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Starring: Jessie (Team Rocket)

Control-Dex Part 1

An erotic Pokemon fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 (

Codes: Non-Con, MF, mc, oral.

* * *


Not everyone in the world of Pokemon becomes a Gym beating Pokemon Trainer. There are people like Laurence who has a job simply as the local trash man for the relatively small area of Pallet Town. Having to collect, remove and transport the resident’s garbage wasn’t exactly a career, but it paid. Besides, having been overlooked as a young child in favour of a sibling so he didn’t get even a chance to get a first Pokemon meant no opportunity to go out into the big wide world and beyond. He resented that, and it left him being the loner of the community, keeping to himself without any family even after the passing of his parents and that sibling leaving the region completely. Very much living the Otaku lifestyle – enjoying his free time on anime, video games and snacks rather than social interaction or keeping himself in shape. It wasn’t like he needed to impress anyone. Just make sure the trash was taken out on time, and to his credit he did so if not in any spectacular, ground breaking style.


It was one day, Laurence – in his dirt-stained ‘work’ overalls with boots and baggy pants – was collecting the garbage outside of the famous laboratory of Professor Oak. Just as he’d collected the last bag into his transport trolley when the back window of the lab opened up. A pink book-like object being tossed out into the empty can with a clan that caught his attention.


“No no no! I will not allow it!” The annoyed voice of the Pokemon Professor said dismissively. “Pokemon are our friends and for studying and battle. Not for controlling! My Pokedex was not designed for mere controlling!” He said as the window closed.

“Controlling, huh?” Laurence said, rubbing his double chin before he stepped forward. A brief glance around to see no one was watching. Not just peering in, but picking out the device from the trash can before quickly, well as much as he could, waddling over to the cart. Slipping it into his jacket there for safekeeping before he unlocked the break and started to move the trolley. He’d finish his rounds and figure out what that thing was later. Maybe head across to the nearest city and see if a Pokemon Mart would buy it off him or something.


Towards the evening, the final loads of trash bags had been delivered to the waste site with the help of Pokemon Repel to avoid any wild beasts. It gave him a moment when he was heading back along the road to Pallet Town to pull out the pink machine that had been tossed. “Control-Dex?” He read on the front, before opening it up as he walked. A blank screen being seen on one half of the opened ‘book’, while the other had words printed on. “...Tested technology, not for removal from HQ… Top Rank Team Rocket use only…” Laurence read with confusion. Team Rocket? Didn’t they disband years ago when some ace Pokemon Trainer beat their leader?


As he was about to read more, the other screen suddenly lit up with a blue light to startle him. The entire device glowing for a moment as he held it. “Control-Dex system boot activated. User Registered.” A cold, computer generated voice stated. “Input Admin name.”

“I… Uh… Laurence?” He spoke, still confused as he looked at the screen. A red R of Team Rocket on the screen.

“Laurence. Name accepted. Welcome.” The Control-Dex spoke. “See in-device manual for full instructions. Please point at target Pokemon, or Trainer, you wish to control.”

“...Oh… Kay...” Laurence raised an eyebrow, not understanding this device one bit. Well, he couldn’t just walk into tall grass to find a random Pokemon to test if this thing works or not with the Repel he had used. Maybe he’d go into town and see if…


“There it it! The Control-Dex that idiot Professor tossed out!” A female voice said in front of him.

“At least we don’t need to sift through the trash now!” A male voice chipped in. “The Boss would have fired us if we lost it!”


Laurence was startled by those unfamiliar voices as he clutched the computer. Looking up to see two people in similar white with black outfits, and telling red Rs on their chests along with a Meowth Pokemon. A blue haired male, but a far more interesting to him Magenta-haired female with a sizeable bust and hips to match. Red lipstick, green sphere earrings and her shirt cut off to show off her midsection and a hint of a black under-top that looked to be straining to hold in her tits. A short white skirt below all making him wonder if she was some Trainer or more read to work a street corner in one of the big cities.


“You there! Hand that Control-Dex over! Now!” The Meowth spoke with a pointed paw. Wait, spoke?? Pokemon don’t speak!

