Poor Fortune

BY : Msunderland
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   Calm waters felt like a forgotten dream in Bilgewater. Years of pirate raids and raids on pirates had been the absolute, the one thing you knew you could see damn near every week. It was always a game of tug ‘o war. You took the east docks and they took the west. You killed one of them and they killed one of yours. That cycle was finally set aside after that hilariously terrible night; the two outlaws, the ships on fire and the attack from the Shadow Isles countered by a hunter and an aging warrior with the most literal of death wishes. It seemed outrageous that nothing had blown up today or yesterday or any day before that. It was quiet and that never sat well with her, but quiet was good and for once the quiet seemed real. The pirates had all fled and everyone else quickly understood not to cause trouble here. The people were always armed and vigilant but without the Pirate King lurking about, trouble was very easily met with fire and vengeance. The only dominant force left was her and everyone knew it.

    Sarah Fortune. The new ‘Queen’ of Bilgewater. Beauty, justice and a level of atrocity and righteous murder matched only by her near sociopathic need to violently decimate the old King. And that night hell had truly been wrought upon Bilgewater, for better and for worse.

    She flicked a bug off her shoulder while letting the oars of her dingie sit. Tonight had been one of the first nights of action she’d had since then. A cultist of the Void had been hiding out there and that Kassadin fellow had so kindly let her relieve her boredom on the woman. Admittedly Kass had worried he wouldn’t make it in time so he let Sarah know about her activities but she took the fun where it came either way. The moon cast its light on a chest in her boat. It was new and unassuming but held the occult objects she took from the cultist as to keep it from being plucked from her ship with no one watching it.

    She wanted to just rest for a second, watch the city she keeps fighting for. Her hand laid on the small chest. She’d give it to Kass when he arrived but for now she didn’t trust it with anyone else.

    “Why can’t void crap ever be something useful like a fuel source or a chair?” she groaned.

    She had learned well enough that anything from the void could not be trusted to untrained hands. Usually hard as shit to get rid of, too. Kassadin had proven helpful and trustworthy a few times before so she at least knew he probably knew what he was doing.

    “Hope he doesn’t take too long to get hear. Don’t want something stupid to happen.”

    The water lashed the tiny boat just a bit as the fiery redhead inside set the chest to the bottom. She closed her eyes for a second before the boat shook harder. Her eyes shot open to see the water glowing that god awful purple.

    “Void shit!”

    Indeed it was as the water beneath her sank down in a circle, the rest outside the ring remaining where it was.

    “If I can jump into it, I can swim out!”

    But the boat was rocking too hard and she couldn’t keep footing. If she jumped, she’d just fall. The light intensified, a tingling sensation rippled over her skin. Her eyes locked right onto it and time slowed. That giant eyeball. The tentacled bastard Vel’Koz rose from beneath her. She could see his eyes glowing in the water for a second before he slinked into the depths. She wanted to yell at the great bastard, but the boat fell into darkness before she could, the shaking of it entering the cursed portal the thing had opened took her balance. She fell and hit her head on the side of the boat.


    The tide was the first thing to return to her. It was terribly slow and far off but she knew it the second she heard it. She couldn’t feel anything yet but the tide was unmistakable. There wasn’t the waft of salt in the air the ocean usually held, no sand underneath her as her fingertips got their sense back. The return crept up her arms in a slow and steady roll but soon her torso came back to her.

    She was a touch cold and her legs came back weak. Her ankles hurt but didn’t feel much worse than aches. But her head was curious. She blinked a few times, her lips feeling something between them. She looked down and saw the wretched thing. Some flesh was in her mouth. It sank and rose at a glacier’s pace. With the feeling fully returned to her body she could feel weight on her chest. The thing seemed unaware of her awakening.

    She violently jerked up and threw the monster aside. It fell into the smooth black ground, like polished obsidian, with a thump before rolling into a ball and sitting still. She coughed once and cautiously got back on her feet. Her head still hurt but she was too focused on her assailant to care.

    “Better stay there if you know what’s good for you.” she whispered to the encroaching thing.

    Immediately it unfurled and jumped at her, its legs extending out in half a second and made the jump to her in another half. She barely caught it as its momentum brought it inches from her face, her modest strength enough to throw it back a good couple feet. It wasn’t very heavy and only a little bigger than her head but its thrashing and legs searching for something to grasp made it tricky to hold in her less than optimal state.

