The Courier

BY : Jamesroper1
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Disclaimer: I have no rights nor any affiliation with fallout new vegas or Bethesda, or any of the characters in this story. I am making no money or profit from this story. This strictly for fun and fantasy only.

Merle's head throbbed as she opens her eyes, flashes of a man in a checkered suit with a shiney engraved 9mm pistol, and a few other men, enter her mind as she comes to. Once her eyes focus she finds herself lying in a dimly lit room with medical equipment, and old man with a white mustache sitting in a chair next to the gurney she's laying on.

"Whoa, whoa easy now. Take it slow." The man said in gentle, caring tone of a medical professional, as she sits up on the gurney. 

"I was worried that you weren't going make it through the night. It's a goddamn miracle that you did, after taking a bullet to the noggin." The man said. 

The man's words cause her to remember the man in the suit pointing his fancy piece at her, and then a flash quickly followed by a loud bang, just before everything went black.

"Aww fuck." Merle groaned, "excuse my language, it's just slipped out." She said, trying to as polite as possible while her head pounds like a drum.

"Ha, no need to apologize it's perfectly understandable." He said, "How you feeling, aside from feeling like you've been shot in the head, I mean?"

"My head hurts, but beyond that I feel alright." Merle said. 

"Well besides your wound, you're in excellent physical condition. Probably the best I've seen in a long time," He said, as he looks at young woman with platinum blonde hair cut into a bob hairstyle, a beautiful face that'll put the best whore on Strip to shame, with almond shaped blue eyes, and full pouting lip, the lean, curvy body of a professional athlete, and the toned, well defined muscle of body builder. Not the freakisly huge, grotesque looking kind, but more of the slim, lean, feminine kind that he's seen on the cover of old world fitness magazines. Plus, it's not hard to notice the pair of big, round, firm , perky, teardrop shaped breasts she has.

"However, I do have to ask. Is that normal?" He said, as he points down to her crotch.

Merle looks down and realizes that she's completely nude, exposing the smooth, thick flaccid penis and pair of hairless testicles between her legs.

"Why am I naked?" Merle said, as she  quickly grabs the sheet on the gurney and covers herself with. Normally she wouldn't mind being naked, but in front of this old man didn't seem like the right place for her to be flaunting herself.

"You were naked when that robot brought you in. I guess whoever shot you, robbed you of everything you owned too." The doctor said.

"Wonderful. I'm going miss my weapons, and those clothes were custom made by me." She said. 

"I'm sorry about all this, I really am." The man said. Merle looked at him, as she shrugs her shoulders and sighs.

"Well shit happens right. I'm not gonna cry about it. My name's Merle, thanks for patching me up Doc." She said, as she holds out her hand.

"Doctor Mitchell, or just Doc Mitchell as most people around here call me. And no problem, it was the least I could do." He said  as he shakes her hand. Doc Mitchell stands up from his chair and walks over to a cabinet by the wall. He opens it and pulls out some things and closes it. "Now about that?" He said, again pointing at her crotch.

"Yes it's completely normal, at least for me anyways." Merle said, as she stands up. Doc Mitchell can't help but notice that she's also taller than him, standing at 6'4" at least. "I've had it for a long time." She said. 

"Well, if you say so. Here, this'll do until you can find something better" Doc Mitchell said, handing her a vault jumpsuit, "might be a bit tight, but what can you do." He said, before turning to leave the room so she can get dressed.

Merle sticks one foot and then the other in the legs of the jumpsuit, then she puts it up around her long, toned, smooth, shapely, muscular legs. She tucks her cock and balls in the suit, she has to adjust the position of her cock so that it rest comfortably down one of the legs of the suit, then she pulls the suit up and around her hips. After getting her arms in the suit, she begins zipping up the front of the jumpsuit. She has to squeeze her boobs together to get them in the suit, before she continue zipping it up. She pulls the zipper up until the size of her breasts squeezed into the small suit, causes too much tension in the chest of the suit, to allow her to zip it up any further. Leaving a fair amount of cleavage showing, with the zipper resting just passed the bulk of her breasts, her tits being the only thing keeping the zipper from coming undone.

"I'm finished." She said.

The Doc returns and sees Merle standing in the middle of the room. The vault jumpsuit looking really tight on her large, slender frame.

"Well, it's better than nothing right. Here I got this for you. It's a my old Pipboy. I no more use for it, but you might find useful. Take it, it's yours." He said.

"Thanks, really I appreciate the help Doc." Merle said , as she straps the device to her wrist. Doc Mitchell escorts her to the front door and shakes her hand.

"You take care out, and if you're ever in the area and you need help. Just come on by." He said. Merle parts ways with the friendly old doctor, and walks out the door.


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