Warriors Defeated

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The Kingdom of Aytolis was in peril. The queen, Yelena, had been kidnapped by the neighboring Gristonne to be used as a sacrifice to the Chaos Dragon, Velezark. Yelena’s twin children, Rowan and his sister Lianne, escaped the assault with their friend Darios, the prince of Gristonne. Meeting up with warriors from other worlds, such as Marth, Corrin, Lucina, Chrom, Lissa, Caeda, and Camilla, among others, the three fighters formed a resistance group, but upon their assault on Gristonne’s castle, Darios had been captured and possessed by Velezark, betraying the group and stealing the Shield of Flames necessary to stop the Chaos Dragon.

After regrouping and launching another assault, Lianne and Rowan finally made it to the throne room to find King Oskar and Darios about to sacrifice Queen Yelena to free the Chaos Dragon. Darios fought off the siblings for a bit, but was too strong, even with the special dragon-slaying swords the twins wielded. Lianne demanded that her mother be freed, and her look of desperation and despair lit a twinkle in the possessed Darios’ eye. He would hand over their mother if they surrendered their swords. With no backup and unable to break through, Rowan and Lianne agreed and tossed their swords forward. Picking up and sheathing the swords on his belt, Darios gloated a bit before actually keeping his word and releasing the queen to the siblings. As King Oskar demanded to know what Darios was doing, the now-evil prince grinned and grabbed Rowan as he was hugging his mother, throwing him into the King. All that was needed was royal blood, it didn’t matter who’s it was, so Darios took advantage of the stunned fighters and ran his sword through both Rowan and Oskar, instantly killing them.

Shocked at what just happened, Lianne cried out at Darios, asking her former friend what he had just done. She always had a crush on him back when they were friends and now he just murdered her brother in cold blood. Darios simply laughed as a portal opened up, the lifeless bodies of Rowan and Oskar disintegrating as purple and black streams of evil energy exploded in the throne room, enveloping Darios completely. He turned to the helpless princess holding her mother and told her that Darios was no more. His skin turned to a shade of dark red as evil power radiated out of his body. With a booming voice that made Lianne shiver in fear, the figure before her announced that he was no longer Darios, that soul had been extinguished, replaced by the spirit of Velezark. Using his newfound power, he shot out wave after wave of evil energy. Lianne asked him what he was doing, and the newly awakened evil spirit explained that he was powering up his soldiers that Lianne’s friends were fighting, including the evil wizards Gharmef, Iago, and Validar. Lianne felt rumbling and was scared at what was going on. Velezark explained that he summoned his Chaos Dragon form into this world, and that it was currently unleashing its power on Lianne’s friends.

Tears streaming from her eyes, Lianne couldn’t believe how quickly things had turned south. All she could do was hug her unconscious mother and sob as she began to realize it was all over and that all their fighting was for naught. As Velezark, still wearing Darios’ body as a skin, triumphantly walked over, Lianne glared at him in anger, asking him what he had planned for them now. Velezark grinned at the helpless girl, savoring her fear that she was unable to hide behind her anger. The dragon spirit then said there was a reason he left Lianne and Yelena alive. They would serve as his concubines, serving him faithfully as he plunged this world into eternal darkness and despair.

The former princess gasped in shock, but before she could protest further, the evil man grabbed her by the hair and dragged her up, tearing off her the front of her armor in one stroke and ripping apart her undershirt. Before Lianne knew what was happening, her ample bosom had been exposed to the world. The frightened girl began to panic and flailed wildly against her former friend. However, his strength was beyond compare now so all her attacks did nothing to the stout dark lord. Grinning evilly, Velezark pulled Lianne close and kissed her deeply, exploring her mouth with extreme vigor. The blonde-haired warrior struggled to escape his grasp, but he put his arm around the small of her waist and she couldn’t pry it off. Desperate to break free, she pounded her hands on his chest and shoulders to no avail. Even biting down on his tongue didn’t do anything, as it seemed like Velezark couldn’t even feel it. He continued to plunge deep into her mouth as his hands grabbed and fondled her ass and smushed her breasts against his chest. After a few minutes, Lianne surrendered her arms to her sides, realizing that she wasn’t breaking free no matter what, and allowed the evil conqueror to do what he wanted.

