A Bed Full Of Blades

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A Warm Touch - Pyra


Authors Note: Okay! So, less of a wait than usual for this one? That’s good, no? Hopefully I can keep it up!

This is actually a slightly different concept this time, this time it’s a request for an ongoing mini series to cover the various lovely Bladies from XBC2, rather than just Pyra/Mythra/Nia like what I wrote for myself. The chapters should be smaller, and I should hopefully be able to iterate on them quickly between other projects. This one’s a little bit longer than intended, since it’s setting the scene, but usually it should be mostly just jumping into the fun.

The setting is also being tweaked to a slight AU where things are a little more sexually open than normal, so expect a decent helping of “porn logic”. You know you love it.


“Hey…” Nia spoke up with a long yawn as she stretched out along Dromarch’s back, staring up at the starry sky above the Gormotti Titan, “Where’s Rex anyway? He’s been gone for a while now, hasn’t he?”

Indeed, the camp felt strangely empty without their aspiring leader’s presence and it was especially perplexing to the young woman that he’d gone off to do, whatever it was he was doing, after a day like today.

Even now, Nia wasn’t quite sure exactly how the events had unfolded and was still trying to fully process everything- just the previous day she’d thought everything was over for her, she’d been separated from Rex and Pyra, captured by the Ardanian’s and was due to be sent to Mor Ardain… no matter her tough front, she hadn’t even dared imagine what fate awaited her after that. She’d spent a restless night huddled cold and alone on the floor of a cell in an Ardanian Titan Vessel and then, the next morning, just when she’d been sure there was nothing left for her but to resign herself to her fate- the door had swung in and there’d he been, the salvager kid she’d made fun of so easily, the one who’d already saved her life back on the Monoceros had been standing there, offering her his hand, just like Jin had. Of course, he hadn’t looked anything like Jin; Jin had been untouched, carrying himself with the same dispassionate gaze as ever, while Rex had been covered in bruises and just grinned at her like a fool. He hadn’t seemed like a hero at all, but somehow, just for a moment, he’d felt far more like a saviour than even the man she’d idolised.

Everything after that had been like a whirlwind; they’d raced through the halls of the ship, they’d fought past Ardanian Soldiers, they’d beaten the Consul of Torigoth and then even come up against the Flamebringer herself!

Breaking into a military vessel, breaking back out, fighting through a trap, and then another trap to escape from the most famed solider in the Ardanian Empire… It had been just one ridiculous thing after another and, after running what felt like half the length of Gormott to get away, by the time they finally stopped, they’d all been exhausted, practically dead on their feet. 

Which was why she’d been surprised when Rex had gotten up, just after dinner, and gone off by himself. If Nia had been a little less tired and a little more aware, she would have noticed that the more she thought about her absent friend, the more her body glowed with a comforting warmth. And, she would have noticed that rather than staying stretched out along Dromach’s back like usual, she slipped to the ground and curled up in a ball beside him, a distant smile spreading wide across her face as her arm settled between her legs and she squeezed her thighs comfortingly around her wrist.

Warm, comfortable, and already halfway lost in a fantasy different from any dream she’d had before, Nia’s consciousness grew hazy.

Which meant that -fortunately- despite being only a few meters away from her, Nia didn’t notice Pyra squirming in place, nor did she catch sight of the Aegis’s heightened breathing or deeply flushed face in the cooling twilight.

‘O-Oh, oooh, oh!’

Sitting nervelessly atop a large log on the edge of their camp, the Fire Blade struggled to answer her friend’s question. Forcefully trying to keep herself calm from the sensations swirling towards a crescendo within her, it was taking almost everything she had just to keep acting as if everything was normal. Thankfully, luckily, no-one seemed to be paying her too much attention at the moment- Tora was long-since asleep with Poppi humming in recuperation mode beside him, Azurda was already curled up in a ball near the fire, and despite her question, neither Dromarch or Nia seemed far off themselves.

Even so, Pyra couldn’t keep from breathing out a silent gasp a moment later when she felt the sudden rush of relief finally washing over her.

“Rex will be back soon” she sighed, shaking her head clear to regain her composure, “And there’s nothing to worry about, I’d be able to feel it if there was something wrong with him.”

Nia nodded sleepily before closing her eyes and dropping off memories of a brown-haired Driver holding his hand out to her already running through her mind, and the red-headed Aegis slowly began to uncoil, feeling the tense anxiety within her slowly begin to dissipate.


