The Amorous Tale of Rasmus's Shadewalker

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The Amorous Tale of Rasmus's Shadewalker

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A/N: I decided to make a series one-shots lemon harem of Rasmus Abraham Shadewalker-Reyrie my dovahkiin with various of ladies that Rasmus would seduce with my shit writing skills, hope you like this story and if not then I sorry. Enjoy and leave some comment plz.

Disclaimer- I do not own the followed manga, games, tv show, movie, etc as they belong to their own individual creator

Ahri, The Nine-Tailed Foxes. graceful, beautiful, and deadly all in the same package. The walk she talked her voice husky and compelling has haunted his dreams, her well-endowed slim body makes him burn with an intense desire that made him what to let it go, her seductive and elegant personality with her sharp tongue is beautifully amazing. The way she moved so gracefully during battle or anywhere really. Not only beautiful but also extremely capable in combat and magic.

Rasmus Shadewalker-Reyrie has both a great respect for and passionate love for the beautiful vixen.

Chapter One: Fox Desire (Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox)

Why….Why did turn out like this?

Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox was on her knees surrounding by the dead body of Ionia, Demacia, and Noxus soldiers, the citizen of various ages.

They were killed by her hands when her hunger for souls has gone out of control and she went into frenzy killing and draining their soul

Why have-I become like this!?

Ahri holds one of the bodies of Demacia a child who was no older than five years old with his face forever trapped of sheer fear with salty tears mixed with blood still running down.

"Because the young soul of innocent it so empowering and intoxication~.Said a dark sinister femininely voice as Ahri turned around to the voice to see….

….A another version of herself but with a deathly pallor, covered with deep red and purple veins that run up her arms and face. The sclerae of her eyes are jet black and her irises glow red and aura of sadism, malice, and cruelty. With sadistic smirk as she walked with a seductive sway to her hips and Ahri pitifully crawled away from her with fear stitched on her porcelain face.

"Nonononono, you not me you not real!".She shouted at the darker version of her as she crawled away before she stood up and fire an orb of deception at dark clone of herself.

Unfortunately the dark clone of her avoid and she dash forward and she grabbed Ahri neck choking her momentarily and lifted her like a ragdoll.

"Ah!".She screamed in pain as she feebly tried to pried her darker clone hands off her neck.

" giggled sinister as she watched in amusement as Ahri clawing feebly at her hand to free herself. You can't fight your fate embraced your darker self and rejected all notion of good in yourself."The Dark Ahri said as a aura of malice aura around her hands.

"NO!"She shouted as she frantically to escaped as she could feel her soul changing.'No help anyone please help meeeeeeeee'. As her last sight and thought was looking at her darker version sending her cruel smile and darkness around her eyes and the last words she hear not from her darker self but from another

"Now then Kitsune~ Can you resisted you darkness or allowed it to consumed you very mind and soul…."

"-!?".Ahri gasped suddenly with tears in her golden amber eyes as she layed on her soft mattress and crimson red covering her fair-skin slender yet curvaceous figure with her long beautiful ebony black hair loose around her face with some sticking to her beautiful but sweaty face

"A….Eh….?She couldn't finished her sentence as her heart was pounding harder as if she ran a entire marathon and forced to fight solo with five strong champion.

"Oh….So you're finally awake?".Said a smooth rich baritone voice that belong to one and only Rasmus Abraham Shadewalker-Reyrie who was sitting in the corner of her room on a chair reading a newspaper.

Rasmus is a extremely tall man ruggedly yet somewhat elegant handsome well-built person in his mid 20s to early 30s very tall and with strong toned arms, broad shoulder, toned six-pack abs and long powerful-looking legs and extremely "well-endowed" body and well-toned flexible lean muscles.

Rasmus facial features is both rugged in a good-looking warrior way and aristocratic like grand charismatic powerful monarch. With his facial features nearly perfect and angular—high strong cheekbones, a strong chiseled jawline covered with smooth yet thick five 0 clock shadow, perfect eyebrows, a straight nose and full lips filled with perfect dentition white and straight that could changed on a whim. Long strong fingers with trimmed but pointy nails that could be use for deadly usage

He is wearing a black tunic jacket that was zipped up and that is open just above his abdomen showing his strong toned chest. He wears plain black pants with armored kneecap and he is shoeless showing his black socks

"Jeez, who do you think you are sleeping soundly till midday like that just because you don't have a match doesn't you could sleep like that only I can't sleep like that, and plus the breakfast I went through the trouble of making is completely gone cold".

