Bayonetta - Training

BY : Redfields
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Bayonetta stood in a forest. It was quite a lovely forest, but her thoughts were not on the nature around her. No, her thoughts were on her bladder, and how she’d deliberately had too much to drink that morning. Her hair whipped up, leaving her curvy body naked, and a stream of urine poured down from her vulva.


There was something liberating about pissing outdoors, standing up. No having to find a bathroom, no having to hover above the seat, making sure not to touch it, none of that. Just get naked and piss. Don’t even have to squat.


Bayonetta sighed in satisfaction as her bladder emptied. Eventually, it dribbled to a stop, the witch squeezing out the last few drops.


“Would you be a darling and clean me up?” She asked.


“Of course, mistress.” Her young protégé replied. The girl knelt down in front of Bayonetta, obediently licking up and down her vulva, cleaning the last drops that glistened. Bayonetta moaned in approval, noting the girl was getting a little enthusiastic about the activity. Which had been the point all along.


When she finally backed away, the senior witch was dripping with a different kind of fluid. “Haven’t I taught you to finish what you start? No quitting, darling.” She commanded. Her student eagerly dove back into her muff, driving her tongue deep in to the recesses of her teacher’s pussy instead of just licking up and down.


Bayonetta had her fingers entwined in the girl’s hair, pressing her head against her crotch. She would’ve forced the girl to go deeper, but she was already as deep as she could go, and trying to get deeper. The senior witch had taught her well, and found her to be an exceptional student. Maybe not in the dark arts, but certainly in the sapphic ones.


“That’s it. Don’t forget about my clit, dear.” Bayonetta instructed. The girl dutifully moved up to suction the witch’s clit with her mouth, working her fingers into the now empty pussy just below.


“Mmm, good girl.” Bayonetta moaned. As her orgasm neared, she started grinding on the girl’s face, making it a little more difficult for her student to keep those lush lips around her throbbing clit. But it wasn’t the first time her student had had to put in extra work to get her off, and it wouldn’t be the last.


“Get ready, girl.” Bayonetta warned her student. “Here it cums!” She shifted her hips slightly, making sure the girl’s lips were on her pussy, and let the climax wash over her. She squirted into her student’s mouth. Nothing unusual about that; the girls was used to drinking from her pussy. Kept her mouth locked around Bayonetta’s lower lips, suctioning out all her delicious cum and prolonging her teacher’s orgasm.


Bayonetta’s legs were growing weaker by the second as the pleasure threatened to overwhelm her, but her student was at the ready, steadying her, even as she greedily sucked down the older witch’s fluids.


Bayonetta’s trembling finally stopped as her orgasm faded to a pleasant after-glow. Her student eased off, letting the teacher lower herself to the ground, laying down to recover from the bliss.


“Mmm, that was good.” She sighed. “But I think it’s time you got back to training.”


“Yes, Mistress.” Her student replied. The younger girl took up her stance a few meters away, then began practicing her witchcraft and martial arts.


The older witch looked on without comment. These moves were simple, ordinary. Even the worst witch picked them up quickly. Being able to master them took effort and time, but not as much as some of the more complicated techniques. Still, it was good to practice. To drill the movements until they were muscle memory. Until you could do them in your sleep. Until you could do them without thinking, because they may one day save your life. They needed to be drilled so fundamentally they were instinct.


Of course, Bayonetta was unwilling to test out her student on life-or-death situations. At least, not yet. The next best thing to do would be to see if her protégé could do them with a suitable distraction.


As the younger girl was moving onto some more complicated exercises, Bayonetta sat down directly in her line of sight, leaning back against a tree. Her legs were splayed, giving the younger girl a magnificent view as she slowly fingered her muff. She spread her lips with two fingers, running a third up and down her slit before sliding it in.


Her student was actually doing well, trying moves that would take her eyes off of the lewd sight, but there was nothing she could do about the wet sounds coming from her teacher’s pussy. When Bayonetta sped up, she noticed some slight hesitations in her student, but she followed through, with nary a foot misplaced.


The mentor sped up more, her hand slapping against her pussy lips as her fingers were a blur inside it. Bayonetta slowly licked her lips, even as her hands were speeding her along to a satisfying climax.


She tried to hold off until the right moment. Her student was facing away from her, but the next move in the set would spin her 180°, and … there. Just as her student ended up facing her, Bayonetta came.


The younger witch finally stumbled, probably due to the fountain of cum landing at her feet. She fell to her hands and knees, eyes locked on her teacher, still writhing in ecstasy as bliss coursed through her body. The student got up, trying to resume her activities, but it was no use. Her footwork was wrong, her hands weren’t steady, and then Bayonetta called a halt to the whole thing.


“Well, if you can’t help getting distracted, I’m going to have to punish you.” The teacher’s hair was now a chair that she sat upon. The younger girl gleefully ran to her, practically leaping over the older witch’s knees to present her bare bottom.


“You know, this would work a lot better if you didn’t look forwards to it so much.” Bayonetta said, mock sternly. She ran her hand over the smooth skin on her student’s rear.


“Yes, mistress.” The girl replied, then cried out in pain as Bayonetta raised her hand and brought it down firmly on the girl’s backside. The spanks were repeated, harder and harder as the girl’s butt grew redder with each strike. Soon, tears were streaming down her face as her backside stung, glowing red as her mentor struck it repeatedly. Her cries were loud, painful, and surprising.


“More.” And “Hurts so good!” Bayonetta indulged her pupil, giving the girl the spanking she so deserved and desired.


When her cheeks were almost purple, the teacher had the girl spread her legs a bit, bring her hand down swiftly on the young girl’s pussy instead. The juvenile cries turned to screams, spreading out into the surrounding forest, the trees a witness to the perversity within.


The student’s pussy started leaking juices all over Bayonetta’s hand, adding a wet sound to the slaps. It could barely be heard over her student’s screams. They got higher and higher, louder and louder.


Finally, with one last powerful blow, the girl came with an agonizing shriek. Both the orgasm and the scream lasted for what seemed like ages. Her pussy spurted juice over Bayonetta’s hand as she rubbed up and down her student’s vulva, prolonging her pleasure.


The shriek came to an end when the girl had to take a breath, but the orgasm continued as she panted. Her body shook, a mixture of pleasure and residual pain radiating out from her abused ass and pussy. A puddle of cum grew beneath them as her climax carried on unabated.


It finally faded as Bayonetta stroked her rear, gently rubbing her sore skin and easing some of the pain. The girl continued panting, trying to catch her breath as she recovered from her explosive orgasm.


“Hmm … well, punishment delivered. That’s enough for today, I think. Though definitely more tomorrow.”

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