Salty Gift of the Devil

BY : uztre
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Netek is in Poviss to finish his job. Before he can do that, the sadistic dwarf gets a visit by the sexy Irene van Engelsberg and then even by Barrett himself who asks him for another favor which is going to affect the entire continent's future...

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Netek always liked Lan Exeter.

With its beautiful canals and buildings, the city was emitting a unique feeling no other places were able to replicate in the same way. The streets were clean, the water gleamed sapphire blue and the air was sweet with green apples. Every stone, every tree, and every well seemed to be placed so it could add a little bit more to the perfection of the city's aura of luxury.

Novigrad and Oxenfurt, for instances, had also their own magnetic personality but they were oozing with poverty and the burden of the past. The continental war was wearing both cities' souls out and benefiting breeding grounds for extreme views and criminality. Not that Netek had any problems with those things, quite the contrary since he used to live and love to work in such environment but it felt good to be far away from the accustomed and dirty from time to time.

And there were other reasons too. Many, of course. Women, to be more precise, and fashion, money, bitches, daughters and mothers trying to rebel against their fathers and brothers the most humiliating and depraved way possible. And the more demure the northern women had become over the last centuries in particular, the more the koviri women seemed to be in a desperate search of new ways to express themselves, to push social boundaries keeping them hidden in their rich districts and overpriced villas, and to live in debauchery while wearing short dresses, mini skirts, bikini panties and thongs, pumps and heels all day long.

And as long as the money was there, a man could get everything in Lan Exeter.

Really everything.

Pussies and tits, weapons and fisstech, bitches and whores, and even things people never heard about. Fucking everything.

And that was the reason why Netek loved this damn, shithole country.

Why everyone loved this place for it...

The dwarf only wished that his beloved, crazy bitch Jenny would have been here too and suck his cock while he was enjoying the sight like now. And then he would have turned her around and fucked her sore ass silly through the open window so everyone could see Yennefer's bobbing tits and putrid begging to become his bitch.

Netek was determined to make this very imagination become reality as fast as possible after he was done with all this murdering here.

Stepping away from the window, Netek walked back to the living room and drew his knife. As much as he enjoyed the view and the contemplation, the dwarf loved something much more; killing scums and wannabe alphas. In this case, eleven men and one woman, twelve in total.

After Netek had left his 'love of life' behind in Oxenfurt, Netek immediately traveled back by ship to end his half-finished job in Kovir. To his luck, his preys were still at their expected spots and he only had to break into their mansions, kidnap them and take them to a mansion of his preferred choice where he was going to enjoy their faces when he massacred their accomplices one by one. Seeing the desperation in the people's faces, that was all about.

This time, it was Karl Rhyst's villa, or Little-dick Karl how Netek called him lovely because he was a rich faggot without charisma, talents, and convictions. As Barrett's puppet and dummy in koviri politics and businesses, Karl climbed the social ladder and to a position of power like no one else on the planet. He became arrogant and developed a false self-esteem, treated people around him like crap and subhumans. For Netek it was clear that it was just a matter of time when someone tried to murder him. He only wished it would be him.

"Mmmmm- mmmmmm," the former admiral muttered through his gag, hands, and ankles tied together behind his beck. Like the others next to him in a row, he couldn't move a bit and was laying on his torso, resembling an animal before he got fastened at a stake and roasted on camping fire like a pig, alive.

"What, whimp?" asked Netek with a broad smirk and squatted in front of him. "You liked to say somethin'? What? I can't understand ye? Oh, wait. Y'er fucked, that's why, ye fuckin' piece of shithole, hehe!"

"Mmmm- Mmmmm!!!" the admiral continued to mutter, tears rolling down his cheeks. He was clearly begging for mercy. To bad that Netek was a sick, narcissistic bastard not being able to feel sorry for idiots. He lifted his unseen knife and pressed it against the man's left ear.

"Netek, here you are!" A familiar, female voice came up behind his back and scared Netek witless, forcing him to turn around with one motion and lower the knife so he could push it up deep into the bitch's throat who had the arrogance to call his name in this very delicate situation.