"-!?"She looked semi-alarmed as she dazedly looked at Rasmus who lean chiseled face was etched in masked of semi-bored yet irk face

"Ra….Rasmus Shadewalker, the Dragonborn ".She muttered absently to herself

"Ah?".Rasmus said puzzled."Oh that my League title".Rasmus said as he look up for moment with semi-interest look on his face.

She heard him mumbling with her enhanced hearing saying something like 'I wished I have a more badass title' in that line.

"Hiya girly do you think my title should me Asskicker of Tomorrow or Ladykiller of Awesomeness or-".He rumbled on as he list up various narcissistic and childish title for himself

"Nn….stop talking and let me think for a moment".Ahri asked as she pressed two finger to her temple in moment of silence. 'I must be half asleep'.She thought to herself.

….That right, I remember now….this guys name Rasmus Abraham Shadewalker-Reyrie. He some kind of Powerful-Immortal-Demonic Elemental-Transhuman-Planeswalker and monarch of his wide and powerful empire that match both Demacia and Noxus in term of military, sociology, and size of it, he joined the league to promoting his empire and asked the people to joined his empire. And ever since then he been around the League making allies and friends with his charismatic charming nature, but he also strikes some people as frivolous like to Garen the Might of Demacia, Darius the Hand of Noxus, Fiora the Grand Duelist Riven the Exile or manipulative like to Jarvan IV the Exemplar of Demacia, Lucian the Purifier, Tryndamere the Barbarian King and Swain the Master Tactician, or predatory like Vayne the Night Hunter, Nidalee the Bestial Huntress, Quinn, Demacia's Wings, Rengar the Pridestalker, Ryze the Rune Mage and Udyr the Spirit Walker alike.

I honestly can't read him as he changed his personality on the drop of hat out of nowhere.

"Jeez can you be polite about i-".Rasmus was going to make a snarky comment but he saw the sight of Ahri with tears in her eyes.

"What wrong. Are you crying".He showed concern as he narrow his mismatched supernaturally eyes on the strange sight of her crying.

"!"She looked surprised before she spoke

"D...Dont be stupid as if I cry…!".She said vehemently

"Oi Oi, you're not seriously crying over some dumb bad dream right…."He sent a snide smirk at her glaring face before he continued with his sentenced. "I mean I'd understand if you were like my little sister and brother when we kids or like Annie or Amumu as they are kids, but the great and beautiful Ahri, The Nine-Tailed Fox couldn't be that scaredy fo-".And Rasmus before he can finished his smug and taunted sentenced she threw a miniature figure/clock of Katarina into his face knocking him off his chair.

"Stop treating me like a kid you overgrown man child I more powerful than you can comprehend".She shouted as she got up from her bed and she menacingly walked toward the down immortal with ticked mark on her fist and forehead and her fanged bared in agitated.

"That hurt you fucking bitch! What the actual fuck are you babbling about when you have not authority or the actual fucking position to assert yourself".He got up shouted with the same force as he holding his broken and bleeding nose which is running down his lips and chin and bruise cheek as his healing factor starting to heal the damaged.

"And plus you lounge around eating my food that I bought with my damned money, sleeping around in my house with my stolen shirt that I want back, and using my damned hot water all the damn time so why the fuck should I respect a lazy and chubby fox like you".Rasmus shouted as he towered over her dainty 5'6"ft (In my personal opinion) to his 7'11"ft nearly 8'0"ft powerful stature.

She look shock before her face twisted into feral anger."Y….Y….Y….You unbelievable bastard I going to send a [Orb of Deception] in your stupid face. Anything last words Rassie~".She hold up said orb in her right hand and other hand holding a vase to attack him.

Rasmus looked unruffled at [Orb of Deception] and the vase. "Yes I do.