Velezark savored his host’s former friend’s mouth, knowing it was causing both her and his host to suffer at her being molested like this. Eventually, Velezark released his victim from his mouth’s grasp. Finally free from his mouth, Lianne gasped and coughed, her face flushed with heat and embarrassment. She didn’t know if it was her love for Darios or if Velezark’s evil was washing over her, but she didn’t mind the kiss as much as she wanted to and stayed limp in the evil man’s grip. He laughed and taunted Lianne that she did indeed enjoy the kiss more than she wanted to admit. She wanted to glare at him and curse him out, but she was still gasping for air and couldn’t even muster the energy to glare. And a part of her didn’t even want to glare, as he was completely right. Velezark’s evil grin widened at her lack of response, causing the beaten warrior to look down in shame and cry some more, when he finally released his grip, letting the girl fall helplessly before him.

Lianne struggled to regain her composure as she tried to avoid the evil man’s gaze. However, Velezark ordered her to stand up. She refused at first, but then the evil dragon spirit pulled out one of his swords and aimed it at her mother, threatening to kill her. Not wanting to see another family member slain, Lianne quickly stood up straight, her breasts jiggling with each movement, much to Velezark’s delight. He then ordered the woman to pull her shorts and panties down, turn around, and then bend over. Knowing what he was asking and where it would lead, Lianne began to protest, but being reminded of her mother’s state, she quickly closed her mouth. After a few seconds of continued indecision, the blonde lowered her head and agreed. She took off her shorts and pulled down her panties before turning around, bending down, and pulling her skirt up, offering her pussy to her sworn enemy. All the while, Lianne’s face became almost completely red in shame as she confirmed that she had done as her Master had ordered. Grinning widely, Velezark stripped off his own clothes until he was naked. Lianne looked back and saw the naked body of her former friend, and despite herself, was in awe. In particular, his cock was stiff and radiating energy. She didn’t know if it was Darios’ natural cock or enhanced by evil magic, but either way she was transfixed. Velezark noticed that as well as her pussy gushing and laughed at Lianne’s growing lust, causing the woman to break her gaze with even more shame.

Walking forward and gripping her hips, the evil Velezark taunted the helpless woman some more, saying how he was perverting her deepest dream and that she should be glad she at least gets to have sex with the man she loved. Lianne, not wanting to give the evil man any satisfaction, remained silent. Then, the girl felt hands grip her hips before something began entering her pussy. Velezark started out slowly, rubbing his cock up and down and slowly pushing in until he came upon her hymen. Knowing this was it, the evil man laughed as he suddenly pushed back and slammed his cock all the way in, breaking the hymen in one fell swoop.

Screaming in pain, Lianne entered a state of shock. The physical pain of her cherry being broken so violently caused her body to shudder in extreme pain, while the large cock stretched her pussy to the limit, causing her to grunt in pain as Velezark jackhammered his cock in and out of her slit. Adding onto that, the shame of offering her virginity to this evil man possessing her first love’s body increased her shame beyond the breaking point. It felt like Lianne was betraying her love, her brother, and her kingdom. As Velezark got a steady rhythm going, he moved his hands away from her hips and grabbed her arms to use as leverage so his cock could go even deeper. As he continued to pump in and out, Lianne’s body began to change, as her pain was soon taken over by a warm heat. She turned her head towards her rapist, but could decide if she wanted to curse him for raping her, or to beg him to go faster. Velezark leered down in triumph as he saw the growing lust in her face. Seeing his victorious face, Lianne felt ashamed once again. She had never felt so small, weak, or vulnerable in her entire life.

As Velezark continued to pump in and out of her cunt, Lianne’s lust was growing more and more, overcoming her hatred, and finally breaking through, begging the evil man to fuck her harder. Lianne had accepted that she couldn’t fight back and began to drown herself in Velezark’s evil aura when she noticed her mother had just awoke and was watching them in shock. Yelena demanded to know what was going on, as she woke up to find her daughter begging her lover to fuck her harder in what seemed like Gristonne’s throne room. Lianne begged her mother to look away and that it wasn’t what it seemed like, when Velezark chimed in. He gloated to her that the King of Gristonne and Yelena’s son were dead, sacrifices to revive him inside Darios’ body and allowing his Chaos Dragon form to cause havoc across the land. Struggling to process what had happened, Yelena could only lie there on her knees as her daughter was raped in front of her, gasping and moaning both in despair and lust.