"Fuckin' b- girl! Iry!" shouted Netek as he recognized his best friend's sexy chick towering before him. "What the fuckin' hell were you thinkin' sneakin' up on me like that, heh?! FUCK!!! Could have killed ye with one stroke, girl. Don't ever do that again, dammit!"

"Sorry, Nety. I just entered the mansion. Thought you heard me calling from the next room," explained Irene and smiled innocently.

"No, fuckin' shit, I didn't." Netek gave off a deep sigh. "Can't you see I am up to murderin' people here? Ye should at least knocked on the door before you jumped in. Women..."

"Yeah, I should have done that. Sorry, Nety."

Netek put his knife away and chuckled. "Damn, girl. Only you can sneak up on a guy while wearing her five-inch stiletto platforms. Ye look as smashing as always, by the way. And that blue mini dress, girl. Fuckin' hooot. "

"Thanks, sweety." Irene gave him a wink and a soft kiss on the forehead, totally ignoring the twelve tied up hostages pleading for help. "Is here something to drink by chance?"

"The left sideboard over there. Upper drawer. Help yourself, me little doll."

Irene moved over, took out a glass, filled it with red wine and sat down on the comfy couch nearby, bending one leg sideways over the other to reveal much of her skin and ass. The blond sorceress was a Goddess of pure sexiness with cherry-red lips and blue eyes. Netek had to force himself to not look under her skin-tight dress.

"So, why yer here anyway, girl?"

"You know why, Nety," replied Irene, eyes blazing after taking a sip.

"I did exactly what ye said. Pushed her over the edge and proved her what she really is. She will never consider herself satisfied again with the sex she had till then, as you wished."

"Good. Any bruises or injuries?"

"None, of course."

"You know I will ask her about you. And if I even find the slightest scratch on my baby's skin, then I will make you suffer for the rest of your pity life, personally."

Netek just smirked back but knew that Irene wasn't kidding when she threatened him with her famous, wagging finger. As much bitchy, innocent, and fragile she looked with her sexy, short outfits and slutty behavior, Irene van Engelsberg was anything but a helpless and naive girl. Behind those cherry-red lips, endless legs, skinny body, and ice-blue eyes were hiding a brutal, scheming, and highly intelligent witch only waiting to jump out and bite her victim's head off. She was a female alpha through and through, and there were very good reasons why she was Barrett's 'baby girl' and 'all-time love' for three centuries.

Once not long ago, Netek watched how some wannabe thugs tried to fondle her crispy butt and intimidate her on the street of Novigrad. They died after two seconds when Irene simply lifted her hand and cast a spell, shrank them into the size of a cockroach and then trampled them with her five-inch platform heels without batting an eye and in full public. Netek remembered how the other remaining faggots ran off or begged for mercy, but Irene gave a shit and did the same to them and used her other shoe to trample them to death as well.

Another time, Netek watched how Whoreson Senior's men including Cyprian Wiley surrounded and gagged her with the intent to rape her. Just as Netek was about to intervene, Irene solved the situation by herself. She cast a forbidden spell which painfully sundered the attackers' souls and jammed them into the one non-living object in her sight; a dog turd. As the involved men's bodies fell dead and Whoreson Junior attempted to flee, Irene shackled him by magical chains and ordered him to pick up the dog turd off the street and let it vanish through the next manhole cover, what Cyprian instantly did in his mortal fear.

And the story didn't end there.

Before the hundred citizens' very eyes, Irene ordered Cyprian to kneel at the manhole cover. After Whoreson Junior did what she asked, Irene pushed him down into the shaft full of shit and piss too. As if this wasn't enough humiliating, Irene also let her thong fall to her ankles, lifted the hem of her pink dress and squatted sexily over the hole. What happened next was even for novigradian standards of debauchery new and not an everyday thing.

In front of a big audience, Irene peed down at one of the most powerful criminal's son and relieved herself. This was a lesson Cyprian had never forgotten and when Netek asked him once about it, he only smirked and told him that the moment Lady van Engelsberg's pussy towered over him, it would have been the most beautiful sight he could have ever imagined, and her golden stream would have tasted so sweet that he would be looking forward to another turn.

