Courtney's New Prey

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Dragon prints: 1973
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not make a profit from this work. May, Courtney, and all other Pokémon characters are property of Nintendo and The Pokémon Company

May was a young girl dreaming about being a Pokémon Trainer. After receiving her first Pokémon, she set out across the Hoenn Region to collect the Gym Badges from all the Gym Leaders and challenge the Elite Four to become a Pokémon Champion. However, along her travels, she ran into the evil Team Magma, which was trying to revive the Legendary Pokémon Groudon in order to create larger land masses for humans to live on. She stopped them a few times, but eventually discovered the Team’s Hideout where the Magma Leader Maxie had gained the Red Orb required to control Groudon. She managed to infiltrate the base in a last ditch effort to stop the Team and save countless people and Pokémon from dying.

However, by the time she reached the exit, most of Team Magma had already escaped in their submarine to retrieve the mighty Pokémon. May would have given chase, but was stopped by one of the Team Magma Admins named Courtney. May had battled her once before, and she was seriously creeped out by the woman. She was obsessed with “analyzing” May, her eyes always looking through May into her very soul. While Courtney once again caused May to shiver, it wasn’t enough for her to back down from a Pokémon Battle. She beat the Admin once before, so she was confident she could do it again, but Courtney told her she wasn’t using her top team the last time they fought. May wasn’t ready to believe her, but the battle proved otherwise. Though May was a skilled and accomplished Trainer, her Pokémon were easily defeated by Courtney’s Camerupt. As her last Pokémon lie fainted on the ground, May’s fears began to grow.

As she recalled her last Pokémon, May readied herself. Without her team, she didn’t really have a way to defend herself. Sporting a huge, crazy grin on her face, Courtney slowly sauntered forward, talking about how she was going to explore everything about the young Trainer and what makes her tick. May began to tremble as she looked into Courtney’s wide, crazed eyes as the Admin licked her lips. She wanted to run away and escape, but for some reason her legs would not respond to her thoughts. After a few minutes, Courtney stood inches from May’s terrified face. Instead of capturing or killing her however, Courtney did something to May that the young girl never expected. She knocked May down and pinned her to the floor.

Surprised by what had happened, it took May a few minutes to realize what exactly Courtney had planned. The Admin grabbed May’s wrists and held on tight, trapping the teenager under the evil henchwoman. May tried to ask what she was doing, her voice cracking and stuttering, as she tried to wiggle away. While she was pretty fit, the traveling Trainer was no match for Courtney in terms of strength, so her efforts to escape were all for naught. The Admin blushed in pure lust as she watched May struggle and resist before her, telling May that she was going to be so much fun to play with. May’s face became red with embarrassment, which only served to amuse the woman even more. She leaned down and licked May’s cheek, which left no doubt of her intentions, causing May to cry and beg for mercy. This merely caused Courtney to grin even more as she licked the tears off May’s face, savoring the taste and exclaiming how happy she is that she’ll be able to taste May so, so much from now on.

Then, to May’s surprise, Courtney leaned in fast and gave the girl a deep kiss. May had never kissed anyone before, much less another girl, so she could only lay there in shock as Courtney violated her mouth. After a few minutes, May came to her senses and began to struggle once again, but she was still too weak to fight off her tormentor and had no choice but to accept the kiss. Courtney became more forceful in her explorations of May’s mouth, causing her victim to arch her back involuntarily. After what seemed like hours, Courtney finally released May’s lips from her embrace, causing the helpless Trainer to gasp for air, her face even redder than before, in both shame and arousal. By this point, May was overcome as she could smell the lust coming from Courtney’s pussy and was becoming intoxicated. Smiling down at her conquest, Courtney released May’s wrists, but the girl didn’t bother moving, just lying there trying to wrap her head around what happened. As May looked up at her captor in exhaustion, she feared for what the future held.

Several hours later, May woke up on a bed inside a strange room. She still wore her clothes, but her hands were bound in front of her with cute purple handcuffs. The young woman looked around and room and saw posters of Team Magma’s Leader Maxie all round, but more frightening to her were the posters of her all around. At first she was confused at where she was, but then she remembered what happened earlier with Courtney and was immediately filled with shame at what had come over her. She also noticed that her body felt like it had been touched and manipulated while she was out. In particular, her pussy felt like it had been used and manipulated, as she was still feeling a warm heat down in her crotch, while her small breasts felt like they had been groped and fondled.

