World of Warcraft: Hunters

BY : Redfields
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Addie Fizzlebog sighed as she walked towards the crest of the hill. It wasn’t that the trek was tiring so much as annoying. Why were gnomes always sent on these long missions? Couldn’t Hilaire have done this twice as fast? Besides, the trip to Stormheim had gotten her a bit … hot and bothered. The gryphon saddle had had a few well-placed ridges, and she’d been about to ‘get off’ when she’d had to get off. Of course, it wouldn’t do to drop her pants and masturbate in the middle of the village, so she’d set off on the mission her boss had tasked her with. She intended to find a nice bit of privacy and get down to business, and the hill she’d spotted on the way in would do nicely.


Just a little farther now. Addie breathed deep, pulling air into her small lungs, then grasped at the rocky incline in front of her. She pulled herself up as the hill got steeper, but got to the top before it presented any danger. She sat down for a bit, panting, before setting off again. A copse of trees nearby would do the trick.


Her small legs picked up the pace, and her hands were already pulling her shirt up when she realized she’d have to put up a warning system. Sighing, she let her shirt drop as she reached the trees. She dropped her pack, then rummaged around in it for a few stakes and a length of thin twine. She ran a fairly wide perimeter around the copse, staking the twine as she un-spooled it, then ran it back to her pack, where she tied it to a bell. Perfect; if anyone came within 50 yards of the trees, she’d get a warning chime.


Of course, that was all counting on the fact that the copse was unoccupied. It was not. No people, but Addie was startled just the same as a canine eyed her curiously. Now, Addie was mostly known for her mechanical companions, but she was a hunter, and knew how to deal with beasts of all different varieties. This one was a mastiff. Friendly enough as Addie approached slowly. She considered giving this one a treat from her pack. It would be more receptive to her presence, but it would probably want more.


A lewd thought crossed her mind. Maybe her treat didn’t have to be food.


She got near enough to touch and pet the dog. As she petted it with her right hand, it panted and licked her left.


“You’re a good boy, aren’t you?”


Thinking quickly, Addie plunged her left hand down her pants, dousing it in the juices of her loins, before bringing it out and putting it in front of the dog’s nose. It sniffed at the new smell tentatively, then happily licked off her entire hand.


Stretching her arms out, she let her right arm slide down the dog’s side to his belly, scratching underneath. She slid her hand back, but couldn’t get far enough. She shuffled backwards to reach her prize, but the dog turned with her.


“Whoa boy, stay. I’ll give you a treat, don’t worry.” The mastiff seemed to understand her, and stood in place. Again, she reached under his belly, this time grasping his small and limp cock. The dog let out a curious sound, but remained still. His cock, though, grew enormously, quickly filling her entire hand.


“Oh, you’re a grower, are you? Good; I want something big to play with” Addie said as the cock grew larger still. She began to think she’d bitten off a little more than she could chew, but she’d promised the dog a treat. She masturbated it gently before kneeling down to get a look at her prize.


She gasped, both in delight and despair. There was no way this thing was going to fit in her. But damn did she want to try.


She knelt underneath the mastiff, mentally preparing, then quickly wrapped her lips around the tip of the canine penis in front of her. The dog’s hips thrust forward, quickly, jabbing his cock down her throat. Before she could gag, he’d pulled back, ready to thrust again, but Addie stumbled backwards. She coughed and sputtered, leaving the Mastiff frantically humping air, his wet cock waving around.


“Whoa, boy. That was a bit much. Let’s try a bit more control, okay?” This time she wrapped her hand around the dog’s cock about three inches down from the tip, then leaned forwards to suck it again. With Addie’s hand restraining him, the dog’s thrusts were a little slower, and much shorter.


Gradually, Addie eased her hand down the rod, letting more and more of it into her mouth. Finally, she pulled her hand away entirely, letting the mastiff pump his prick down her throat.


The dog’s pumping sped up. Addie guessed what that meant and pulled off, despite the frantic thrusts. “Not yet, boy. I gotta get some, too.” With that, she turned around and got on her hands and knees underneath the dog.


Nope, she was too low. She quickly got to her feet, bent over at the waist. She could feel the mastiff’s prick poking her butt cheeks. Using one hand to prop herself up, she rubbed the other over her leaking pussy, then spread her juices up to her back door. She made sure to get herself nice and lubed up, poking her fingers into her rear to slather her moistness around.


She reached back to guide the dog inside her tight ass, but the mastiff found its mark before she could. With a powerful thrust, his prick slammed into her tiny tush, stretching it beyond anything she’d tried before. Pain exploded from her ruined ring, and she nearly pitched forwards onto her head.