"You'll going to catch a cold if you go naked like that".Rasmus flippantly said to her unfazed at her slender yet curvaceous figure.

"Epp-!".She said and she immediately cancel out her [Orb of Deception] and she drop the vase and she kneeled down to preserve some semblance of dignity.

"Well, given our relationship, it nothing to be embarrassed about, and I not complaining as I enjoyed the divinely delicious of you breast jiggly around and that bubbly arse bouncing freely, but do it moderation will you?".He said as rubbed the back of his hair as he looked away to think about the numerous time he saw her naked around their share apartment and the numerous time he been blue-balled by her action.

"But I pretty sure that Sona-Hime would like you to wear clothes to preserve you modestly and to calm her beating heart, and plus I don't what some perverted bastard trying to get a handful of you and I be scolded by a cute mute who musical instrument could killed person on a...daily...basi-?".He stopped his sentenced as he looked at tearing eyes Ahri with a surprised looked on his face.

"O...OI?'Oh fuck! She is actually crying tears, dammed by dark bleeding heart'. He thought with no amount of guilt.A….Are you seriously crying….?

What's this….my tears aren't stopping….It feel like I was carrying an intense emotion just a moment ago. Anger, hatred, lust and equal to that is a sense of loss of myself and fear for what I fear I going to become in the do it all mean?

Ahri is started to cry slightly more as she tried to wipe away the tears in vain

Various emotion are blending inside my head-Even though I awaked and that was nothing more than dream, I can stopped it the indescribable feeling of anxiety and fear that stain in my heart and soul am I going to be a monster?

Rasmus signed heavily as he walked up to crying Ahri and knelt next to her and hold her to him surprising her."Seem like you really saw a bad dream….Man this is seriously messes up the mood that we were having".He said as he look at her crying beautiful face.

…."Don't act kind all of sudden it weird to see you acting all noble and kind it kinda disgusted".She cooly said as she looked away with blushed on her face.

"Shut it we're in the same position and Sona not here to be an empath to you so you have me. Anyway what kind of dream did you see that make you so modest today?".

Ahri opened her mouth to answer but a flash of her eviler version of herself send her dark smirk showing rows of inhuman fangs.

"...I don't remember much of it anymore….Just another version of me choking me and I turned into some sinister ugly thing….It feels like was that kind of dream"...She answer as look down unsure about her words.

Rasmus send her to look as he debated of using his telepath powers to read her mind but decided against it as he made a vowed to never use his telepathic powers on his friends and lover for their own privacy.

So he said simply."….AA I see….That's certainly a bad dream alright indeed very bad and funny one".Rasmus with an unreadable if stoic look on his face.

She glared at him."Funny, if you want to laugh because it's childish and amusing for you, go on ahead…."

And before she could add more words to sentenced Rasmus out of nowhere groped her sizable D cups and pinched her pink nipples.

"...Because if that really happened then we couldn't do this all the time and I sure Sona-Hime-Chan miss the feeling of you perky teat".He said indifferently as he play with her buxom chest and her nipples with expertise finger

"Hey….Hey you idiot, what are you doing touching my body during the confusing".She shouted as she squirmed trying to get away despite her body what this.

" were so defenseless, that I thought it'd be rude if I didn't touch your divinely seductively body of your".He answered if he was asking about the weather.

"Wha….What are you playing at…!".She shouted agitated with hint of need much to Rasmus amusement.

"I playing with you at the moment~"He seductively said to her agitated voice with playful toned and a playful yet predatory smile.

"Stop…. gasped with happily as she feebly tried to get out of the expertise hands of Rasmus."My nipples don't twisted them….kya~!".She gasped as her womanhood was leaking some love juice.

"You ass stop this at onc-Mogu!?".She said turned her face to stopped Rasmus but she was interrupted by him suddenly kissing her opened mouth and due to the suddenness her mouth was widen allowing him to stick his long serpentine tongue in her hot moist mouth.

