Parasitic Co-Dendency

BY : gaiatron5
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“That'll be 4,000 Pokeyen miss!” The shopkeep, a 23 year old portly man stared at the beautiful girl on the other side of the register as she fiddled with her wallet. She was exotic, even more exotic than the Asian and American tourists that come here. It was rare to see a black person at all, let alone a black girl-who was Kalosian going by her accent- but she was a sight for sore eyes.


“Where the fuck is it...” She was a skinny looking thing that looked to be around 17, with flowing blue hair that reached to her hips, with striking, soft eyes that were just as blue as her hair. She wore a white sleeveless t-shirt, blue sports cap, and poofy blue trousers that showed off her long, flawless slender legs. “Come on come on...” Next to her was a Vaporen, tall enough that it's head stood next to her hips with a look that basically said 'I wish I could be anywhere but here.' “There we go!” She slammed the money on the counter. “If there's any change in there, keep it.”


'U-uhh..” That was more than 4,000 Pokeyen! Where did this girl get that much money?! “Excuse-” But the girl was already leaving the store, her Vaporeon walking behind her carrying the bag with her items on her tail. “Well..nevermind then.”


As the exotic girl walked out of the store, she felt a sense of glee within 'her'. “Finally..” 'She' spent so much of Lillie's money, the girl giving 'her' as much money as she needed bless her heart, that 'she' finally had enough to get rid of this girly body! He didn't have an Adam's Apple for fuck's sake!


But all that was about to change. “Oh Nitro, I can just imagine it now...” He giggled madly as he began skipping in happiness. Chest hair....PUBES! Oh god the possibilities were endless! He could have a bush! He could have stubble! “When we get back to the hotel I am gonna have an assload of chest hair!” Nitro rolled her eyes as she followed her master from behind. Suddenly the Vaporeon's frills vibrated as a very familiar scream filled the air. “The fuck was that?” Nitro recognized that voice: that was the voice of master's Ponyta colored mate! “I recognize that scream..”The scream was getting closer...closer....fuck it, why did his hearing suck so-


'Sonny!” Before the black teen could finish that thought, he was tackled to the ground by a pair of tits. “Sonny! Sonny! I messed uuuuppp!”


'Oh fuck it's Lillie.' He thought, unable to speak under the volume of her cleavage or hear her blubbering as she hugged him, her tears dropping on his face. 'Oh god, what trouble did she get into now?!' He pounded her back, trying to get her off of him, thanking Arceus no one could see the pent he was pitching 'Get off me!' Thankfully Nitro got her off of him by gently biting on her dress. Sonny instinctively covering his erection as he gasped for air. “!” He didn't know what the fuck other guys were smoking when they said they wanted to die under a girl's tits, that was terrible! “Alright..Lillie...” He panted heavily, catching his breath as he looked up at her. “What did you-what the hell?” Lillie was still crying, her tear filled eyes staring into his as she was seemingly unconcerned by her state of undress. Her white dress was soaking wet and transparent, showing Sonny that she wasn't wearing a bra again! “Holy shit..” He knew her tits were massive, but damn ! That dress hid a lot of her figure apparently! Her breasts always had a problem of bouncing even in that tight white prison, but now that he saw that the things wee bigger than her head, both of them bigger than her head inividualy, he realized it could've been a lot worse, images of her boobs hitting her in the face as she ran coming to mind, followed by the realization that at the moment, anyone walking by could see her goods in pubic. He frantically looked around, and after seeing there was no one around thankfully enough, he grabbed Lillie by her wet hand and dragged her into an alleyway. “God damn it woman, don't you have any shame! I told you to wear a bra!”




“You know what, never mind.” Nitro walked into the alleyway as Sonny groaned in frustration. “So...what was so important that you decided to tackle me to the ground- STOP CRYING!” Lillie instantly did what he asked...blushing for some reason. “Ok, weird. Now tell me what's wrong.”


“O-ok..” She rubbed her legs together as she began telling him what happened.


2 minutes later



“You idiot!” He roared, causing Lillie to go red again, something he ignored in order to rant at her. “What were you thinking letting that dumb gas ball out of it's bag?!”


“I don't know...” She answered, looking down in shame. He may not have been her mother, but she felt just as terrible when she disappointed him. But just like her mother, his anger aroused something within her.. “I-I thought he needed some air! Nebby wandered off a short bit away, so I didn't think-”


“-Yeah, you didn't think! You can't find your way to the nearest police station without me, or heaven forbid some stranger dragging you by the hand, what the fuck made you think you could keep track of that little gas ball?! I remember what happened in that flower garden on the last island, you got scared shitless of a fucking Caterpie going near the little fart!” It was around three sentences ago that Lillie tuned him out, not intentionally of course, her unnatural, almost inhuman level of hormones hormones were kicking in, affecting her judgement as his ranting faded away into the void. She stared at him,her face turning bright red. 'Look at him, his azure hair shining in the sunset His chocolate skin, deep blue eyes, his slim frame barely kept from view by that white and blue shirt and short black pants. His wonderful personality.'


“What the hell were you thinking going out the hotel anyway you dumb bitch?! I was going to the Pokemon Center to get a map just for cases like this!”


'He's so perfect!' It was no secret that despite the way she dressed, Lillie disliked the color white. Well, not dislike, more like, absolutely loathed the color with every fiber of her being. It was only thanks to Wicke that her and her brother could stand didn't develop a loathing for their own skin and were comfortable enough being around white colors without freaking out, but the damage from their upbringing was done. Hell, the only reason she wore her clothes was out of a, let's say pre programmed preference. To her, white meant seclusion, punishment, lonelines, something to hide the filth you had underneath..which may have factored into her love for Sonny. Was it incredibly racist? Yes, but he didn't need to know that...then again he didn't need to know a lot of things.


“You recited the basic tenets of Pokemon care when you and Kukui after I met that Malasada loving freak like I was some retard, still mad at you for that by the way, and one of the rules you recited is to not let baby Pokemon out of your fucking sights!


