In victory comes celebration

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In victory comes celebration

The sounds of distance gunshots and explosions rang in Parkers ears whilst dust burned his eyes, his arms were heavy and his lungs ached with every breath as he kept marching forward, the second Battle for Hoover Dam was nearing its end and the Legion was getting crushed by the combined forces of the NCR, Brotherhood of Steel, Boomers and Great Khans

Now all that stood in the way of NCR victory was the Legate Lanius, the Legionary towering over the corpses of two bisected NCR soldiers by the time Parker, Boone and Rex reached them, the Cyber-Dog snarling at the sight of him whilst Boone cocked his rifle “so the puppet of the Bear finally stands before the might of the East, of the Legion, it will bring me great satisfaction to see you crucified over the Dam so that your final moments will be filled with the vision of your failure here”

“Big talk for a guy who’s army has been flattened” Parker quipped back eyeing the blood stained sword that Lanius held in his right hand, the blade easily five feet long of sharpened metal

“It does not matter, victory shall be ours, it will be swift and it will be honest, purchased in blood” Lanius stated as he then heaved the sword up to rest it on his shoulder

Letting out a sigh Parker in turn drew his Ranger Sequoia and pulled back the hammer on it “you know, I have talked the Brotherhood, Khans and Boomers into helping the NCR so for some stupid fucking reason I thought ‘hell, maybe this guy will listen to reason too’ but the more you talk, the more I want to blow your fucking slaver brains out, I’m tired as shit, let’s get this over with” he stated before raising his revolver and pulling the trigger, the sound of the shot sounding more akin to cannon fire rather than a revolver as the bullet struck Lanius’s helmet, denting it and making the giant man flinch for a moment before he just started advancing upon them

Letting out a feral snarl Rex launched himself at the Legate only to be effortlessly batted away by the giant as a sniper round ricochet off of his armour making Lanius recoil slightly without slowing his pace

Pulling back the hammer of his Sequoia again Parker fired another shot before diving out of the way as Lanius brought his Sword crashing down, sending dust and dirt everywhere as Boone fired another round into his helmet cracking one of the horns off

Holstering his Sequoia Parker then drew his Riot Shotgun cocking it before blasting Lanius full force in the face of his helmet making him grunt and stagger back as shrapnel from the slug round got into the eye holes momentarily blinding him, the Legate taking a wild swing in a wide horizontal slashing motion catching Parker on his side as the Courier tried to duck under it, the hit sending him flying several yards with blood flowing freely from the gash on his side

“God damn it! Fuck!” the Courier cursed clutching his side as he frantically pulled out a Stimpak and jammed it into the open wound, the Chem getting to work in closing the gash enough to let Parker stand back up and reload his shotgun “round two motherfucker!” he grunted raising his shotgun firing round after round into Lanius’s back as the Legate had turned his attention onto Boone, the slugs tearing into the metal of his armour until it finally gave away allowing the last slug to tear into his back making the giant stumble

As Lanius fell forward onto a knee from the punishing shot to the back Boone aimed his rifle point blank at his face and pulled the trigger, the shot making his head snap back as well as making his helmet fly clean off revealing his aged scarred face underneath

“You ugly son of a bitch” Boone sneered as he loaded another bullet, taking aim with his rifle only for Lanius to grab hold of the barrel with his left hand and force it to the side making him miss his shot by a mile before shunting forward slamming his forehead to Boone’s face, cracking his sunglasses and sending him crashing back to the dirt

Tossing Boone’s rifle aside Lanius then heaved his sword into the air aiming to drive it straight through Boone’s sternum with another gunshot from behind rang out and Lanius went rigid, his eyes widening as blood then began to pour from his nose and mouth before he fell to his knees dropping his sword

“You are one stubborn piece of shit” Parker spat as his last shot back blown a hole in the back of Lanius’s skull, his brain now visible as Parker aimed and pulled the trigger only for his shotgun to let out a click showing it was empty “oh son of a bitch!” he sighed tossing the gun aside and drawing his broad machete “when it fucking Rome…”

Striding forward Parker grabbed Lanius by what hair he had left ignoring the blood seeping through it as he dragged the downed man to the edge of the walk way they had fought on “fucking look at it, LOOK AT IT!” he barked as he forced the dying man to look upon the devastation the NCR and their combined forces were reigning down on the Legion “your Legion are done, you’ve failed!”

