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At Chateau Romani, there was always a ruckus. Whether it be the horses breaking out of stable, the cows stampeding, or the horrid Gorman brothers smashing up the place, there was some issue that needed to be calmed down. 

This time, however, it was between two sisters: Romani and her older sister, Cremia. Both loved each other in their own right as well as loved to argue as siblings would do. But this time, that love was from a bad place.

“You won’t even give it a chance!” Romani insisted, her stubbornness showing, “It’s the Carnival! All you need to do is put on your sexiest dress and show up! Men will be proposing to you by the end of the night!”

Cremia sighed. This old conversation cropped up every time around this year. Romani, believing that she was already married at the tender age of 17 and now 18, thought she knew everything about romance. She had married herself to Jim, the former leader of the mischievous kids known as Bomber Kids, after a whirlwind romance of a whopping ten months. Her first relationship ended in a marriage ceremony but Cremia was having none of it. 

“I don’t want to give this a chance.” Cremia could only say over and over again to the deaf ears of her sister, “I only want to be left in peace. You ran off with your husband so let me run this ranch by myself.”

Truthfully, Cremia wanted love. Ever since Anju married Kafei, the man she had been in love with since she was a teenager, life had become distant and lifeless for her. Anju had been her best friend but now she was married and with children so she couldn’t spend as much time with her. Also, it hurt that Kafei was still madly in love with Anju. 

She promised herself every morning that she would try to find love and happiness in this world but the prayer always fell short by noontime. The ranch was too demanding of her time and need, finding very little space for nonsense like love. 

But still. The idea remained within her romantic heart. 

“You don’t have to do this alone!” Romani bobbed her head up and down, “You can find anyone. Why not that guy who does the bombs?”

Every time, Romani had a new man to suggest and Cremia had to turn them all down. 

“How about not?” She said, groaning as she grabbed her milk bucket, “Romani, I don’t want to go to the Carnival. I need to take care of some stuff here. Some stuff you have not touched since you gotten married. Hay, cows, fence repair, all kinds of…”

Romani usually would fight harder but this time, she seemed at the end of her rope. Sighing, she flipped her long, reddish hair back as Cremia headed out the door. 

“Fine. But Jim and I will be at the Carnival for both days. We have a room if you change your mind.” 

With that, Romani headed out the front door where Jim was waiting. 

“No luck?” He asked, rearranging his red bandana. Romani shook her head. 

“No. She wouldn’t even go for the bomb guy.” She said sadly, looking back, “I just want her to be happy. I’d be fine if she was happy alone but she’s not…”

Jim embraced her, “Let’s go get ready. We have to clean up before the Carnival.”

In the barn, Cremia was furious as she paced around. Her empty milk bucket was kicked over in anger, making her annoyed that it was another thing she had to pick up. 

The whole place was a mess: hay left in piles, cow dung everywhere, and horses needed a bath. The sheep needs shearing, pigs needed another mud pile, and the milk but good ol’ Romani was more concerned around love! As if there wasn’t a fence that was busted or a roof that needed to be reshingled!

Regardless of her work spirit, the whole damn ranch was falling apart. Now that Romani lived in Clock Town, Cremia had to do this all by herself. The golden child got to leave the ranch but Cremia…

Shaking her head, Cremia couldn’t get so jealous. Romani had her own struggles in her life, especially since she barely knew their father as Cremia did. Their mother completely unknown. Alone on the ranch with nobody to play with…

Except that boy. Link. 

A memory floated above her mind: a child of ten racing up on his horse. Acting like he already knew the place. Rescuing her milk from Gorman brothers. Knowing what to say. 

Link. The boy hero. The boy who saved the town from colliding with the Moon. The so called Hero of Time as he called himself. 

He was such a cutie, even at a young age. Mature as well. She wondered what sort of life that Link lived that he had both of those amazing, polite qualities. 

A cow named Ginger mooed, clearly signaling a desperate need to get rid of the milk that had been built up in her udders. Cremia dropped the memory all together, picking up her bucket and stool to head over there. 

Work had to be done. Not old memories. 

However, across Termina, a familiar face that had not been seen in seven to eight years had shown up. The young Link of Hyrule, Hero of Time and Savior of Clock Town, had arrived on the outskirts beyond the woods. His aging yet still agile horse, Epona was faithfully by his side. 

He had come in for the Carnival, something he had been craving for some years now. But things have always gotten in his way such as adventure and distance. However, this year, Zelda had been busy with her own marriage to a prince of a distant land and leaving the knight with nothing to do. 

After many nights, Link had arrived to the distant land. His slick and sheen sword had easily come from the knights of Hyrule, a far cry from the Master Sword but still perfect in many ways. Hungry and tired, Link had decided that he needed to house Epona while he was at the Carnival. 

Suddenly, a memory appeared. Chateau Romani, the ranch he had rescued from those Gorman brothers. A perfect place. 

The perfect, beautiful owner. Link had to knock the thoughts from his head. Cremia. The ranch beauty, the hardworking owner…

He had a crush on her while he was in Termina last. Staying too long after dark to catch a glimpse of her. Even through his time travels, he always found himself back at the ranch. Helping her each time. Never wanting to make her sad. 

His loins felt like they were going to burst. Thinking he had to relieve himself, Link found himself a private place but when he pulled out his extended member, he realized that he had grown erect. Somewhat ashamed, Link could barely tuck the hardened cock back in. 

