting, away from the noise, heels clop on the stone path. Symmetra saunters nonchalantly, setting up turrets, circling the map. Hopefully her incompetent team would survive without her.

“I need healing!” A voice cries out faintly, catching her attention as she painstakingly arranges her turrets. “This shield isn’t going to hold forever!” The anguished screams of her allies echoes… She huffs, taking her time as she struts to where the payload is parked.

“Symmetra reporting.” She states dryly, rejoining the front line. “Need healing now!” She’s immediately barked at, her entire team struggling to push forward, all dangerously low on health. She rolls her eyes, shielding them all. She wasn’t a healer. She was a support. Even the voice in her head was snide as she does what she can, placing a teleporter nearby.

Her help isn’t exactly appreciated, the screams only growing more desperate. “Where’s our support?!” If they needed healing they should go get the medical packs laying around, they were there for a reason. Couldn’t they do anything without her…?

Aiming over the shoulders of the wall trying to push the payload, Symmetra fires her sluggish projectiles ineffectively, not hitting a single target. “I need healing!” Her team continues to call out. “I am not a healer. Go find a health pack.” She scoffs, tired of their incompetence. This was not her job. If they needed a healer, they should have deployed with a healer.

The team’s frustration only boils hotter as she sneers at them. “You’re our support?!” The screams of rage are almost all in unison. “We need healing!” Symmetra scowls as her team unanimously turns on her, as if this was all her fault.

“Literally, any other support hero would have worked!” The tension only builds as Symmetra uselessly places turrets on the payload and on the ground beneath it, which are immediately blown up by the enemy. As her slow projectiles glide harmlessly past the enemy, the team finally begins to crack.

“Aren’t you good for anything, you mouthy little bitch?” Her team’s Reaper hisses, venom dripping from his words.

Symmetra glares at him, swinging her hips as she gets up in his face. “ If everyone performs their function, victory is assured. I am a builder. I am support. Aren’t you good for anything? Know your place.” She snaps, gesturing to the stagnant payload. She was tired of all the yelling, and to get yelled at by her team’s Reaper was the last straw.

She turns with a huff, attempting to place more turrets, sighing heavily as they blow up one by one. The enemy team’s Pharah shoots up into the air, unloading a torrential assault of explosives onto the payload. “Justice rains from above!”

The advancing team’s defense begins to crack, as does their patience. They all attempt to dive behind the payload for cover, Symmetra’s wide hips pushing them all back into the line of fire. Teammates fall left and right as Symmetra hogs the only cover. “We need healing!” A desperate, furious scream attempts to call out from over the missile barrage, nearly completely drowned out by explosions.

Symmetra’s ears are ringing from the explosions and constant screams that, for some reason, are always directed at her… Her teammates, freshly respawned, emerge from her teleporter, fuming with absolute hatred…

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