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Cordelia cooed as she heard Robin's steady grunts behind her. She was standing next to the side of the bed, hands on the edge of the mattress and her round ass stuck out. She felt the steady back and forth motions of Robin's cock sliding between her plump butt cheeks, Cordelia smiled as Robin humped her rear while she patiently awaited for him to finish.


They were both busy today and needed to head to the castle shortly, but Robin desperately needed to cum before his work began. Robin ran his hands down Cordelia's sides down to her wide hips, he continued to thrust forward, rubbing his cock in between Cordelia's bottom cheeks as he worked to splattered a load across his loving wife's back. "Hopefully we'll get some time off soon," Robin groaned, feeling the warm friction of the redhead's taut cheeks working his cock as he humped her butt. 


"Mm, I'd love for that too, but we both have duties. But... i should have a day or so free of work later this week, if you can plan it we could do all our favorite things."


"Oh?" He asked curiously.


"Of course; you can do me on the couch, in my butt, and pound me until I'm sore and you have to carry me back to our room."


The tactician pondered his lover's words, hips rolling forward as he still gave himself a buttjob by thrusting his dick against Cordelia's ass; he groaned even lower as he could hardly wait to do everything Cordelia suggested. Robin's thrusts got desperate and wild, his thick cock twitched in between the firm cheeks massaging it.


Cordelia gasped and let out a soft laugh as she felt strands of her husband's spunk land on her round butt and her lower back, she rocked her ass back and moaned as she felt more lines of hot jizz shoot out onto her skin, she clenched the sheets in her hands and savored the low moans Robin made behind her. Cordelia felt Robin pull away, she looked behind her to see him grabbing his cloak from the nightstand putting it on over his naked body. "I should get dressed as well, don't want to be late."


Robin nodded, "I wish we could spend all day in bed, but there's still a lot to do." He replied, unable to tear his eyes away from Cordelia's big, fat ass. He grabbed her rear and pressed his cock against her asshole, "Let's focus on our work instead of tending to our own urges when these next couple of days."


"I see what your plan is; you want me so needy that I'll just bend over and spread my cheeks for you, is that it?" Cordelia teased, pushing back and pressing her tight backdoor teasingly against Robin's cocktip.


"Heh, nothing escapes you," Robin moaned from Cordelia's asshole pressing against his cock, he leaned in and kissed Cordelia's neck as they both struggled to get dressed and ready for their day.


The end of the week was finally here, Robin was sitting at the desk he and Chrom shared in the royal palace, going over papers and reports. "The Risen sightings have gone down tremendously," He murmured, looking at a report Frederick gave him. "Ylisse may be finally be purged of Grima's influence..." Robin took his eyes away from his desk when a knock at the door got his attention, "Ah, come in!" He responded to the noise, delighted to see Cordelia entering the office.


"I was just about to head home, care to come with me?"


"Sorry Cordelia, Chrom's advisors are insisting I get through these papers today... I still have a stack."


A cheeky smile formed on Cordelia's lips, she reached down and grabbed the hem of her skirt, she lifted her skirt up and flashed Robin her pussy. She relished in his stare as he clearly liked the sight of the thick tuft of red pubes above her slit.


"Y-you aren't wearing panties?!"


"I needed to find a way to motivate you to finish your work quickly," Cordelia smirked, letting her dress fall back into place before she turned around to open the door to leave, "I'll be waiting in the study," She winked, looking back one last time before finally leaving.


Robin groaned in frustration not only remembering the tall stack of papers he had to go through, but from also from his hard cock straining against the inside of his pants. But some how he would have to trudge through this tedious paperwork.


Robin got back to his and Cordelia's modest house a few hours after she teased him in his office, he hurried to shrug off his cloak and found himself staring at his nude wife in the house's study. The room wasn't massive, but it was big enough for a bookshelf against the wall opposite of the doorway and a couch near the very left side of the room. 


The tactician's eyes widened as he gawked at his wife was kneeling next to the stoked fire, she was completely naked with the exception of her pink thigh highs and the pleasant smile on her face, "Cordelia?"


"I felt a little bad about the state I left you earlier, want me to make it up?"


"You don't have to make up for anything, we both have been a little on edge lately."


"True," She spoke, standing up to embrace him, Cordelia ran her hands under his shirt and felt up his modest definition. "We both could use a good, hard night of sex. Let's not hold back," Cordelia cooed, she pulled Robin's shirt off and got back down to her knees like before. She pulled his pants and underwear down hastily, letting his fat cock pop free and land in front of her face. Without any hesitation, Cordelia leaned in and took Robin's entire shaft into her mouth, she pushed forward and took him into her throat, diving right into the act of deepthroating him.


Robin gripped his wife's head as he shivered as her wet tongue and damp breath caressed his cock, "It feels like forever since you did this," He admitted, watching Cordelia lavish his cock. She was less thorough than usual, only using her tongue to roll across the bottom of his shaft while she swallowed his whole cock in her throat. It was obvious to him that she was merely getting him slick for her ass; she drooled and gagged on his dick as she shoved her face back and forth carelessly along his meaty shaft. Usually Cordelia could simply use her lips and tongue to make him nut, so when she would deepthroat him, Robin knew it was going to be brief and to serve another purpose. 


"Glurk, glurk, glurk," Cordelia gagged as she took every inch of her man's shaft down her tight gullet, her pussy had gotten extremely wet from sucking Robin off, though she knew her pussy wouldn't be getting any attention tonight as she would soon present her asshole and ask Robin to anally pound her.


