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BY : Mercury in Retrograde
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Disclaimer: I don't own Doom or any of the characters from it. I make no money from the writing of this story.

Author's Note: For the sake of dialogue, the demons can talk. Except for the cacodemons--they just make cute gurgling sounds. Lastly, when I describe the terrain of Hell, I have that one level from the most recent game called Kadingir Sanctum in mind. Well, it's not so recent anymore but you get the idea.

P.S. So as not to come across as being completely daft, I'm well aware that the barons serve as a royal guard to the Dark Lord of the 4th Age and when I refer to Abaddon being the Baron of Barons or His Lordship, he's the leader of the barons, not an actual Lord. I'm assuming that an actual Lord of Hell would probably be addressed as His Majesty, since royal guards protect royalty, hence the appropriate titles and rankings and such. 

The wind blew relentlessly, hot and howling, an apt reminder of where she was—Hell. She had escaped from a top-secret lab on Mars, thinking that the portal would take her to Earth. After exploring the area for a while, she happened upon an injured cacodemon. The rotund red demon lay on its side, looking up at her with one green eye innocently. She immediately felt compassion for it, although she was wary of its many rows of needle-like fangs. When she reached out cautiously to pet it, the cacodemon gurgled softly, closing its one eye. “It’s all right, big guy… no one’s gonna hurt you…” she said quietly, petting the top of its spiky head. It mewled gently, lifting up a shriveled limb to indicate that it wanted to be picked up. She laughed softly, reaching underneath its soft belly to hoist it up and into her arms. It held onto her arms with its limbs, its spherical body positioned so that she was holding it like a baby. She kissed it on top of its head when it settled comfortably in her arms, gurgling and mewling. 
She remembered seeing a cave up near a path that was barely wide for one person to walk on. Since she had some baron blood as well as the blood of an imp, she could scale cliffs easily. After making sure that she had a good grip on the cacodemon, she leapt high into the air, holding onto the side of the cliff with her clawed fingers and toes. She was about the size of a knight, and some imps in the distance gawped at her. They had never seen a demon of her size who was capable of climbing a cliff so gracefully.
She set the cacodemon down gently, propping it up on a smooth rock.
Delilah Anderson was going to learn very quickly that there was no such thing as softness in Hell.
“I’m gonna get you something to eat, big guy… don’t worry, nobody will find you here…” She gave it one last kiss on top of the head before turning to leave, hearing it gurgle softly. 
After going down the cliff, she decided to go towards a chasm that was dotted with small rocky platforms that were barely big enough for one person to stand on. She jumped nimbly across the chasm, coming to an area that resembled a large floating island. She explored the island a bit when she came upon a lone pinky wandering aimlessly in and out of the caves. She snuck up behind it, took a deep breath, then roared with all her might. Little did she know that the roar was the kind used among barons to summon their lord. The red flash of energy appeared behind a wall made of human skulls and manifested itself into the form of the Baron of Barons, Abaddon. He strode out from behind the wall, wondering what a baron would be doing in this part of Hell. However, he immediately jumped back behind the wall when he saw who had inadvertently called for him. 
Delilah didn’t feel the tremors from the baron jumping hastily behind the wall because she had just landed from doing a ground pound. The pinky had literally gone tumbling forward head over heels when she roared, causing it to charge at her immediately after it righted itself. She had timed her jump so that the stupid demon would crash head on into a wall. When the pinky got to its feet and turned around, Delilah hit the ground with her fists, simultaneously sending waves of green-blue energy towards it. The pinky toppled over and was scorched from the oddly colored fire that had traveled through the ground, making it extremely angry. It was at that point that the pinky sensed the presence of another higher-ranking demon nearby but since it did not appreciate what the current demon was doing to it, it ignored the instinct to flee. 
The smell of roasted pinky flesh lingered in the air as it charged once again at its provoker, its legs giving out underneath it as it slid on a pool of blood while Delilah jumped onto a small stone platform suspended in midair. She was laughing so hard that she didn’t see the partial side of a face with a glowing green eye and a forward-curving horn peeking out from behind the wall of human skulls. The pinky, however, did see it and got up cautiously, not wanting to leave just yet because it had not gotten revenge on the bare-breasted she demon. Delilah noticed that the pinky kept looking towards the wall across from them and it even started to whine like a scared dog. But she didn’t see anyone so she assumed that it was just being dumb. She taunted it as she walked towards the wall of skulls, throwing some more orbs of green-blue fire at it. It paced back and forth in the pool of blood, whining, wanting to leave but still pissed off at the knight-sized demoness. 