Shocked by that, Laurence cowardly held the Control-Dex up in front of his face. “D-Don’t hurt me! I’m unarmed!” He begged as he stepped back.


By luck, his stance was just perfect for the technology to activate. A glass dome on the front shining before letting out a trio of beams of lights. Crackling forward and each striking the three a short distance away. Both Pokemon and humans hit in the middle of their foreheads in a flash. In the next moment, all three rendered oddly still as they now stood staring ahead. Blinking, and breathing, but otherwise not moving at all. Like their brains had just been switched off but the rest of their bodies left running on autopilot.


“Control-Dex registration complete.” The Control-Dex announced. The screen now showing an image of the Meowth. “Number of Pokemon under control – One. Meowth. A Pokemon working for Team Rocket that can talk, but has lost the ability to learn moves or evolve as a consequence.” The machine described. “Number of Trainers – Two. Jessie. James. Low ranking members of Team Rocket. Have failed a vast number of missions together and individually but remain loyal to the criminal Pokemon organisation. Select a controlled subject for more information, if you wish.”

“W-Woah! This thing works??” Laurence was stunned, but this time in a good way as he smiled. “They’re all under what, my control now?” He questioned.

“Yes, Master.” All three – Jessie, James and Meowth – said out loud, responding to what they in their now controlled states was a direct question.

“...Niiiiiiiiice...” He grinned now, moving forward and looking over them. “Shit… I can like, make you do all the work for me now!” He said, looking at the two humans specifically. “Heh… Maybe ship you off to that Pokemon Professor to study or something...”


However, his gaze soon locked onto the woman of the trio. Taking a long look over her very attractive form. “...Actually… Before any of that? I think I know exactly what I wanna do with a machine that can let me control anyone!”


* * *


A short time later…


Laurence sat, naked with his ugly, fat frame in full display on the edge of his bed in his room. Not even clean with unwashed clothes, discarded magazines and empty pizza boxes around on the floor. A wide smile on his face as he stared down at the woman between his legs – performing an act that was only possible thanks to the Control-Dex he was clutching.


“Mmmmmphhh… Hhhhhlllkkk!! Mmmmmm!!” Jessie groaned as she bobbed her head along the cock of the fat man she was being ordered to service. Her mouth sliding effortlessly up and down his size, a cock that was thick and long in contrast to how out of shape the rest of him is, that stretched her lips as she worked him over. Kneeling in front of him and still fully dressed in her white Team Rocket uniform, but her position leaving her skirt riding up to show off a glimpse of her ass. Her eyes locked up at a man who she certainly would never even look twice at, never mind service in such a dirty way. Yet here she was, taking his cock in and out of her mouth without giving the action a second thought. Fully under his control, being made from a Pokemon criminal only a few minutes before into a cock-sucker.


“Ahhhhh… Fuck… This is way better than paying for sex...” He groaned in pleasure as he watched that gorgeous face sliding along his member. Feeling saliva dripping down his inches as she moved back and forth over that pole. Taking full advantage of being able to make this gorgeous criminal do whatever he wanted her to do. Her mouth indeed feeling far better than the very few times he’s gotten oral sex before in the past. “Mmmmm… You sure you’re a Pokemon Trainer or something, Jessie? Mmmmm! Feels like… Ahhhhh fuck… You’re far better suited at this instead...” He mocked as he moaned. Watching the long haired woman slurping away on his dick as she rested her hands on his flabby thighs. Her eyes although locked up him having a glaze over them to show she wasn’t truly acting under her own brain power at this moment as she was made to suck off a man she’s never met before.


“Mmmmmphhh… Mmmmm! Hmmmppphhh...” The beauty of Team Rocket groaned around his cock, keeping him stuffed in between her lips. Her cries making it appear like she was getting off on giving a blowjob, even to someone as foul and out of shame as this man. Her head moving at a steady and smooth pace as she kneeled down on the dirty floor of this fat man’s bedroom in order to blow him. Her motion showing she does not seem to be a stranger in performing some oral sex but she’s never been forced to do it against her will like this before. “Hmmmm!! Hhhhrrrkkk… GAHHHHHH HHHHLLLKKK...” Her eyes widened as her mouth pushed down further onto his surprisingly huge piece of man-meat. Making her choke when the crown connected with the back of her mouth. Without the ability to act on her own however, she had no choice but to continue sucking him off even as she started gagging every time she took his shaft up into her mouth.