Unfortunately, just as she was beginning to relax, rather than hearing the sound of her driver sheepishly making his way back to the camp, Pyra was jolted upright, just barely holding back a moan, as another wave of pleasure swept through her.

‘Again? Really!?’

Ignoring Mythra’s complaints, her finger’s dug deep into the wooden log as she writhed in sudden, unexpected bliss. Clenching her eyes shut and twisting back and forth on the spot, Pyra attempted to force down the sensations, gasping quietly to herself as she tried to ignore the electric tingling running across her breasts, as well as the hot need she could feel throbbing from her core and the juices she could feel spreading slick down her thighs in response. The cool evening air brushing over her flushed skin did nothing to quell the warmth spreading through her, only leaving her more excited than ever and, as she felt the intensity peaking even higher, she quickly clamped both hands over her mouth, sliding to the ground and desperately holding back letting even the smallest whimper leak out as her body shivered in delight.

She kept her eyes closed. She couldn’t bear to see. It was absolutely mortifying to be like this, knowing she was only meters away from Nia, Dromarch, Tora, Poppi and Azurda, if she saw that anyone of them was somehow still awake, she knew she’d just die on the spot. But, no matter her embarrassment and fear, she was too aroused to resist- part of her was enjoying this.

A few minutes later the wave of relief finally crashed through her and she slumped bonelessly backwards against the log she’d been seated on, heaving a heavy sigh as her mind spun.

‘That… That one was even more intense…’

The issue, as she’d come to understand it, was that through the half of her core crystal she’d given Rex, what connected the two of them was a link far deeper than was normal for a Driver and Blade, something she’d confirmed fully when she’d noticed their suspiciously similar injuries after their fight earlier today. Normally for someone like her, that would have been an idea she’d cherish, she was after all, very fond of Rex- she’d been utterly charmed by his open earnestness and the trust he was willing to place in her, even despite her not being able to offer the same in return. Pyra truly loved being his Blade, and the thought of being connected even closer to him was a happy one.

The fact that it left her vividly aware of just why he’d snuck away from their camp was… just a slightly (incredibly) embarrassing addition. He was a boy after-all, and it wasn’t as if she hadn’t noticed the way his eyes drifted toward her when he thought she wasn’t looking.

She hadn’t let on that she knew about him sneaking away from the camp to relieve himself, and thankfully, she didn’t think anyone else had noticed either, even the usually perceptive Azurda hadn’t picked up on it. The first time it had happened had been shortly after their arrival in Gormott; she’d been woken up in the middle of the night by a sudden burst of pleasure, and -tossing and turning in her bedroll, trying her best to stay silent- she’d been far too mortified and surprised, to even begin to make sense of it. When she’d noticed Rex sneaking back to their camp, she’d panicked and feigned sleep, luckily he’d been too preoccupied to notice.

He hadn’t noticed the connection between them, or that she could share a certain degree of his feelings. And, if that was the extent of it, then she would have been able to simply ignore it and leave things be.

However, even stronger than the pleasure she could feel still simmering within her, Pyra could feel Rex’s fear, his anxiety and a deep frustration strong enough to carry through their connection as Driver and Blade.

As she felt his relief ebb away, she could feel the tension he was harbouring rise once more and, along with it, came all the same worries that had been on her mind too… The fact that, despite having just finished, twice, she could still feel an ache thrumming from him through their bond, and there was still no sign of him making his way back to the camp. And, the fact that things appeared to be getting worse for him, as each day passed, she could feel Rex growing more uncomfortable and increasing restless. He’d been sneaking off my himself more and more recently, and while previously he’d been careful enough to wait until everyone was asleep before leaving camp, tonight he’d barely even managed to finish dinner before dashing off into the woods with a half-mumbled excuse.

Until now, she’d tried to convince herself that this was just a matter of his young age, but she knew that was just an excuse she was telling herself. She wouldn’t be feeling these kinds of worries from him if this was anywhere near normal. He’d lived on Azurda’s back until recently and, while she’d only known him for a short time, Pyra doubted Rex was the kind of boy who could be that shameless.

All signs pointed to this being a recent development… which meant,

‘It’s my fault…’

She didn’t have a clue exactly why this was happening, or even just what was happening, but clearly attaching a font of infinite energy to the chest of a young man -right in the middle of puberty- was having a potent effect on his development. While she’d known that, as an Aegis, she could give up part of her Core Crystal, she’d never done anything even remotely like this before, so she’d had no idea what to expect… but this was far from anything she’d anticipated.