This was not how he should be acting, no matter how much it turned her on. 'His voice is too beautiful to be strained so much.' Anger should be calm, like the eye of a storm, not this violent. 'He could lose his voice like this!' Or form wrinkles on his body, she couldn't have that! She'd have to show him how to control her anger, just like mother did before her 'brother' ruined her.


“Hey! HEY!” He snapped his fingers loudly, or at least attempt to. “Damn it, gotta learn how to do that.” What was she doing anyway? He waved her hand in front of her face, her eyes listless. “The hell?” Her breathing was still and calm, far better than the sniveling from a couple seconds ago yes, but still as worrisome. she was doing seconds ago, Her breasts, god bless her mother for her superior genes, weren't flopping around like usual. She looked as though she was in a trance. “Oh no... Nitro, Detect, now!””


The Vaporeon let out a yip and her eyes glowed, spreading her senses out to find any Psychic Types influencing her, something he made sure Nitro learned when some freaks in white clothes, with caramel skin used a Drowsee on Lillie, saying they were going to bring her somewhere called 'Ether' or something, he didn't hear the name all that well. Whoever they were they must have had very good connections, as the police did jack squat about them, and you'd think they could blend in, being on a sunny island where tans were common, but Alola was quite pale.


The scan was complete two minutes later, and Nitro let out two yips, one high and one low. “She's not under mind control?” Well that was good. As much as he didn't want to admit it, seeing her brainwashed and kidnapped would not weigh well on his conscience “HEY!” He yelled, only to get no response. “HEY! WAKE UP!”


“H-huh!” Lillie was bought back to reality, wiping some drool that was about to spill from her lips. “S-Sonny!”


“Y-yeah, t-that's m-me!” Said boy stuttered mockingly. “Now focus the fuck up and tell me where the hell that thing went.”


“U-uhhm..N-nebby....” She began tearing up as the memories of her Pokemon's kidnapping over. An unpleasant feeling bubbled within Sonny's stomach as he watched her break down and crumple to the floor. “Nebby's gone! IT WAS TAKEN AND I COULDNT DO A THING TO STOP IIIITT!”


Sonny sighed , seeing her about to tear up again. 'Oh god I feel sick.' Is this what regular people felt when they met someone actually pitiful? “Look, I'm sorry, I-I just lost control of myself. My sis and mom keep telling me about my temper, and I just-”


“There's a funny story about that. You see-”


“It's not important, I'm just making excuses for myself.” Sonny took a deep breath before letting it out, not hearing Lillie explain herself. “Again, I'm sorry.”


“-And it flew away before I could-”


“So let's just get that puffball of yours and go to a Pokemon Center ok?” Sonny asked as calmly as he could, so as not to upset her. “Where did it go?” Sonny's face still held that angelic smile even as his anger begin to boil from the pale blonde's blank, tear filled expression. “ do know where it went right?” Lillie nodded. “Ok then...” He said through grounded teeth. “So where did it go?”





“40 feet until Nebby is found, BZZT! Rotomdex announced as the two humans followed it through the forest, off of the Pokemon League approved roads. It had taken them two hours to get here, and the sun was setting, giving the forest an orange glow.


“So you chipped the little fart huh? Nice!” Despite his -in his opinion-justified bitching at her, Sonny knew Lillie was a smart girl, damn smart. From near college level mathematics and computer knowledge to Pokemon knowledge that would make her eligible for internship at any Pokemon institution she wanted to, she was smarter than most of the bimbos her age. But to hear her explain how she chipped a Pokemon made up of cosmo farts or whatever that thing was made of...damn. “So this chip's supposed to tell when the fart's gonna croak right?” He stared at Lillie suspiciously. “..Any particular reason you had that installed into it?”


“Family reasons.” Lillie mumbled, looking downwards with a greenish expression, as if she were recalling something unpleasant. 'It was quite fortuitous that I put that chip in the thing.' Mother thought she was so smart gassing her and taking Nebby away. Thankfully she was smarter.


“Yeah ok.” Sonny backed off, recognizing that look. It was the same one he saw on himself during his childhood. “So again..sorry for blowing up at you like that.”


“Y-you don't have to be..” Really, he didn't, at least that's what she thought. The thought made her angry “I kinda like-”



“Yeah. I kinda have to. You really don't deserve me bitching you out like that.” She resisted the urge to snarl at him, but then she would be acting just as inappropriately as him. Well, most of the time.” That made her feel a bit better. “Anyway, good to see you're not talking my ears off Sparky. You learned your lesson well.” Rotomdex turned around and showed an image of a middle finger to it's master before turning back and guiding them to Nebby. “Right back at you, you annoying piece of shit.”


“We have found Nebby BZZT! In the tree!” The two teens looked up and sure enough there was Nebby, being picked and pecked by baby Pikapek. “And now I am done, BZZT!”


“NEBBY!” Lillie screamed as Rotomdex returned to it's pouch in Sonny's backpack, showing a surprising amount of physical stamina for her build as she ran to the tree and climbed it with surprising speed, clawing at the tree as if her life depended on it


“Huh.” Sonny tilted his head, watching her climb as her massive breasts rubbed against the tree and her ass cheeks clapped with each inch she climbed, the sounds of her clapping ass somehow making a rhythm with the Pikapek pecking at the little fart. There was an even a little rhythm, the sounds of the pecking coming after the ass clapping and Nebby's cries finishing off before it looped.


Clap clap peck peck pew pew pew! Clap clap peck peck pew pew pew!


And while this was amazingly hot, and questionable given how perky her ass was (seriously how many pounds were in those cheeks, it must be a clown car of ass fat!) the way she was climbing worried Sonny. There were many ways to climb trees, most of which you learned when preparing to obtain your Pokemon Trainer License, and this way was not the way you climbed a tree. Only people running from something trying to kill them and wild cat Pokemon climbed like that, and judging from the progress Lillie was making, she had a lot of experience running for her life apparently.