So cold-hearted Irene could act, so caring could have been her deeds if someone asked for it. For instance, Netek had once gotten food poisoning and been ill in bed for five weeks. During this time, Irene herself looked after him, administered medicine, even cooked and spoon-fed him, and all this every single day. She was like a big sister to him. Admittedly, one Netek would have liked to grasp the b-cup tits and suck at the soft nipples. And Irene didn't make the situation easier for him as she visited him with usual outfits and made him go crazy and his cock rock-hard like a damn lighthouse.

One day, and it was just a matter of time, Irene brought a plate of soup and caught Netek masturbating under the cover. While he was speechless with shame for the first time in his life, Irene just smiled innocently, sat down next to him on his bed and offered him straight a 'helping hand'. Netek remembered how his jaw dropped and his semi-erect cock lapped up and down against his thighs.

He couldn't believe it, but Irene was dead serious and even refused his proposal to better hire a whore for this kind of job, said that they would only take advantage of his 'bad' situation and fleece him. No, by the sexy Goddess, Irene could never expect her hubby's best friend to put up with things of such matter. If Netek needed a daily handjob to regain his strength, then she would be more than pleased to help him. Barrett would have already agreed and Irene revealed that she'd be tired of cleaning his cum-leaking sheets every day.

With such efforts at persuasion, Netek gave himself up to the idea and removed bed cover. His cock twitched as Irene bit her lip and then started to massage his balls first and next to the entire length. Most whores and women made the mistake to rub at the top and the bulbous head first. Unfortunately, most of the tension was lost this way. Irene, on the other side, knew to give a man a handjob even the most experienced and expensive whores couldn't. By placing one hand on his balls and constantly massaging them, she used her other hand to stroke his cock always from the bottom to the top, up and down without delay and with a fast pace. As if this wasn't enticing enough, she ordered him to always look into her eyes, never let go of them even once.

Netek had no chance. He came after only fifteen minutes. And how he came. It was an explosion, like a volcanic eruption, a broken fountain. Cum was everywhere, overflowing her hand and close to trickling down his belly. But only close. Irene was a Goddess and she had easily proved that again by continuing to rub his jerking cock while collecting the flying salty globs and drops with the open palm of her other hand. And the sexy sorceresses achieved to catch them all and not let a single droplet of baby-batter get wasted or land on the cover.

When Netek was up to close his eyes at the incredible sight, Irene ordered him once more with a dominant voice to keep his eyes locked at hers. Like seeing his most depraved fantasies come true, Netek was taken aback as Irene giggled and then licked off her cum-leaking hands clean and every finger succession, one by one. And the exact same divine procedure happened in the next following four weeks, two times a day. Lips or other holes were never involved. Only Irene's magical hands and otherworldly handjob skills sufficed to make him feel as if those four weeks were passed in just two days.

Netek had never more respect for a woman from those very intense days on. No way. Barrett's slut training and domestication of hundreds of years paid off completely, and Irene proved that she had been worth the effort, every crown and sweat bead.

Apart from those priceless abilities, Netek also had to be honest and admit that Irene's personality was a key factor too. She was a woman who helped other people out of conviction and didn't consider herself too good for sullying her flawless hands by filth and blood. Netek saw her countless times working as a doctor in hospitals, giving out food in ghettos, teaching children maths and science, hugging them when they bumped their toes and cried in pain.

Irene had so many alluring sides which went beyond the things you could see with your bare eyes. God forbid if she was mad at you and angry. Then, and Netek learned it the hard way as he 'unintentionally' spilled blood on to one of her dresses once, you are fucked and doomed. Only Barrett was able to save someone from her wrath. Before that, Netek remembered how he ran off from her, and damn! Irene was easily capable of running after him in her five-inch stiletto heels and also catch him after only two hundred feet.

Luckily, Barrett was there to help Netek out of his guaranteed extinction and before Irene could push her deadly fingernails into his eyes, make a dwarven shish kebab out of him. This bitch was crazy and so hot at the same time. Unbelievable if not experienced in person.

"Oh, c'mon, Iry. Ye know me. I did what ye said. As the greatest gentleman ever born, I treat me bitches always with the respect they deserve. Nothin' more, nothin' less," stated Netek with a sarcastic tone, overlooking Irene's amusing snort. "And to be honest, I think I fell in love with that crazy bitch, you know, and her delicious bubble butt."