Both of them was fighting with their tongue and Rasmus was winning due to his surprise attack and he quickly dominate her as he carried her to the bed effortlessly in his strong arms

Rasmus laid her naked hot body on the soft and fluffy mattress as he towered over her still kissing her and as he used his now free hands to go to her womanhood with his long fingers entering her parted moisted pussy canal.

She gasped into Rasmus' mouth as she felted the invader entering her pussy and her resisted slowly but steady going away as she felted Rasmus touched the spot that even she couldn't reach with her long slender fingers.

"Mhm~….AA~….Don't!….Ah~!.She tried to say something but Rasmus wouldn't let her as she used his natural skills, low-level and non-fatal usage of Lightning magick and carnal magick to intensify the pleasure center and some know and hidden G-Spot of Ahri. She subconsciously grind her buttock to his finger to achieve more pleasure from her lover demonic and god-like fingerbang skills.

"OIOI….Is this what it take to satisfy you Ahri-Hime-Chan".He sends a smug yet lustful smirk/grin at the flustered Ahri who panting semi-heavily with dazed look on her slightly sweating face whose body was twitching.

"Sh...Ha~...ut….Ha~...up….y… fool….Doing.S...Ha~...such thing….Y….You're….things….to a crying woman do you have no shame".She panted/said as she tried to get her body to calmed down.

"What about it? Didn't you said it was weird and disgusted for me to be kind to you~" Rasmus answered her as he taken one of her left pink nipples to his lips biting and the other nipple was playing with his fingers."...Well, either way, I planned on violating you today and night for hours to end~".

"Wha…!?.She gasped as she felt him pulled her left nipples with his teeth.

"And for special bonus this make you forget that dumb stupid nightmare of yours".He simply as he softly bit her nipple making sure to be careful with them

"Stop….screwing….a...nku"She fumbles around her words as she was distracted by him pulling her left nipples.

"And, well to be blunt this me punishing you for your bad habits of you blue balling me and blah blah blah".He said uncaringly at the end.

"A….As if I'd let you".She said as she to glare at Rasmus who pulled leaving trails of drool from her nipple.

He simply stood up and unbuckle his trouser and fish out his hard long fifteen-inch thick cock that shadowed Ahri face who pupil slightly dilated as she panted slightly.

"Alright….It's your turn this time~.He said lecherously with sing-song toned as he held out his cock stroking softly as he pressed against her pink moist lips."Come to think about it. It's been awhile since you last gave me head eh fox-girl….?".He mockingly said.

"To be honest I love that slightly rough wet tongue of your….Also I know that you have Tongue fetish and a sensitive tongue that need some loving and that you gonna to love this".He said as he grabbed Ahri head as he gently but forcefully pushed her mouth to his thick cockhead and she took about seven inch of his cock.

"Fuuuck~!,that it suck my massive dick sucking nice and long kitty….Oh I love the way you're tongue and lips moved to take on the rest~".Rasmus hissed as he looked down on Ahri hold had a intense blush and glazed look on her beautiful face as she suck his cock back and forth with vacuum-like speed and suction.

'I'm gonna to get you and this dumb thick big delicious prick of yours

"...And on top of that you nipples are getting stiff from this~".He said with hungry predatory look on his face with mild blushed and his pupil dilated from lust.

Ahri continued to sucking Rasmus cock and used her right hand to stroke the rest that she couldn't get, and her other hand going down to hot wet pussy rubbing her sensitive clitoris.

For about nine minutes of this Rasmus endurance was getting close and he felt himself getting readying to blow his thick load into her hot mouth.

"Fuck….Here….I'm Cumming….I'm going to fucking CUM!"He shouted out as he held her head stopping her as he blow his load into her mouth. The first load was thick filling her mouth as she tried to swallowed all, but the second load was even more thicker as her cheek slightly bulged from the excessive amount of thick creamy cum and the rest dripped down her cheek pooling to her sizeable D-cups and some reach to her stomach, and he pulled out as he stroked out the third to her face covering half of her face.

Rasmus panted but he wasn't even closed to being tired and he looked at his handiwork at the hot and bukkake covered kitsune who panted with her mouth showing her mouth filled with cum.

He watch her swallowed his cum as she tried to regain her composure and tried to look elegant but falling as her eyes was still dazed from his own special aphrodisiac-like and addictive cum.