He watched her get to the branch Nebby was on and picked the little thing up before freezing, the triumphant smile she had frozen on her face as sweat slowly began to form on her face. “S-Sonny?” She stuttered, trying hard not to look down. “H-Help..I-I don't like heights!”


“Oh of course you freakin' don't!” Sonny yelled sarcastically, reaching for a Poke Ball. “Just make my life harder why don't you?!” He pressed the button on the front of the ball, bringing out his evolved Starter, a Brionne. “Ok Soap Scum, I want you to-” But the Pokemon saw Lillie and began squealing in horror, barking at him to do something with tears in her eyes. This little fit of hers was solved by her master kneeling down and slamming his fist into her skull before shoving her face into his, her clownish nose meeting his normal, slim one. “Focus the fuck up, and listen.” The Pokemon nodded as best as she could, sucking up a bit of snot from her nose.


“Gross. Now follow my directions. Blow a bubble at Lillie and the stupid puffball so they can get down, understand?” The seal's expression turned resolute and she saluted in acknowledgment, wincing as the action caused her to hit her master in the eye. “OW!” He ignored the Pokemon's apologies and pointed to Lillie. “ See her?” The seal nodded. “Ok then, use bubble, now!” Soap Scum stared at Lillie and did exactly as her master ordered, firing a bubble..attack at the blonde and the puffball, hitting Lillie straight in the stomach and causing her to fall. “HOLY SHIT!” He glared at the horrified seal Pokemon and conked her harder on the head before running to Lillie throwing the Pokemon ahead of him in anger before running to where he thought Lillie would fall in an attempt to catch the blonde..


“OOOF!” Only to trip on some of the slippery bubble fluid, and Lillie's generous, pale white ass landed on his face and slammed him into the ground, the impact causing her breasts to break from the pitifully weak confines of her dress and hit her in the face, the resulting rip splitting her dress in two at the front. Yet somehow, her hat defied all odds and stayed perfectly on the top of her head. “Owwww...” Lillie groaned, Soap Scum rubbing her sore nose as the blonde's breasts took a second to stop bouncing, instead now heaving with her heavy breaths as she was catching her breath. The blonde took a minute or two to reorient herself, Pupils dilated and her vision blurry, limbs regaining functionality as she remembered where she was. This wasn't normal behavior for anyone who recovered from a fall, but Lillie hadn't been normal in a long time.


“Peeeeww” The Cosmog cried, the pain from it's ordeal still fresh as Lillie's cleavage spilled out of her ripped dress and covered up most of the Pokemon's body.


“Thank goodness.” Lillie said as she petted the Pokemon consolingly under her boobs, making sure not to touch the areas it was injured, not before she could use it. “What happened to me?” And why did her butt feel so soft and hairy? “Oughh.” That wasn't right.


“Ark...” Soap Scum cried, rubbing her sore red nose.


“Wait..who was I with?” She could remember some details. She was with a girl with shining blue hair, blue eyes, luscious dark kissable lips with beautiful black kissable skin-”Sonny!” Nebby and Soap Scum jumped at Lillie's screech, the former wincing as it's injuries were agitated. “Where is he? Where is he?!” And it was here that Soap Scum shot her with a water gun, sending her off of Sonny. “AAAH!” Nebby was still in her cleavage, the impact from the attack causing Lillie's breasts to hit the poor thing and disorient it.



“MRGHHHMMM” Lillie let out a squeal of surprise as Sonny grabbed the dirt for support and shakily rose up from the ground. He spat out the dirt in his mouth and wiped the dirt away from his eyes and glared at his Pokemon, who stared back transfixed in horror. “You dumb little bitch!” The two girls jumped at the scathing rage in his voice, Lillie's chest heaving and Soap Scum shivering in fear, her master wobbling to her as he regained the rest of his bearings. “So let me get this straight here.” He began, chuckling madly as he took in a deep breath of air. “When you see someone you're familiar with, fearing for her life, you decide not to use the snot bubbles you were oh so happy to hit me with when I first got you!” He grabbed the 2nd stage Starter by the nose and lifted her up. “So what do you do? You attack said girl fearing for her life and nearly kill her!”


As he was chewing his Pokemon out for nearly killing her, the curvy victim of said Pokemon was masturbating openly at his fury, keeping Nebby in her grip with the other hand, her face turning red as she came in just a few seconds. Irritated by her breasts in it's face, Nebby kept trying to push them up as Lillie kept mastubating, only for the weight of the orbs to slam down back on it. Angry, it reached under from her breasts to find something to grab onto so it could slip out, unintentionally molesting it's owner as it grabbed the front of her breasts. “Nebby!” She whispered in horror as the puffball's antenna orbs grasped onto her big pink nipples and latched onto them the same way it sucking on it. “N-no..” She struggled to remove her hand from her privates and she grabbed Nebby, trying and failing to remove it from her nipples as the Pokemon held on for dear life, not wanting to be in the darkness again. “S-Stop it!”


Sonny ignored his Pokemon's tear filled apologies and grabbed her Poke Ball with his other hand. “God I taught you a difference between Bubble Attacks and your stupid fucking snot things! I” His eyes widened, Soap Scum coming to the same realization that he didn't tell her to use a regular bubble, or snot bubble as he derogatorily called them. In fact, she only did her species trademark bubble technique only when he called them 'Snot Bubbles'. He also remembered how angry and vengeful the half Fairy type got whenever he punished her for something she didn't do. “Well..” He chuckled nervously, Soap Scum glaring angrily at him with a 'gentle' smile, one that reminded Sonny that most Pokemon have very sharp, retractable teeth, said teeth she was baring at him right now. Sharp, curved things meant for ripping flesh. Oh how he'd seen those things, and why he rarely got this angry with her.