Rolling her eyes, Irene uttered, "Not again, Nety. You said the same thing for the last twenty-eight girls and always lost interest after you slept with them just one time again."

"This time it is different. I can feel it. Deep inside me chest. Look. Right here."

Netek pointed to his heart.

"You mean your cock." Irene taunted sweetly. "Your cock is not there, Nety."

"Haha, very funny. I don't care what ye think, Iry," Netek countered angrily. "Like Barrett, I want to own a sorceress too. I fuckin' deserve one, dammit!"

The blond bombshell kept silent for a moment and didn't say anything, shaking slightly her head and breathing deeply. "Alright. I don't interfere with Yenna's sex and love life. Never did. When you're able to conquer her heart and she wants to be with you, then so be it. But if you hurt her, or even worse break her heart, I will transform you into a sissy whore. Have I made myself clear enough?"

"Totally clear, me little doll." Netek's smirk got broader and broader. With Irene being out of the way, there was no one who could stop him from winning Jenny's heart once and for all.

"But you should know that a witcher is trying to claim her heart too, and he is next and closer in the line before you. You might be too late, Nety. Just saying."

"Then I will fuckin' kill that witcher boy. End of the story. Barrett's gonna understand that-."

"No, you will do NO harm to Geralt in any way," resounded another familiar voice coming from the door and made Netek twitch. At the same time, the hostages began to cry and yell in desperation when they realized who the person was. Instantly, anguish took over their faces.

"Speaking of the Devil," Irene giggled.

"Barrett, buddy. What are ye doin' here?" asked Netek his best friend who was wearing simple black leather gear and boots but his massive physique, broad shoulders, and perfectly conditioned body cast a distinctive and dominant aura that overlapped every place. And if this wasn't enough, there was still Barrett's piercing glance and cold eyes that made peoples' legs shake, heart throbbing faster and eyes well up in fear.

Netek had seen all this thousand times already.

"I presume these are the idiots who molested Carthia and tried to rape her?"

"Yeah," agreed Netek. "I was just up to kill them before yer girl here interrupted me."

Barrett lets his feared glance hover over the hostages who were panicking sky high, then took out a heavy bag of coin and handed over to Netek. "Twenty thousand crowns for Irene's special favor. Take it. You deserve every penny of it."

"Fuck no. Ye know I never take coins from ye. I was in the vicinity and just perfect for the job. And Irene is me girl too. I would fuckin' annihilate the entire continent for her, if necessary."

"Without you, Yennefer of Vengerberg would have been caught, imprisoned, raped and hanged at a stake. And not necessarily in that very order. Take it. It's only fair if you get the head money as a thank-you gift from me and my baby girl."

Netek wielded his hands with rejection. "No, dammit. I got enough money m'self. What I want is Jenny and just her. I want her!" yelled Netek and continued, "Jenny belongs to me. I owned her. I love her. We love each other!"

Barrett rolled eyes like Irene.

"Love?... What?...  You said the same thing for the last twenty-eight girls and always lost interest after you slept with them."

Irene giggled and then started laughing. "I said exactly the same thing, honey."

"Fuck ye, both of ye!" Netek shouted and crossed his arms, pouting the same way like the world champion Yennefer of Vengerberg was known for. "This is LOVE. Ye can't stop me! I'm a fuckin' mad dog!"

Barrett was aghast and exchanged short glances with Irene, mean-mugged Netek with annoyance, "Whatever, man. Yennefer is Irene's responsibility. If she is okay with it, I'll be too. Can we close this subject now and move on to a more important one?"

"Take the money, Nety, sweetheart," proposed Irene, eyes sparkling. "If you want to convince my Yenna of your love, you will need every copper and crown you can get, believe me. We sorceresses are very dainty and hard to please, and since I know that my Yenna has the same taste when it comes to fashion and heels, you will be making a lot of investments in advance before you can even whisper the word 'love' into her ear."

Growling in acceptance, Netek finally took the bag and let it disappear, asked incidentally, "Why are ye here again, Barrett?" as five koviri guards and Karl Rhyst appeared in tow.