“Here, dummy dummy dummy” she said in a singsong voice, prancing back and forth in front of the wall. When the pinky backed away, Delilah roared in frustration, hitting the ground with her fists. Abaddon’s second-in-command, Astaroth, appeared next to him. “My lord, what—” he started to say but Abaddon silenced. “She must have been the one who reopened the portal to Mars. Whether she did it intentionally or not is something that we will both enjoy finding out…” Abaddon said quietly, stroking his goatee pensively. He peeked out from behind the wall again, seeing the pinky hesitate one last time before it suddenly charged. She timed her jump so that the pinky was only a few feet away and turned to look behind once she landed. She frowned slightly, not remembering how an odd-looking column had suddenly appeared where she was standing. Then the column reared back and kicked in the head of the pinky—
But it wasn’t a column, it was a leg, a leg with a very big cloven hoof, she realized all too late as fragments of bone and blood showered her. She quickly wiped the gore out of her eyes and started running in the opposite direction, heading for the chasm. She jumped across the small stone platforms, hoping that she would lose her pursuer. When she arrived at yet another kind of floating island, she paused to catch her breath. The baron was nowhere in sight so she figured that she must’ve lost him. 
She explored the area a bit, her eye catching a small cauldron in the corner by a cave. When she looked inside the cauldron, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. It was water. She dipped her fingers in it—it was ice cold. Who would have ever thought that there was ice cold water in Hell? She cupped her hands to drink it then took the cauldron and lifted it over her head, shrieking as the cold liquid splashed on her naked body. 
Unbeknownst to her, two flashes of red energy appeared behind a wall not far from her. The two barons walked quietly towards her, waiting until she wiped the water from her eyes. Delilah froze, staring at not one but two barons who leered at her. 
“Hi” Astaroth said, his voice a deep rumble, his green eyes twinkling wickedly. 
He was trying to be cute. 
Delilah screamed. 
She ran around in a panic, not realizing that she was literally doing circles around the barons. The barons egged her on, hurling orbs of green fire at her, doing ground pounds to knock her off her feet. Delilah tried to keep her cool but she couldn’t focus enough to slam the ground with her fists so she booked it, running for the nearest cliff. She was bombarded with powerful blasts of green energy from both barons that left her drained of energy. She was halfway up the side of the cliff when a powerful blast from Abaddon caused her to fall, landing right in his arms. He held her easily by her waist while she struggled feebly. “Let me go, you bastard! Let me go!” she yelled, attempting to bite his arm. It was equivalent to a kitten biting a piece of steel. His arm, and much of the rest of his upper body, was covered in reddish-pink skin that was hardened like armor. 
Abaddon brought her to one of those odd stone platforms that hovered in midair and was connected to two other platforms with thick, heavy chains. He slammed her down on the platform that would put her at the same level of their cocks, grabbing her arms and holding them behind her back. Astsroth yanked on a thick chain and brought the small stone platform that it supported crashing to the ground, winding the chain tightly around her wrists and forearms. Delilah had recouped enough of her energy to realize what the barons intended on doing to her so she thrashed about, cursing and screaming. 
“MOTHERFUCKEEEERRRS, LET ME GOOOOO!!!!!!!” she roared so loudly that her voice was heard several miles away by the injured cacodemon she had left in a cave. The rotund demon had napped for a bit after the caring demoness had left, expecting to wake up to delicious roasted pinky flesh. However, when it woke up, there was no demoness and no seared pinky. It had grunted softly, using its limbs to push itself into the air. It floated like a wobbly top and the wound no longer hurt but it was ravenous. It found an imp close to the cave, promptly spewing purple acid on it. The imp had fallen, the impact killing it instantly. The spiky red ball had descended from the air and began gnawing on the imp’s head. 
Delilah was rewarded with several hard claps to her ass, further inciting her to more cursing. “You goddamn assholes, if my arms weren’t tied, I would—” 
Abaddon suddenly seized her by the underneath of her jaw, snapping her mouth shut. He tilted her head back so that she was raised up on her knees then he leaned down, the tips of their horns almost touching. “Woman…” he said softly, sending chills down her spine. “If your arms weren’t tied, I would have you bleeding slowly with the defectors… however, I will be lenient with you because you obviously don’t even know what you’re doing here…” He paused to think about what to say that would really drive it home for the lost child of the Slayer. 