He gently laid the Seal Pokemon down on the ground and opened her Poke Ball, fixing her a nervous grin. “Let's talk later.” Soap scum narrowed her eyes as she was recalled back into the ball. “Another awkward moment to save for later.” He warned as she was called back into the Poke Ball, putting the ball back on his belt and turning to what could only be described as a hot blonde getting her titties sucked by a ball of gas. “Goddamnit not again..' He muttered, not liking the fact he was so desensitized to things like this, and wasn't married or fuck buddies with a curvie, big tittied hottie. He marched up to the duo and squeezed Nebby's stalks, causing it to scream and let go of Lillie. “She doesn't have any milk in there you stupid-WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR DRESS?!”


“My breasts happened.” Lillie explained, looking downward and not trying to cover her modesty as Sonny shoved the little gas ball into the back of his bookbag. “They ripped my dress..” She looked up when she heard him sigh.


“Of course they did. Hold on...” He grumbled as he looked through the other parts of his bookbag, ignoring Nebby's cries to be let out.


“Sonny, you don't have to-” Lillie began, but a glare from the black androgynous teen shut her up.”N-nevermind...”


Sonny softened his glare, mistaking Lillie's arousal for fear, like any normal person would “ ….I'm sorry.”


“Don't apologize.” Lillie muttered under her breath, a little angry. He should never apologize to her like some damn inferior.


“I should damn well apologize!” He stopped what he was doing, bonking Nebby on the head when it was 'pewing' to be let out. “I get angry...a lot. I can manage to hide it when I have a goal, b-but that makes me a fucking sociopath!” Lillie's hair covered her eyes, fist clenched and a snarl on her face as she stomped towards Sonny. “I can't keep acting like that, especially not towards someone as much of a pus-” He seethed as he calmed down, reigning in his temper. “Sorry, sor-” Suddenly Lillie snatched the bag out of his hands and put it close to her, her breasts bulging out slightly from the pressure. Before Sonny could question what just happened, Lillie took out what Sonny dubbed the 'Leave Me Alone' coat. It was a giant trenchcoat, able to cover someone as big as Hau's grandfather, and bought basically so that he or Lillie wouldn't be harassed. It covered their bodies quite nicely, and with their backpacks on their front ,made them look bigger than they actually were, because apparently Alolan men-AKA Hau- didn't understand the word no and thought strong women were the biggest turn on.


“...Yeah, let's go.. ” He glared at her suspiciously before grabbing the bag and getting up, not seeing Lillie shake her head as though she had a migraine. 'I feel like I just opened Pandora's Box for some reason.' He thought, not seeing the blond look at him with approval as the two began walking. 'Then again, she was always kinda odd.' When he first met her, his opinions of the girl were twofold; one being that she was a fucking moron for leaving a town unattended and trying to cross a rickety bridge with a useless Pokemon, something they taught everyone in kindergarten not to do. The second was that he thought at first she was probably sick; his sister Luna was already pretty pale for someone from the Hoenn, and right now was probably stuck at some computer back on Melemele, and she looked healthy compared to Lillie! His sis had a 'darker' skin tone if you could call it that, but Lillie's felt too..conditioned for lack of a better word. He'd seen it before he was adopted into Luna's family from plenty of Asian girls trying to make themselves into ideal Japanese beauties; Lillie's skin tone wasn't a near leucistic from lack of sunlight, but careful exposure to sunlight. Not too pale, not too fair, and going by how much she clammed up whenever anyone asked about her biological family, he was pretty sure the girl had a pretty crappy life.




'Was it because of me?' He noticed she started asking his approval for things halfway around Melemele, after the meadow where he did her fucking job and saved her Pokemon. It started like many stories and roleplay sessions he had seen; Lillie started out like a girl with a crush, making him admittedly good food, which got him raging at all the money he wasted on instant noodles when he could have had her cooking, prepping his clothes, and other nice things that made him wonder why he didn't discover this bouncy, curvy level of potential Ebeneezer Scrooge money saving. But then like many good things-


Schlick! Schlick! Schlick!


'Fuck was that?' He looked around curiously before taking out a Poke Ball and enlarging it, keeping a finger on the button. 'Now where was I..' Yeah that's right, when he probably fucked Lillie up even more than her parents probably did. Oh yes, he could pinpoint the exact moment. It was around the time he came back from Mallow and Lana's trials, already in a foul mood for going through those wastes of time. “Cockteasing sluts..”He muttered, remembering the Trials he went through. Oh not the meandering tasks but the fact the girls were the biggest pieces of blueballing shit he had ever seen, and that fucking seal of his didn't help matters at both instances! And worst of all, both times were one of the few times he was glad for his lack of substantial manhod, why else would they look so ill after touching him? So when he met Lillie back at the Tide Song hotel, he wasn't in the mood to listen to her, a mistake he was learning to regret.




Finally!” He yelled as he came across the Tide Song Hotel after two days of travel. He saw Lillie, sitting on the floor of the lobby of the hotel. “Oh there you are!” He said, not caring about the fact she was crying and rain soaked, still wearing that large hat. “Saved me the trouble of looking for you.” Seeing the pathetic state she was in caused him to roughly grab the pale girl and pulled her up. “What happened?


Lillie was obviously in distress, but asshole he was, Sonny didn't care.“ bro- h-he didn't-” Sonny put a finger to her pink lips as she cried into his chest. People coming out of and into the hotel stopped to see the sight of the him 'consoling her' in the rain.


Of course..” That edgelord wannabe with the freak chimera had to be who she was talking about. “Yeah I think I know who you're talking about. Kinda saw a bit of him in myself.” He ignored the sudden chill that came after he said that, chalking it up to the rain. “So what did the bastard do?”


He never got that answer as Lillie looked up at him with a 'smile', a blank eyed, emotionless smile.”Don't you ever compare yourself to that worthless inferior.” She said gently, carressing is face softly. “He's a bad influence, a disgusting creature not worth your time.” There was a very uncomfortable silence-at least for him, he could see many of the younger men around him his age drooling- before Lillie spoke up, returning back to her normal self. “I'll fix you up a nice dinner, ok? You must have suffered so much, dealing with that 'thing' and coming to my aid.”



