Failed Infiltration

BY : FireDragon400
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not make any money off this work. Lyra and all other Pokémon-related characters are owned by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company

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Lyra had started her Pokémon journey full of hope and promise. She had run across a thief named Silver, but otherwise her journey was going well. So far she had gotten six Gym Badges and was excited to collect her last two Badges needed to enter the Indigo Plateau and challenge the Elite Four. However, trouble was afoot. Team Rocket had taken over the Lake of Rage and used special technology to force the Magikarp to evolve into Gyarados. Lyra, with the help of Pokémon Champion Lance, fought off Team Rocket. The young girl thought that was the end as she collected her seventh Gym Badge, but while listening to her radio on her PokéGear, she heard the transmission get interrupted by Team Rocket. They had taken over Goldenrod City!

Flying over on her Pokémon, Lyra was determined to stop Team Rocket once and for all. However, the evil group was holed up in the Radio Tower and the building was heavily guarded. She could technically fight her way through, but with how many Grunts were skulking about, her Pokémon would get tired quickly. Luckily, there was a Grunt nearby moving some supplies and sneaking in where she wasn’t looking, she managed to find a spare female Team Rocket uniform. Putting on the uniform, Lyra had hoped to sneak into the building and find the Admin, freeing the Tower and saving the station employees. Assuming a confident strut, she walked up to the entrance and her ruse seemed to work, as the Rocket Grunts seemed to buy her guise and invite her in.

However, before Lyra could enter, a voice stopped her in her tracks. She suddenly saw Silver walking up! Upset at his constant defeats, an angry Silver revealed her disguise to the Grunts. Before Lyra could call out her Pokémon, the Grunts managed to grab the girl’s arms, pinning her arms to her side. Lyra continued to struggle, but she couldn’t overpower the evil mafia members as one of them pulled out some rope and began to tie her up. Silver smirked as while he didn’t defeat his rival in a Pokémon Battle, he did manage to trip her up and get her captured, which was almost as good. The boy then asked the Grunts what they were going to accomplish. When the one Grunt mentioned they were hoping to bring back Giovanni to lead them again, Silver demanded to be a part of the plan, as he was actually Giovanni’s son, shocking both the Grunts and Lyra.

As Silver was brought to the new members of Team Rocket, Lyra was dragged over to a side room, where she was kept prisoner. She was further tied up so that her legs were immobile, and then bound to a chair, leaving her unable to move entirely. To ensure she remained trapped, one of the Grunts produced two cloths which were used to gag and blindfold the captive girl. Completely helpless and cut off from the world, Lyra could only wiggle uselessly in her bonds as she began to panic. She could hear footsteps in the hall, but nothing else. She couldn’t even get enough leverage to knock herself over and hopefully pry one of her Poké Balls loose.

Suddenly, she heard the door to her makeshift prison open and heard a group of people come in. She guessed about three or four people, and given that they were all in an evilly joyful mood, she guessed they were all Rocket Grunts and not here to rescue her. One of the Grunts, a woman, joked that Lyra must be bored being here all by herself and they decided to give her something to occupy herself. She felt something small being squeezed in between her thigh and the chair, held there by the tight ropes binding her body. Lyra then yelped when she felt hands reach under her skirt and fiddle around inside of her panties. She renewed her struggles, but at least one of the other Grunts was holding her chair still. The hands then placed a small little nub near her pussy, confusing the poor girl and causing her to cry.

What came next was more worrying. Still reeling from being molested like that, Lyra tried to protest through her gag when she suddenly felt her crotch vibrate heavily. The captured girl squealed as the vibrations made her pussy feel pleasurable almost instantly. The Rocket Grunts could tell through her gag that she was begging for them to stop and all of them laughed evilly. After a few minutes, the vibration stopped and Lyra panted in exhaustion, tears flowing out from her blindfold. The female Grunt gloated how they can control the vibrator via remote and they’ll be torturing her until Giovanni comes back and they’re ready to leave. Another Grunt mentioned that the room has a security camera, so Lyra’s pathetic struggles would be recorded for all the Rocket Grunts to see later. Before the vile henchmen left, one of them said that she doesn’t deserve to be wearing their symbol and tore the front of her suit off, exposing her boobs to the outside world. He laughed at how Lyra’s nipples were already erect.