A cry escaped her as she grimaced, trying to relax her ass while staying on her feet. The dog’s dick was gone in an instant, out just as quick as it had gone in, but Addie had no time to be relieved. Again the rod rammed into her, ploughing through her bowels to ravage her insides. This time she leaned back, not letting the cock escape her.


“Okay puppy, time to pound my pooper properly!”


The dog obeyed, slamming into her ass over and over again. The pain diminished as she used her free hand to tease and rub her clit. Soon she was tugging it, pulling it, twisting it as she felt the dog dick reach into her stomach. Again and again, it reamed out her rear, destroying what used to be a tight little hole. Now it was a ruined mess, the canine cock easily sliding it and out of it.


Once more, the dog sped up, his knot slamming into her ring but unable to get into her. Prepared this time, Addie tried to relax, willing her gaping anus to open just a bit more. She need to feel it, she was desperate for this, to take something so massive.


And then it happened. Eye-watering agony as the dog thrust forwards one last time to split her open. Her ass stretched to the breaking point, and the dog’s knot slipped inside. She gave her clit one last ferocious twist, and came. Her spurting pussy echoed the canine cock shooting gallons of cum inside her intestines, filling her up even as the knot plugged her.


It seemed their cum was endless, the dog emptying himself into her, her own quim unable to stop squirting her own juices. Her own feet were soaked, and a giant puddle formed underneath her. Her stomach began to bulge out, filling with cum as the dog kept draining its balls in her.


Eventually the dog’s dick topped twitching inside her, though the knot remained, tying her to the now-thoroughly exhausted dog. It went to lie down, dragging her along.


“Wait! You gotta …” but Addie’s protests fell on deaf ears. The dog slumped over on its side, pulling her down with it.


It was a bit of a shock and a thump, but Addie was tired enough she thought she could used a break too. The dog’s even breathing told her he’d already drifted off, so she curled up as best she could and joined him.


- - - - -


Just as Addie’s eyes were drifting closed, she heard a bell. Her eyes opened, and she knew it meant something, but the post-bliss haze meant her mind struggled to recall what it was.


Just as her mind finally remembered, a voice spoke. “Well, you’ve worn out my dog.” Addie’s eyes widened in alarm, and she tried to get up. The knot still lodged in her rectum kept her down, though.


“Don’t worry, I’ll wait.” The voice said. Addie had a chance to focus on the speaker, realizing it was Hilaire, the vrykul Beastmaster from the Unseen Path. Well, this was awkward.


Then it got interesting. Hilaire started undressing, lifting her tunic over her head. Her breasts spilled out into the fresh air, then hung low as the vrykul bent over to Untie her boots. She kicked them off, then took down her trousers.


“Hey Hilaire, usually I don’t swing that way, but I think – Yowza!” Addie’s explanation was cut short when Hilaire’s undergarments dropped to the ground and the Beastmaster’s penis sprang forth.


“You’re a …” the gnome couldn’t quite finish. Sure, she’d heard about women with cocks before, but she thought they were limited to steamy romance novels. To find one in real life was a bit strange. And very arousing.


“Yes. I figure you keep my secret, I’ll keep yours.” Hilaire rather pointedly looked at Addie’s ass, still stuffed with canine cock.


“Deal.” Addie responded. But as Hilaire stepped forwards, the gnome began to have second thoughts. The vrykul was proportioned like a human. Her cock seemed like it was normal size, but when she got closer, Addie realized that it was a massive tool. About as wide as the knot stretching out her ass, and nearly as long as her torso. Maybe … maybe she would settle for a light blowjob?


“Uh, you’re uh … pretty big.” Addie stuttered as Hilaire bent over her.


“Nah, you’re just pretty small.” One hand pushed against Addie’s ass, the other pushed against the dog’s pelvis. With a strain and a wet pop, the knot finally came loose, leaving a gaping hole behind. Hilaire quickly filled it with her finger, then picked up the gnome.


“How about we stretch that tiny ass even more?” The vrykul asked.


“Oh hell no!” Addie cried out. That cock would kill her!


“Oh hell yeah!” Hilaire responded, pulling her finger out of Addie’s ass and letting the cum spill out over her cock. She let the tip rest against the gnome’s gaping butt-hole while Addie kicked her legs furiously, trying to get away.


It was in vain. Gravity was going to kill her, forcing her to slide down the mammoth tool that was going to split her wide open.


Unbeknownst to them, the mention of her name had drawn the attention of a powerful being. It cast a simple but powerful spell on the little gnome’s body, then enjoyed the show.


Addie still struggled, but it remained futile. She could feel her back door stretch painfully wide around Hilaire’s cockhead. Already ruined by the dog’s knot, it was now a gaping chasm. The blurred thought that it may never close again crossed Addie’s hazy mind.