Flashback end.


'I fucked up..' He thought worriedly as the schlicking sound came back. 'I seriously, seriously fucked up!' Why didn't I do anything when she looked at me like that?!' It was a well guarded secret, but Sonny didn't grow up in a normal household after his original parents threw him out. And then he was adopted by people who took advantage of Japan's stupid as hell 'if you're 10 you're legal' laws, and let's just say he was glad he came out of that experience a virgin; a virgin that was far too skilled in handies and blowies and with a chip on his shoulder regarding women, but at least he didn't have any diseases.


Schlick! Schlick! Schlick!


“Time out..” He grumbled, stopping and clutching his stomach. “I gotta take a shit or something.” Memories of his childhood came rushing back and it was making him feel worse than before!


“I know what you're feeling, you know.” Sonny stopped at that. “I don't like to think of it possible, but it feels good in a way, that you're like me. Afraid of what you truly are..”


“...Excuse me?”


“I'm not blind to your issues.” She began, the fact that said issues turned her on being kept to herself. “You've been hurt. Badly. You have issues with your manhood that cause you a lot of pain” Sonny's eyes widened as Lillie continued. “You're not as quiet as you'd like to think; I've heard what you called Lana and Mallow whenever their names came up, and though I've wished you called me- wish you would mind your surroundings, I can relate, all too well.” If she was paying attention, she would notice that this litle pep talk was having the opposite effect of what she desired. “I never had a chance to vent my anger and self loathing, but you do.” She began blushing as she said the next part. Sonny walking slowly towards her. “S-so...if you need something to vent on, I-I could-”


Sonny grabbed her by one of her braids and shoved her face into his. “No. no fucking way in hell am I  going to be pitied by you of all people! Don't ever fucking cross me bitch! I'm a man! I'm not some stupid girl!


“...Yes...I understand.” Sonny backed away from her. Why was she blushing? And smiling?! “If you don't mind, could you pull on it harder?” There was an eager, hopeful look on her face. “I like it when you're rough with me.”


“.....What?”  Sonny was unable to parse what just happened. She said she was like him, he snapped at her, and then  she goes full masochist? “Could you repeat that?”


“I said, I like it when you're rough with me.” She repeated with a beaming smile and pinkened cheeks. “I've always liked it when you were rough with me. When you yell at me, insult me..” She listed these off like they were fond memories, which put Sonny off very much. “You don't have to be nice to me, or try to. I can be all the positivity in your life, and you can hit and mock me all you want.” Her eyes were half lidded, a seductive grin  on her face, or rather, what she thought was a seductive grin. It honestly  looked like she was having a stroke.


“Uuuuuhhh..” Sonny was flabbergasted, not expecting this from Lillie of all people. Hell, he never expected this from anyone! Who the fuck would say 'hit me it turns me on' and wasn't being forced to say it?! This..this wasn't real; It had to be a dream, a stupid, messed up, arousing dream that was making him hard what was going on?!


Lillie giggled, her heart pounding as she finally got that off her chest; now if she could only get this coat off. Her little secret was hard, painfully hard. It wanted to burst out. It wanted to spurt, make a mess, and by god did she want to touch it, touch it while he's touching her, pulling at her breasts reddening her ass with his strikes as he whispers obscenities into her ear, each humiliatig and degrading barb putting her into a haze of pleasure and pain the likes of which would make her beloved mother jealous! What if they joined together and took care of her, their big meaty manhoods to ruthlessly fuck her. Oh the fantasies that were running through her head! Her, Sonny, and mother, a happy, perfect familly! And her traitorous brother, who along with Faba corrupted her previously perfect mother, would suffer.. Oh how the fantasies came to her.


Mother and Sonny forcing her to lick from their respective cunnies as they use her head as a footstool for their balls.


Herself, chained to the bathroom wall with  her ankles chained to the floor as she was bathed in cum, dripping down her chin, her tits, out of her pussy and asshole in rivers.


Mother would take her outside naked, gagged, blindfolded, bound to all fours, a leash attached to her collar, a buttplug shaped like a Pokemon's tail planted in her ass, she walked down the street in broad daylight, her body bare for all to see as physical remnants of mother and Sonny's love plastered over her body, fresh and slimy. Each and every fantasy became more perverse and lewd, until they became twisted and dark, very very dark. She was getting wetter,  hornier, harder, close to cumming as the endless possibilities flashed through her mind, possibilities that she hoped to include her mother and Sonny in, their sweet little pet for all eternity, all three under her master's loving tentacles!


…And as she thought of these fantasies, she didn't realize that she was vocalizing every word that wasn't talking about her little surprise in her panties or tentacles and therefore shooting any potential of any future kinky threeways in the foot. Sonny listened as Lillie gushed in more ways than one.. He didn't know what was more disgusting, the fact that Lillie was talking about how her mom sexually molested her for years and she enjoyed it,  the fact she was including him in her fantasies, or the fact that, much to his horror, he was liking it; not the shit about him and her mom being dual gender, fuck that, it was the stuff about dominating her, owning her. The words coming out of her mouth, they were so vivid,so detailed. He really wanted to go there, to indulge in those twisted fantasies formed from his childhood trauma, though his conscious got the better of him when it came to Lillie.. So he walked up to the blonde, who was probably close to cumming judging by her babbling...




“OW!” And slapped her, hard enough to knock her head to the side and leave a bright red mark on her cheek. “ slapped me.”


“Yeah to knock some sense into you because holy christ, you just opened up a can of worms!”


Lillie turned beet red. “Y-you heard all that? About what I have?”


“Yeah, how could I not?!” Defying all odds, Lillie somehow turned even whiter at that revelation. “I don't know what kind of weird shit your mom and you do  in your fucked up dickgirl fantasies, but leave me out of it!” Lillie sighed in relief as Sonny began to walk away. “Let's go, I wanna sleep in a bed, thank you very much?”


