Small Smut: Dishonored 2

BY : Redfields
Category: +A through F > Dishonored
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Disclaimer: I do not own Dishonored or any of the characters within. I make no money from writing this story.

Emily Kaldwin grabbed the cocks on either side of her, one with each hand. It was easy; one on the left, one on the right. She rubbed them rapidly.


She took her lips off the cock in her mouth to look behind her. “What are you waiting for? My arse is empty.” She commanded the guard. He obeyed as best her could, lining up his rigid rod with her puckered hole. It was a little difficult, on account of her riding the guard lying down beneath her crouching form. She slowed her motion to let the guard plunder her arse. She bobbed her head back down onto the cock in front of her, taking it deep down her throat.


Five cocks. That’s what she wanted. That’s what she could take. Five cocks pounding her senseless, cumming in her, cumming on her. And what better way to reward the guards for their valiant service? She hadn’t been so ambitious at first, only taking one or two into her study at a time. But after a while the groups grew, until five at a time gangbanged the empress.


She’d tried different combinations. Two down her throat, two in her pussy, or two in her arse. She’d loved the feeling those brought, being stretched so much she thought she’d break. But it was always so much more work, so much more time before the other guards got their turn.


Her first orgasm was quickly upon her, a rush of ecstasy that overwhelmed her, sending her shaking and throwing off the rhythm of everyone involved. The guards persevered, loving every chance to ravage the body of their sworn protectorate. She came down from her high, settling back into the rhythm, and the first guard was unable to keep going. Jets of semen straight down her gullet let her know the guard in her mouth was done. He stumbled back just before the right side of her face was painted with cum. She turned her head and smiled, still jerking the cock and milking out the last drops. She finally showed mercy and released him, letting him join the first.


She turned her head the other way and lowered her lips onto the cock on the left. That must’ve been the final straw because he came in her mouth. It dribbled down her chin. She couldn’t swallow it because she was busy cumming for the second time. Her body quaking in pleasure, and she had a hard time staying upright.


Eventually it passed, letting the cocks in her pussy and arse get back into the rhythm, able to pound her more forcefully now that she didn’t have any obstructions up front. Wet squelching came from her groin as the dicks delved deep inside her, hammering at her holes.


She pushed back at them, desperate for a third orgasm. She slammed into them, groaning, feeling them inside her. Their pace got frantic as they neared the end. Then one last thrust from each, burying themselves in her, and finally she came as they did. Exquisite, she could feel every throb of cock as the cum rushed up their organs and spurted deep inside her. Her third climax crashed through her, more spectacular than the other two, shaking her as the guards grunted at their own pleasure.


Finally it ended, and the guards stumbled away. When she regained her senses, she managed to weakly point them to the door at the end of the room. She glanced over at Alexi Mayhew, who’d finished up with her own batch of guards.


“Ready?” She asked the guard captain, getting a nod in response. Briefly, she pondered what Wyman would think of this. Wyman would probably join in, actually. With that though, she strode to a different door, flung in open, and cried out “Next!”

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