The legend of Zelda: Harem of Loli

BY : S.Corsette
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The Legend of Zelda: The Harem of Lolis



It is foretold in ancient prophecy that one day an evil sorceress would come and bring doom. With her magical powers she would conquer the lands and bring its people to misery. But then a heroine would arise, she would wield a mighty sword and use it to not to fight but to love. With her sword she would conquer the hearts and bodies of many young maidens and transform their love into a power that would defeat evil.



Chapter one: Little sister and the adventure begins


 Linkle groaned softly as she awoke, her eyes fluttered open as she felt a pleasurable sensation coming from her lower body.

 She looked down at the face of her little sister Aryll. The cute little blonde girl was currently sucking on Linkle’s big cock, her head bouncing up and down on the dick before she pulled out completely. “Good morning, big sis!”

 Linkle was born a bit special. No one knew why but Linkle was born with both male and female sex organs. As she grew up she became much more feminine, her breasts grew as well and so Linkle decided that she was a girl like her normally born little sister, she just happened to also have a penis.

 “Good morning, Aryll.” Linkle replied as she put her hands behind her head.

 “I was going to wake you up but then I saw that you got hard in your sleep again so I decided to wake you up by giving you a blowjob. I know how much you like that.” Aryll smiled.

 “I do like it, very much.” Linkle grinned. “You’re such a good little sister.”

 Aryll blushed slightly and smiled wide. Then she went back to sucking off the cock. She took all of the meaty member into her mouth and then down her throat. She bopped her head up and down, making the thick dick slide back and forth against her tight esophagus.

 Linkle moaned in sweet pleasure. She put her hands over Aryll’s head, feeling the hairs between her fingers and helping guide the little girl’s motions. “Hmmm… That feels really nice, Aryll. You’re getting better at this.”

 Aryll pulled the cock out of her throat again. “Well you have been teaching me every day! And I know you like getting more than just your cock sucked.” Aryll placed her lips against Linkle’s balls.

 She kissed them deeply then began to lick all over them. She suckled gently on the two nuts, making sure to let each one feel her warm, soft mouth, all the while she stroked the thick erection. Then Aryll went back to the cock and shoved it down her throat once more.

 Linkle sighed in lustful bliss. Her little sister was so cute and really knew how to please her big sister’s needs. Waking up to a little girl giving you a blowjob must be one of the greatest experiences in the world.

 Aryll had picked up her pace, she was bobbing her head on the cock much faster, making Linkle’s moans turn louder.

 “Oh Aryll!” Linkle groaned. “I’m going to cum!”

 Aryll never stopped her deep throating, she was ready and waiting for her big sister to cum.

 “Here it cums! I’m cumming!” Linkle nearly screamed as she grabbed Aryll’s head and shoved it as far down her cock as the girl could go, then orgasmed hard.

 Linkle shot her Futanari cum directly down her little sister’s tight throat and into the child’s belly. She never let up on the girl and Aryll was forced to swallow load after load of the gooey seed.

 Finally after several more heavy loads, Linkle was done and she let the younger girl go.

 Aryll pulled her head off of the cock, then opened her mouth to show her big sister the large amount of semen that was swimming in her mouth before swallowing every single bit and showing Linkle her now empty mouth.

 “Your cum is as tasty as ever big sister!” Aryll said with a short giggle.

 “That felt amazing Aryll.” Linkle sighed.

 “I can tell you’re still ready for more, big sis.” Aryll said with another cute giggle. “Your penis is still big!”

 Linkle’s cock was in fact still erect. “Oh I’m defiantly ready for more.”

 Aryll got up on the bed and began undressing. She pulled off her dress revealing her flat chest with two cute erect pink nipples. Then the girl removed her panties and showed her big sister her tiny pussy.

 “Oh, Aryll you are so fucking beautiful!” Linkle said. “Now come on and let me feel that cute little body of yours!”