"These lowlives will be transported to Oxenfurt and not killed here. I got a new job for you."

"Fuckin' why, man?... Oh, has this something to do with what you did in Oxenfurt?"

Barrett's expression remained dark and callous, as Karl Rhyst spoke for the first time, "More than five hundred witch hunters died and thousands of soldiers and citizens were injured. King Radovid is even speaking of a nilfgaardian terror attack. They say the Death himself was sent by Nilfgaard to kill their king and his most trustful combatants. Commander Menge would have only survived the attack because he was out of town minutes ago. A massacre."

"I had to act myself. Eera and her girls were in danger, as much as your... Jenny. And you know I always protect my children. Always. No matter what the price might be."

The guards and Karl's eyebrows arched in amazement and trepidation. They all knew about Barrett's power and capabilities but hearing it right from himself was a new experience. Barrett never used to be someone who swaggered about his deeds and money, and this time it wasn't different at all. Everyone preferred the blessed ignorance to emotional stress when it came to Barrett's doing.

"I see," Netek chuckled. "Guess Stanicek had to look out for me Jenny there after me?"

"Stanicek and Javvar."

"Javvar?! That little slimy chocolate boy from pisshole Zerrikania?!? Don't tell me he touched me girl with his ugly, big chocolate fingers!"

"I heard Yenna really liked him. Adda even told me that the dress and lingerie he bought for her from the Passionata store would have been enough to conquer her heart," Irene added, knowing that her words would make Netek seethe with rage. And they did, of course.

"Fuckin' zerrikanian horse-fucker... I will kill him. Better now. Yes. I should go and kill him right now. Yes. I fuckin' should! Don't try to stop me!" cursed Netek and doubled his fists, as Karl Rhyst coughed slightly and asked, "If there's nothing for me here, I'd like to go now."

"No, Karl. You stay here. I have a few questions for you."

Barrett stopped cursing and looked to Irene who seemed to be smitten with surprise too. Barrett always knew everything in advance and without exception more than his shivering counterpart. Always. Without exception. If Barrett asked someone a question - and God forbid! - even several questions, then he was just going through the formalities before he punished this person, always lethally and mercilessly, and Karl Rhyst knew this too.

His face turned pale and his chin began to tremble. Stepping forward, he tried to avoid any eye contact with Barrett who was seven feet tall and easily two heads bigger than him. Netek asked himself what the little faggot had done wrong to deserve death. Hopefully, he was going to get killed and he never had to see his pathetic figure again.

"You and only you gave Vilgord Yennefer's name before she entered the ship, right?"

Karl hesitated to give an answer. As Barrett placed his left hand on his shoulder, the millionaire panicked like a little girl, eyes welling up in tears. "It was a mistake, please, I didn't want to. It was-"

"I SPECIFICALLY told YOU to say NO ONE about her real identity, name, and target. By deliberately doing the contrary, YOU kicked off an unstoppable chain of events and thought I would NOT discover this TREACHERY, right?"

Yellow streams of pee were dropping through the thin fabric of Karl's pants. He wet himself, literally. "What?! No! Why should I do that? Please, this was just a mistake. I swear!"

Netek laughed to himself. If Karl had come out with the truth now, he would have had a chance. But by questioning Barrett's intelligence and denying logic, Karl dug his own grave. And what Barrett hated more than anything in this universe were liars and dishonest people who didn't want to take responsibility for their actions, regardless of how bad their mistakes were.

And Barrett was unforgiving. Netek himself observed countless times how his best friend cut people's genitals off and forced them to eat them - women and men alike to make it here clear - and how he smashed their eyes with his thumbs, scalped them, burned them, tossed them into a pool full of acid, let them get raped by beasts and undead alike, enslaved them, cut them to pieces, and so forth. And he had always done these things publicly and in front of many peoples' eyes to make sure anyone knew what happened if he and she didn't play by the rules which were very, very simple; don't damage his property (women included) and don't obstruct his business.

This was why people were so afraid of him. Barrett never used his reputation to scare and frightened them off. This was not necessary. People mostly saw and pursued his deeds and punishments with their own very eyes and heard of other other people who had been already punished before.