No doubt Rex had come to the same conclusion. Which was part of why she’d noticed him putting up such a front to act normally, aside from being a delicate subject, he obviously didn’t want her to know. He didn’t want her to feel guilty or to worry about him. She breathed out a conflicted sigh at the thought, impressed once again by the kind of person her Driver was. Of all the people who could have awakened her, she was truly glad it was him.

She’d waited all this time, hoping that the situation would simply stabilise, by itself, that he’d grow used to whatever it was that the Aegis’s power was doing to him. She’d hoped she could just ignore this and never have to tell Rex she was painfully aware of just what he was doing each time he snuck away from the camp. But she knew that too was just an excuse she’d been telling herself. It was clearly getting worse and worse for the young Driver, she was perceptive enough to see that the more time they spent together, the more their hearts opened up to one another, the more restless he was becoming. Pyra liked Rex, she liked him a lot, and the more he charmed her, the more he assisted her, and the more he made her smile, the worse things were getting for him!

Her heart clenched in guilt once more. Every time they went into battle, every time she saw him getting hurt for her sake, she was reminded that Rex shouldn’t have had anything to do with her. He had no connection to Malos, or Torna, or Elysium, or anything that was happening, and now because he was helping her, they’d even made Mor Ardain his enemy. And still, she hadn’t told him anything. She hadn’t even been able to tell him that she knew what he was going through. Even though it was her fault.

‘You did save his life though. This is all because of that, so…’ Mythra pointed out, her words lacking any real conviction.
‘But, he only died because of me in the first place.’ She answered back, the truth they both already knew.

More than once she’d considered restoring Rex fully back to life to make up for all this. She didn’t fear death, and she was certain that his life would be worth it… but… Her sense of duty held her back. With Malos around once more, she couldn’t simply run away.

‘That’s right. I can’t run away.’

Clenching her fists as her decision solidified, Pyra frowned, scolding herself for her inaction until now. Running away was all she’d done, all this time. She hadn’t even been able to be honest with her own Driver. She cast her mind back to their battle earlier; Rex, despite being only the most novice of novice Drivers, despite barely being able to tap into any of her power, had still faced down Brighid of Mor Ardain and escaped (mostly) victorious. He’d promised her clearly that he’d take her to Elysium, he’d always made sure to protect her, he’d risked her life for her. Rex had clearly shown his resolve… it was long past time she showed her own.

‘W-What? Huh? Wait, you don’t mean…’ Mythra’s voice rang out in panic as Pyra pushed herself to her feet. There was still no sign of Rex making his way back to camp, and already they could both feel the hum of desire ebbing through the bond, ‘You can’t be serious! With him!? Are you kidding me!?’

‘If you want to, you can stop me at any time.’

‘I, ah…’ There was a moment of hesitation, then her sister’s voice fell silent.


“Hh-hhaaa,” Stumbling back a step as his release crashed out across the forest floor, and momentary relief washed through him, Rex breathed out a deep, unsteady sigh, “Feels like it’s gotten worse than before…”

It was a strange phenomenon that was bothering him lately, a sense of inexplicable restlessness he’d felt ever since he’d reawakened on that sunken ship. It was a difficult feeling to pin down, he didn’t feel different in any other way, he wasn’t any stronger or any sharper, he couldn’t run faster or lift more and yet, all the same, it felt as if he had a well of energy constantly swirling around inside him.

It was hardly a mystery what was causing this, with just a moment’s concertation, he could feel the soft ebb of warmth spreading through his body from the Aegis’s core embedded in his chest. It wasn’t exactly unpleasant, but it left him feeling like his blood was racing, like he could never calm down. It left him feeling uneasy, unsatisfied, and… most of all, almost unbearably horny. Which, of course, was why he was currently standing here alone, in the darkening twilight, with his pants around his ankles, his fingers around his still-hard cock, and his heart pounding with everything from excitement, to anxiety, to frustration.

This kind of desire wasn’t completely new to him, Rex was a perfectly healthy young man, but it had never been anywhere near this bad before. It was almost suffocating, he could feel a pressure beyond anything he’d felt before building inside him and it was all he could do just to stave it off.

And, it was getting worse.

“No. It’s just, just the adrenaline from the battle,” he assured himself, already knowing that was a lie, “It was a really intense fight, they were really scary. It’s, hhaa, it’s normal I’d be this wound up!”

