Hylian workout routine

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Hylian workout routine

“Come on ladies! You can do better than this! I thought the Master Hand picked only the finest for this tournament!” the Wii Fit Trainer barked as she marched in front of Mario, Luigi, Link, Captain Falcon, Little Mac and Wario as the men performed push ups in front of her, each of the men sweating buckets and wheezing as she struggled to go on having gone well over several thousand in the number of push ups the Trainer had forced them to do over the last hour

“Gah! I’m done!” Wario exclaimed as his arms finally gave way, his flabby body making the floor shake as he crashed onto it “no more…”

“Mama Mia…I can’t feel-a my arms…” Mario complained as he fell to the floor as well, the Plumber being better with outright strength rather than stamina, something his brother also shared as Luigi joined him in giving up

“Come on, is this the best the Mushroom Kingdom’s best has to offer?” the pale skinned woman scoffed in disappointment “no wonder Peach was always getting kidnapped”

Shaking her head the Trainer then glanced over to the other men to find that Captain Falcon and Little Mac had also stopped the rest, the only one still going being Link as the Hylian continued to power through the push ups despite the sweat pouring down his body and the visible strain on his face “come on, even the Fairy is doing better than you!” she exclaimed with a scoff “alright, you pansies are dismissed, go shower and feel sorry for yourselves, Link you stay until you drop!”

Grunting with a slight nod as the other men skulked and limped out of the gym Link ignored the burn in his arms and shoulders to keep pushing himself, the Wii Fit Trainer might have been a total hard ass when it came to her work out regiment but no one could deny that she got results out of it, his muscles having hardened and gotten nearly twice as defined in the short month he had been using her training regiment

As the door shut leaving just her and Link left in the gym the Trainer took the moment to admire the Hylian’s body as he continued to work himself, the pale skinned women biting her lip as she watched how the muscles of his back and arms tensed and relaxed with every movement he made, the scent of his musk making her heart flutter and her core clench as she felt her spats dampen a little

There was nothing that got her going more than a man that could keep up with her athletics wise and Link ticked all the right boxes with it came to turning her on, her nipples pebbling showing through her sports bra as she decided that she needed to have a taste of him

Instructing Link to continue the Trainer then moved behind him and parted his legs slightly kicking at his ankles, the Hylian thinking that she was just making the exercise more difficult for him when in fact she was giving herself a way to get underneath him, the Trainer sliding down onto her back and pushing herself up between his legs until her face was level with his groin thankful that he had decided to wear just a pair of tight shorts that showed the perfect outline of his manhood

Continuing to push himself up and down Link didn’t noticed what the Trainer was doing until she pulled his shorts down and let his heavy cock slap against her face making her gasp and giggle lustfully, shocked by the sudden motion he glanced down to find the Trainer kissing everywhere her lips could touch on his heavy dick

Noticing that he had stopped moving the Wii Trainer looked up at him with a semi-serious glare “I didn’t tell you to stop” she stated before opening her mouth to let his cock slip passed her lips, the pale skinned women letting out a heated moan at his strong heady flavour as one hand clutched at his hip encouraging him to start moving again

As the Trainer began to bob her head along his cock Link shuddered with pleasure before resuming his push ups, the Hylian rapidly approaching the ten thousand mark as he tried to focus more on the exercise than how good the Trainers mouth felt knowing that she would stop at the slightest hint that he was slowing down

As the pair focused on their tasks neither of them noticed the door to the gymnasium opened as Samus sauntered in from the sauna, her skin glistening with sweat as she walked in wearing just her tight sports bra and shorts showing off her tight firm curves

Stopping at the sound of the Wii Fit Trainers loud wet sucking Samus couldn’t help but smirk lustfully at the sight, the blonde biting her lip as she watched the Trainer then slide one hand down her body to rub herself through her spats whilst using her other hand to grip Link’s waist helping guide his push ups

As soon as her eyes locked onto Link’s fat cock and how it filled up the Trainers mouth perfectly Samus couldn’t help but approach them “got room for one more?” she purred making both of them suddenly stop at the realisation that they had company “I could really go for a protein shake right now”

Letting Link’s dick fall from her mouth the Trainer grinned up at Samus whilst climbing out from under the Hylian “yeah sure, I’m good to share” she smiled whilst patting Link’s ass “ok Elf Boy you get a break but it lasts only as long as you can last got it?” she instructed as Link moved to take a seat on a nearby bench, the Hylian nodding taking a quick swig from his water bottle as both women proceeded to strip naked in front of him