Nonetheless, Netek was aware of the fact that Barrett's true power - despite his personal skills and genius - was based on his peerless dedication to helping the poor and those without means. He provided food and water, lend interest-free money, built entire villages for free and without conditions, even in war zones and most remote places, regardless of race and gender. Barrett also used his influence and power to provide access to education for children and adults the same way, even to universities and military academies.

Where Barrett used to rule from the shadows, he provided medical health, with medicine always free of charge. When people needed legal assistance, Barrett provided that too, regardless of their social status and financial situation. When people suffered discrimination and injustice by the state and criminal organizations, Barrett helped them to overcome them.

"You delegated external accountants to buy shares of construction companies and military devices the moment you got the information from me, the very moment you told Vilgord Yennefer's real identity, by purpose."

"W-w-why should I do that? I got more money than in my most depraved dreams!" Vilgord tossed in total despair. "Why should I antagonize you?!"

"Pride. Arrogance. Boredom. And because I told you to NOT invest money of your company in redanian companies. Because I forbade you something," Barrett grunted with a hatred voice, dark eyes glowing with disgust. "You took this too far this time, Karl."

"No, please. It was a mistake. My feelings just got the better of me, please..." Karl whined and fell to his knees, tugging at his pants. "Don't kill me! Please, don't!"

"Because of you, Vilgord informed Caleb Menge, and he, then, mustered his forces in Oxenfurt. This, then again, caused me in person to intervene and set things right again. I hate to do that."

Barrett's words were devastating, his breathing slow and forcedly calm. "So many lives had to be taken and you are personally responsible for, for each one of them."

"Please, have mercy!"

"By putting my baby girl's beloved daughter's life in such danger, you crossed a line you should never have..." Barrett grabbed Karl's throat and pulled him up in the air with only one hand like he was made of feathers, and added sinisterly, "and this is unacceptable, inexcusable."

"No-no- no- Help me!" shouted Karl at the koviri guards. "Do something! I order to protect me!"

As expected, the guards remained silent and didn't stir from the spot. As Karl recognized their inaction, he looked straight into Barrett's black, piercing eyes and uttered, "You are evil!"

Barrett slightly tilted his head and fastened his grasp around Karl's throat after resting his free hand to the shoulder. As a precaution, Irene and the guards closed their eyes.

"I'm necessary evil."

A painful and inhuman cry echoed through the entire mega-mansion as Barrett clenched his big fist around Karl's throat in one whack and pressed his free palm on his face, then doubled it too which caused Karl's eyes to explode, his nose and jaw to break sideways. It was that brutal and harsh that Karl swallowed his teeth and convulsed with pain before he lost consciousness and his body smashed to the floor. Blood flowed and scattered through the carpet to all four directions till it reached the hostages who began to squeal like pigs.

"Don't wanna kill him? So nice of you, man." Netek stated, completely unimpressed by the sight.

"He's not worth it. Better he stays alive and lives in constant poverty and hunger. This will be the best punishment for him, till his last days," Barrett explained and then looked over to the silent guards. "I'd be pleased if you help to transport the guests and Karl here to the ship when Netek is done with them, Fredgar."

"Of course, Captain," the long-haired guard affirmed slightly twitching as his name came up.

"How is your wife doing? Heard the birth of your first child wasn't easy."

"The contractions lasted three full days. But she made it and now we are parents of a beautiful daughter, Lara... Without your help, she would have died there in the clinic. Thank you, Captain. We owe you everything. Really."

Barrett shook his head. "You owe me nothing. Just stop calling me captain, Fredgar. Only my enemies call me that way. Barrett is enough. And if you, your wife and daughter ever need something, just ask and don't wait so long again, okay?"

"Okay, thanks... Barrett," Fredgar stated, cheeks reddening.

"And you, Simon. Heard you finally found a woman who wants to marry you silly ass."

The guard next to Fredgar scratched his head and chuckled sheepishly. "Yeah, Maria and I will marry next summer in Tretogor. Chasing her for years finally paid off, I guess, hehe."

"Hope my baby girl and I can count us as your guests."

"Absolutely. When the time has come, you and Milady van Engelsberg get the invitation... Barrett."