 Aryll laughed again as she lined her pussy up with Linkle’s quite large dick. Then she began to sink herself down, feeling every inch of the thick cock stretch her child pussy wide. Aryll moaned as more and more cock was pushed inside her, then she was at the end, hers and her big sister’s bodies were touching.

 Linkle sat up slightly and grabbed Aryll’s soft ass in her hands. She groped the cheeks, enjoying the sensation of the little girl’s butt against her palms.

 Aryll began to move, she rose up on the cock, then pushed herself back down. She was slow at first but quickly picked up speed as she was quite used to this position now after the many times they had sex in it.

 “Hmm… fuck that’s good, Aryll.” Linkle moaned. “Your little pussy is so still so tight. It feels amazing!”

 “It feels good for me too!” Aryll said as she flung her arms around Linkle. “I love having sex with you, big sis! You’re so warm and soft and your big penis inside my pussy feels really nice! I love you big sis!”

 “I love you too, Aryll!” Linkle replied as she began adding to the love making. She used her grip on Aryll’s ass to add more strength to her hips swings. This caused her cock to quickly and roughly smash against Aryll’s inside with each thrust.

 “It feels so good!” Aryll screamed as she felt her big sister really pound into her. “Keep going big sis!”

 “It feels great for me too!” Linkle was now going as fast and hard as she could, really giving it to the small child.

 Aryll loved it, she howled out loud as she felt her whole body start to go numb from the pleasure, she could feel her orgasm growing inside her.   

 Linkle was in the same boat, she was moaning loudly as she felt the familiar tingle in her balls. “I’m going to cum Aryll! I’m going to cum right inside your little girl womb!”

 “Yes! Big sis!” Aryll shouted back. “Cum inside me! I want to feel all your seed inside my belly! I want to carry your baby big sis! I love you!”

 Linkle and Aryll both screamed as they came together. Linkle’s cock shot load after load of sticky cum directly inside of the little girl’s small pussy and womb, flooding it in her seed.

 Aryll came hard, her tiny body shaking as she felt her pussy tighten and squirt out pussy juice. Her eyes watered and her tongue stuck out as the intense pleasure washed over her.

 After several more sticky shots of cum, Linkle was finished. She lay Aryll down on the bed gently and then pulled her cock out. Cum came pouring out of the pussy and onto the bed.

 “That was amazing, Aryll!” Linkle panted.

 “It felt great for me too, big sis.” Aryll said.

 “I wish we could spend the whole day fucking, but we’ll probably get yelled at if we don’t go do our chores soon.”

 And so the two dressed and went out to meet the day.

 The rest of the morning was spent in their chores. Linkle was quite good at the crossbow and used it to hunt for some food. Then she brought it home and cleaned it. She and Aryll both helped cook it to a nice tasty brown.

 It was after meal time and when the two went out to the forest for some more fun when the event that would change Linkle’s life began.

 “Are you sure no one is around.” Aryll asked.

 “Yes.” Linkle replied as she started to undress. “Come on, how thrilling is it to have sex outside?”

 “I mean it is making my heart race.” Aryll admitted.

 “See, come on it’ll be fun. Now let’s take off our clothes.” Linkle had removed her clothes entirely so her big Futanari cock was bare to Aryll.

 Aryll looked around with a blush and began to pull her dress up to reveal cute panties…

 “So I have finally found you heroine.” A voice suddenly pierced through the silent forest.

 Aryll screamed as she pulled her dress back down. Linkle turned to the voice and pointed her nearby crossbow at it. “Who’s there? How dare you try to see my cute little sister naked! Only I’m allowed to do that!”

 “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.” Linkle looked at who was talking. It was a big owl. “I was merely so overjoyed at having finally found you, Heroine.”

 “Heroine?” Linkle asked.

 “Yes, as the prophecy foretold. That a Heroine with a mighty sword would appear and defeat the evil sorceress. You are that heroine.” The owl hooted.

 “I don’t have any magical swords.”