“You don’t even know how to roar properly” he whispered against her quivering lips, finally releasing her jaw. He calmly took some of her long black hair and wound it around his fist, holding her head close to his barbed cock. 
“Please let me go” Delilah begged, going from cursing to ingratiating in one second flat. She felt her thighs being spread open by a giant hairy goat leg, cringing in pain when Astaroth entered her slowly. “Please…” she whimpered, the barbs expanding and curving downwards in her vagina. “… just point me in the general direction of the portal back to Mars, you don’t even have to—” Her eyes widened as her mouth was suddenly filled with barbed baron cock, stretching her throat beyond its normal limit. 
“Woman, when are you going to realize that I’m the one who gives orders, not you?” Abaddon snarled just before thrusting hard and deep, making her scream. 
The continued sound of her muffled screams made Abaddon relent just a little and he growled with the effort of restraining himself. Delilah opened her throat as best as she could, not wanting to die in Hell from choking on baron cock. She relaxed her lower body as well, trying not to think about what was happening to her pussy. All she felt was something warm and watery trickling down her thighs—she knew it was not cum. 
When the barons really started getting into it, Delilah imagined herself being battered on either end of her body by a pair of dump trucks. She laughed in a weird way, making Abaddon tilt his head to the side and stroke his goatee. He shook his head after a few moments, thinking that Delilah had finally accepted her place as his slave. The baron was so elated at this thought that he held Delilah’s head firmly in place while he came, cum gushing down her throat faster than she could swallow. She breathed a sigh of relief when he pulled out, gasping for air. There was cum hanging from her chin in thick strands and she shook from having just taken a pounding from two barons. 
She thought that it was all over when enormous hands grasped the chains around her wrists. 
But the barons were only switching sides. 
“Oh my god…” she whimpered, “please just kill me already!” 
Delilah’s request was ignored and Ashtoreth shoved his cock down her throat, thrusting with abandon. Her pussy was bleeding profusely, covering Abaddon’s barbed cock in blood. The sight and smell of blood aroused the demon, making him thrust in such a way to elicit a throaty moan from Delilah. 
“My lord, she is enjoying this” Astaroth said, the barbs of his cock scraping against Delilah’s teeth.
“Most females fantasize of being taken by force. The Slayer’s daughter is no exception” Abaddon replied casually, lifting Delilah’s hips. His cock was rubbing against her g-spot, the barbs adding an odd sort of friction that hurt at first but turned into sensations that she had never felt before. 
Her moans soon became high-pitched sounds of pleasure, although they were muffled by Astaroth being hilted in her throat. The demon wished that he could fit his balls in Delilah’s mouth as well but since trying that would kill her, he settled for gnarling his hand in her hair and holding her head in place while he came. 
Delilah once again swallowed as much cum as she could, eternally grateful when Astaroth pulled out and let his seed splatter all over her tits. She moaned and moved her hips in time with Abaddon’s thrusts, her body acclimating to his size and the divine friction of the barbs. However, being the cruel lord that he was, he pulled out just before he came. Delilah screamed lustily, her pussy pulsating with the need to clamp down on something. Her entire backside was coated in a thick layer of cum, some of her long hair clumping together. 
She was panting like a sex-starved whore when they were through with her, her knees aching, blood and cum dripping down her thighs onto the stone platform. The chain was taken off her arms and she had to be helped off the platform because her legs were rubbery.  
“Come on. Let’s start walking to the portal” Astaroth said, motioning with his hand somewhere in the distance. 
“Walking…” Delilah said softly, the edges of her vision going black and the sky spinning. 
“Who said anything about walking?” she asked nobody in particular just before fainting. 
She would have done a face-planter but Abaddon caught her, slinging her over his shoulder easily. She came to about half an hour later, her perspective changed drastically because she was seeing the ground from about twenty-five feet in the air. An enormous hand covered her back, holding her firmly. She ran her tongue over her teeth and lips slowly, amazed that she still had a mouth and not a gaping hole. She could hear the barons talking quietly with each other then her eyes closed again. 
She had forgotten all about the injured cacodemon. 



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