“Mmmmmm!! So nice… Ahhhhh… To finally have a woman not complain… Mmmmm! About the smell of me either...” Laurence commented as he moaned again. Watching her continue to choke all over his meat as she worked up and down. Unable to keep those lips fully wrapped so her spit drooling downward from her chin and off his cock. Leaving her top stained from the saliva all across the red R of her uniform. “Mmmmm! Shame you’re choking so much on me… Guess you look the part… Ahhhhh… But aren’t that good a cock sucker after all...” He said even as he groaned, showing that despite the insults he was loving how good her mouth felt all around his rod. Not even caring she’s part of a criminal organisation in the world of Pokemon – she was the first hot woman he saw, so she was the one who he decided to force to be his sex partner tonight thanks to this mind controlling device he held.


“GAHHHHHH… HLLLLKKKK!! HHHHMMMPPPHHH!!” Jessie groaned in between choking as even with the clear pain she was experiencing she took his hideous man’s cock in and out of her throat. Far deeper than she can handle, and probably further than she’s ever had to take a man before when she willingly took part in some sinful action. Tears rolling down her cheeks but not from knowing she was sucking him off without consent, instead due her body reacting to the discomfort her mouth was enduring. “HHHHHRRRRKKKK… AHHHHLLLKKK.. GAHHHHHH...” She slobbered as her mouth continued to slide along his fuck-stick. If she had her free will she’d no doubt recoil from the stench of his crotch, let alone when her press moved down into the pubic hair at his base. Humiliation added to this scene when she came up with a strand of pubes hanging from his lips, never mind all the saliva dripping off her chin. Never once however stopping the action that truly she never agreed to, and would have never done at all if she had her own thoughts to herself.


“Mmmmm… Fuck! OK… That’ll do for now...” Laurence ordered with a sleazy grin. “Your mouth is pretty trash you know Jessie? Can’t even blow me without gagging...” He insulted her, despite how obviously she’d been pleasuring his dick with her oral hole.

Lifting her mouth obediently, but not willingly, off his dick she took in long overdue air was she looked up at him. “F-Forgive me, M-Master Laurence!” Jessie submissively said. Lowering her head in shame from his words, showing how controlled she is. “I’ll train my mouth better for you the next time, I promise!”

“Oh? I’ll look forward to that...” He chuckled before he, with some effort, shifted up so he could stand. Kicking away some grocery bag with trash in it so he could move. “Get up and spread your legs. I feel like fucking now.” He bluntly ordered. Placing the Control-Dex on the bedside cabinet so it was out of the way.

“Yes, Master!” She agreed as she stood up. Sitting on the edge of his unmade, messy bed as she spread her long legs apart. Her skirt hiking up to show off some black panties underneath and a wet stain across where her pussy is hidden.

“Heh… Guess the machine really did make you be turned on by blowing me...” Laurence stated, remember a couple settings he’d applied to the Control-Dex to make Jessie offer her body up to him like this. “Oh, I don’t have any protection on me right now… That’s not an issue, right?” He ‘asked’ the woman he was abusing thanks to mind control. Not even waiting to hear an answer as he stepped between those limbs, reaching down to haul her underwear to the side. Noting the shaved state of her downstairs as he pushed his cock right forward into her snatch.