Cordelia gave a few more bobs of her mouth before she pulled back, she gasped for air and peered up at Robin, "Ready to buttfuck me, Robin?" She slyly asked, knowing she could get him even more excited by using strong, crude language that she normally wouldn't.


"H-here," He responded, extending his hand to help his nude wife up. Robin stepped out of his pants and walked over to a round table that that sat in the corner of the room next to the bookshelf. The table was about as tall as their waistlines, making it a good piece of furniture to use for standing sex.


Cordelia laid her hands flat on the table's surface and stuck her ass out, she immediately felt Robin come up behind her and press his cockhead against her backdoor. "Let's start slow, then you can give me your hardest," She cooed, feeling Robin push into her without any hesitation.


Robin savored the warm tightness of Cordelia's butt hole gripping his cock, he pumped his hips back and forth slowly, letting his caring wife adjust his presence before he went all out and hammered her. He placed his hands on her shoulders, eyes looking straight down to view his own pole sliding in and out of Cordelia's tight rear hole. His hips' motions got faster as the seconds went by, Robin let moans spill from his lips as Cordelia whined from his now heated thrusts.


While Robin first few pushes into her ass were tender, Cordelia now took the feeling of his thick, long shaft stretching her asshole out. She bit her lip as she received hot pleasure from having Robin's rod shoving back and forth eagerly within her anal passage. Cordelia gripped the edge of the table she was bracing against, her juices ran freely from her needy vagina, she hoped Robin was eager to plow her pussy next. But for now, Cordelia looked forward to the inevitable load deposited deep in her rear. "Gods, I love when you pound me like this," The woman moaned, keeping her massive, perky ass out for her husband to ravage. The raw power and speed of Robin's hard thrusts into Cordelia asshole was sending her small breasts bouncing rapidly. Feminine moans filled the cozy room as the person making those whines was getting fucked in the ass without much care, Cordelia reached behind her with one hand and squeezed her own butt cheek as she felt Robin's hips slamming into her bottom.


Robin absolutely loved when Cordelia let all responsibility and stress go and enjoyed getting fucked; he'd make sure to eat her pussy later and do any tasks she needed done around the house for her. "You really like it this way," Robin commented, noting how Cordelia was always bending over or getting down on all fours and shoving her butt high in the air towards him. Robin moved his hands down to her wide hips, gazing at Cordelia squeezing her own ass as he continued to slide his cock in and out of her backdoor.


"I do, but there is another position I like more..." She purred.


Getting the hint, Robin pulled out, he led Cordelia around to the couch and sat down with his wife climbing hastily onto his lap. He groaned as Cordelia lowered her tight ass down onto his cock, her ring pushed down the tip of his dick and she started fucking herself hard on his length. The knight began to rapidly bounce up and down his lap, her perky tits bouncing right in his face as she anally pounded herself on his dick. Robin squeezed Cordelia's supple rear with both hands, not gripping her too hard that all her work was interrupted or set back.


The redhead adjusted quickly to impaling herself onto her husband's dick, she rapidly lifted her hips and slammed them right down, vigorously pounding her shapely ass onto his shaft and lap. She didn't mind at all that her pussyjuices were running down onto Robin's lap, she knew full well he had a love for her being a squirter, and enjoyed when his lap and balls were soaked from her climaxes. Cordelia kissed Robin, using her hands on his shoulder to pull him deeper into her lips. She felt his hands slipping back to her rear, using all his freedom with his wife to grope her ass. Cordelia pulled her lips and tongue from Robin's after awhile, she gazed into his lusty eyes and spoke, "I know what you're planning, Robin."




"I know you to well, dear; give my butt a good smack," Cordelia purred, wrapping her arms around his neck and looking back over her shoulder, she watched as Robin raised his hand and brought it down onto one of her ass cheeks. The redhead yelped from the slap to her butt, the smack encourage her to buck and gyrate her hips even fiercer; Cordelia went all out, rapidly easing her sweet asshole down his shaft without a care in the world. The tight, warm friction kept Cordelia's mind focused on her task. Robin's hands came around her front, grabbing both of her perky tits, she felt his thumbs rolling her pink nipples, drawing a long moan out of her. Her face turned red, Robin always used the knowledge that her breast were extra sensitive during sex. And with his cock up her ass, Cordelia was overwhelmed with warm, tingly sensations running throughout her body. 


"Getting tired yet?" He teased.


"Hah, I could ride you or my pegasus all day," She responded playfully.


"I know," Robin laughed, feeling Cordelia anal walls rocking up and down along his shaft, even though he just joked about her getting tired, Robin could feel the load threatening to burst from his balls. He grunted, his hands grabbing Cordelia's hips as he began to pull Cordelia down his cock, slamming her down and leaving them both savoring the heated pleasure. "D-damn, I'm about to cum," Robin laughed again.


"I'm getting close too," Cordelia cooed, moving at the same desperate pace, feeling her orgasm growing nearer with each push down his dick. Cordelia whined gutturally, she felt herself gush right onto Robin's lap, her orgasm hit, leaving her wrapped in a blanket of warmth as Robin took lead and bounced her up and down his lap.


"F-fuck!" Robin swore, easing Cordelia all the way down his cock one final time, feeling his dick twitching inside Cordelia's butt. He filled his lover's anal passage with three days worth of cum. Robin smiled lazily at Cordelia, watching as she leaned in for a kiss. The man moaned into his wife's lips, feeling orgasmic bliss as be squeezed her rear again. His cock remained plugged in her ass, keeping all his seed deep in her rear hole much to her delight. "Ready for round to in bed?"


"I'm not sure I can wait to get to the room. Why not the bath?" Cordelia suggested slyly.


Robin nodded, now they had to find the strength to get up off the couch...

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