The pale blonde blinked. “You're not disgusted?” This was most unexpected, but very welcome!


“Oh I am, trust me. That shit with me and your mom with multiple genitals and fire hose cum hydrants, like, no.” He shuddered in disgust before he continued. “I've just seen worse acted out with terrible people.” And heard worse. God did he hear worse. “You earned a lot of my respect by showing some modicum of restraint. Who knows, if I was more well adjusted -and you weren't such a sniveling freak- I might consider dating you.” Lillie gasped at that, and Sonny blushed as he realized what he said. “L-let's go, now!”



Little did he know that was the absolute worst thing to say to her. That migraine was returning, worse than ever. They had started to come back ever since she started traveling with him, but this time, she welcomed the pain. When she was younger and mother tried to 'correct' her in her grief, the migraines were constant, and now that she was with Sonny, they were back in full force.


And this time she accepted the pain, letting the rush of delirium and lust fill her mind. “My precious, bright sun..” She giggled as she resumed what she was doing before.


Schlick! Schlick! Schlick!


It had been an hour since he heard whatever that was Lillie spouted on about fucking his mom and sucking off a Bidoof.


Schlick! Schlick! Schlick!


His memory of said events might have been as muddled as his grammar. He now understood how sound torture worked, because he'd been subjected to it for the past hour!


Schlick! Schlick! Schlick!


Ever since she thanked him for saving her from whatever – he was pretty sure he was remembering things wrong again- that noise had gone from 'what is she doing' to 'oh god I can feel it on my brain', to 'I'm going to fucking strangle that little pervert!' The femboy's murderous thoughts were put on hold for this hopefully temporary annoyance, and as they got within the Heahea city limits, he was thankful Alola's criminal element-which consisted 85% of Team Skull- was so stupid that the police saw little need to have a nightly presence. The last thing he wanted was to be detained for being with an exhibitionist. Thankfully that stupid fucking puffball went to sleep, because he did not want that thing to add to this cacophony of torture.


'Who the hell jills off for a goddamn hour?!' How the hell does a chick do that for so long?! What, was she pumping a vibrator in and out? Couldn't be, because she's been going nonstop!



Schlick! Schlick! Schlick!


That awful, awful sound that hadn't stopped for even a second!



Schlick! Schlick! Schlick!

Was it a automatic vibrator? Nope, he would've heard the buzz, especially with how loud her pussy was being pumped; and the vibrators that could do that were made for Pokemon that could fuck up a car just by bumping into it!


Schlick! Schlick! Schlick!


'How is she not tired?!' He thought. 'Better yet, how is her cooch still going?!'

With how loud she was being, he wouldn't be surprised if she was using her piss for lubricant, something he had seen many a stupid person do. How was her cooch still moist?! Why wasn't her cunt sore?! His memories of his childhood were giving him imagery that was getting too disgusting and revolting, and the worst part was that he couldn't do anything to stop her. He tried a while back, but that girl was determined to masturbate, presumably to him, and she was strong . Like despite the lack of muscle she had, she had muscle..somehow! Like rock!


'Just a bit more..' He thought, letting out a manic giggle as the Pokemon Center came into view. 'Oh sweet bed, wait for me!' And showers, sweet beautiful showers! He could finally get an actual shower instead of having Soap Scum and Nitro hose him and Lillie down! Oh it sounded like paradise!


Little did he know that between her lust and inhuman masturbation session, the pale blonde was planning to make her own paradise, a much more permanent one with him at the helm. Her precious slice of perfection, always so concerned for her despite his anger.


Schlick! Schlick! Schlick!


'My inferior nearly corrupted him.' She thought as she trailed behind him, close enough that she could see every contour of his sweaty body and his beautiful scent entered her nostrils. 'I'll have to purify him.' The last thing she needed was Gladion infecting someone else she loved with his 'logic'.




The trip took far longer than it needed to. He was so tired, and Lillie too busy masturbating trying to help him get to a fucking bed, and he should've kept his damn mouth shut when asking Lillie why she was so busy masturbating. Oh she lied...badly, but she gave reasons, or was that his memory playing tricks on him? It was probably playing tricks on him.


Her reasoning for her head bobbing up and down? She probably snapped from Nebby nearly getting killed and stolen and that little personality shift she kept apologizing for.That weird white goop on her upper lip that came out of her nose every time she squealed? Runny nose. That he believed. 'Maybe she has a candy bar she doesn't want to share or something?' He thought deliriously as he finally got to the Pokemon Center, managing to gather enough energy to assume a cutesy persona as he walked inside. After checking in to the center, sharing a room with Lillie once again, memories of


Schlick! Schlick! Schlick!


'I can't take it anymore!'


As he led her to their room Lillie decided to make the noise even worse by making a suction noise for some reason. Sun finally cracked, his anger boiling over at the disgusting sounds she didn't seem to care that she was making “Ok, that's it!” He shoved her aside, into the alcove where a sink and microwave sat, and slammed the door, using his keycard to lock it for good measure. Lillie didn't seem to care about his rudeness however. Her eyes shifted around the room as if to see if anyone else was in here before her gaze fixed on Sonny, a dark look filling those green orbs similar to the look she gave him back at the hotel. But he was too tired and angry to notice the obvious warning. "Woman, what the hell are you-" He reached for the coat, which he only now realized wasn't buttoned properly: ripping the garment from around her shoulders, he nearly let out a scream that befitted his appearance, high-pitched and girly. Even as he screamed, Lillie still made that damn sound!


Schlick! Schlick! Schlick!


Now if this was a normal situation, normal being the odd word out here, the first thing he would see when he removed her coat would be that she was naked,having discarded her ruined dress a while back, her bouncy, G-cup breasts with perky pink nipples jiggling from the motion of having their cover removed. Reaching halfway down to her ribcage and without a hint of sag, those gravity defying mammaries were too big to be held back by her usual clothes, and yet they somehow were, and like many women's shirts and dresses, somehow made her boobs look smaller.