“N-No, Sir! Ahhhhhh!!” The stunner from Team Rocket said as her body jolted a bit as she was made to take his dick with that first rough thrust. Her arms resting behind her on the bed as she started to get fucked. Still fully clothed but her crotch now exposed with her skirt up, so he could hold her legs with hands on her boots. Moans escaping him as he started sliding his tool in and out of her wet snatch with a round of thrusts to waste to time in enjoying the mentally enslaved woman. “Uhhhhh!! That’s… MMMMM… That’s not a problem at all, M-Master!” She claimed, but with words he knew full well were not actually her own. Unprotected sex with a man she’s never met before would be a major concern to say the least to any fully functioning female. Of course here and now she had no choice in what happened to her and her gorgeous, curved body. Only able to take it and moan as her body reacted to such a massive size of cock working in and out of her folds.


“Ahhhhhh! MMMMM… This is some… ‘Decent’… Pussy right here...” The twisted, fat man claimed even though he was already moaning loudly as he pumped firmly into the first woman he’s ever not had to pay in order to fuck. As well as the first he’s ever done this with, without getting her permission first. A smile stuck to his ugly face as he stared down, watching his dick vanish into her snatch before reappearing soon after as he repeated the motion with eagerness. “Ahhhhh… You must have done this plenty times before, right Jessie? Mmmmmm… You feel like you have… MMMM… The pussy of a whore...” He added to further humiliate the woman he already was making do things she’d never envision in her worst nightmares, all thanks to mind control. Feeling how tight her snatch is all around his member as he works back and forth into her with groans. Already starting to sweat from the effort he’s having to use. Motivated to say the least by getting a piece of a woman completely out of his league and then some.


“MMMMM!! Fo-Forgive me, Master! AHHHHH FUCK!! I… I have had sex before, S-Sir!” She said between lusty moans as she stared across at the man who was actually raping her, but her mind has been clouded to make her think this was all perfectly OK. Her saliva-stained top straining against her large, bouncing tits as her body jolted each time she took his dick. Her snatch, even with her damp state and the saliva coating his tool, not used to having to take this huge size of man-meat. “AHHHHH… I’m so sorry… UHHHH!! For how unworthy… MMMMM FUCK!! My p-pussy is for you!” She apologised, having no idea that his comments about her were complete lies. Not resisting one bit despite how wrong this clearly all was – letting a hideous, obese man thrust away into her love tunnel inside his fitting for his job garbage site of a bedroom. The control on her making her disregard not just all of that. Also thee fact she’s supposed to be on a mission to take back the same device that had actually be used to force her to give up some sex to this pervert she’s only met tonight.


“AHHHHH… I guess… MMMMM… I’ll settle for using your trash pussy for now...” He said with a rather joyful snigger. Keeping his hips working back and forth to fill up her box with his member. Staring down for another moment at her private area to witness his dick vanishing forward into her for the first instance of being balls deep inside the Team Rocket agent. “MMMM… You’ve got the tits of a whore though...” He decided for her. Moving his hands from off her boots so he could push her white uniform up along with the black top underneath, letting those large, rounded mounds bounce free. His clammy hands instantly, and roughly, groping her tits as he leaned in. Helping himself to a mouthful of her left breast with a loud, greedy slurp. Lashing his tongue out at the nipple as he sucked, before pulling off with a ‘pop’ so he could quickly move to her other mountain.


“MMMMM YESSSSSS… Ahhhhh!! Use my whore breasts, Master!!” It almost sounded like she was begging to be used like this. All just another display of how mind controlled she currently is to want such a hideous man to use and take her like this. Moaning as her pushed out chest was being groped and sucked on to leave both her nipples coated with his spit from his sucking. Her legs dangling slightly as she obediently, but not under her own free will, kept them spread so he could continue thrusting deeply into her snatch. Even with how mistimed his motion was, showing he was certainly not experienced at multi-tasking during sex as he tried to keep banging her but gorging himself on her tits at the same time. Her moans making it seem like this was the best sex she’s ever had instead of the reality that any pleasure she was getting was because of how warped her mind is thanks to the Control-Dex.


“Mmmmmmppphh...” Laurence gave another slurp before he pulled away from her breasts, licking his lips. “You shouldn’t cover those tits up like that!” He told her with a tone that made it seem he was telling her off. “Ahhhhhh… Make sure to show them off from now on when… MMMM… You’re with me.” He added, before groaning again when he gave her snatch another thrust before pulling out.

