The Fall & Rapes of the Female Super Smash League

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Disclaimer: I do not own Super Smash Bros/Nintendo or anything associated with it. I also do not condone rape and it is a terrible thing in real life. THIS IS ONLY FANTASY. I do not profit from this work and story.


I have always wanted to see Palutena, Samus, and many other Super Smash/Nintendo characters get brutally raped & corrupted. Pretty dark yes, but hey gotta let out the beast within

Please let me know of your thoughts! It will motivate me to keep writing & self-improve!!

Fall of Palutena


            The days and nights at Super Smash headquarters were hard, filled with some of the best and strongest characters in the universe training and sparring many hours a day.  Undoubtedly the young fit and strong people had carnal attractions for one another, but often hookups and relationships were kept on the down low.  The days were boring sometimes, and occasionally they fought the darker half on various missions but when they were at HQ, it was mostly working out, sparring, and bland activities.That all changed with the silent infiltration of….a being.

            It was another late night, and the on call defense team was Palutena, Samus, Lucina, Link, and Pit while the rest of the characters were on other missions or far away at another part of HQ. The nearby backup team was asleep. A sudden alarm woke up Palutena and Zero-Suit Samus from the girls wing and they swiftly responded to a defense breach alarm in the outerwalls. At the breech the girls were greeted by a dark demon, humanoid in shape but emenating a dreadful presence.  Link and Pit were nowhere to be found, likely on their way or they didn’t care to respond.  “Who are you? Identify yourself!!!” Palutena exclaimed in her authoritative goddess voice.  Samus and Palutena started to shiver a bit from the permeating dark atmosphere as they surveyed the evil demon. The dark being was naked, completely black from head to toe, and had 2 erect pulsating 10 inch cocks that were throbbing, eliciting looks of disgusts from the powerful female beauties.  His face was horrifying with 2 narrow  slits for his red eyes and an unwavering smile.  4 tentacles came out his back and lurked ominously.  He used a blaster or some energy technique to breach the outerwall.

            The poor beautiful heroines never stood a chance.  The demon went after Palutena first and in a blink of an eye, teleported in front of her and landed a shattering gut punch into the goddess’s abdomen, keeling her over in shock and pain. “Palutena!” Zero Suit Samus cried and as she aimed & prepared to attack with her gun, the demon’s tentacles swiftly knocked the blonde warrior back, knocking her gun out of her hand, and held her with a vice-like grip to the wall. Samus felt the wind get knocked out of her and when she looked up, another tentacle with gripped her mouth and nose, covering Samus’s face muffling her screams while injecting an unknown gas down her throat causing Samus’s body to go slack while being held down. Samus had a look of shock as her body stopped responding, her kicking and movements getting weaker, yet she was still conscious but clearly paralyzed as all she could do now was watch helplessly what was unfolding.

  The demon needed to focus on the goddess who had the potential to kill him. Samus was equally attractive but less of a threat than Palutena.  “I’ve waited so long to violate you,” the demon finally spoke.  Another needle-like tentacle shot out and pierced Palutena in her buttcheek  from behind, while she was still recovering from the stomach blow, and the goddess felt the demon inject something….vile and horrific in her. "OH!! MY...My....I can't...focus...." Palutena mumbled, not finishing her sentence. Palutena's body grew paralyed and her mind became hazy, her green emerald eyes dilating, and her movements now swaying almost like a drunkard. Palutena tried to struggle but her powers were not responding. She felt the dirty disgusting hands of the demon hold her weakened paralyzed body down, his hard double cock slobbering nasty precum all over her silk heavenly gowns.  “Never!! You disgusting demon!!!” Palutena screamed and spat at him through her hazy cloudy focus.