"How was that do you enjoyed your favorite drink~"He zipped off his black tunic jacket and tooked off his plain dark crimson red shirt showing his powerfully well-built athletic upper v-shaped body and toned six-pack abs. Because next I think I should give it to you down her as well….?".He husky whisper to her eyes as he pick up her body and banished the rest of the cum with wave of his hands.

He gently threw her on the bed allowing him to see the beautiful sight of her big breast jiggly freely and he leaning and towering over her as his hard longsword is poking her slightly gaping pussy.

"...Well, I'm putting in kitty girl",He said lustfully like daemonic animal that he is as he slowly put his cock into her tight hot pussy.

"...Nn~….NNn~….~NNnnn~...AAuFua~….".Ahri moan and squirmed into her lover enhanced hearing as Ahri felt her bastard of lover giant cock digging it wat thought into her and that he only put half of his cock into her and she felt full already.

"OI...OI. Did you cum already I only put half of me into you~".He said with smirk on his lips as he grind his hips getting a moan in return making his already large smirk larger.

"N..No as...if...ANN~..."She tried to her sentence to him.

"Don't try to act tough. Aren't you desperately trying to tighten your pussy because you want it deeper inside?".He mockingly question."Anyway come on get...closer….So that I can go deeper and stir up your insides".He finished as he got closer to her allowing him to feel her breast into his chest.

"A...Are you...Seriously planning on...Going though...with this…?".She question him despite the fact that her Vastaya instinct and body want this very much.

"NN? I said so before, right….?.He answered back as he suddenly thrust all of his cock into her with the force of jackhammer and speed of speeding bullet

"I'll make it so you won't even forget while you dreaming….AND RETEACH THAT SEXY AND NEEDY BODY OF YOURS THE TASTE OF MY DEMONIC COCK!".He shouted out with demonic peer as he kiss her intensely and passionately as he plow her deeper and harder as both of them is playing tongue wrestling with him currently winning the match as he felt her moan into her mouth vibrating in his mouth that make him want to go harder and relentless penetrated the beautiful crying cervix gate.

She pulled back leaving a thick saliva trail as she spoke with hazy lust into her voice."...UAANOOO~….I...Ah~..Came just now...Haa..NN~, I can't stop..~Ah~..cumming~...HAAAhh!, S...STOP I'll cum...again…~".

"You're starting to want it inside huh. He said thrusting harder. I just wait, I'll go on a last spurt and pour it inside of you~.He finished as he gone even more rough as he hold up her long elegant legs to his shoulder as felt himself ready to blow his potent baby-maker into her fertile egg.

"W..Wait..NNHYAA if..~, you do it rough.~..A..~.I'll…~!."She moaned heavily as her toes curled up from the intense pounding from her animalistic of a lover who love the hazy lustful face on her beautiful elegant face.

He sucked in his lips as he thrust all of his cock and penetrated her cervix box pouring out his large inhuman amount of cum painting and bathing her entire pussy white as Ahri moan loudly and lewdly as her pussy squirted and spasmed with intense power as both of them was in a spooning position.

Rasmus licked Ahri armpit to get the salty yet sweet sweat from her body as he still thrusting out some of the remnant of his sperm into her as Ahri with heavily blush of her face as she lay there absented minded

'I think I 'help' her for now maybe now she can-'But his thought process stop as he realized that Ahri is now currently letting her Vastaya instinct rampant. "..Ahh~...Hey..Wait...A...Minute…

"What is it are you worn out already…?".Ahri said with some of her femme fatale charm coming though her husky voice as she grind her arse and pussy into her lover hard longsword.

"I should tell you that I'm still-"He about to say but was quickly cut off by Ahri with her words.

"-That's not it you fool...Just do whatever you want...What about you...Aren't you shaking your hips despite being 'worn' out".She softly said

"What the hell that supposed to mea-".He said but he once again interrupted by Ahri how shot him a question.

"You...Could it be that you're being desperate to shake off that anxiety….?".That question shocked Rasmus to his core.

"W...What that's ridiculous I'm *mumble mumble*.After hearing your said timorously looking away with a blush to his face.