She could feel the cockhead force its way into her, through her anus, then begin stretching out her bowels. She watched in horrified fascination as her abdomen bulged out. The pain was incredible. She thought the dog’s knot would be the worst, but this was … this was something else.


The bulge extended, not out but up. Past her navel, pushing out her stomach as gravity slowly pulled her down the giant shaft. When the bulge disappeared behind her ribcage, Addie began to wonder what was happening, but the pain and the pleasure made it very hard to concentrate. She could see the outline of the cock inside her, a massive ridge under her stomach and abdomen.


She should be dead, shouldn’t she? Given the feelings coursing through her, she was sure she wasn’t, though. Beyond that, anything was possibly. The cock itself must’ve been at the back of her throat by now.


Finally, she could feel Hilaire’s pubic hairs tickling her ass. She was hilted. Completely.


Hilaire groaned in pleasure, her cock buried entirely inside the tiny gnome. It felt like a vice had clamped down on it, but it was so, so good. She wrapped her hands around the gnome and gradually pulled her up. Wet slurping sounds came from Addie’s ass as the cock threatened to prolapse her insides as it withdrew.


Before it came all the way out, Hilaire slammed the gnome back down. Addie screamed again; Hilaire groaned again, then repeated the process, over and over again, speeding up each time. Soon, Addie was just a cocksheath for her, something to be masturbated into.


The gnome’s limbs flailed about, no longer in protest, but because the pleasure was so overwhelming she could no longer control them. The pain was still there as her bowels, intestines, and even stomach and throat were stretched wide by such a massive tool. But it faded away to a corner of her mind as orgasmic ecstasy filled it. Her eyes rolled up in her head as a storm of bliss thundered through her.


Hilaire was right there with her. Jacking purely by instinct, her vision getting blurry as pleasure threatened to completely overwhelm her. Finally, unable to resist any longer, she surrendered to the bliss and let the pleasure take her. She slammed the gnome down on her cock one last time and came.


Addie was cumming constantly, a torrential wave of orgasms that never finished. This just added to the pleasure. Her head thrown back, the cockhead in her throat erupted, sending a geyser of cum fountaining up and out of her mouth, landing back on her face. If she’d been able to think clearly, she would’ve been fascinated and incredibly turned on by receiving a facial from a cock buried in her ass. But her mind was completely shattered by the immense ecstasy.


Hilaire was barely on her feet. Her muscles were all shaking in orgasm, her cock shooting spurt after spurt of semen through the gnome and into the air. It splashed over both of them, coating them in cum. She managed to sink to her knees, preventing her from toppling over, even as her balls continued churning, emptying more and more seed through the gnome.


Addie passed out. Too much pleasure coursed through her little frame, and she simply couldn’t take any more. Not that it made any difference. Her limbs had hung limp since Hilaire started cumming, the gnome thoroughly impaled on the vrykul’s massive cock.


Eventually, Hilaire’s balls drained themselves, and she was totally spent. With the very last vestiges of consciousness left in her, she lay down on her side, making sure not to bump the gnome too much, and joined her in blissful unconsciousness.


- - - - -


It seemed that Hilaire had just closed her eyes when she was awoken. Or she thought she was, at least. The world was just as black as the back of her eyelids. She couldn’t see a thing. She blinked a few times just to make sure her eyes were open. She felt coolness on her skin, like an invisible mist had surrounded her.


“Addie?” she asked in a low voice. A snort answered her, the gnome having been awoken by her question.


“Hey, what the …?” Addie asked.


A voice boomed above them. “That was quite the spectacle.”


They both looked up. A dim light brightened the land slightly, letting Hilaire recognize the one who had spoken.


“Helya” the vrykul breathed.


“Indeed.” The goddess of death answered. “Did you not wonder how your little escapade happened? How such a thing was possible?”


“We … we were just enjoying it too much” Addie answered the towering being.


“I take it you had something to do with that?” Hilaire asked.


“Yes. It was … quite entertaining.” Helya answered. “But now, my pets, you must return the favour.”


Before the pair could even begin to wonder how, Helya’s clothes dissolved into dust, falling away into nothingness before they hit the ground. Well, that answered one question – Helya had a rockin’ bod.


“Put these on.” The goddess instructed Hilaire, stooping low to put some plate boots on the ground. Her massive mammaries swung low, almost hypnotizing the smaller pair.


Hilaire shook her head and stepped into the boots. As soon as she had both on, they clanged together, fusing into one object. She nearly toppled over.


“Hey!” She exclaimed, but Helya gave her no answer. Instead, the goddess picked her up by the boots, then lay down on her back. The ground rumbled at such a massive being reclining upon it. Helya spread her legs, revealing a gigantic vulva and a large, but presumably tight, butthole.