“The NCR…will fail…the bear will die…” Lanius growled back, defiant to his last breath

“Maybe, but not as fast as you did” Parker spat back as he then wrenched Lanius’s head back by his hair and swung his machete down cleaving the Legate’s head from his shoulders sending his body crashing to the dirt as his head hung in his grasp

Panting heavily as he gazed upon the bloodied head of the biggest threat to the Mojave Parker then hurled it as hard as he could into the Legion Camp in case any Legionaries survived, the sight of their Legate’s decapitated head would surely send an important message

The NCR had won

After that the rest of the battle was a sheer blur to Parker as his wounds and fatigue caught up to him, completely spaced out during General Oliver’s speech and even his Golden Branch acceptance and as the dusk gave way for night Parker excused himself from the celebrations to take in some quiet time in the bunk he had been awarded for his work for the NCR

Sitting at the old beaten up desk next to his bunk Parker quietly worked on dismantling and cleaning his ranger sequoia, normally he would have been joining the festivities but after the harsh fight he had had that day he just didn’t have it in him, just wanting to clean his weapons, drink a bottle of whiskey or two and then sleep for the next couple of days straight

As he polished the barrel of his revolver Parker jumped slightly at the sound of a loud bang at the door “occupied! Go pass out somewhere else!” he shouted expecting it to be some drunk soldier looking for a place to sleep only to flinch again as his door was violently kicked open “I said…!”

“Hhheeeyyy, there’s our hero” Cass slurred as she rested against the door frame holding a half drank bottle of whiskey in one hand “c’mere, I’m gonna fuck you” she then grinned lecherously as she staggered towards him as he stood up from his seat

“Cass, god damn it you’re wasted again, you need to sleep this off…god damn it stop taking your pants off!” exclaimed as Cass undid the button on her jeans starting to push them down revealing that she had forgone underwear

“Come on hero, let’s fuck! You deserve a better reward than some shiny badge” Cass purred as she grabbed hold of his pants starting to pull them down, the mixture of alcohol, revelry and the crushing sexual tension between them urging her onward as Parker’s own level of intoxication prevented him from truly protesting, the Courier having already downed a bottle of whiskey to clear his head before starting to clean his guns

Pulling harder on his pants Cass gasped lustfully as his cock finally sprang free landing heavily on her face “there it is” she breathed letting it drag along her skin as she slowly pulled away before hungrily taking more than half of him into her mouth, her eyes fluttering as the redhead let out a lustful moan around his musky girth, her tongue working the underside as she leisurely undid her top to reveal her tits

“Holy fucking shit” Parker groaned as he then sat back against his desk, the wood creaking against his weight as Cass eagerly got into the act of blowing him, her hat falling from her head as she bobbed it briskly along his length, one hand stroking what couldn’t fit in her mouth whilst the other cradled and fondled his balls

Humming around his fat cock Cass forced herself deeper, gagging slightly as his cock pushed down her throat moving her hand so that she could filly deepthroat him, her throat bulging around his girth as she then clutched at his waist to keep herself in place

Rolling his head back in pleasure Parker cupped the back of Cass’s head, bucking his hips forward to gently fuck her mouth as her eyes rolled back in both lust and slight lack of oxygen, her face slowly turning red as she held his cock down her throat before suddenly pushing away, gasping loudly as she inhaled deeply “god…fuck…fucking big dick” she panted grinning up at him as she wrapped both hands around his cock stroking him feverishly “I want to suck it until you can’t fucking stand” she then grinned before taking him back into her mouth bobbing her head as fast as she could along him as she sucked hard and sloppy on him

Panting with pleasure Parker could only stand and watch as Cass worked his cock with everything she had with her mouth and hands, his cock soon beginning to throb between her lips oozing precum down her throat

“Holy fuck Cass…” Parker panted as Cass’s efforts only doubled when she tasted his precum, the redhead forcibly deep throating him again making the Courier grunt as he came hard down her throat, the redhead’s eyes rolling back again as her mouth and throat was filled with Parker’s thick hot seed

