A Story of Luxploitation

BY : whiteknight60
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Lux Crownguard stepped into the office of the Arch-Summoner, the young overseer of the Academy and Summoner's Rift.

"You called for me Arch-Summoner?" she said cheerfully.

"Yes my dear," the Arch-Summoner replied. "Please, take a seat."

She sat down, they faced each other from across a desk.

"You have been doing VERY WELL on the Rift Lux," the Arch-Summoner said. "Your recent carry in the Finals and your inspiration to the Summoners… is it also true that in your spare time you use your magic to heal the sick?"

"Yes," she replied brightly and rather loudly. "I believe that all the people should be helped! Also… if you keep striving, YOU CAN REACH YOUR DREAMS!"

"Good," he replied. "Well I have a bit of a new problem here in the Academy and I thought you might be able to help."

"You want me to go on a quest?" she asked.

"No, not exactly," he said a bit hesitantly.

"Then what?"

"To put it bluntly Lux, there has a growing number of… err… INAPPROPRIATE sexual encounters here on the Rift," the Arch-Summoner said at length. "Summoners are abusing their powers on each other and on Champions and this sort of thing is… concerningly under-reported."

"OH…" Lux replied. "But… but isn't this sort of thing AGAINST THE RULES?"

"It is indeed. You see, we want all Champions to feel safe," the Arch-Summoner continued. "Summoners are not supposed to take advantage of Champions. And Summoners are not supposed to use their powers on each other. The problem though, is that this sort of thing is very hard to enforce."

"Then I'm not sure what I can do about it?" Lux replied, shrugging.

"Well," the Arch-Summoner said. "As a matter of fact YOU CAN. We would like to raise awareness of the issue. We are making a magically recorded video and we would like you to take part in it."

Lux listened with rapt attention. It sounded important.

"Its very simple really," he continued. "In the magically recorded video, you will take part in a simulated date with a Summoner. At some point during the date, the Summoner will ask for inappropriate sex… you will demonstrate the correct way to say No and that will be the end of the video. You can also use the video as an opportunity to raise awareness about violence against women."

"Why me though?"

"Well Lux," he replied. "To put it bluntly, you are a model citizen here in Runeterra. Your high public profile will do a lot to empower other people. But of course… if this makes you uncomfortable, I can find someone else to do it. I do understand it's a bit unorthodox…"

Lux thought about it for a second.

"OKAY!" she yelled. "I'M IN!"

"One more thing Lux," he said. "Because we had to incentivize the other Summoner to participate in the video as well… he's going to be allowed to use everything at his disposal to try and get you to break, including a bit of persuasive magic. And we can't interfere at all if something does goes wrong. You understand what I mean?"

"Well I'm trained in magic resist," she replied. "All I have to do is say No, talk a bit about the importance of consent, and get out right?"


"Then I'll be fine."

Lux teleported to the date location.

After completing the channel, Lux found herself in the middle of a dark forest facing a very handsome white mansion. It was nightfall and the stars shone very brightly in the sky above the beautiful house.

"What a gorgeous mansion…" she said out loud.

Her heart beating with excitement, she approached the handsome mahogany doors to the house. As per the instructions, the door was unlocked. She was able to open them and step inside the house.

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