The memory of Cremia’s full curves must have gotten him going. But he was too exhausted and dirty to rub one out so he carefully slid the cock as best he could back between his legs before picking up again. 

Cremia was probably married by now. Fawned over by throngs of men. The ranch might not even be there anymore. But Link could try. 

Nightfall had finally come and Cremia had settled into her humble abode. A bowl of simple soup had sat next to her, only made of leeks and cabbage. A resting book next to her table. The living room fireplace had been set, warding off the steep cold that Termina was famous for. 

Her nightgown was a sheer nightgown but Cremia couldn’t sleep in the thick wools that her father had given her long ago. She was never a person much for heat, especially when her feet got hot. It bothered her too much so she needed as much air as possible without contracting an illness. 

The low cut of the nightgown gave her some respite from the fire’s heat as she slid off her slippers. Picking up her book, Cremia settled in for the night. 

Secretly, Cremia was reading a spicy romance novel that she had taken from Madame Aroma’s home the last time she was there to see Anju and Kafei. It was a story of two lovers finding themselves on a deserted island with nothing but sun, tanning, and ingenious ways of using fruit…


A loud strike against the door had startled her from her romantic throes. Cremia darted up, forgetting her robe and slippers, as she raced to the door. Were those horrible Gorman brothers back? Surely couldn’t be ghosts like Romani had insisted for years…

Throwing open the door, Cremia grabbed a broom handle to defend the ranch. A large figure with their back turned, wearing a coat, before Cremia struck the back. 

“Who are you!? Come to steal--”

“Hey!” The piped voice shouted, “Stop that!”

Cremia obeyed out of curiosity, not recognizing the voice. The figure turned around, showing the baby blue eyes she remembered from seven years ago. Link

“Link?” She gasped, astonished. What was Link doing here? Shouldn’t he be off saving the world again or something? Or at least sweeping ladies off their feet with tales of his heroism? 

“Cremia?” Link replied, his eyes widening at her nightgown. The sheen cloth had allowed her hard nipples (from the cold, no doubt) to be seen with explicit detail. Every polite and mannerism had faded away in his mind as he recalled every crush detail he had on the young lady. While he was only two inches taller than her, he felt like she towered over him again. 

Cremia was shocked. Shocked. The cute boy had all grown up into a handsome lad, with blue eyes and blonde hair. His green tunic had wrapped around him like a tight cloth, drawing out every line in his muscles. His face was cut and firm, much like an eighteen year old boy. 

The older woman to Link looked like a gem in the hidden desert of time. Curvy, busty, and beautiful as always. Her figure had grown out so well, revealing a hourglass body and perfect symmetry in her bottom and breasts. He could wrap his hands around her child-rearing hips and still have room to go in his palms. Her thighs were thick like hindquarters with athleticism, something that Link was not used to in the Hyrule’s high court of ladies. 

“I...I needed a place to stay.” Link stated, his mouth dry with hunger and thirst for that body, “I am here for the Carnival. You aren’t going to hit me, right?”

Cremia dropped the broomstick, “Sorry! Sorry! I’ll help you. Let’s go inside! You must be freezing.”

“No, I’m fine.” Link insisted, following her inside. The home was exactly how he remembered it, albeit a bit more cluttered. He wondered if Romani was helping with the chores but then he spotted a picture of both Romani and Jim on the wall. They were married, it seemed like. 

Explained the absence of housekeeping, at least. Cremia must be so overwhelmed, doing this all alone…

“Where is your husband?” Link looked. Cremia rolled her eyes. 

“Non-existent.” She muttered, taking a seat, “So. You’re here for the Carnival?”

“Yes. I was wondering if I could stay for the night and tomorrow. I can pay.” Link pulled out his purse of rupees, “I hitched Epona outside in the barn already so she could be out of the cold. Though, she’ll probably wander off as she’s prone to do. That was the noise you heard. She kicked the door a bit.”

Cremia looked appalled before Link added, “The barn door. Not the front door! Sorry for the confusion.”

“ damage?” Cremia said with a wince before Link awkwardly smiled. 

“I’ll fix it tomorrow. The fence too. It looked broken down.” He suggested, “Hey. I’ll help out around here. It seems like you need a break.”

Cremia perked up at the thought of help. Help! She could finally have a day where everything wasn’t so demanding! She nodded.

“You don’t have to pay as long as you help.” She took his offer, “Be up bright and early tomorrow. No sleeping in, Mister!”

After Cremia showed him to his room, she settled in for sleep. She could hear Link on the other side of the wall as he was staying in Romani’s old bedroom and she wondered if he was getting ready for bed. Undressing. 

Her fingers ran deftly across her pelvis. Should she? 

Link was older now, of age now. Yes, she knew him as a boy but…

This was too weird. Cremia stuck her hands out from her legs. She couldn’t masturbate with him next to her! What if he heard her? He’d probably be so disgusted that he’d be out of here the next morning and she’d have no help again. 

Link, on the other hand, was attempting like hell not to rub one out. Not only was he in a girl’s room that didn’t belong to him but he didn't want to upset Cremia. She probably had a boyfriend or lover in Clock Town and he didn’t want to offend her. 

He made sure to keep his hands under his pillow and sleep on his back. Of course, now he was being driven crazy by the thought of a busty ranch hand riding his cock but he forced himself to think of the most unsexy thing he could muster. 

“Ganon in a swimsuit. Ganon in a swimsuit…” 

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