Humming as she swallowed every shot of cum he gave her, pulling back to stroke him again coaxing out every drop that she could before finally pulling away to breathe, grinning up at him with drunken lust as her chin and tits glistened with her drool

Mere moments later Cass was letting out a yelp of surprise as Parker then grabbed her and harshly bent her over the desk, knocking the pieces of his revolver everywhere as he then fully dragged her pants down making her kick off her boots as well before taking his place behind her, grabbing her arms to pull them back as he drove his cock deep into her dripping cunt

“Oh fuck yeah! Fuck me with that big dick! Shove it in me fucking deeper!” Cass cried out shamelessly as her ass clapped against the Courier’s groin, her tits swaying wildly in tandem with his thrusts as she panted and moaned in ecstasy, looking back at him with a wide lustful almost manic grin as she bucked back against him as hard as she could

Grunting as her tight cunt squeezed like a vice around him Parker pulled her arms harder pulling her back and closer to him “god damn it Cass, you drive me fucking crazy” he panted as sweat started to pour down their bodies

“Fuck yes…fuck yes…harder…deeper…I love your fucking cock!” Cass exclaimed, the alcohol truly having gone to her head making her shake and move her hips shamelessly to fuck Parker’s cock back, her tits bouncing even harder as her body then began to shake and shudder in orgasm, her cunt getting even wetter around Parker’s pounding cock

Groaning as Cass squeezed tighter around him Parker flipped the redhead onto her back making her lie down on the table as he then started to harshly rut her in the missionary position, her heels hooking around his waist as she clutched at his shoulders bracing herself against his brutal pace

“Oh god that’s it! Fuck me! Fuck me til I fucking break!” she cried out as she started to cum again, the Courier’s balls slapping hard against her ass as the table creaked and even started to crack under the strain of his force

With a few more hard deep thrusts Parker then shuddered as he came for the second time, making Cass keen loudly as his load flooded her tight needy cunt and womb, her pussy twitching around him gripping tight as if desperate to keep him inside until he finished cumming inside of her

Panting heavily as his climax came to an end Parker steadily pulled out of Cass before taking a couple of steps back, sweat pouring down his body as he reached over to one of the still full bottles of whiskey that he had knocked off of the table, popping the lid off of it and taking several deep gulps of it to soothe his parched throat before giving the rest to Cass for her to finish

Happily taking and finishing the rest of the bottle Cass then tossed it aside as she then proceeded to stand up and push Parker back until he landed on the bed, the redhead then moving to mount the bed by the side of him before leaning in to take his cock back into her mouth, her comment about ‘sucking his dick until he couldn’t stand’ proving very true at that moment

Moaning and humming loudly around Parker’s cock making sure to make her mouth and tongue vibrate around him as much as possible Cass bobbed her head as fast as she could, her drunken mind loving the taste of their combined releases on his thick musky cock “god Cass…you’re fucking crazy…” the Courier panted as Cass continued to slobber all over his oversensitive cock, one hand cradling his heavy balls whilst the other traced its finger tips along his toned abdomen

Deep throating him all the way again she then pulled back gasping for air letting his cock rest against her face “fucking love this cock…” she panted kissing along his length “want it so bad…always want it…” she continued, her words the exact opposite to what she would state whilst sober and Parker knew come morning when she was suffering a major hang over she’d deny ever saying such things so he decided to just enjoy it whilst he could

Wrapping her soft lips around his cock head Cass then wrapped both hands around his shaft stroking him as fast as she could seemingly desperate for another cum load from him and after another minute of sucking she was rewarded with just that

Letting her mouth fill up with the first few spurts of his cum Cass then pulled back, continuing to stroke him as she took the rest of his release all over her face and chest, eagerly swallowing what was in her mouth before coaxing him to cum all over her, to let out every last drop of his hot thick cum “that’s it…that’s it…so fucking hot” she moaned before finally lying down on her front resting her head on his stomach completely spent herself, neither of them able to move as they laid there in a boneless sweaty mess

Even though Cass would most likely not remember most of what had happened the morning after and would deny if completely Parker had to admit that she had given him a true hero’s reward

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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