“Of course, Master.” Jessie nodded her head. Her exposed chest heaving as she stayed in position leaning back. Not even able to move off that dirty bed without being ordered to.

“OK, get up now.” He instructed, and watched her instantly move to stand up. “I’m tired after all that… So you can ride me now.” He said, now laying down on top of the sheets. His bulk making the bed creak from just resting on his back.

“Yes, Sir!” She agreed without questioning the command. Shifting to move up on top of him to mount his crotch. Not even removing a bit of her hiked up clothing as she reached down, keeping the panties to the side with one hand and using the other to guide that dick back into her snatch.


“AHHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMM...” The long, Magenta-haired beauty moaned out loudly and without any apparent shame as she dropped straight down onto her Master’s cock. Taking him in to the hilt like a good slut should with the first motion onto his rod. Her hands grabbing her own thighs for support as she started to bounce on him just as she’d been ordered to do. “Oooooooooh FUCK!! MMMMM… I’ll ride you good, Master!! So… AHHHHH FUCK!! So good!!” She said in a trace-like tone of voice. Fitting considering she’s only fucking like this because of mind control. Her motion already making her tits jiggle as she works her stunning body up and then sharply down onto the cock of a man she’s never met before until today. The slap of her body meeting his out of shape frame ringing out around his bedroom as she gets this non-consensual sex started up once again.


“MMMMM… You’d better! Or else… AHHHHH SHIT!! I’ll just kick you out if you can’t… AHHHHH… Fuck me well enough...” He ‘threatened’ her, even though he knew the Control-Dex allowed him to make her do whatever he wanted her to do. Just like right now as he moaned out, loving how good it felt to have her slick pussy sliding up and down smoothly along his dick. Feeling how snug her inner walls still were even after the previous fucking. Seeing those big breasts bouncing away just an added treat for this sick man who was more than happy to force this woman against her will to fuck him. “AHHHHH… This better not be… MMMMM… The best that your garbage pussy can do!” He added another warning, and his choice of words not just ironic for the job he does but for the messy state of the room they’re doing this sexual act in. He of course had no intentions of making her stop riding him. Moaning out with every bounce she delivered onto his fat manhood as it stayed perfectly stuck up inside that fantastic, tight twat of hers.


“AHHHHH!! P-Please don’t!! I’ll… AHHHHH FUCK!! FUCK!!! Fuck you good! I’ll fuck you like a whore!! MMMMMM!!” She begged, sounding desperate and still ultimately clueless to the true nature of this situation. Yet because of her warped mental state his words spurred her on to try and deliver an even better ride than she already was – his clear and loud moans being proof of that. The smack of skin hitting skin now a little bit more sharper as she increased her efforts, not wanting to disappoint her ‘Master’ even though they’d never met before until this very night. “MMMMM!! I’ll be the best whore for you!! AHHHHHH FUCK!! The… UHHHH!! The fucking best!! MMMMM!!” The member of Team Rocket vowed between her own moans as she shifted right up before almost slamming down into his crotch. Stuffing her love tunnel full with his fat and long cock, the polar opposite to how ugly and obese the rest of him is. Not seeing that however as she was focused on trying to pleasure her the best she could, even if it left her looking like a sex-starved whore with her clothes hauled and hiked up to expose her private areas.


“MMMMM… Fuck!! You’re… AHHHHHH… Fucking built to be a whore, aren’t you! MMMMM...” He chuckled as he rested back into his pillows. Staring across to watch the woman completely out of his league to say the least ride away on his meaty pole like they’ve been lovers for years. Sweat rolling off his tubby frame as he moaned out, getting the best sex in his life – not that he’s had too much of it – even with how clearly non-consensual this is. “AHHHHH… Body like that… You should give up on this Pokemon stuff… MMMMM!! And be my whore full time!! How does… AHHHHH FUCK… How does that sound?” He said insultingly. Made worse by how he knew full well he could make her do or say whatever he wanted to thanks to the mind control he had on her. Not even bothering to look her in the eyes as he spoke. Watching her vast chest shake with every bounce she did on his fuck-stick to keep him groaning out in delight.


