Falling Petal

BY : GinOle
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Disclaimer: I do not own Everytown, the character, or gain any profit by writing this fic. All the character and the game itself belong to their respective owner.

A/N: see disclaimer. yeah it's from that mobile game. Lena will be the damsel.

the fall season show it's sign by the changing leaves. the local farmer began harvesting and picking any crops worth selling since it's early harvest. some of them still too green especially fruit.

"you know, this tomato can grow more lumpy given more time" sigh Lena

"well what can we do? if we let it until it's harvest time it will be poor inside"

"yeah...can't imagine that"

"just imagine an egg with unfinished growth chick"

Lena shudder "stop it. anyway, does the parcel ordered by neighbor village done?"

"yeah. just need to ask our guy to deliver it"

Lena got an idea "i take it there myself"

"you sure? it's quiet a distance. take a bicycle"

Lena shake her head "no need. i want to take a walk and looking at the falling leaves on the way. it's not that far right?"

sometime later...

"i should've use bicycle like she suggested. me and my big mouth" complain Lena

she was going to take a parcel order to the neighbor village. at first she thought that taking a walk may relaxing but she forgot to put it into account that the distance of the neighbor village is quite far by walking. and the dirt path is also not helping her tired legs.

"the sun is also at it's peak...huh?"

not very far from her, there is a pickup truck parking on the dirt path. she thought about hitching if it also goes to the same direction. however the idea pop out when the driver said that the pickup is knocked and need to be fixed with proper tools which happen to be left behind on the neighbor village. sighing, Lena continue her trip on the empty dirt path. 

the sun is start to take it toll on her and the last thing she need is collapse in the middle of the road. then she decide to take the road covered in shade.

which start it all...

a firm hand grip her strongly and manage to grope both of her chest. she moan while trying to scream. after a few scuffle, she manage to get off by biting the molester hand. Lena was taken aback since it's the pickup driver she met before. seeing his lust on his eyes, Lena run to any direction to lost him. but sadly the woods it's not that thick making her plan to hide to be useless. after a few meter running, she was taken down after the man leap at her.

"l-let go or i scream" she threatened

the man didn't care. they both run to the deep woods and no way someone going to pass there. Lena curse her luck but still try to fight back. when she about to scream, again it muffled but with a rough kiss. she keep struggling but deep down she felt something wet and also her breast is erected making it uncomfortable. the man reach her private area and smile in pervert way after discover her wetness. 

"please don't- ah!"

her panty was slip aside and his finger dug slowly to her private area. Lena can only cover her face while moaning. and there, she came for a second time. the man wipe his finger on her face, adding her humiliation. after that the man pull off her dress and tear her bra, exposing her jiggling breast that already got erected. without much hesitation, he let go his member and put it between her breast.

Lena put aside her face, avoiding the disgusting image that keep moving back and forth on her breast. but she was surprised when the man grab her hair to face his member and more so when semen spurting forth and fall on her face. Lena felt like a village wench right now.

the man then undress her with a little struggle and gaze at her beautiful body. it's a wonder why she wasn't taken yet. Lena hands are held in place and there she sees the monster that will gonna scar her for life.

"n-no please! it's my first!" beg Lena with tears

as if he going to stop, he thrust inside her in one swift move. Lena was sure that was the loudest scream she ever had. her pride is taken away by this man. she can only shake her head left and right as if looking for comfort. which none can be found. the man keep thrusting her non-stop and sure enough Lena vision is began to blur. however a hard thrust make her sense came back to her.

"no...no! not inside! pull it out!"

she start to fight back in vain. however while she hate this, her body react different. she even arching her back as if enjoying this. and finally with another hard thrust, he came inside of her while Lena also coming for third time. Lena can feel it. the overflowing heat crawl inside of her. he did it. he came inside of her while not on the safe period...

Lena lay broken there while the man let off any leftover semen on her face. before going however, he point a hard fact.

"i rape your mother before...right on that spot from here. convenient huh? now you know who you should call me"

Lena is not just a girl. she is a village pride so the news of her traumatic experience hit fast. some people ask for investigation. but Lena just told his appearance but not the real truth of who he is, fearing it will broke her more than now.

especially when she is currently pregnant with her own father child...

A/N : some people may take notice i keep delete, add, delete, edit and delete fic. it's not because it got warning or issue from AFF.net, it's just not suit my style and rather than being cancer on the archive, i prefer it gone. my VC3 fic  like my other fic i just delete right before i write this.

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