Amata and the Lone Wanderer

BY : Tony_ramorez
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Disclaimer: This is not Canon to Bethesda's game "Fallout 3" or is it making any money off of it.

It was a typical day for Amata in Vault 101. Abiding her usual routine, she brushed her teeth, used the restroom, and headed off for breakfast. It was there that she approached The Lone Wanderer and engaged in a conversation with him as they conversed.

The Lone Wanderer asked Amata,  "How has your dad been lately?". And Amata replied with a shrug and stated, "Same as usual." To her dismay, that's when Butch walked in the cafeteria and came up to Amata, whispering, "Ready to see a real tunnel snake yet, Daddy's girl?". She blushed and frowned in response, uncomfortably scooting away from him in her booth. The Lone Wanderer responded quickly, and impulsively, saying "She doesn't need your tunnel snake when she has mine!" Amata immediately blushed even harder and her eyes shot wide open as she looked down, surprised by this sudden lie from her life long best friend. She wasn't mad, just surprised. Never had Amata ever heard the Lone Wanderer make a sexual remark ever in his life, and at that, not of her of all people.

Bush walked away as I if he was fooled by this comment and shrugged his shoulders, going over to Wally's table. The Lone Wanderer looked at Amata and told her, "Sorry to embarrass you... I just wanted him to back off... I wasn't serious." Amata looked up, still blushing and said, "I never knew you were capable of saying something like that, it was a huge surprise!" The Lone Wanderer replied, "Well I couldn't let Butch embarrass you with his snale of a "snake" now could I?" Amata giggled and replied, "snail? Are you saying Butch is rocking an inch of penis?"  "Well if someone's going to harass you about their genitals they should at least have something to impress.", the Wanderer replied.  Amata giggled and said, "Oh so are you saying you have hella cock down there?", and instant regret and embarrassment showed in her face.  Before she could make a smooth transition, the Wanderer replied, "Well I'm about 8 inches to be honest haha, come on we are besties, you don't have to be ambarassed!" Amata was surprised to hear the size of her best friends penis. Her imagination took control of her and she felt an unexpected rush of moisture between her legs. Amata decided that she was going to take advantage of the moment and ask another question. "Wait... if you're 8 inches then I'm assuming you were erect for that measurement...correct?", she said.  The Wanderer casually said " Duh... all of us boys get a stiff one every now and then after all. Hey it's not look you don't get wet on occasion right, we are both past puberty Amata, we have hormones haha." Amata replied, " Well... maybe most girls but not me... haha", she awkwardly giggled, obviously showing her dishonesty. The Wanderer then said, " Everyone masturbates Amata, you're so full of it hahaha."  "You masturbate?", Amata asked back, shocked.  "Yes... It feels good , of course I do it" , he replied. Amata being the nosy snob she is  asked "Do you like... squirt sperm out of your penis?"  "All over the place yeah! It's a mess to clean up haha!", he shamelessly admitted. Amata was drooling at the thought, and tried to hide her "curiosity" by laughing and telling him how gross that must be. The Wanderer started to catch on to her little game...

The cafeteria was empty now and Amata was moving into her next question. "Have you like ever... thought of anyone on the vault while rubbing it?", she asked.  The Wanderer, knowing his best friends situation, replied, "Well... I just think of anyone really, I have a thing for wanting to eat their ass and ya know, that stuff." Amata felt her blood get hotter inside her, her ass cheeks were sweaty and she imagined a nice tongue to lick it up, and while she never thought about anal, she enjoyed the feeling when she would touch her anus when bored in bed. Amata then got up and pretended her purpose was to get a Nuka Cola but she obviously tried to display her ass to her best friend as she bent over to get her beverage. The way the Overseers daughter's ass looked in her Vault jumpsuit turned the Wanderer on immensely and he could see her asscrack in such fine detail. Then... unfortunately for Amata, Butch was behind the counter the whole time and he couldn't take it anymore. Butch came from behind Amata and ripped down the pants of her Jumpsjit, exposing her sweaty, moist, and musky ass, drenched in juices from her pussy and body sweat. She screamed and Butch ran off, yelling "Tunnel Snakes rule!". The Vault Dweller was too pleased at the sight of Amata's asshole to react to Butch,  and Amata rushed to her seat to sit down and cover her exposed ass. "That asshole! I'm going to kill him I swear!" She screamed, red as a tomatoe. The Vault Dweller replied, " You never told me you shaved your asshole Amata!". Amata's face drained of all color when she realized what her childhood partner just witnessed. She knew her asshole couldn't have been a good sight, all the sweat, the residue from wiping her ass after her morning bathroom session. Her vagina was the only thing that she could just pray he didn't see. "I... it's not shaved it just doesn't grow hair dude!" She said to the Wanderer. "Let me see then... I'll see if it truly is hairless then Amata", he replied in lust. Amata was so pissed and embarrassed, she hoisted herself over the booth and spread her fat ass cheeks in front of her best friend. "See... no hair!", she said and began to reposition herself until she felt it happen...

The Wanderer tongue went straight into Amata's musky, smelly ass crack and he started licking it all up and she immediately busted into pleasure and moaned. His to the went in and out of her anus and she, the Overseers daughter was there, bent over a booth with a tongue up her butt, as she belonged. "Your ass  tastes so good Best Friend!", he assured her. Amata smiled and replied in pleasure, "Stuff me with a penis! Up my bootyhole!" She begged. He obeyed and her eyes rolled up, showing just the white as she was pounded up her butthole." Soon the Wanderer moaned uncontrollably and creamed inside her ass and she passed out from exhaustion. Cum dripping out of her and drool oozing out of her mouth, he left back to his room to get some rest and left Amata in the cafeteria, exposed like the slut she is.

Soon the Overseer walked in and in shock,  nearly had a heart attack from the sight of his daughters anus with cum glazing it and her body, dominated. Somebody has a lot to answer for...

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