"So I'm right.She whispered to herself before she spoke louder. Did you seriously believe that I turn into some ugly soul eating monster…?.

"To think that the listener would be more worried then the person whose 're pretty childish and spoiled aren't…It's starting to feel foolish that I cried so much shameful indeed".She said

"S….SHUT UP! YOU WERE CRYING AND NOT BEING YOUR USUAL SELF SO...I thought you were cute for sec". He shouted at her before he got quietly at the end saying those words to himself than to her.

"Fucking Jeez...This is getting annoying let's just stop here…"He said but Ahri pulled him down to her face.

"~Oh~...Unfortunately, I can't approve that….You've had your way with me till now so my body's in heat….

"You'll take responsibility for it...right…?.She said as she lean forward to his face and whispered."...And be honest you're still not satisfied are you….?".

And Rasmus answer her by thrusting in as Ahri hissed out in pleasure as her pussy enveloped his humongous cock again.

"AA...Fuck!".She cursed as Rasmus relentless attack her cervix and her sensitive G-spots both known and hidden ones. As they quickly switched position into a seated position as Ahri moaned lewdly and looked behind seeing all of her nine of her tails flying wildly and she bounced her arse on to Rasmus thick cock up and down repeated with the force making her arse jiggle.

Ahri could feel her tighten up as she wrapped around her slender arms around his strong broad back and hold him tighten and felt him tasted and teasing and bitting her sensitive nipples.

She moaned disappointing as she felt the warm from his mouth leaving her nipples but that disappeared as they kiss once more deeply and strongly.

He pulled back and shot her a smirk/grin."Oi..Oi the moment you get over it, you're this loose it's as if you were…"

"If you want to say cat in heat...then panted as he glazed her golden amber eyes to his mismatched eyes one silver-grey one artic about you… is this you limit…?, if that's the case. Then come one let out claim this horny bitch your prize and breed her!~Fuaa".She said as she bounced once again onto his hips.

Rasmus quickly thrust as deep he can as those words encouraged his daemonic and animalistic instinct to mark her as his and breed her like a bitch in heat and she shall receive as he cum tenfold into her needy and fertile pussy as Ahri made lewd ahegao face with her eyes rolled up to her skull and her slightly long tongue hanging limply as she hold him tightly as she fell back on the bed and in process his cock slipped out and allowing some of the captured both new and old sperm making large thick puddle, and his cock sprayed out the rest into her hot body hitting her stomach, her big breast, and finally her faces.

Both of them panting into the empty air for fives minutes before Rasmus said….

"Do you want to share a shower with me?".He asked simply and she nodded in answer as he picked her up and into the bathroom in silent….

.Timeskip….30 minutes of shower time later….

"...Are you worry about me…?".Ahri said quietly with uncharacteristic toned as she wore a too large shirt that belong to Rasmus and pair of panties that she fish out

"Ah? Not really why?".Rasmus said flippantly as he combed her soft silky hair with brush and comb with his own mundane utility of magicka to brush her white nine tailes.

"Y...You not worried. Why?"She sound unsure as looked at the mirror to see Rasmus face making sure he's not lying as was good liar with good poker face.

"Because you were crying".He said as he grab one of her favorite hair spray and spray light amount of it.

"What that supposed to mean".She asked with hint of annoyment and embarrassment in her voice.

"Because it mean that you are a very good person as a monster don't cry unless they faking it, and I'm 100% sure that your tears as real as you and me luv".He confidently said as he looked at the mirror to see her shocked face.

"But there could be real chance that I could go down on a dark-".She counter back as some of her fear and doubt was still in her mind.

"Then me and Sona-Hime-Chan would stopped you from going down that path kitty girl".He counter back with ease.

"...But what if I hurt you and Sona…".She said with fear in her voice as she looked down onto her bare smooth legs.

"Love it very strong force as it can make anything happen even make a monster fall in love and get marriage, believe me I know".He said as he looked up to the ceiling with fond yet somber smile as he remember his first wife and all the time they have together and he look at the mirror and to Ahri face."And I love you my sweet beautiful Kitsune-Hime and I shall be with you and Sona-Hime"

"Y….you love me".She asked with shock in her tone and mind as her heart fluttering with butterflies and she was crying tears of joy at having a faithful lover to her and Sona.