Irene smiled at Simon and gave him a wink.

"Good. If you now excuse me, I need to talk to Netek here, in private," Barrett stated and walked to the window at the other side of the room.

"You didn't come here for Little-dick Karl, I fuckin' know that. What's the real purpose of yer arrival, man?"

"I came actually to ask you for two favors. This time, for myself."

"And they were?"

"First, you have to go to Ofir and look for two women, slaves to be more precise. Their names are  Sylviane and Tyeenna. I asked Abdul to buy them at the slavery auction for me. Your task is to go to him and bring those girls to Novigrad."

"Alright," Netek memorized everything. "To whom should I deliver those girls?"

"Stefan Skellen."

"That nilfgaardian pussy? Why?"

"Stefan needs them to settle one of his matters. More info would bore you, believe me."

"And the second favor?"

"There are... convincing signs that my sister January is in Ofir too and looking for me."

Netek's green eyes widened. "January is here? On the continent? Since when?"

"For a long time already. Carthia told me that she has seen her once in Novigrad and in Passiflora asking whores about my whereabouts. Funny, I know. What I want from you is to look out for her in Ofir and identify her. Nothing more. And keep your cover intact. Don't show her any sign of recognition."

"No problem. Ye can count on me as always. I ask myself if your other sisters have been here as well. Shouldn't we be more concerned about this development?"

"No. We keep sticking with the plan. It was just a matter of time until they would find this world and look for us," Barrett made clear and handed over two octagonal stones with magic sigils on both side. "Use those teleporter stones to travel to Ofir and back to Novigrad."

"Sounds good to me. I will immediately head off when I finished this here. Only one question if you allow."


"The witcher boy, Geralt. You don't usually permit me to kill someone. Why this time?"

"Because Geralt plays an important role in our plans. His... good health is essential to make sure that the number of possible casualties remains small. Otherwise, everything could get really bloody for all parties and I prefer simplicity to complexity, as long as it is an option," Barrett clarified. "And you shouldn't underestimate the witcher at all. Even if I am totally convinced that you're superior to him in terms of strength, combat technique, and stamina, Geralt proved over the last decades several times to be a very adaptive and resilient contemporary if the situation demanded it from him. He and his witcher friends are taboo for you. At least for the time being."

"Alright," Netek sighed in annoyance. "As much as I want to kill him, I will bow myself to yer greater plan. But if the time has come, you will remove your protective hand over him and let me do what those pussies Vilgefortz and Eredin couldn't."

"Deal. And thank you, Aamon."

"Ah, don't mention it. I just wonder whether January is gonna recognize me or not, hehe."

Before Barrett could say something, Irene approached and snuggled into his arms, feeling the dominant grasp of his hand fondling her butt. "Nety, I decided to help you with Yenna but you have to buy exactly what I told you, okay?"

"Sure, Iry. What is it?"

"Yenna will have her magic back and this means that you have to be more... let's say creative the next time when you meet her," Irene explained as Barrett's hand slipped under the hem of her short dress and pressed against her aching pussy, rubbed it as if he owned her. "You... you have to buy her special heeled boots; Winter Collection 2A, vintage 1232. Don't buy her the 2B version. They have to be the 2A. You can use those heels as a shield against Yenna to prevent her from throwing lightning balls at you."

"Heeled boots, 2A, 1232, Winter Collection. Alright. What else?"

"And black, thigh-high stockings including garters and straps, the label 'Lise Charmel' of the Putrid Nights Collection, 6f, vintage 1237. These stockings will make her talking. Use both of them."

"They cost fifty-two thousand crowns, by the way," Barrett added and Netek's eyebrows almost jumped off. "Just saying..."

"Fuckin' hell so much?! What are they made of? Diamonds and platinum?"

"Nety, if you want to hold hand with a sorceress of my Yenna's beauty, then you have to invest real money first. But you know perfectly she is worth the effort, so don't disappoint me," Irene said and enjoyed Barrett's fingers playing with the top of her princess butt plug. "Shall we go now, honey?"

"Yeah. I wanna fuck you in the gondola, baby girl," Barrett stated with his masculine voice.

"Pretty please..."

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