“O-Of course I will!! AHHHHHH FUCK… An-Anything for you, M-Master!!” Jessie gasped out as sweat started to make her exposed body shine as she briskly rode this fat man’s dick like her life depended on it. Not seeing anything wrong in not just agreeing to be the slut to an ugly man she’s only met, but turning her back on a life of Pokemon crime to do so. Her long hair bouncing in time with her body as she continued to raise and lower herself swiftly to take his dick up into her soaking wet pussy. “UHHHHH… I’ll… OH FUCK… AHHHHH SHIT!!… I’ll be a whore… Be a whore!! BE… MMMMMM!! A FU-FUCKING WHORE!!” She squealed out in delight, like the words were natural for her to say. Her teeth grinding together in the next moment as the pleasure started to build inside of her from this in reality unwilling sexual encounter. The clothing she still had on sticking to her from the sweat as she gave it her all in order to fulfil the orders she’s been given, even as sinful and wrong as they are.


Purely as a consequence of the repeated self-stuffing she’s been doing on his dick, and certainly not from any skill on his part, Jessie in her controlled state drove herself into an orgasm as she tilted her head back. Moaning out as she bounced and jolted on that fat dick she was impaled on. Her peak even more intense from those settings the Control-Dex had implanted into her from before this all got underway. Causing him to grunt as her vaginal walls tightened around his member as she came. Sending a gush of fluids down that already slick enough shaft as she continue do shift her body up and down onto him. Working both on instinct and from those mental commands to make her come on top of man she’d never had looked twice at before in the past.


“MMMMM… FUCK… Get… Get of of me!” Laurence ordered with a groan. Feeling his own limit approaching but not yet wanting to stop this perverted session just yet.

“Ye-Yes S-Sir...” Jessie half-mumbled as she shifted herself up from his dick with a long groan. Not getting any kind of break after just having an orgasm so she’s clearly shaky as she moves off from the bed to stand.

“Whew… I think I got a couple more thrusts in me yet...” He said to himself as he swung his legs and with a deep grunt managed to move off the bed. “Actually, bend over for me...” He instructed as he moved behind the still mind controlled beauty.

“Of course… Master...” She gasped out, still taking in deep breaths but obediently doing as ordered. Sticking her rounded ass along with her freshly fucked pussy out towards him as she bent over forwards with hands on the bed. “Like this?” She asked, looking back over her shoulder at him.


“Yeah, that’ll do...” He chuckled, using a hand to once again haul her underwear to the side as he pushed his dick back into that soaking wet hole with a groan. His stomach soon pressing against her butt cheeks. Getting himself moaning again as he started to thrust into the woman he’d only met tonight, and now had turned into a personal living sex toy. Working his dick balls deep into the snatch he was now extremely familiar with as he delivered a series of stiff and firm pumps into her. “MMMMM FUCK… Oh yeah… This’ll… MMMMM SHIT… This’ll fucking do and then some...” He said as he groaned. Reaching forward as he took a handful of her Magenta-coloured hair with the free palm. A sharp tug making her groan in discomfort but he didn’t exactly care about what she was feeling right now. Pulling on her signature, long hair just because he could as he roughly banged her from behind.


The beauty of Team Rocket could only stay in place and take this pounding. Teeth gritted as her head was made to rather painfully tilt back, combined with the rest of her sweat-soaked body jolting forward each time she took one of his balls deep pumps into her still far from properly ready snatch. Her big tits swaying in time with the rocking her frame was having to do. Grunting when that thick dick slammed home into her tightness and the smack of his very out of shame body connecting with her extremely contrasting, gorgeously curved figure rang out around his bedroom. Truly unable to do anything about this not just from how weak she was from her orgasm, but because of that mental control he had on her to leave her be a defenceless victim of this rape.


