The Curse of the dragon

BY : Anything
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Throughout the time Aya had been in Skyrim it had almost been like a dream. Aya had arrived across the border from Cyrodiil not too long ago, heading towards the chopping block but now she was standing over the corpse of a dragon. A Dragon! Of all things she wasn't expecting this. She had been sent here by the Jarl over in the keep as she had proved herself to be capable since she retrieved that stone from bleak falls barrow.

A burning scent pulled her from her musings as the corpse of the Dragon started to flake away transforming into this red beam shooting straight into her chest as Aya screamed due to the pure heat coming from the beam, Aya also heard a voice in her head chanting over and over again words she did not understand, it was the last thing she heard before she fell unconcious.



Aya blinked rapidly as she came round and what must have been the worst hangover ever hit her hard. Aya just groaned and rolled on her side. She felt the soft bed underneath her and started to remember what happened.

As Aya started to sit up she felt a hand guide her back down, "easy there, lass" she heard a voice she recognised, it was balgruuf. "Irileth brought you back here, after you defeated that dragon, rest for now and we'll talk more later.

And with that balgruuf left, Aya sighed as she laid back down 

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