Going down past that and to her pale, perfect hourglass waist were the long supple legs that complimented her wide, generous hips and that round, pert ass, like two halves of a full moon with a valley you would be glad to go spelunking in. adding that to her pale, alabaster skin, free of blemishes or things like stretch marks, long, flowing well kept blonde hair and her submissive, meek personality and anyone would be happy to jump her bones, if they didn't pressure her into it that is.


Sonny however, did not get to see that beauty because there was something in the way of it, and it was upon seeing that thing that everything made sense. The way her head bobbed up and down, the constant red-face, the 'snot.' He'd seen it before, at his old childhood home/brothel. This blonde, weak-willed hottie was sucking her own dick! “What the fucking fuck...?” Again, this girl had a dick...a huge, huge 30 inch dick with a big pair of hairless balls that were so big they covered her knees, her knees! The fuckers combined were as big as a Voltorb! 'Now I remember where I heard those sounds before!' Those were the same sounds some customers paid to have well endowed Pokemon like Machoke or Machamp perform self-fellatio! Lillie wasn't jilling off, she was jacking off! And with that revelation he screamed.



Her breasts were wrapped around her dick like a hotdog bun over a wiener - since Sun removing 'her' coat revealed that again, she was buck-ass naked, save for that white hat! She was sucking on her 30 inch dick and either ignoring or not caring for the look of horror on her traveling companion's face. She had leaned back against the counter, the handle of the microwave pressing into her back in an awkward position, but it was ignored, probably due to her appearing to be close to... “I'M GONNA-” Her words were cut off by a wail of pleasure, as her semen shot out like a geyser to the goddamn ceiling! Not spurt, shot, like it was a fucking Hyper Beam! “Sonny… Sonny...”


There were many emotions and thoughts running through Sonny's mind as he saw this disgustingly perverted display and the disgustingly perverted blonde mutter his name like a mantra, her face looking like his the first time he got a titfuck. His brain tried and failed to rationalize where and how she was hiding that damn thing, which, as he was forced to remind himself, which was 33 inches now , and she was still jerking it! He'd seen plenty of up-skirt shots of her ass, because she refused to dress in something her size and often got aggressive with anyone who tried to make her change clothes, even with him. Someone should have seen that thing!’ He should have seen that thing! She should have suffered some anemia or severe blood loss or something to have that thing stay erect for as long as it did, but nope, here she was, still jerking away despite the splooge dripping from ceiling! He could tell how heavy that thing was, so how strong was her fucking spine?!




“Oh god..” He whispered in horror, not sure if he was gulping at the amount stuck to the ceiling o the fact she was still masturbating! “It's like a Pokemon group bukakke!” The ones he was forced to clean upl! And how the fuck was it sticking to the ceiling like that?! Jizz isn't supposed to do that! Was she part Muk or something?! She had to be, they were the only ones beings aside from Trubbish who had sticky cum, and lord knows those ugly things weren't anywhere in Alola! But there was something else, something that combined with the giant pale abomination jutting out from Lillie's crotch and the amount of jizz shot out that made this truly horrifying.


“Soooonyy....” That. She was saying his fucking name while she was jerking off! The effeminate boy ran to the bathroom and began vomiting. This shit was too much for him!



Next to her mother, he was everything to her. When that idiot puffball was about to die, he saved it and tore into her, the ferocity of which seeded the feelings that would soon blossom into love. He saved her time and time again, not from any danger, but from herself when she doubted the nobility of her mission. “Sonny... Sonny...” He was so exotic too, his chocolate black skin that was so succulently soft and smooth, lithe frame with flowing azure hair and striking blue eyes that made him more beautiful than most women. She couldn't possibly understand the problem his sister and others had with his personality. Oh well. He'll soon be with one who adores him, would love him like he needed to be loved, and he would give her more in kind. She could see him now, gazing down at her like the thing that she was, judging her, dismissing her just like that Gladi- “Sonny!”


“FUCK!” Sonny yelled, startled by her shriek and jumping out of the way of the precum that spewed out of her Mudsdale cock, and for his continued sanity, that big white pillar was an albino Mudsdale as far as he was concerned. “Shit woman, aim! I hate getting that shit in my face!”


“U-uhhhmm..” Was all Lillie could say as her hands froze mid-jerk. He found out. He wasn't supposed to find out! “S-s-s-s-s-soooooonnnyy!” He found out, he was looking at her like she was a freak, so obviously she had enough sense to feel embarassed so why was she still jerking off?! Everything was going wrong, oh so very wrong!


“....” Sonny's face was blank as Lillie resumed rubbing her magic meat pillar, memories of that time at The Urge flashing through his mind, how he was always masturbating to the female workers there when he first discovered jerking off, day in an day out, even when he was caught perving on his fellow employees. And even then he showed more restraint than Lillie was at the moment! 'Oh ,god, reality's sinking in again! That's a Mudsdale cock, a pale, white Mudsdale cock attached to a-' and soon Sonny was making friends with the bathroom again.


Lillie repeated his name like a holy mantra, faster and faster as her hands sped up until she came again, far stronger than her last ejaculation though a lot shorter, as the jet of cum barely missed the puddle sticking to the ceiling and slammed down onto her. She moaned in delirious contentment as she felt the warmth of her cum bathe her pale body, streamers of it gliding down her slim belly and thin legs and pooling on the linoleum floor at her feet, the white, creamy liquid clinging between her toes. “Sonny..Sonny...Siiiiii”” Her eyes widened as she removed the goop from her eyes. “S-Sonny?!” She was in a hotel room, but when did she get in here? And why was she experiencing deja-vu? “Oh no! Sonny?!”


The sound of a flushing toilet could be heard before the effeminate boy came out, panting heavily. “Y-yeah, I'm here...wish I wasn't. I wish I was unconscious or, deep in fucking la-la land right now, but I'm not!” He could be heard struggling not to cry in disgust.