“MMMMM!! Hope you’re not an item with… UHHHHH… FUCK! That guy downstairs, Jessie...” He said between his deep groans and grunts. Adding in further mockery as he knew as well he’d made her leave her team mates to come up and become his busty whore against her will. Not satisfied with just getting to pump away into a woman another galaxy out of his league, but needing to insult and joke at her expense only because he could. “AHHHHH FUCK!! Because… MMMMM… I’m gonna be keeping you around for a long time now...” He decided, loving how her pussy was still wrapping around his tool even after repeatedly calling it ‘trash’ during this sexual encounter. From how the sweat is cascading off his flab his pleasure from this is clear as he thrusts away. Pulling at her brightly shaded hair as he drives his dick in to the hilt into her twat again and again.


“UHHHHH… Ahhhhhhh!! I’d… UHHHH!! B-Be happy to stay with you, M-Master!!” Jessie said, ‘agreeing’ to his suggestion but in reality those were not her words as it would be extremely unlikely the loyal Team Rocket member would ever willingly abandon her team mates. Especially to become the slut to an ugly, fat man like this. Yet here she now was. Bent over and getting her pussy stuffed to the limit. Grunting out as she had her hair sharply pulled back as she got fucked like she was just a living sex doll for him to use, and in this situation certainly abuse. Her butt cheeks being squished when his gut connected with them when he drove into her dripping folds. “I’ll be… UHHHH!! Wh-What ever you need me to be!!” She said like a vow, still looking back as best she could while being made to tilt back from that painful hair pulling she now had to endure. The discomfort slightly off-set with the pleasure of that big dick ploughing into her snatch but considering she still was far off from being truly ready for action after her peak? It wasn’t exactly a fair balance for the poor woman now forced to be a whore without any say in the matter.


“UHHHHH… Oh fuck Jessie! Here… MMMMM!! Here it comes!!” He ‘warned’ but made no effort to slow down or even think about pulling out of her. So it was only a throb more of his cock inside her before Laurence started to shoot his load in inside of Jessie. With no protection on, leaving his load splattering deep inside her vaginal tunnel as he moaned out. Still pumping into her box so that he fed every last drop of a clearly backed up load into her already wet snatch. “MMMMM… Oh yeah… Guess that’s definitely made you my woman now...” He claimed with a proud laugh. Loving the fact he might have knocked up the woman he’s been raping all night now that he’s shot his load into her pussy. Finally pulling his spent dick out with a groan. Watching as his seed started to leak out of that well fucked snatch as his jizz began trickling down her inner thighs as well as just slowly falling from her slit to the messy enough floor of his bedroom.


“Guess we’ll take care of ‘that’ if we need to...” Laurence said, already dismissing the situation of if he’d just planted a ‘bun in the oven’ as he stepped back from her. “Actually… You’ll be the one having to deal with that… I don’t feel like being a family man just yet...” He decided, as he rather casually for this situation moved to rest in his bed. Pulling the sheets up to slide into it. “You’ll take care of that if the time comes, won’t you Jessie?”

“Ye-Yes Master...” Jessie said, still deep in her mind controlled state as she still was bent over as she’d just been fucked. “Anything you say...” She added, seeing nothing wrong in those disgusting words he’d just said to her.

“Heh… Damn!” He said, smirking as he looked over to the Control-Dex. “This thing, whatever it is, is powerful… I gotta take it on the road with me and get out of this dump of a town...” He said, already planning to use it even though many perverts like him would be satisfied enough with just controlling one woman to make their unwilling sex slave.


“For now? Come here Jessie...” He ordered, watching as the Magenta-haired beauty, even with cum dripping out of her pussy, moved from that bent over position to join him under the sheets of his bed without question. “Nice to hug something other than a body pillow for once!” He said, grinning as he pulled her close into his flabby stomach. “Tomorrow? We can do this all over again… And I’ll make that blue haired guy you were with do my job collecting trash. How does that sound.”

“It sounds wonderful, Master...” Jessie said as she rested against him without any hesitation. Truly controlled and reduced to a whore instead of the Pokemon criminal she was before this night began.


“Oh it fucking will be… And this is gonna be just the start...” Laurence said, helping himself to reach around and grope of her backside as he closed his eyes. “Just the start...”


* * *

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