Once they were both naked Samus and the Trainer proceeded to lie down on their fronts in front of Link with their faces level with his groin, their hot tongues and soft lips running along his cock and balls, their soft moans and hums making him shudder with pleasure as Samus moved up to suck on the tip of his cock whilst the Wii Fit Trainer moved down to work his balls

“So heavy, like your own personal set of weights” the Trainer tittered as she weighed his balls in her palm, gently caressing them as Samus throated Link’s entire cock, her throat bulging around his girth as her soft full lips kissed the base of his manhood

“Shit…” Link groaned as both women worked his cock and balls, more sweat beading on his brow as his abdomen tightened, his load building up fast as Samus and the Trainer swapped places over and over to give his cock and balls each the same amount of attention

When Samus and the Trainer kissed his cock head at the same time Link lost it, his head rolling back as his body shook and shivered with pleasure, his cock erupting between Samus and the Trainers mouths making them gasp and cough at the sudden rush of his seed before they quickly got in control of it, both of them taking their share of the ‘protein shake’ latching their lips around his cock head to swallow their fill in turns

Humming contently as she gulped down Link’s cum the Wii Fit Trainer then smiled wickedly at him “ok Fairy Boy break’s over, now let’s see what you can really do, from what I’ve heard from Zelda and Sheik you’ve got no problem pleasing two women are once so I want you to prove it” she instructed as she and Samus stood up in front of him with expectant looks in their eyes, both of them having wanted to test what Zelda had been bragging about ever since they had heard of the Hylian hero’s prowess in the bedroom

His cock twitching at her command Link’s eyes glinted as he moved to oblige her, suddenly pouncing on the pale skinned woman making her yelp as she was suddenly pinned down on one of the yoga mats, her fat to the mat with her ass in the air as Link pushed deep into her from behind making her mouth fall open with a long low moan of pleasure “mmmmm shit that’s it, work your hips” she purred as she started to buck back against him

Biting her lip as she watched the Trainers ass clap against Link’s groin Samus stepped forward so that her pussy was level with his face getting his attention with a hand in his hair “come here, let’s give your tongue a workout” she instructed, the words coming out more corny than she had wanted but Link obliged all the same, leaning in to press his mouth to her needy core eliciting a breathy moan from the Bounty Hunter

As he probed Samus’ tight wet cunt with his skilled tongue Link took hold of the Wii Fit Trainers wrists dragging her arms back so that he could thrust into her harder and faster, letting her breasts bounce freely as her pants and moans soon filled the gymnasium as his cock hit all of her sweet spots perfectly with every thrust

“Ah yes! Right there! God you’re going to be my new favourite gym partner from now on!” the Trainer screamed out as her first orgasm came hard and fast, her cunt clenching tight around him making Link growl lustfully into Samus’ cunt which in turn made her cry out with pleasure, her hands grasping at his head pressing his mouth harder to her core

“Shit Link right there! Push your tongue in deeper!” Samus keened as her strong thighs clamped against the Hylian’s face “oh god I need your dick, it’s my turn!” she exclaimed and thankfully the Trainer was kind enough to let her have her turn on Link’s cock, pulling away from him to which the Bounty Hunter shoved Link down onto his ass so that she could mount his cock slamming her dripping cunt down on him

As Samus started to ride the Hylian as hard and fast as she could the Wii Fit Trainer slapped Link hard on the chest “don’t go giving up on us! Move those hips, fuck her back!” she demanded to which Link nodded and took hold of the blondes hips, taking a moment to steel himself before starting to pump his burning hips up making her bounce harder on his cock, his sudden movement making her shriek with pleasure as her tits bounced wildly

“Oh god! Oh shit fuck! Harder! Fuck me harder!” the Bounty Hunter begged as her orgasm hit her hard, her body shaking on top of Link’s as he continued to power into her, his cock starting to throb and pulsate inside of her as his second climax approached

Just as Link was about to cum though Samus hopped off of his cock allowing the Wii Fit Trainer to take it down her throat, the pale skinned woman sucking hard on him until he came hard down her throat, swallowing half of his load before quickly moving away for Samus to take over and get her half of the ‘protein shake’

With the Hylian completely drained the Wii Fit Trainer finally deemed him done for the session “ok good hustle, we put in some good work today but next time I’m expecting even more from you” she purred licking her lips as she slapped his chest again “same time next week?” she then asked to which Link just weakly nodded “good, bring your big Gerudo friend too, he could stand to lose a few”

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