 “Yes you do. Right there between your legs.” The owl pointed to Linkle’s large cock. “It is quite the mighty sword and I’m certain that you are the only girl in the land to have a sword like that.”

 “My cock?” Linkle asked as she took her flaccid dick in her hand and shook it around. “How am I going to defeat evil with this?”

 “It says in the prophecy that you will conquer young maiden’s hearts and body and use their love to defeat evil. You must do what you were about to do with your sister to other magically powerful beings across the land and then you shall be able to defeat evil. I’m not sure but you are the only one who can do anything now. The sorceress is already upon us. You must use your sword to defeat her.”

 “I’ll do it!” Linkle exclaimed. “You had me at getting to have sex with a bunch of cute little girls!”

 “Excellent!” The owl flapped his wings and took the air. “Pack your things and say your farewells. I will wait for you at the edge of the forest tomorrow.”

 As the bird took off, Linkle felt Aryll’s hand touch hers. “You’re going away big sis?”

 “I have to. You heard him, I’m the only one who can stop the evil.” She replied.

 “I also heard you say you wanted to have sex with other girls.” Aryll’s icy stare bore deep into Linkle.

 “Um... well… You know for a worthy cause! You’re number one in my heart Aryll, and you always will be!”

 “*sigh* I love you too, big sis. Even if you are a big pervert.” Aryll smiled. “If you really are going to fight evil, I have to let you do that.”

 Linkle kissed her little sister. “Thanks, Aryll.”

 “But, because you are going to have sex with other girls, tonight we are going to have a whole bunch! All night long!”

 Linkle put her clothes lazily back on, only enough to cover her modesty, so it would be easy to rip them off when she and Aryll started their love-making.

 Then the older sister picked up her little sister in her arms, bridal style. “Tonight, Aryll, I’m going to treat you like the special little princess you are.”

 Aryll blushed deeply and rubbed her face into Linkle’s chest. She loved being in her big sister’s arms, they felt so strong yet warm and cozy.

 Linkle carried Aryll back to their home in her arms, and gentle laid the girl on the bed. Linkle quickly removed all her clothes and reached down and kissed Aryll deeply.

 Aryll pulled away from the kiss and removed her clothes as well, then she pressed her lips back up against her big sisters. Their tongues met and danced with each other as Linkle pressed her body closer.

 Linkle broke the kiss as she went down Aryll’s body and kissed the girl’s nipples. She went back and forth between the two pink nubs, licking and sucking on each one, making Aryll moan softly.

 Linkle continued to trail kisses down Aryll’s body until she reached between the little girl’s legs. “Since you sucked me off this morning, I’ll return the favour.”

 Aryll moaned as she felt Linkle’s tongue against her pussy. Her big sister kept kissing and licking all over the tiny vagina, lapping at the pussy juices that ran over the lips. Then linkle’s tongue snaked its way inside the cunt, making Aryll moan even louder with delight.

 Aryll grabbed at Linkle’s head and kept it close to her groin, though Linkle had no plans of leaving the delicious pussy any time soon. Aryll began rotating her hips, grinding her cunt against her big sister’s face, her breathing was coming in quicker now.

 “Big sis, I’m going to cum!”

 Linkle only started licking harder, enjoying the sensations and sounds of her little sister as she got closer and closer to orgasm.

 Then with a cry of pure pleasure, Aryll came hard. The little blonde girl’s body shook as her legs wrapped around Linkle’s head shoving her even deeper into the snatch. Her cunt tightened around the tongue and squirted out its love juices on the older girl’s face.

 Linkle made sure to drink up every single bit of tasty little girl juices that were sprayed onto her. Then when Aryll had calmed down and her legs loosened their grip, Linkle pulled back from the pussy with one final kiss.

 “Wow.” Aryll breathed. “That was amazing…”

 Linkle grinned. “We’re not done yet are we?”

 “No way!” Aryll exclaimed. “We have to do it a whole bunch tonight! Besides I can see that you’re still ready for more!”