It would be nice if that were the case. But he already knew the truth, that after today’s battle he’d felt closer to Pyra than ever. It had been incredible, for the first time he’d known her Rex had felt like he’d gotten a glimpse of what it meant to truly fight together as a Driver and Blade. They’d been completely in synch, as if reading each other’s thoughts, he’d felt more of her power flowing into him than ever before and, by the end, they’d each been wrapped in an unmistakable golden aura, veritable proof of their bond.

It had been a rush beyond anything he’d ever imagined.

And then afterwards, despite having run themselves to exhaustion escaping, while everyone else had been relaxing over dinner, his blood had been pounding in his ears and his cock had been straining against his pants to the point where it’d taken everything he had just to hold on long enough to finish his meal.

Unfortunately, as he thought back to the earlier battle, his thoughts drifted unerringly towards the powerfully regal Blade they’d encountered, Mor Ardain’s crown jewel, Brighid, and to the incredible body she’d so confidently displayed in that outfit of hers. Rex gulped, quickly shaking his head to try clear it. Those kinds of thoughts didn’t help matters at all! He’d barely managed to get used to being around someone as intoxicatingly beautiful as Pyra, never mind Nia’s own alluring charm, the last thing he needed was more temptation!

Unfortunately, thinking of his companions did absolutely nothing to calm him down. His gulp turned into a groan as his cock throbbed hungrily in his hands and his blood raced hot and greedy once again.

Images of Pyra’s massive, soft breasts straining against her mesh shirt flashed through his mind, accompanied with a desire release the clasps and see them bouncing free into his hands. Memories of Nia’s smooth, round hips swaying from side to side joined them, as well as an urge to bury his fingers into her ass and feel those curves hinted at by her jumpsuit. Pictures of Brighid and Morag rose once again, alongside an ache to pull open that Blade’s thin clothes and to see the woman hidden under the Ardanian military uniform.

“GHhha, n-not good…”

Three times already and he was still like this? Screwing his eyes closed, he tried to clear his mind, struggling to push down his desires and regain some semblance of self-control. He’d been gone too long already; the others were sure to be wondering what was going on.

“Yeah… Yeah, that’s right,” he gasped, whispering reassurance to himself as his body throbbed painfully with lust, “I, hhhaa, I’ve got to be careful.”

Regardless of how inconvenient or embarrassing it was to have to deal with this, it was a small price to pay to be alive again. Pyra had saved his life, she was the reason he was still here, she’d even given him a route to Elysium. He didn’t even have the words to explain how grateful he was to her, it was a debt he doubted he’d ever be able to repay. So, for that reason, as well as for his own dignity, it was imperative that he keep this situation absolutely secret from the others. He’d already pushed things further than he’d like by leaving camp before everyone had gone to sleep.

Thankfully, Pyra didn’t seem to have noticed anything was wrong. He knew she’d feel guilty if she knew her power was the cause of his body acting strangely… and, even more than that, he couldn’t bear to think about someone as sweet and kind as her knowing he was doing something like this! Especially since he’d almost always done it with thoughts of her on his mind! Despite his arousal, Rex shuddered at that thought, he didn’t want to even imagine that! She would never forg-

“Hello, Rex.”

Yelping in shock, the young Driver just about jumped out of his skin, but he was held in place by two surprisingly strong arms linking around his chest. His shock only multiplied when he felt the gentle pressure of two massive, soft orbs pushing against his back and the warm tickle of a woman’s breath across the nape of his neck.

His world crashed to a halt. Paused. Restarted. And crashed once again. Even if he’d only ever imagined the feeling of those breasts now pushing into his back, there was no way he could possibly mistake that voice.

“P-P-Py-Pyra!?” His voice came out dry and panicked, and his heart locked tight in his chest. She’d found out, she’d caught him red-handed. He almost couldn’t believe it, it was too horrible to be true, “I-I can explain! It’s, it’s not what, it looks like! There’s a rea-”

The hands wrapped around his chest pulled him tighter towards her and the Aegis’s voice spoke gently, just a few centimetres from his ear, “Rex… It’s fine, I’m here for you. I’ll always be here for you. You don’t need to worry, we’re a team now.”

“I… I don’t…”

“You don’t need to say anything,” Pyra whispered, at least half for her own sake. Her face was burning bright and her fingers trembling as she fought down her own nervousness, at least like this he couldn’t see her, that made it easier to hold onto her resolve, “I’ll help you.”

Without waiting for a response (lest her own nerves overtake her), Pyra wrapped herself comfortably around her Driver, willing away the ether bindings of her gloves and tracing her fingers down across his chest and, reaching the hem of his shirt, over the bare skin of his abdomen. Gasping lightly as she unintentionally began savouring the sensation of his naked flesh and toned muscles under her touch, she realised her body was heating up hotter than ever.