Hilaire couldn’t really keep her balance when Helya tipped her sideways, then nearly upside down. She thought the goddess would give her an up-close and personal view of her giant pussy, but Helya had other ideas, aiming the vrykul at her crinkled pucker.


Hilaire tried to turn away, but Helya warned her “Uh uh uhh … go where I tell you, pet. You had so much fin with little Addie’s rear end, I think you should explore mine as well.” With that, the goddess again shoved the vrykul towards her butt hole.


Hilaire raised her arms over her head, using them to part the orifice before she was pushed headlong into Helya’s bowels. The mist had apparently acted as a lubricant, and she slipped right in. Darkness overtook her once again, but it came with an enveloping warmth.


Addie had not been left out of the fun. While one of Helya’s hands was busy with Hilaire, the other was helping Addie up to rest on top of the Goddess. The gnome found herself sitting atop the giant, right between her pubic hair and her pussy. She faced a giant clit, almost as big as the cock that ravaged her intestines (and stomach, and throat).


“Get licking” Helya instructed, and Addie obeyed, throwing herself into it with gusto. She knelt in front of it, letting her hands work up and down its length. She ran her tongue around the very tip, finding it just small enough to fit in her mouth. She did her best to swallow it, getting the very tip past her lips, then applied as much suction as she could. Helya groaned in approval. The giant’s free hand then got busy with her own mountainous breasts, squeezing and pawing at them with reckless abandon as the gnome and vrykul gave her pleasure.


Down in Helya’s rear end, Hilaire was having a supremely odd experience. The boots she was wearing were used as a grip by Helya to masturbate her ass, with the vrykul as a living dildo. She managed to work her arms down from above her head, giving her shoulder’s a rest. It was s till a tight fit, and dark as a moonless midnight. Not quite uncomfortable, but getting there. The worst part was that every part of her was rubbing itself on Helya’s bowels, including her penis. If she hadn’t recently cum, her cock would be hard as a rock and threatening to erupt. As it was, her cock was soft but ached a bit.


She heard a voice in her head. “Squirm, my pet.” Even as she was thrust in and out of this enormous ass, Helya still wanted more. Fine. Hilaire did her best, twisting and turning her body, sliding her arms up and down her torso. It wasn’t a lot, since she was so confined. The vrykul was glad she wasn’t claustrophobic; it was such a dark, enclosed space. Although maybe the pure lust of this activity would’ve helped.


Addie was attacking Helya’s pleasure button with a vengeance, going hard at the tip with her mouth and the shaft with her hands and body, grinding on it like she would a stripper pole. Hilaire was squirming like her whole body itched, determined to obey and repay the Goddess of Death for her spell. And Helya was thoroughly enjoying everything both of them were doing. Their show from before had gotten her worked up, and now their ministrations were pushing her towards a titanic climax.


When it came, it came with the fury only Helya could possess. A tidal wave of cum shot from her pussy, arcing up and away to form a river of sweet smelling juice. Addie was bounced up and down as Helya’s body vibrated in pure pleasure, her massive muscles all tensing at once, shaking her enormous body. It lifted her groin in the air, held up on shaking legs. Hilaire was almost crushed, but some part of the spell that created the boots also protected her. She could feel the pressure her efforts had brought, satisfied that she’d satisfied Helya.


The Goddess of Death continued to heave in pleasure even as the fountain of cum dwindled to a stream. Eventually her ass slammed back to the ground. Hilaire was heavily jarred, and squirmed out of Helya’s rear end, dropping to the ground a short distance below. She looked up at the enormous ass and pussy in front of her, and her cock definitely twitched.


A cry raised her eyes higher, and she caught Addie as the gnome tumbled from the twitching body above.


“Whew, thanks.” Addie said. Hilaire acknowledge it with a nod, still fascinated by Helya’s orgasm. “Yeah, that’s quite the show.” Addie said quietly as Hilaire set her on the ground.


Eventually Helya’s orgasm came to an end. Weakly, she waved her hand. The darkness around Hilaire and Addie disolved, and Stormheim came back into view. Helya was nowhere to be seen, having stayed in the Shadowlands when she returned the other two to the land of the living.


Addie crinkled her nose, then sniffed. Sher burst out laughing.


“What?” Hilaire asked.


“You smell like ass. Covered head to toe.”


“Well, that’s no surprise.” Hilaire replied, then sighed. “I guess I’ll have to take a bath.”


“Oh, I’m definitely helping with that.” Addie responded. Hilaire’s cock twitched again, starting to get hard.


“Oh, very well.” And they set off to find some water.


- - - - -


Author’s note: FYI, I did the math. It turns out Helya has an unusually small clit for someone her size.

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