"Yep, and I can tell you will never become a monster not on my watch or Sona-Hime watch".He vowed with sheer determination.

"I...See...maybe you right".She said simply as she felt her heart, her body, her mind, and her entire soul felt in peace with those words maybe she could found peace with hersel-

"...And Still can't believe that you getting disturbed by some dumb like nightmare aren't you supposed to be a deadly femme fatale and not some three year old who wet her bed which by the way you did"He said with large impish grin at her direction which lead a multiple large tick mark on her face and blush.

"Wha...Didn't wet the bed stupid bastard".She shouted furiously as she turned around and glare at the troll face Rasmus who was laughing at her face.

Forget she will never found peace with this jackass around her she going to kill that immortal asshole once and for all.

"Come here so I can burn that dumb pretty face of yours and maybe something that you going to dearly miss~".She sweetly said with eye closed smile that was brimming with malice intent as Rasmus face drained dramatically as he back away from her and she stepped forward with her face shadowed by the evil energy around her.

"Come on Ahri-Sama I was just joking hahahaha, see that was good laugh how about you put down that fox-fire and that rusted knife….hahahaha please I begging you, think about Sona-Chan she going to be displeased about me and the house getting burn and destroyed again".He begged her as he shirked down to size of a chibi and his face getting sweaty and paler.

DOn't worry Rasmus-Koi".She said as she sends him a peaceful beatific smile and he felt hopeful for a second before she stomped on it."I clean up and you heal fast~".She sends a sadistic smile at him as she leaps forward to the fearful Rasmus who despite his powers can overcome the might of Ahri, The Nine-Tailed Fox.


Sona was middle of packing up her keyboard from the Pentakill band and taking off the makeup and red dyed from her natural blue and brown hair after she finished signing the last of her fans and hanging with her biggest fan Annie, The Dark Child but she hears the familiar sound of Rasmus girly scream and the evil laughter from Ahri.

"Hmmm, I wonder who is that"Said Mordekaiser, The Iron Revant and Guitarist of the Pentakill as he tried to pinpoint Rasmus girly screaming of pain.

She sends him a smile and shrugged her dainty shoulder as she saying 'I don't know' and Mordekaiser nodded as he looked away from her and Sona mentally thought.'Please don't Rasmus and Ahri don't destroyed the Apartment again"...

"...She manging to overcome one of her personal obstacle for a mortal that is slightly impressive". Said, Aurelion Sol, The Star Forger to Akatosh Dragon God of Time, Chief of the Nine Divines, Soul of Anuiel, Auri-El, Bormahu, Father of Dragons who watches his dragon-brother with amuse look on his elderly dragon face.

"Indeed so I know that my spiritual son Rasmus Akatosh Abraham Ymir Shadewalker-Reyrie Son of Dragon and Twilight could help her. After all, he did inherit the Charisma of Dragons and his family Emperor Charisma after all".He smugly said to the Celestial Being and Cosmic Overlord, and Servant of the Aspects who rolled his star-like eyes to him.

"I never thought that this Ningen could be of Dovah blood, as I sense dead yet living energy within him and dark energy in him".

"Yes, I know that he is rather...unique being, Alive but dead, Dead but Alive, Alpha Werebeast with the soul of a Vampire Lord, Vampire Lord with the soul of Alpha Werebeast, Aedra, and Daedra, my son is many things and but he at his core charmer and champion even when he think's otherwise".He said wisely.

"Tch, I don't care I leaving now Akatosh have a good time peeping".He said dismissively to Dragon-God of Time.

"It's not peeping it observation".He shouted at the Cosmic Overlord who wave him off as he signed heavily as he return to wating his favorite champion/son getting chase by his Kitsune lover with amuse yet granfatherly smile.

"...Hopefully he can get me some grandchilds~...".He said to himself.

boom best first chapter of this story and I been inspired from a lot of hentai and certain blazblue story, please leave a like, fav, and follow me.

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