Take a Break, Nepgear!

BY : Somburliss
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“Uni, could you grab me that wrench from over there?” Nepgear asks, not even raising her head from her work.

“Sure thing!”

You wipe some tiredness from your eyes and retrieve the wrench she’s looking for. This girl always gets so absorbed in her tinkering. Her favorite manufacturer released a new laser gun, and she invited you over to try it out. Of course, you knew you’d get dragged into assembling it, but it’s been eight hours! Doesn’t this girl know how to take breaks!?

“Here you go,” you say, handing her the tool.

“Thank you! Next I need the screwdriver from the back of the room.”

“Yes, right away!”

You jog over to the tool in question, which would sound unreasonable except that her workshop is huge, about the size of her Basilicom’s lobby.

“Here *phew* it is,” you offer, screwdriver in hand.

“Thanks! That should be it for now.”

For now?” you whine.

“Yup! I’ll probably need your help again in a few minutes though,” Nepgear explains, completely missing your tone of voice.

You sit down at a nearby table, sigh, and rest your head on your folded arms. Watching Nepgear work, she’s… pretty amazing. And not just at building things, either. When she sets her mind on something, she becomes obsessed with getting it done. She’s really strong, too, and can stand up for her friends and what she believes in. But other times she’s an indecisive, nervous wreck, and you have to kick her butt into gear. Grr… you hate it when she gets like that. But once she gets over it, she’s like an unstoppable force! She’s basically one of the coolest people you know. She’d get way too bubbly and happy if you told her that, though. Just the giddy smile she had when you agreed to be her friend was traumatically embarrassing.

Looking at her more closely, though, her eyes aren’t as sharp as when she started. And her hands… are her fingers trembling? Geez, you’ve been pushing yourself to keep up with her, but it’s no good if she can’t keep up with herself! This girl, you swear…

“Nepgear. Take a break,” you say with authority. It takes a second for the tech junkie to respond, as if she had to fish your words out of an ocean of other thoughts.

“Oh, something like this is nothing, Uni. Don’t worry about me. I just want to finish thi-”

“No,” you interrupt. “You’re taking a break. Come with me.” You grab her wrist and drag her out of the workshop, her screwdriver clanging against the floor behind you. She tries convincing you she’s fine, but you ignore her until you arrive at her bedroom. You give her a slight push, seating her on the bed in front of her TV.

“Pick out something to watch. No machine documentaries!” you command.


“I’ll be back with drinks and snacks. And if I find you back in your workshop…” You narrow your eyes. “No mercy.

She gulps.

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