 Linkle stroked her erect cock. “I certainly am. But tonight you’re in charge, tell me what you want.”

 Aryll spread her legs wide “Go ahead! Put it in!”

 Linkle was quick to get on top of her little sister and pushed her cock inside the tight vagina. She could feel Aryll’s tiny arms and legs wrap around her body.

 Linkle leaned forward and kissed her little sister and felt the girl return the kiss with passion. Aryll could taste her own juices on her big sister’s tongue but it only turned her own more.

 Linkle began to move, gentle at first, holding her little sister tight to her body as she rocked back and forth, slowly making her cock slide back and forth the tiny vaginal walls.

 Aryll moaned into the kiss as she felt her small cunt being penetrated be the giant dick of her big sister. She enjoyed the sensation of the hard warm cock digging deep into her little girl insides, touching at her womb and then backing up only to have it pushed back in. But it wasn’t enough.

 “Faster, big sister! Really start to pound me!” Aryll demanded as she broke from the kiss.

 Linkle was eager to obey and she started picking up speed. Her hips thrusted back and forth roughly making her cock hammer at her little sister’s insides.

 Aryll began to scream in pleasurable delight. She moved her own hips, making the two bodies smack together in a wet sound of lust. “Big sis! Big sis it feels really good!”

 “It feels wonderful for me too Aryll! I love you and your cute little girl pussy so much!” Linkle replied as she increased her tempo even more. Her cock was smashing at Aryll’s womb with each heavy thrust of her hips.

 “I can’t hold on much longer, big sis!” Aryll screamed. “I’m going to cum again soon!”

 “Me too Aryll! Let’s cum together!”

 “Yes! Big sis cum inside me again! I want to carry your baby while you’re away! So please cum inside and get me pregnant!”

 Hearing all that was too much for Linkle and she came hard. “I love you, Aryll!”

 “I love you too, big sis!”

 Both girls came hard, Linkle’s cock sprayed out load after load of heavy fertile cum directly into the child’s tiny womb. Aryll’s cunt tightened around the cock, desperate to milk it of every single drop of semen it could, while the girl shook and squirted more of her love juices. 

 After several more passionate moments of orgasmic bliss later and the two girls were beginning to calm down. Linkle and Aryll kissed as the older girl pulled her cock out, cum following out of the hole.

 Linkle and Aryll broke away from the kiss in heavy breaths, saliva connecting the two in a long string between them. “Wow that was super good!” Aryll panted.

 “Yeah, that was one of the best fucks we ever had.” Linkle agreed in an equally jagged breath.

 “But we’re not done!” Aryll shouted suddenly as she jumped up. “We still have to have lots and lots of sex before you go!”

 The love making between the two lasted for long hours. They fucked in every position and used stamina potions to continue to fuck even when they got tired out. They performed oral on each, making the other cum on their tongues and mouths, and Linkle filled Aryll’s womb with semen over and over again until the girl’s belly was expanded and cum came pouring out of her like a waterfall.

 Then they fell asleep.

 In the morning Linkle packed her bags, taking her crossbow and a quiver of arrows over her back, and started to leave.

 “Goodbye, Aryll.” Linkle said.

 “Goodbye big sister.” The little girl replied in a quiet voice. “Make sure you come back safe and sound.”

 “I will.” Linkle promised. She dropped to her knees and kissed her little sister deeply, making out with her for long minutes. “I love you, Aryll.”

 “I love you too, big sister.”

 Then Linkle was off to start her adventure.


This is a brand new story that I’ll be working on the most for a while. I love the legend of Zelda series, especially the ocarina of time which this will be heavily based on, I was actually debating whether or not to start Linkle in kokiri forest but thought that it would make more sense for Ayrll to be the little sister if I wanted to include her, the series must be one of the best video game series when it comes to great lolis. I wanted to do something with my favorites so I decided to make a story with multiple chapters to give them all some love. I do have an actual storyline set up but I am open to hearing what cute little loli characters from the series you would like to read getting fucked!

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