Before the young girl could contemplate escape, the door opened and Courtney entered. Grinning down at her now-awake captive, Courtney sauntered over and began to caress the young girl, causing her to flinch back and ask what was going on. The Admin shushed young May and told her not to worry about any of that stuff as she got on the bed, trapping her victim against the wall on the other end of the bed. Squirming against her touch, May once again pleaded for her captor to stop, and once again her begging fell on deaf ears. Courtney excitedly told May that while she was asleep, she took advantage of the sleepy girl and explored her body, finding all of her secrets and weak points. May’s eyes widened in fear and she began to shout in fear, but a quick kiss from Courtney caused all of the fight to leave May’s body. The young Trainer had no idea why a mere kiss caused so much arousal, but for whatever reason, it melted her resistance and made her want to give up completely.

Sensing her weakened state, Courtney grinned and went in for the kill. She sneaked a gloved hand down and went inside May’s shorts, quickly bypassing her panties and jamming two fingers inside the wet pussy. May immediately became awake and renewed her struggle, but she had nowhere to go, so all she could do was wriggle on the Magma woman’s fingers helplessly. What really confused May was that her crotch was getting hotter and hotter under Courtney’s expert fingers. She whimpered as Courtney’s fingers were playing her body like a fiddle. The helpless girl could barely concentrate on anything else, but she vaguely heard Courtney breathlessly talk about how she knew where all of May’s sweet spots were and how easy it was for her to keep May on the brink.

Squirming helplessly, May was trying and failing to keep her head in the game. It felt like Courtney had been playing around in her pussy for hours, but in reality it was less than ten minutes and the young Trainer was already such a hot mess. Her pussy was gushing at this point, staining her shorts and the bed under her. She involuntarily started humping the fingers, desperately searching for release, but Courtney was keeping her on the edge, causing the helpless victim to go absolutely crazy. It only took a few more minutes for May to beg and whimper for the evil woman to let her climax, amusing Courtney to no end. The manipulative vixen grinned as she never seemed to tire of manipulating May’s pussy. After another half hour, May was completely desperate, shouting for release, begging for mercy. She was far past desperate, the tears of pain and arousal flowing freely from her eyes as she looked up at her cruel tormentor. Courtney looked at May’s tortured face and thought about how much fun she was going to have with her new toy.

Having had enough of torturing May for the moment, Courtney decided to grant her mercy and immediately went for May’s G-Spot, telling the girl she had permission to cum. In seconds, May’s body exploded in pleasure. She had only masturbated a handful of times, but even her biggest orgasm was nothing compared to this. The shot of pleasure and release scorched May’s soul, causing her to scream in pleasure as her pussy gushed around Courtney’s fingers. Before she could recover, Courtney pushed her spot again, causing May to have even more orgasms. The Magma Admin caused May to have rapid fire climaxes for almost ten minutes straight. By the time she was done, May could do nothing but sit there, her eyes glassy and her soul broken as tears of defeat ran down her face.

Courtney smiled as her new toy looked so wrecked after just finger manipulation. She was so glad the girl was in her clutches. She ordered May to stick out her tongue. Without a second thought, the broken girl obeyed, allowing Courtney to lightly grab her chin and place her thumb on May’s tongue. By this point, Courtney was getting extremely aroused and her face did nothing to disguise the pure lust she was feeling at the moment. She told May that she would be broken and molded into the perfect little plaything, dedicated to pleasing her new Mistress, as well as Master Maxie. As Courtney went on and on about all the fun the two would have, May could only lie there, lightly nodding even though she could barely register Courtney’s words.

Soon after, May’s fluffy handcuffs were released and the girl was placed on her back on the bed, still in a dazed state. Courtney got on her left side and hugged the destroyed girl. Pulling her shirt and bra up, the vixen licked and fondled May’s bare breasts, delighted that her nipples were erect. She adored flicking the helpless girl’s nipples as she continued to talk about all the fun sex games they were going to play together.

May, however, just laid there, her body now completely numb and unable to move at all. As she listened to Courtney’s plans for her, she was of two minds. One was extremely fearful of being this woman’s sex slave, helpless to do anything to save her friends and family and Pokémon. The other part of her, however, responded exactly as Courtney wanted. May’s crotch once again began to gush in arousal, something her new Mistress took notice of. Courtney asked May if they were going to have a wonderful life together as Mistress and Toy. Staring lifelessly at the ceiling, May began to cry as the last of her resistance wasted away, agreeing and calling Courtney her Mistress. Giddy at completing her conquest, Courtney fondled one of May’s breasts as she hugged the young girl. Getting close to her conquest, Courtney once again licked May’s tears from her face before moving onto her ears.

As the feelings of arousal once again engulfed her body, May simply lied there and let it happen. She was far too gone to fight now. She thought of her rivals Brendan and Wally, her parents Norman and Caroline, and her mentor Wallace and knew she would never see her friends and family again. Even if she could, she didn’t want them to see her like this.

May was no longer a Pokémon Trainer.

She was just Courtney’s, and by extension, Team Magma’s, plaything now.

Her fight was over.

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