‘Wha! You, you’re really going to!? Ahggh! I can’t believe this!’

Leaving her left hand laying across his stomach, she slid her right hand even lower, feeling Rex suck in a sharp breath as her fingers slid down his waist and, easing his hand aside, finally wrapped around his shaft.

‘Oh!’ Mythra’s voice in her head jumped.
‘Oh!’  Pyra’s breath hitched.

She swallowed heavily, it was bigger than she’d anticipated- thicker and harder too. She couldn’t quite manage to link her fingers all the way around it and, looking over his shoulder, she saw her hand didn’t even cover half his length. But then, she rationalised, since this was the first cock she’d ever come into contact with, she didn’t exactly know what she had anticipated. Perhaps this was normal. But, just feeling the weight of it, pulsing hot and heavy in her hand, she could feel her own body reacting to him, her breasts tingling with a pleasant ache and the juices pooling down her thighs once more. How much of this was his arousal she was feeling, and how much was her own, she no longer knew.

Utterly bewildered by this sudden turn of events, Rex could barely make sense of what was happening, let alone try and understand it. All that was left for him was to gasp and groan, a shiver running up his spine as he felt Pyra’s soft, feminine fingers curling around his shaft and tentatively, gently, begin pumping up and down along his length.

His mouth hung open and his thoughts floated, for a moment, among the clouds. He’d gotten himself off countless times before, more than ever recently… But this, feeling someone else doing it for him, feeling her hand sliding up and down along his cock, squeezing and stroking him, gently and lovingly caressing him… It was incredible! And all he could do was bask in the unbelievable sensations, the feeling of Pyra’s beautiful body pressed flush against him, the warmth of her skin against his and the softness of her breasts squishing against his back.

“Ghhaaa… Th-That feels, amazing. Nhha, you’re really good at this!”

It had been just a few minutes and already he was almost in a daze!

“Haha, thank you, Rex. But I think you’re just sensitive right now, I’ve never done this before.”

In truth, despite her inexperience, Pyra had one very distinct advantage. Through their link, she could feel every pulse and fluctuation of his excitement- she could sense his arousal spiking when she clenched her fingers just a little firmer around his shaft and she could feel his delight when she increased her tempo to match his building pleasure, pumping her hand harder and faster up and down the full length of his cock, marvelling at the pleasure she could feel from him as much as from the feeling of it pulsing hungrily against her touch.

And, Rex’s pleasure flowed directly into her, matching his arousal with her own and climbing higher and higher at the same heady pace. Within minutes, Pyra’s breath was racing in quick pants, blowing hot across the back of his neck. Electric sparks of desire tingled through her breasts as she ground them harder into his back and she wrapped herself even tighter around him, pushing her hips instinctively against him as her core throbbed and ached with need.

Of course, the same was true for him too. Feeling his Blade’s pleasure racing back into him combined with her hand stroking him faster, harder, deeper… Rex didn’t have a single hope of maintaining any control!

“GHuuua! Pyra! Uua, I can’t hold back!”

“M-Me too! Rex! Rex! I-I feel, I feel really strange!?”

Mythra was shouting something inside her head but, almost lost in her own sensations, Pyra couldn’t make it out.

She’d thought she’d understood this pleasure when she’d felt it so many times at their camp when Rex had snuck away, but she was vividly aware now she’d underestimated it. Being so close to him, holding onto him, feeling his body against hers and his shaft in her hand, receiving his pleasure as well as giving it… It was more intense than she’d ever imagined, she’d never felt anything like this before at all! She could feel everything building and surging inside her, burning higher and faster by the second, blazing hotter and deeper as she ran her fingers along Rex’s length, as she ground her body into his, as she pressed her lips hungrily against his flushed skin, tasting a sense of his body! She was yearning for him in ways she barely understood, and her body was reacting in ways she’d never dreamed!

And then, right as she thought her mind was going to break, right as he felt like he was going to melt, their world suddenly exploded!

“GHhuuAH! AH! HA! Huuaaaa!” Rex came with a deep groan! Arching back into her, his cock twitched wildly in her hand, pulsing and throbbing as he unloaded rope after rope of hot thick cum, releasing so much that it was as if he’d been pent up for a week!

“Ah! AhhHHIIII!” Pyra came with sudden cry! Clenching up even tighter around him, her vision flashed white and her whole body jolted in place as arcs of white-hot pleasure seared through every fibre of her being.