As the Rocket Grunts left the poor girl alone, shame overcame the humiliated girl, knowing that whoever was watching her on the security feed could see her boobs plain as day. That left her mind completely when the vibrator over her pussy and clitoris started up again, making the girl squeal in pleasure as her snatch began to get wet once again. This time the vibrating was more intense, causing the young Trainer to moan through her gag, as the warm heat in her crotch was building up more and more. The vibrating was overcoming her body and she could feel her body reaching its breaking point. Suddenly, the vibration stopped. While the panting girl was grateful for the rest, part of her was disappointed that it was stopped before she was able to climax.

That was just the beginning, though. For hours upon hours Lyra sat there, moaning and groaning as the vibrator massaged her clit and caused her pussy to gush before shutting off just before she was able to orgasm. The torture of being sent to the edge only to be pulled back was agonizing to the young girl. even worse, the insidious device moved at different speeds each time it was turned on, meaning that she was unable to continue from where she left off. It didn’t take long for Lyra to forget all about the Radio Tower takeover or Giovanni’s return or how they wanted to rule the world. Her entire world was the little vibrator and it was driving her crazy. It wasn’t until too much longer that Lyra’s body was completely aflame, a hot mess of arousal. The bound girl even thrust her exposed breasts out, practically begging for someone, anyone, to touch them.

Some time later, Lyra’s blindfold and gag were removed. The exhausted girl simply sat there with glazed eyes, dead to the world around her. It took her a few seconds to realize that there were people around her. She looked up to find Silver, looking down on her in disgust, wearing a Team Rocket uniform, with his father Giovanni right behind him and several Grunts surrounding them. Under normal circumstances, Lyra would chew him out for betraying her and yell at him to release her, but her mind was a blank slate. The wrecked girl instead weakly begged Silver to finally let her climax, her voice broken and weak from all the squealing.

Silver looked down at the girl in disgust, then ordered one of the Grunts to untie her. Lyra simply lied there, too tired to do anything to stop them as her body was finally free. Before she could regain her faculties, Lyra felt a hand on her head pulling her forward until she fell off the chair and on her knees. In front of her, Silver’s cock stood at attention. The young boy caressed Lyra’s head, causing the girl to whimper weakly as she knew what he wanted. Before she could protest, the vibrator once again turned on, causing Lyra to cry out. Silver then rammed his cock in her mouth, telling her to give him a blowjob while apologizing for standing in his way at every turn.

Too weak to resist any longer, the tired girl closed her eyes and did what she was ordered. She closed her mouth around his cock and began to move her head up and down, worshiping the rod as much as she could with her limited energy remaining. After a few sucks, Lyra apologized for ever standing in Silver’s way and defeating him in their previous battles before sucking in some more. The vibrator in her pussy went up in intensity after her apology, causing the girl to get aflame once again. She continued to say she was sorry and pledged never to fight him or Team Rocket ever again as she gave her rival a blowjob. Silver then told her to beg to be their sex slave, grinning widely. Lyra readily obeyed, begging both Silver and Giovanni to be their sex slave, her body becoming more and more heated. Unable to hold out any longer, Silver jammed his cock down Lyra’s throat and shot his sperm down her throat, while giving her permission to finally cum. As if obeying her new Master, Lyra finally went over the edge, screaming on Silver’s cock as she came multiple times, searing her soul and destroying any resistance she ever had.

After a few seconds, Silver pulled her head back and shot the last few streams of jizz all over the panting girl’s face, coating it in his cum. He let go of her head, causing the girl to fall over in exhaustion as her body continued to convulse in pleasure from the rapid fire orgasms. Chuckling and zipping up his pants, Silver ordered the Grunts to clean her up, as she has a long life of service ahead of her. Giovanni complimented his son as the two left to begin plans for Team Rocket to come back for good and take over both Johto and Kanto.

Lyra, lying on the floor mentally broken, didn’t even register being moved as one of the Grunts picked her up. She didn’t even realize the vibrator was removed from her panties or that one of the other Grunts took the opportunity to fondle her boobs.

The Grunts thought she was unconscious, but what they didn’t notice was the only emotion Lyra had was the fresh tears running down her face.

Deep in her subconscious, Lyra knew what she just agreed to and knew she would never know freedom ever again.

Her dream of being a Pokémon League Champion was over.

Now, she would live only to serve Team Rocket.

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