Soon after, Velezark could no longer hold on and jammed his cock one last time deep in Lianne’s cunt, filling her womb to the hilt with his seed. He then released her arms, causing the poor girl to fall helplessly to the ground. She could feel his seed leaking out of her vagina and she curled up in pain, crying at what had happened. Queen Yelena started to get up to go to her daughter to console her, but she was intercepted by Velezark in Darios’ body. Still struggling to comprehend what was going on, Yelena demanded “Darios” stand down, but he simply backhanded her face, causing the woman to slam on the ground with a red mark on her cheek. He then gave her a proposition. He’d spare Lianne further punishment and abuse if Yelena took her place. The queen looked up at the naked man, cursing him out for even suggesting such a thing. However, as he began to move towards Lianne, Yelena panicked and quickly agreed to his terms. The evil rapist smirked and ordered the queen to strip and crawl before him, then to clean up his daughter’s juices from his cock. Resigning herself, the young mother did as she was told, stripping naked and crawling before the evil conqueror and began to clean his mighty cock with her tongue.

Her tears beginning to dry up, Lianne looked up from her scrunched position as she saw her mother agree to Velezark’s orders. As she was giving him a blowjob, Lianne knew there was no fighting the evil man any longer. If her friends had been successful at defeating the Chaos Dragon, one of them would have run in and saved them by now. That means no one was going to be saving them. The Chaos Dragon was now free to run roughshod over the land, and no one could stop him. Lianne looked up and saw Velezark grinning down at her, causing the weak girl to cry once again as the sting of defeat cemented itself into her core.

Several months later, Gristonne had been transformed into a nightmarish hell castle. Sitting upon the throne, Velezark was still in Darios’ body, enjoying the perks that came with absolute conquest. At his feet, the former queen of Aytolis was pumping her Master’s cock between her large breasts, licking and sucking the tip when it came into view. On his lap sat the former princess Lianne, gasping in joy as her breasts were kneaded, fondled, sucked, and chewed on. Her lust was obvious, dripping down onto her mother’s face, who gladly licked it up. Both slave girls wore skimpy outfits that highlighted their bodies and could be easily removable to allow their Master Velezark to use their bodies however he wished. The one thing that was not removable was the slave collars the women wore, but after being trained and corrupted, neither woman would dare want to remove it.

The Chaos Dragon had indeed devastated the land, destroying Aytolis and forcing its people to accept enslavement to the new Gristonne forces. Most of the heroes from other worlds were killed in the initial fight, but the remaining warriors, especially the women, were forced into slavery. As thanks for their help, Velezark allowed his wizard subjects to take some of the slaves back home with them to their world. Gharmef took Caeda and Tiki with him, the two girls devastated and broken at the death of Marth and offered no struggle. Validar gained full control of his son Robin, who would serve as the vessel for the demon Grima, while also taking Lucina and Lissa as slaves as revenge against Chrom. Lucina in particular was completely broken. She had tried to prevent her horrible future from happening and now not only was most of her family dead, but the terrible future was now guaranteed. Iago took Corrin, Hinoka, and Sakura as his slaves. Corrin was trained to be a loyal slave to Iago and help him take over, while Hinoka and Sakura would be given as prisoners to the Nohr King, where they would suffer for the death of Xander, Leo, and the others. Cordelia, Elise, Camilla, Anna, Oboro, Lyndis, and Celica remained in this world and would live out the rest of their lives as sex slaves to the Gristonne army.

Not that Lianne cared about that anymore. After seeing how hopeless the situation was, she gave up and submitted to being Velezark’s slave completely. And since he was still inhabiting Darios’ body, she told herself that she could be with her love for the rest of her days. Seeing her daughter submit so easily, Yelena also surrendered, not wanting her daughter to be alone with the evil man. Both of them had been trained to give the demon dragon king maximum pleasure. Lianne’s hardened warrior’s body had become softer and plumper, her strength evaporating into soft weakness as her fighting skills faded away.

As Lianne began rubbing her breasts across Velezark’s rock hard chest, she kissed his neck and shoulders in adoration before giving him a deep, lust-filled kiss. The evil conqueror smiled and complimented his slut on how good she was.

Lianne giggled and blushed.

The deposed princess was the happiest she had ever been.

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