The demon smiled and started to molest Palutena groping her perfectly small breasts as she glared at him with those beautiful emerald eyes, feeling more and more of the demon violate and touch her in places no mortal except one have. He pulled her silk white top down, breaking the golden neckless covering her modest chest, and suckled on her now-freed pink pure nipples, slobbering it, and making Palutena almost wretch in disgust. She held back tears and tried to suppress her soft cries as the demon expertly suckled and stimulated her pure breasts, extracting a bit of her pure essence from her mammary glands. Her small breasts at 32C were perfect and hardened in response to his suckling, making Palutena feel more horrified & repulsed as he continued to molest her.  A tentacle snaked around her soft heavenly thighs and under Palutena’s dress, pulling then brutally ripping her silk panties under her dress, while his hand kept molesting the goddess.  Tears formed as she tried to fight them back but Palutena has never felt so helpless and violated before.  She truly regretted wearing such an easy access dress now and wished she had a body suit or something more protective.   Her pussy was now open to the cold air, her panties ripped to shreds.

The demon snarled and continued to desecrate the goddess, pulling the dress causing it to rip no longer protecting her while she moaned and tried to wiggle away from the lustful being. The demon flipped the goddess, held her up and pressed Palutena’s body against the wall from behind, while he grinded his hard rock deformed double cock against her ass.  Palutena’s was body trying to wriggle away as she felt him tear more and more of her clothes away, feeling the diamond hard demon cocks pulsating and slobbering precum all over her perfect ass, turning her blood ice cold..  “I bet so many men would love to see you get raped.  I can’t wait to claim you Palutena!” the demon said as he aimed his deformed double cock at her pure vagina and asshole.  “No! No!!! You won’t get away with this you evil monster!!!” Palutena stated defiantly as she felt the huge black cocks push into her holes, encountering tight resistance. He paused at her entrace, feeling her struggle and then pushed as hard as he could into the powerful green-haired goddess, breaking through her, and burying his thick veiny demon cock deep inside her sacred holes to the hilt. “No…NO! NO NOT LIKE THIS!!!!!” Palutena screamed as the demon rammed his full length without mercy into Palutena, smashing her hot goddess body into the wall. 

As the demon started to thrust in her, Palutena kept moaning and screaming, as her body tried to accommodate the demon cocks invading her. “No..No!! Stop! Oh god stop stop!!!!!!!” she screamed but the demon kept thrusting into her mercilessly, jackhammering her, while his hands groped and molested her soft breasts. Her legs were barely holding her weight up, his strong body smashing against her ass repeatedly, his cock feeling every inch of her tight pure vaginal and anal walls.  The feeling was heavenly, ironically, as the demon felt the goddess try to push him out but he continued his domination. “Oh fuck fuck I can’t wait to claim you Palutena and make you mine!!!” the demon said, his thrusts hitting Palutena’s cervix and womb repeatedly.  He has never raped a goddess before and their pussies were so tight and so pure it was magical.  He used a hand to grab her luscious silky green hair and yank her head back, eliciting a scream and yelp as he continued his violation, his cocks ready to desecrate the goddess. Palutena sobbed and cried as she was helpless and powerless, having never felt this before.  Her powers were gone. She has never been raped and only had sex once in her life with a former lover for which she was severly punished by the gods. She knew what was going to happen.

Samus looked on helplessly in horror with her wide blue eyes as she saw Palutena getting violated & raped by the black demon who was emenating some black cloud, that was permeating the atmosphere. The thick veiny double cocks were deep in Palutena and Samus tried to struggle in futile, watching in tears as her friend and ally was violated in every horrible way possible.  The face covering tentacle kept releasing the gas on the hot blonde metroid warrior making Samus weak and as her vision narrowed she was trying to fight back against losing consciousness.  In her last moments Samus saw the horrific scene as the dark cloud surrounding the demon grew thicker around them.  The Metroid warrior then collapsed, only the tentacle supporting her weight, while more tendrils started to molest her perfect body.  