“U-uhmmm.” Lillie stammered, but Sonny’s deadpan, cold glare staring directly into her eyes was the response to that as she continued to jerk off, though at a much slower pace, his anger her entranced as she spurted the last bit of semen out of her dick, the white liquid dribbling down the side of her cock. No matter how many times she tried to restrain herself, her body wouldn't respond. “I-I can explain!” Sonny held up a hand to silence her.


“Don't..just fucking don't.” He took a deep breath before exhaling. He opened his mouth, only to stare at her dick again, before he took another deep breath and exhaled, the next words coming out of his mouth slow and elegant. “I have a lot of questions pertaining to what I had witnessed, but for now, I wish for you to regain control of yourself so we can get out of here and I can clean this mess up. Otherwise, I'm making you pay for every single thing. I don't give a shit if you have to do manual labor here, I refuse to help you.” He sighed, a look of pride on his face for handling that well and preying on one of the things that Lillie hated: spending her own money. He didn't know why she had such a problem until those 'Ether' freaks kidnapped her, but it was always a good threat.


Lillie gulped, shakily placing her hands on the ground, her body trembling as she resisted the urge to touch herself. “Ok you're learning, that's good. Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to get something to throw up in.”


Lillie waited until he went into the bathroom, her face becoming blank again as the urge to masturbate was becoming all empowering, so powerful in fact she couldn't hear her beloved crush vomiting. Oh how she wished her 'precious brother' could be driven to such a state. Her beloved didn't deserve to suffer from the same affliction that matched her brother's personality. “Don't touch..don't touch...” She mumbled to herself, her eyes listless as she struggled to obey the order, the urge to pleasure herself growing stronger and stronger as though there was a foreign presence in her mind urging her on. She teared up, nearly close to crying as she attempted to resist. “Don't touch..don't touch..don't...lick?..lick..lick!” That's right! He didn't say anything about licking it! Or rubbing it!


“Ok, I'm done..” Sonny muttered as he walked out the bathroom. “Don't thin I have any more food to-GODAMMIT!” There was even more semen on the floor, and now the bitch had her dick on the floor, rubbing her tits up and down it's length while licking it! “I was barely gone for five fucking minutes!” At least he thought he was; kinda hard to tell when he was so delirious from disgust and the stress. He marched up to her, wincing in disgust as his shoes made contact with her jizz and pulled her head up by the hair, a blank eyed smile on her face as she frantically licked the air. “WAKE UP!” He yelled, slapping her on the cheek. “I swear to fucking god if you don't stop this shit right-”


“Sonny?” Life returned her eyes as she stared at him confusedly. “Did you just slap me?”


“Y-yeah?” Warning bells were going off in his mind, scant memories of a conversation from a while back attempting to come to the forefront of his mind before disappearing “A-are you ok?”


“Yes...” She let out a sigh, feeling a great sense of relief as her head felt less heavy and strained. “Y-you know about my little problem huh?”


“How did you forget-you know what, fuck it.” He looked her straight in the eyes. “Clean this shit up, now.


“Yes.” She said with a smile, as if she was happy for the order. she got up and moved away, her erection slapping her breasts as she got up, causing them to jiggle. “How do you want me to lick it up?”


“W-wha..” He blinked. “Nope, not dignifying that. I'm gonna send out two of my Pokemon to...I don't know actually, I just need to do something.” He pointed to her dick, which bobbed as if to say 'Hello!' You are going to...get rid of that thing somehow by the time I get back downstairs, and when I get back up, we're cleaning this up.” He went to his belt and threw out two Poke Balls, Soap Scum and Nitro appearing on the parts of the floor without jizz. Soap Scum bared her teeth at him, still angry at what happened a few hours ago. “Shut it, I got food, nice salty stuff all around you. Wait until I get back. ” The mention of food put her back in a good mood and caused her to retract her fangs. “Alright you two, you're gonna make sure-” His eyes widened when he turned to Lillie,the cum stained, dickless Lillie. “Where'd it go?”


“My manhood?” She asked nervously. “I made it disappear, like you told me to.”


“....More questions for later.” He turned to his Pokemon, the Brionne slurping up the cum like it was ice cream. “Yeah that's right eat up!” The Brionne barked happily, Sonny turning to his Vaporeon. “Nitro, watch the two.” The Vaporeon let out a yip, Sonny exiting the room and leaving the three girls alone.


“I messed up..” Lillie muttered, getting the attention of the two Pokemon. “I messed up..” How could she have been so stupid?! She had gotten so much closer to him today and she messed it up! How could she bring him to Aether now? How could she have been so stupid?! 'No...' It couldn't have been her fault; she may have lost control in her excitement, but he accepted her, and more than that he revelled in her fantasies despite his denials! There was only one thing that could come to mind that ruined everything. He corrupted her sun by the time he came back from those silly Trials! If that thing that dared put himself in the same circle as mother and Sonny again...well,mother did show her how to get rid of undesirables back when she was perfect. It'd be so easy too.



As Soap Scum began cheering up the blond, Nitro stared at the pale human, recognizing what was really going on. She didn't understand why Sonny entertained this lunatic, but he did, and he was going to pay for it. She didn't need to be an Espeon like her father to sense that this girl was insane. Oh she acted normally when she first met the pale blonde, but over time she could see Lillie's insanity, staring at her master like some piece of meat, and at that poor naïve Pokemon she had like it was some sacrificial pawn. And while according to Soap Scum her master caught her via humiliating circumstances- hitting her with rocks when she scared Lillie until she was unconscious- she was duty bound to protect him as per the way she was raised. She'd let that lunatic go along her way, to see what she had planned- it'd be very hypocritical for a Pokemon to protest when a friend's mate is insane after all- but the second the human's insanity reached it's peak and her master and his Pokemon were threatened, or if she did anything to that poor little Cosmog in her 'care'... well, mother did teach her how to drown her prey using their own saliva two decades back. Oh, how good it was to be a Vaporeon.

Now if she could only figure out what this stuff was on the floor and why the pale human was covered in it.


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