Ghostly Moans

BY : LovelyLuna
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"Stay safe!" Zelda called out as Link hopped off the train and started towards the Ocean Sanctuary. She sighed, and took a seat in the passenger car. Life had been so boring ever since she lost her body. Traveling with Link had its upsides, but there was only so much you could do as a bodiless ghost. Unless they were climbing the Tower of Spirits, Zelda would just sit in the train and wait.

"Well," she thought out loud, "nothing else to do" as she stripped out of her royal dress. Yeah, she was going to masterbate again. It was pretty much all she did now when she was left alone, and this was the fourth time today. Back in the castle, sessions would normally last 20 to 30 minutes, but she'd definitely become more efficient over the last month. Now naked as the day she was born, Zelda lay down on the floor of the car, put her legs behind her elbows, and started diddling away.

Her hand trailed down towards her thick bush of blonde pubic hair. Being royalty, she'd typically stay up to date with her grooming, but the adventure was starting to take a toll on her hygine. The coarse hair above and around her opening was complemented by soft strands poking out from under her arms, and light fuzz down both her legs. Zelda didn't mind though; all she cared about was making her way to another orgasm.

"Ahh fuck!"

Her clit was rubbed raw from the three previous sessions, but she was already soaked down below. Zelda spit on her fingers and went back to work.

Massaging lower, her fingers found her virgin opening. With a thumb still teasing her clit, she probed inside, making sure she didn't go too deep.

"Oh my god!" Zelda moaned. Despite cumming three times already today, she was still horny as all hell. Bordom will do that to you, she thought. Her left hand moved north, latching onto a nipple, while her right hand pounded away. She wasn't the biggest girl in the world, but Zelda had some perky breasts. One thing she definitely didn't miss was being locked up in a bra. That article of clothing was one of the first things she ditched after escaping the watchful eye of the castle guards.

Rubbing faster, Zelda threw caution to the wind and let out a scream capable of bending steel as her orgasm struck her like a dark train. Her pussy spasmed around her dainty fingers, letting loose a small gush of girly fluid. Her royal ass was covered in enough sweat to stain the train car carpet if she weren't a spirit. Her legs kicked out involuntarily and knocked over a small table. The smell of feminine pleasure filled the room as Zelda lay on the floor, head spinning. Out the window, she saw a flash of green before her eyes closed and she blacked out.

When Zelda awoke, the train was moving again, and the table was standing upright. Taking a peak to her right, she saw her clothes arranged in a neat, folded pile. Zelda blushed heavily. She knew what she'd be doing when she got her body back.

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