The demon kept pumping his hard nasty black cocks into the fallen violated green-haired goddess, moaning into her soft body, and enjoying the cries & whimpers of the fallen Palutena. His thrusts were painful and brutal and her body stimulated his carnal desire to keep raping her. He felt his seed and cum start to build in his balls—it was nearly time to corrupt a goddess. He licked and kissed Palutena at the nape of her soft neck then moaned into her ear as he was still raping her from behind pressing her roughly against the cold wall.  “When I cum in you, I’m going to infect you, corrupt you, and finally drain your soul Palutena. You will retain a small bit but you will forever be mine you slutty goddess” he whispered in her ear and quickened his thrusts against the writhing goddess. “No..NO NO NO!!!!!!” Palutena screamed in her weakened state, her body responding to the onslaught. She found some small energy and attempted to resist, shooting flares, Explosive lights in wild random directions but none hitting the demon inside her. This was her last act of resistance as a pure goddess. “Fuck Fuck Oh yes I’m about to infect the pure Palutena, OH YES YES YES I’M CUMMING INSIDE YOU PALUTENA!!!!!” the demon roared and with one deep violating thrust to the hilt, both of his cocks twitched and started to spurt out thick hot vile demon semen deep into Palutena’s sacred pure womb and in her rectum, coating her insides, while eliciting a high-pitched shriek from Palutena.

  The demon held Palutena’s body tightly with a iron-grip  as she shrieked and yelled feeling the hot infectious evil seed explode in her body from the demon, her body trembling and writhing as the cocks kept pumping more and more demonic semen into her.  The semen burned in her sacred holes, permeating her pure body, amplifying the horrific rape.  Palutena threw her head back and her body arched forward as the cocks inside her continued to cum & shoot more and more evil seed in her pure body and her green eyes opened wide in shock and pain and her mouth hung wide open, her scream piercing the night. A bright red light emanated from Palutena’s wide green emerald eyes and wide opened mouth as her soul started to corrupt then feeling it drain slowly into the demon through his horrible cock inside her. Her eyes turned from emerald to now dark red from the demonic seed taking her over. Palutena’s soul was now his, his cock corrupting the green-haired goddess of her purity, innocence, and sacred essence.

The infectious orgasm felt like an eternity as Palutena felt her womb get fuller from being infected by the demon’s seed as he kept pumping in her.  She couldn’t escape, her legs trembling, as she felt more hot vile cum start to leak out of her holes. Her thoughts became clouded, the demonic seed rewiring her core. She tried to scream as she felt his cock continue to drain her innocent soul but couldn’t resist...she felt her body start to orgasm and tighten up, completing her corruption & catching the once pure goddess in surprise.  Pure animalistic carnal thoughts and her deep hidden desires took over her mind, fillling the empty vacuum once guarded by her pure soul. 

The demon held her in tight embrace, nuzzling and licking her soft skin body, having conquered the pure goddess, carressing her soft skin, feeling her mind & soul transform slowly.  He withdrew both of his cocks from Palutena’s violated holes, admiring how much more powerful he felt consuming the soul of a pure goddess.  Palutena’s trembling body could not hold her weight and she fell and collapsed on the floor, with so much dark glowing demon semen filling her holes leaking out. She attempted to crawl a few feet, feeling the demon seed slosh inside her. She felt so weak and only could whimper..." me....."  The green-haired goddess stopped crawling, laid in catatonic shock feeling the demon seed rewire her core slowly, her whole body shaking, and moaning in pain.

The demon admired his conquest and looked over at the blonde Samus who was knocked out by his gas mask tentacle over her pure face. Her sexy body was sprawled on the floor, the zero-suit accentuating her curves, her body ready to be violated & claimed like Palutena's.  He smiled and knew who could defile the Metroid warrior and looked back at the dark shadows behind him.  Dark Samus stepped out from the shadows of the breached wall, as did Dark Pit, Shadow Link, Ganondorf, and more evil characters fill the scene having watched what their new leader was capable of doing.  This was how the girls of the Smash League will fall.  “Well boys I think we have a lot of work here” the demon said with a cruel smile.  The evil team murmured then left the scene swiftly through the dark shadows, leaving only Dark Samus with the paralyzed Samus and catatonic freshly-raped Palutena.

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