Riven vs The Outlaw

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The forest was filled with very tall leafy trees. There were so many trees they threatened to drown everything.

Joey paused by one of the trees, gasping for breath, with a large brown sack over his shoulder. He needed rest.

Joey had been on the run for days after the robbery. He figured he'd put enough distance between him and the Ionian authorities; just in case he had created a false trail of information to get them to search in the wrong direction.

The bag over his shoulder contained enough gold for him to retire young and early. No more slaving it on the farms after this.

Suddenly, a cold female voice spoke to him.

"Going somewhere?"

Joey turned around in shock.

A beautiful but dangerous female warrior stood before him. Her build was thin but athletic. She wore a simple white and brown garb; her brown dress was short and her thin muscular legs extended out from under. There was a large powerful piece of green armor over one of her shoulders and another armored plate covering one of her legs.

To Joey's appreciation, the woman wore a pair of brown fighting sandals showing ample toes.

Her pretty orange eyes revealed a confident fierceness. Her silver hair was short and in a simple style; her face was covered with a small touch of simple white war paint. She had tanned, delicate, beautiful skin. In one of her wry arms she wore a powerful glove and carried what looked like a large iron broken sword; what's left of the blade was still very intimidating.

Joey stood at attention.

There was no mistaking who this was: it was Riven the Exile, based on the things Joey had heard the woman was considered the greatest warrior on this side of the continent.

Joey was instantly physically drawn to the woman, but he was also aware that he was in a great deal of danger.

"You're Riven aren't you?" Joey asked. He dropped his bag of stolen gold to the floor; he put one hand on the hilt of his dagger.

"That's my name," she replied coldly. "I've come to take you in. Joey, I'm here to put an end to your crimes. Justice will prevail."

Justice? This annoyed Joey a bit. It sounded pretentious.

"Listen," Joey said. "I really don't want to fight. I just want to take my gold, and get out of here and not be a slave anymore. You have no beef in this fight, you don't work for the banks. So why not just let me go? One outlaw to another: LET'S JUST CALL IT okay?"

Riven winced at the comparison. "I'm no outlaw," she said coldly. "I'm on a path of redemption."

"You're wanted in Noxus," Joey pointed out. "We're in Ionia but I'm just saying."

"I don't serve Noxus anymore," she said. "I fought for them once, I've paid my dues to them, but now I understand that they were in the wrong. I've chosen a different path."

"Okay that's all fine with me," Joey said. "But why do you have to fight me? It serves no purpose. Go find your redemption somewhere else."

"NO," she replied forcefully. "I will no longer stand by while evil prevails. I've made that mistake once."

Joey realized there was no way to change her mind. They were going to have to fight. And it looked pretty bad for him, especially if this woman was as good as they say she is. She had a legendary sword; it wasn't going to be fair.

"I will give you one chance to surrender Joey," Riven said coldly. "Surrender and I'll take you back to the village elders where you will be treated fairly; I promise you. Otherwise I shall be forced to kill you."

Joey considered it for a brief second. But he was always a gambler so the choice was clear.

"Thanks but no thanks," he replied.

"Then prepare to die," she replied.

She let out a wild scream. For a brief moment, a flash of green light and a few pieces of stones levitated around her. It was some sort of Ki-based power up.

Before Joey registered, Riven rushed up to him. She moved a lot faster than he'd expected.

Riven did not mess around, she stabbed straight at Joey's torso with her large sword, going for a quick kill.

Joey reacted by instinct, he moved to the side in the nick of time, cleanly avoiding the strike.

Riven was surprised but reacted quickly. She re-adjusted and slashed at him with her weapon; she let out a loud battle cry as she did so. Joey's defensive instincts were up and he backed off, turning and twisting to avoid the hits.

As the female warrior attacked and attacked, she let out a series of loud battle cries:


Joey was terrified but excited; his life hung in the balance but he felt guided by a combination of quick wits, training, and super fast instincts. He moved around as he continued to avoid every single one of her attacks. Riven was strong, but there was pattern to her strikes.

After she missed another slice, Joey stepped to the side. This was a brief opening, focusing his energy, Joey decked her unarmored shoulder with a firm punch. There was a loud thudding sound of impact as it connected with her.

Riven stepped back a few paces, shocked that she had been hit.

Joey maintained his focus as he stepped back; she was still dangerous. One hit and he was dead for sure.

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