    The thing was perfectly round when withdrawn and six powerful insectoid legs let it jump. Its end was the long tail-thing that was in her mouth.

    “Lucky shit. Attacking me without my guns.”

    It faced her and began to run at her far faster than she thought it could. Her leg swung back to ready a kick but curled up and rolled to the right just before her foot came down. In that tiny instant it jumped again, making contact with her head. It’s legs wrapped around her, pulling her hair in painful angles while the speed of the jump almost brought her to the ground. She tried to pull it away but the legs were firmly locked in place. The back end lifted before the tail took aim. She yelled after it fired and missed; the fat thing slapping into her cheek.

 Two smaller things extended out from it and circled her neck. They pulled tight and she found it impossible to breathe. A few seconds of fighting and they let go, her mouth opening wide to draw in breath and in the tail went. The two smaller ones slipped into her mouth and seemed to prop it open, her attempts at biting the bastard failing entirely to press down hard enough. The tail sank deep into her throat before quickly pulling back. She fell to her knees after tripping on a rock and the beast continued pressing into her. She gagged and choked but it refused to let up and the legs tightened a bit more. Tears streamed down her cheeks, trails of saliva whipped off the thing’s frantic thrusts. Her hands felt around for a rock hoping to beat the creature off of her but the one she tripped on was planted in the ground.

    She tried biting again but the creature responded by forcing the tail down her throat to choke her. She tried to pull on it but it would it was too slick. She fought with it for a minute, her eyes rolled back as she began to slump over. The creature was pleased with the lack of resistance and allowed her to breathe as she fell onto the ground. The monster kept thrusting into her as she collected herself. Her hands swept around her, one quickly finding something rough and metal. It was heavy and that's what she wanted.

    A single strike landed on its backside and a the legs on the left side suddenly jerked and loosened. Sarah seized the chance and threw the monster as far as she could. It whipped incessantly after landing and she felt she may have damaged its brain or maybe whatever else controlled its motor functions. She coughed a few times from pulling the mass of it out of her throat, now a touch raw from the fucking. Spit ran down her chest and soaked into her white top.

    “Just die, you fucking beast!”

    And oddly enough the creature seemed to have the decency to listen. Its body slowed and ceased. She crouched down and watched it but before she could celebrate the thing rolled onto its legs and ceased once more. It laid flat though; spread out and motionless with a sizable crack on the spot where she struck it. Whatever she hit must have been vitally important.

    She crept forward intent on landing another strike and either killing the son of a bitch or teaching it a painful lesson. But nothing goes so easily as the beast violently jerked around and ran at her. She was only a few feet away at best and the bastard cleared the distance quickly. She lifted her arm to swing but it climbed up to her face once again and her strike missed. Her left hand shot up to try and stop it but the tail was aimed. It moved, hit her arm and bounced down, slapping against her chest before the tip moving downward and catching on her top. The slickness of her chest made it push in between her breasts and its legs tightened into place again with her arm caught by it.

    All of it happened in a few seconds and the sudden motion jerked her back and she dropped the metal lump. The beast pushed its phallus between her breasts with the same fervor and intent as it had her mouth; diving all of its length down through her top reaching just below her belly button.

    “The blow must have only stunned the little shit!” she hissed. 

    Her left arm was completely stuck but if she could grab the lump she could possibly nail it hard enough to stun it again and try to flee. The tail kept on with its frenzied pumping and her breasts bounced in sync with it. It pulled up too far and caught itself on her top again but its desire was far too great to deter. Sarah could hear the straining of the fabric before it violently tore apart as the straps snapped.

    The top fell and her massive breasts followed as the tail sank between them again. Now that her breasts were loose they lacked the same tightness around it but that didn't dissuade it at all. It pumped even faster though with a less synced rhythm. She punched it now as her anger took full hold but the creature simply did not care. It tightened its legs and gave a final push before dumping hot, blue cum over her belly. It gave three massive squirts before pulling up and squirting more onto her breasts. Almost as if to taunt her, the phallus rubbed against her nipples coating them in the hot goo before dumping the last of it on her face and hair.

    Its legs released her and the bastard fled out of sight as quickly as it had charged her. Sarah stood still almost in shock for a moment. Her entire front side was covered in the monster’s cum; insanely hot and glowing blue. She didn’t want to think about it for too long; instead taking the remains of her top and cleaning what she could off of her face. The cum immediately ruined the fabric and it was only able to take in what had been blown onto her face before becoming completely damp and unusable. She threw to the ground with a growl.


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