The moment lingered long between them, but as it passed so too did the last vestiges of their strength. Too dazed by the sensation to even stand, Pyra’s legs gave out under her and she leant her whole body onto Rex, hanging over his shoulder as her massive, soft chest heaved against him in deep, heady gasps. With his own legs shaking from such an incredible high, Rex had no hope of holding her up, and so, before they’d even begun to recover their thoughts, they were both slumped to the ground, resting against each other in a seated position.


“Woah… that… that was intense.”

“Yeah, it… it really was.”

The words hung in the air and a small, intimate and warm moment passed between them, shared through the bond that now felt stronger than ever.

Of course, Rex had absolutely no experience dealing with intimate moments and instantly became flustered, stumbling for conversation, “I… Hah, actually, wow! I feel much better now! Huh, I feel amazing!” Actually, now that his sensibilities were returning, he realised he couldn’t even remember the last time he’d felt this refreshed. It was as if everything weighing down his shoulders had been washed away.

Squeezing her hands kindly around him again, Pyra laughed lightly behind him, “I thought so,” she declared, her voice light and awash with relief as she reached up and tapped the Core Crystal on his chest, “So that’s what the problem was… Human bodies don’t store Ether like we do. My Ether must have been what was causing problems for you. Hehe… and, if a Blade’s Ether is the issue, then… eh… then the best way to dissipate it is through ah, close proximity with a Blade…”

Despite, or perhaps because of, what she’d just done- the red-headed Aegis was suddenly very glad Rex couldn’t see her face as her words grew shy and she burned red with embarrassment.

He didn’t really understand, that wasn’t important.

“You really helped me, thank you, Pyra.”

“You’re welcome, Rex.”

“I… Er, I feel a kind’a bad though.”

“O-Oh? I’m sorry! Was I too hard? I didn’t mean t-”

“N-No! No! Nothing like that! It felt, I mean, you were amazing! Really! I just… I just meant that… You shouldn’t… You shouldn’t do something like that for my sake,” he spoke awkwardly, but with conviction. As he’d calmed down and made sense of the situation, Rex had found a growing worry that he’d taken advantage of Pyra’s kindness, “You should do things like that with the person you like.”

“Oh?” she gave another gentle, happy laugh, “Well, that’s fine then. I like you Rex.”


His world crashed to a halt. Paused. Restarted. And crashed once again.

“Abuh? I, ah, y-you?”

“I wouldn’t do something like that for just anyone. I did it because it’s you. I’d only do it for you,” trying to impress her words onto him, Pyra turned his face back towards her. Unfortunately however, Rex was already far too overloaded with revelations for one day, and all she could see from him was a shocked, stupefied expression. She sighed, “Look, here!”

And with those words, she leaned forwards, closing her eyes and covering the distance between them as she placed her lips on his, moaning a little as he finally reacted and as his mouth moved awkwardly to accept hers- sharing a small, slightly hesitant, and truly heartfelt kiss.

“Th-There, now do you believe me?” their faces were both bright red now, but neither turned away, “That was my first kiss, you know?”

“Ahua, ah, of-of course I believe you! Sorry! I- I was just really surprised, I did- eh? Your… your first?”


It was only then that they both became suddenly aware that her right hand was still wrapped gently around his cock. Of course, even without the feeling of it suddenly growing and hardening once more, Pyra could easily have felt Rex’s sudden spike of arousal through their bond.

“Hehe, so it’s true? I’d heard so, but boys really do care that much about things like that?”

Rex looked away, but the Aegis offered an indulgent smile, leaning in a little closer and letting her whisper blow across his skin.

“Hmm, and what if I told you that I’m still a virgin? Would that also exci-Ah!”

Being this close to him, holding him in her arms and feeling his shaft pulsing hot and heavy against her hand once more, Pyra felt every piece of Rex’s reawakened arousal. And, with the link between them stronger than ever, she couldn’t possibly resist it. Luckily, with everyone else already asleep back at their camp, there was no hurry to return.

‘Again? Really!?’


A/N: And there we go, even got Mythra in on the fun just a little… Kind’a. Poor Mythra. I feel so bad for her after finally playing through the Torna expansion, she’s had a hard life. Anyhow, that’s started things off with Pyra, and they can only escalate wildly out of control from here, can’t they?

Next thing I’ll be working on will be another ACoT chapter, so good news for anyone waiting for that, look forward to it, hopefully soon!

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